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Health has become a serious issue for everyone in the world. One of the main reasons for health problems is eating in a way that is not healthy.

Fried and oily foods such as snacks have become the norm nowadays, and this causes health issues such as heart issues, obesity, and excess weight.

One thing one can try to do is reduce the amount of oil that is present in your snack or food by using an aero cooker. If you’re not sure about its meaning, then you’re about to discover it within the following Aero Fryer Review.

Aerofryer 9349 4.8-Quart Cooklite Aero Fryer  

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Food that is nutritious and delicious is worth the price. Foods that contain too much oil could cause cholesterol issues which can be dangerous to your liver and heart.

Due to the amount of information we get every day, people are beginning to pay for the ingredients inside their foods.

Aero Fryer Review

Aero Fryer


Honestly, Aero fryer is a small cooker you will need in your kitchen.

If you’re thinking about making a delicious food item or snack with less oil, then the aero fryer is the right tool. The greatest benefit of this amazing fryer is that it cooks the majority of food items using 70% fewer calories. How’s that?

Apart from making healthy meals, the cooker is fast. It utilizes the three heating elements which guarantee you have an enjoyable meal that requires only a little amount of oil.

Let’s take a look at the functions. Cooklite’s aero fryer comes with two tray options, which is useful when you want to cook multiple meals at the same time. The dual tray is comprised of an upper tray as well as a lower tray.

And the Important part…

There is also a mesh-lined basket. If you’re looking to cook your steamed vegetables or fries, that’s when you’ll need this mesh container. It’s easy to use and it gets your veggies cooked in no time.

The fryer also comes with features such as an extender ring, french fry cutter as well as 13 different sizes of knives set to meet the slicing requirements. The extender ring is helpful when you’re cooking large quantities of chicken. This is why it’s called an “extension ring”.

If you’re still looking to drizzle your food with oil to enhance the flavor, there’s an oil mister with a premium design that is part of the box. This isn’t your typical oil, and it doesn’t contain cholesterol, making the oil safe for use.

A unique and interesting feature of this fryer is the recipe book. The recipe book includes more than 50 recipes that you can test in your Cooklite aero fryer.

Overall it is an excellent kitchen appliance that can do many cooking options in less time than other cookers. It is equipped with the latest technology which will enhance your meals.

Other air fryer models that come with great cooking technologies are from the brands – Ultrean air, Emerald, and Cozyna.



  • Healthy foods – Using the aero fryer to cook every meal is evidence that you are determined to live a healthy life ahead. It reduces the amount of cholesterol and calories that can be harmful to your overall health.
  • Affordable – You can purchase this fryer with just a little saving.
  • Instant heating – The aero fryer doesn’t need any preheating at all. After closing the lid, the air will heat instantly and quickly to cook your meal. 
  • Adjustable temperature – Depending on the sort of meal you are preparing, you can straightforwardly adjust the temperature of the cooker—no need to use the same temperature every time while cooking different meals.
  • Easy to use – Aero fryer isn’t anyway confusing to use. Just read the manual and be a pro!
  • Easy to clean – It’s dishwasher safe, meaning you can wash it without any hassle. It’s easy to clean. It won’t demand any complicated method of cleaning.
  • Cooks different foods – The Cooklite fryer doesn’t limit you to just snacks. You can make a variety of other foods, including cheesy Mozzarella sticks, frozen foods, etc. However, if you are too much into cheesey cooking, then go for Meril Lagasse air fryer 7 qt., or Philips HD9220/26-56 Viva airfryer.



  • The food may not taste as good as a deep fryer due to the lack of oil.

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Aero Fryer’s Design Features  

Aero fryer is an induction cooktop that can help you take pleasure in your food in the best way possible. The advantage of using an Aero fryer is that you do not have to cook your delicious meal using oil.

In addition, it’s quick and easy, meaning you don’t have to spend the entire day trying to prepare an excellent meal.

Let’s look at some amazing features of this induction cooker.

Design and Performance

This fryer’s style appears sturdy and has a black-colored finish. It is the standard appearance of most cookers in the market, except it’s compact size. This model weighs just 7.4 pounds of weight. It is easy to carry the fryer wherever you’d like, even if you do not want it to be confined to the counter of your kitchen.

Aero Fryer

In terms of performance, there’s no fryer that can beat this aero fryer. It makes use of a superheating process in place of oil to produce delicious and nutritious food. The flavor isn’t lost even a bit, which illustrates how efficient the fryer can be. However, if you don’t wanna compromise on taste even a bit, bring home something like Waring Pro deep fryer.

Simple and Tasty Cooking

The best thing about the aero program is that there is no need to study complicated instructions to utilize it. In contrast to other companies who instruct you to read the fact that aero makes it simple and easy to follow.

This won’t cause any irritation to the user and can encourage them to keep using the fryer.

Cooklite aero fryer was created with the users in mind. Therefore, it is committed to offering a safe and secured experience for customers. The user manual is simple to read.

