Bella 1.2 QT air fryer Review: FRENCH FRY KING?

Good health-friendly appliances like the Bella 1.2 QT air fryer are much popular for their “crispifying” capabilities, health-promoting cooking patterns, and much easy countertop convenience.

It has a basic aesthetic: the black, rounded model with a pull-out drawer basket. Most essentially, it’s much cheaper for any air fryer.

This is a perfect convection oven, just as described by Bella. That is nothing to worry about, as the difference between a convection oven and an air fryer is not too drastic.

All you require to know is that Bella Air Fryer does generate the results you would want from any air fryer… whether or not it is technically a convection oven.

The Bella Air Fryer comes with a basic design with a round basket and two control dials. The round basket is much significant because – as every experienced cook’s note – this provides a less flat cooking surface regardless of all capacity.

Anything which has to be laid flat on a layer needs surface area, and Bella is one of the tinier models in this specific regard.
It does not have the whistles and bells of other impressive models, but for some users, this is preferable.

There is something pleasantly straight-forward about the appliance that does not give you too much choice, though. In fact, the air fryer has only one job: cook food to a high standard without requiring lots of oil. And Bella seems to do this trick.

Bella 1.2 QT Air Fryer Reviews

Bella 1.2 QT air fryer


Dimension 9.3″L x 11.25″W x 10.43″H Accessories Dishwasher safe pan and many other accessories
Model number 14686 Material Plastic, metal, electric
Capacity 1.2 quarts Product weight 7.05 lbs.
Wattage 1200 Power type Electricity
Listed in UL® listed True color Black

Special features of Bella 1.2 QT Bella Air Fryer

It’s an extremely simple construction with only 2 control dials and a few couples of lights. Here are the main key features:

Manual timer dial This feature can let you set the timer from one to sixty minutes (increments of one minute). Frenchmay air fryer comes with the same convenience.
Manual temperature dial You could set the temperature from 175 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s set out in increments of twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit.
Power light This light would illuminate red once the timer gets set. It won’t turn on if the basket is not locked inside the drawer and the drawer inside the cavity properly (thus the frustration for the users whose baskets do not lock inside the place properly). Bella 4 qt. air fryer and Gaurmia air fryer 6 qt also impress you in this department.
Heat light this light would illuminate blue when the temperature gets set, and the model is heating up. It would turn off once the model reaches the temperature you defined.
Fryer basket drawer this is what the air-fryer basket sits inside. The fryer basket should be locked inside the fryer basket drawer just in order for the cooking operation to start.
Cool-touch handles the frying basket drawer comes with a handle manufactured to be cool-to-touch for safe basket removal.
Basket release button and lock the basket has a lock that slides back to reveal the release key. The release key permits you to separate the basket from a basket drawer. You find this feature in Ninja air fryer 5.5 qt. as well.


It’s tiny and compact We have the 1.2-quart air fryer, and we love that it is not massive. We made a mistake of going HUGE with our Instant Pot, and it kind of drives us nuts now. Talking further, we have it stored away in the top cabinet, and it is so bulky and big… and also annoying. Obviously, this article isn’t about our Instant Pot, but we really love that this air fryer does not take up half of our kitchen!
Crispy without the use of oil So many happy users have been thrilled at how tender, crispy and tasty their meal is, but without the oil. Most users add a spritz of olive oil and then find they get a really “fried” result. Reviewers have also noted how pleased they’re to know that they are eating in a healthy manner with this device.
It makes tiny batches Tiny air fryer = tiny batches of the meal! We love this because we can easily and quickly roast a bunch of veggies, then cook up a single-serving dessert, or even make a batch of vinegar + salt chickpeas. Quinn and Mal don’t like a ton of the foods that we like, so it is perfect for whipping up something for ourselves. Additionally, it cuts down on our time in the kitchen on Weekends when we meal prep because we can cook things on-demand during the week, though. This also means that we are not eating soggy food prep leftovers.
It’s EASY to use – like Extremely easy! There are only two keys on this air fryer: Timer & Temperature. You just have to set the temperature at which you want to cook your meal and then set the timer. That’s all you gotta do!
It bakes, grills, roasts, and fries food We didn’t realize an air fryer can do so much. We honestly thought it was a pretty “healthier” alternative for deep frying, but it does much more. You could even just use cooking spray and not include a ton of oils and the fat in your food. Again, it is extremely easy to roast veggies, which we have been doing quite much every single day since we got it!
Great value Many happy users have commented that they are thrilled with how affordable this device was to buy and that the quality has not disappointed them at all. Some have noted the reason they chose this particular device was the low price point. Big family? buy Ultrean Air Fryer instead. Zeny and Habor  are other brands that offer great value.
Easy to clean and use The “easy-to-clean” and simple steps design has been a very common reviews among happy customers. There is really no choice but to find this much easier to use as there are only 2 dials to control. Of course, if you are unlucky to experience the notorious “loose basket,” you will not find it so easy…but the happy customers have had a very smooth run. The basket is also dishwasher safe, so the clean-up has also been reported as breezy.
It’s beautiful and adds a pop of colors to your kitchen! We mean, hey, the red is kind of dashing, right? This particular model also comes in the pitch black. Want somethign even more attractive? Check Paula Dean air fryer 9.5 qt.

Bella Air Fryer The using process:

It’s a basic device to use once you get the hang of the dials and the baskets (which does not take much longer like Bella 1.6 qt air fryer).

Bella air fryer recipes

Whenever you first take it out of the box:

  • Detach the plastic stickers and wrappings
  • Just release the basket from a basket drawer
  • Give basket drawer and the basket a gentle wash to remove any dirt

Other users have suggested that it is helpful to run the air fryer without any meal inside before your very first use. They’ve found that this detaches any chemical or plastic smell.

To cook your meal :


STEP 1 Slide your basket lock to find your basket release key and push it; now, you will have the separate basket and also the basket drawer
Place your meal inside the basket (but do not overfill the basket) STEP 2
STEP 3 Click your basket back inside the basket drawer, so it is in the locked position
Now, just Secure the baskets inside the device STEP 4
STEP 5 Select your time just by using the timer dial (up to sixty minutes)
The blue light for the “heat” and the red light for the “power” will come on once you have set the timer STEP 6
STEP 7 Select your temperature utilizing the temperature dial up to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit
Once the blue heat light shuts off, the cooking duration will start STEP 8

Easiest Cleaning Method:

Yes, it is actually easy to clean. Here’s a how-to to give an idea of the cleaning operation:

  • Unplug the model and let it cool down
  • Hand-wash the basket and also basket drawer with a soft cloth and soapy, hot water or you can pop the basket and the basket drawer inside the dishwasher
  • Give the model itself a quick wipe-down with just a damp cloth
  • That’s all

Just note this clearly the Air fryer basket does have a non-stick coating, so you gotta be careful not to use any harsh cleaning brushes.

bella 1.2 qt air fryer

Let’s Conclude Bella 1.2 QT Air Fryer Reviews


If you require an affordable air fryer like Toastmaster air fryer, and Elite platinum air fryer, but the one which lasts long, then this can be best for you. As long as you’re cooking for a max of 2 people (otherwise, you are looking at multiple batches), this is a kinda good choice.

If you like your kitchen appliances with very simple manual controls and also dishwasher safe parts, then you gotta consider the Bella Air Fryer.

However, by investing just 10 bucks more, BELLA Electric Hot Air Fryer with 2.6qt of capacity and a lot more amazing features is a better choice, according to our experts! So, get it home, prepare Baked keto chicken wings, and enjoy your day!

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