The functions are well-described, and you are able to utilize the product from the moment you begin reading the manual.

Faster Cooking

There are many air fryers available that provide excellent cooking but can take more time to prepare the food. This is why the cooklite aero fryer stands out the best.

Aero fryers cook food 3 times quicker than air fryers and have lower energy consumption. Do you want your meal to be prepared in just a few minutes? The Cooklite aero fryer is exactly what you require.

It helps cook in an easier, faster, and also in an enjoyable way. Just change the temperature and determine the timer. In a short time, you’ll be eating your food. Voila!

No Oil Fryer

There’s a reason why aero fryers are among the top options available. The absence of oil means that it doesn’t need oil to create delicious snacks and meals of your own. While at the same time, it will ensure that your health is maintained.

Aero fryer is one of the products that can be trusted to help you stay healthy. It promises that it is possible to cook a meal with no oil though the food isn’t healthy enough on a normal day.

Therefore, no need to worry about the high amount of calories and cholesterol levels in your meals. It’s the perfect ingredient to create your favorite dishes without any oil.

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Very Easy to Clean

Other than the functions, what most people are worried about is how they will wash the fryer after they have used it. The majority of fryers give users a challenge for cleaning after making fried food. You don’t have to worry because this item is simple to wash.

It is possible to cook any food with this fryer, and sure that you’ll take it easy to clean. Simply open the fryer and scrub off all the grime.

Features Optimum Air Circulation Feature

Contrary to the aero fryer, traditional air fryers also are prone to heating issues as a result of the incorrect design of the air circulation.

This results in a short life span of the item. But in the case of the aero fryers, you do not have to worry about the problems with circulation.

Its design allows to circulate air and remove heat. This will ensure that the fryer performs optimally and continues to produce healthy meals.

This also guarantees that the fryer will last for many years before you consider replacing it.

How Aero Fryer Works

Aero fryers cook food using very little, even no, fat. It utilizes the technology of instant heating to cook your most loved food. The product is a combination of three heat methods: convection cooking, infrared light, and halogen heat.

Aero Fryer

Convection cooking circulates and distributes heat evenly throughout the fryer. Food is cooled from the inside by using infrared light, making sure that the food is kept in the natural flavors.

Halogen heat finishes the cooking process. The three heating systems ensure that you will get the most effective results.

How to Use It

The Aero fryer is equipped with a power cord. After connecting to the mains power supply, switch it on because it is equipped with instant heat technology, so you can begin cooking straight away. When you’re done, ensure that you turn off the appliance and disconnect your power supply.

What Type of Food Can Cook?

Fried Foods

The fryer can be used to prepare meals such as French fries and bacon, feed shrimp and sandwiches for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. The fryer can ensure that you have the most delicious meal.

Barbecued Meat

It doesn’t matter if it’s grilled chicken or a broiled stick aero fryer is able to handle the whole thing. It can grill your meat in the same way you would cook it over the barbecue.

Steamed Vegetables

Are you searching for an easy method of steaming your veggies? Aero fryers are the answer.


If you are planning to make roast chicken for dinner, Aero fryers can make it happen easily. Prepare some Chicken tenders, or Charbroil recipes, and you’ll feel that you’ve invested rightly. 

Cooklite Aero Fryer Reviews – Worth Buying or Not?

The aero fryer from Cooklite is worth every cent you’re planning to spend. As we have said before, healthy food is extremely valuable and vital for the well-being of human beings. When it comes to being concerned, Cooklite’s aero fryer is an essential kitchen appliance that will prolong your life span by making nutritious meals. 

For bigger families, Paula Dean air fryer 9.5 qt is a better recommendation. 

FAQ for Aerofryer 9349

What Is the Reason for the Force From This Air Fryer?

The item includes an electric cord. Connect it to the socket and then use it.

The Place Where It Is Manufactured?

The product is manufactured in China.

Can We Use It in a Commercial Setting Using the Exhaust Vent Hood?

The fryer emits smoke when utilized. If you are planning to use the fryer outside, you should use the exhaust vent.

How Long Will It Take to Cook an Appetizer?

It's dependent on the time you set. The fryer lets you choose the exact time at which you would like to finish your meal.

Do You Think It Is Possible to Grill a Turkey?

Because you can grill chicken that you grill, you can grill roasted turkey too.

Final Thoughts


The search for healthier eating has resulted in a number of companies producing air fryers. But there are other models that are efficient in making healthier meals.

Aero fryers are an outstanding, standard technological gadget that came into existence. With the three-heat technology, it is possible to cook healthier and more delicious food in a short time and at a low energy cost.

Despite its small dimensions, this fryer is able to create decently large and substantial meals. In this review of the aero fryer, we hope that you’ve gained knowledge about the powerful cookware.

The best technique to gain wealth is through health, as they claim. Therefore, make this cooking a top priority if you wish to remain healthy all the time.

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