Is Bella 1.6 qt Air Fryer the best at its price?

Here we bring you Bella 1.6 qt air fryer review to consolidate a decision regarding the purchase.

A healthier alternative to any traditional deep fryers, this air fryer utilizes little to no oil & provides no unpleasant oil odor. It could cook up to three pounds of food in its one and a half liter basket.

EVEN AND FAST COOKING: High-performance circular heat tech makes cooking fast. Additionally, The 1.6-quart air convection fryer utilizes high-performance circular heat tech for crispy and evenly cooked food each time with the help of a 1230 watt heating technology.

This fryer is costing pretty less than Elite platinum air fryer, and NutriChef air fryer, and by the way, this little fellow ruthlessly beat Toastmaster air fryer in our testing.

By cooking with no oil to a little bit, French fries have 77% lesser fat and 61% fewer calories than any typical fast-food restaurant. Save money and time with no requirement of firing up your oven. It is pretty much like having a portable convection type of oven at your fingertips!

Bella 1.6 qt Air Fryer Review

Bella 1.6 qt air fryer

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The Specs

The Bella Air Fryer is a convection fryer which uses a bit tablespoon of oil to “fry” and cook your meals.

  • 1500 watt circulating system
  • 12.28″H x 13.03″D x 10.35″W
  • Warranty: manufacturer’s limited two years of warranty
  • Comes with a nonstick pan which holds the basket (dishwasher safe)
  • Comes with a nonstick 2.5 liter frying basket (dishwasher safe)
  • Sixty minutes timer
  • Temperature setting max 400F.

Best Features of Bella 1.6 qt air fryer


AIR CONVECTION FRYER A healthier alternative to any traditional deep fryers, this air fryer utilizes little to no oil & provides no unpleasant oil odor. It could cook up to three pounds of food in its one and a half liter basket.
FAST & EVEN COOKING High-performance circular heat tech makes crispy, fast & evenly cooked food each time, while power & ready indication lights remind you when your food is completely cooked.
POWERFUL COOKING This fryer’s 1230 watt heating technology features an adjustable temperature maximum of 400°F, cool-touch handles, and a stainless steel heating element. Crisping tray and Pan are dishwashers safe for smooth clean up.
STYLISH KITCHEN APPLIANCES Check out Bella’s whole line of kitchen tools, espresso & coffee makers, blenders, toasters, griddles, fryers, waffle makers, slow cookers, kettles & more!
THE KITCHEN SHOULD BE FUN With Bella products, it could be. The Bella will provide you with convenient and quick kitchen solutions to simplify your life, including every small kitchen appliances, housewares, and cookware.

Frying performance of Bella 1.6 qt air fryer

The Bella 1.6-qt. air convection fryer performs very well in terms of frying your food very nicely (lie Bella 1.2 qt air fryer model only), as long as you do not overfill your basket. It makes fries for two adults at a single operation, with only one tablespoon of oil. You could get about four to five pieces of chicken in the basket. However, you have to position those chicken pieces so that they do not overlap too much.

Bella 1.6 qt air fryer

Compact size

The Bella 1.6-qt. air convection fryer is the tiniest of all the air fryers that we have tested in our lab. The two and a half liter frying basket holds 2.2 pounds of meal. We are not sure “pounds of food” is the correct way to describe the capacity of the device.

PRO: We would say this is the nicest size for two to three people, or it might be a family with tiny children.

CON: The device is light, easy to carry anywhere you desire, a however little bit tough to transport as it is an awkward shape and size. No handles. You are sort of having to hug it or just grip it with your palms on either side.

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Minimal controls of Bella 1.6 qt air fryer

One of our gripes about advanced appliances is that there are a bunch of buttons, options, and levers. Some newer tiny appliances have adopted the “minimalistic” look with unique icons and pictures instead of words.

However, that actually makes usability very tough. One of the toaster ovens we experimented with recently featured unique icons so cryptic which we needed to have the manual guide handy at all times.

A bread device we tested last year needed us to press 5 unique buttons, each with a minimum of six different configurations, in order to just make a loaf of bread. With the help of the Bella Air Fryer, the configurations are smooth to use and understand. Turn the dial to the recommended setting. Done.


This is where Bella shines. We have reviewed many Bella models, and all of them performed very fascinatingly, even compared to competitor models twice the price tag.

PRO: The Bella Air Fryer is less than $50 price (at time of publication). If you are searching for an inexpensive, no-frills air fryer that is totally perfect for one to three people, this is the nicest choice.

However, for bigger requirements, you can read our reviews on Ultrean Air Fryer, and Tristar air fryer.

The Conclusion


The quality equals amazing and expensive models such as Brentwood air fryer.

The Bella 1.6 qt air fryer could air fry, bake, roast, sauté, and grill your favorite meal in a flavorful way you’ll like. The High-Performance Circular Heat Tech featured in this appliance helps you prepare fast, crispy, and uniformly cook your meal. Thanks to the thousands watts heating system that brings about the 400F of heat.

Your Bella 1.6 qt air fryer permits you to set your cooking time for thirty minutes, and then it shuts down automatically with an audible tone. This machine is made of stainless steel, which catches heat instantly, allowing you to heat frozen meals within a short duration.

Enjoy the calorie and fat reduction by 61% and 77%, respectively, since the machine only requires little to no oil to get your meals ready. This is a huge win for those who really take strict measures about maintaining healthy lifestyles.

This is the only air fryer for the people who do not enjoy studying a manual guide front to back. If we were gonna purchase an air fryer for our parents or elders, this would be it. The instruction booklet has a quite handy chart for temperature/time for specific recipes, just like fresh french fries, fried chicken, frozen french fries, etc.

A pinch of side info in Bella 1.6 qt Air Fryer Review

Bella 1.6 qt air fryer

Why Should You Consider Bella Air Fryer?

You would meet many popular air fryers just like the Bella 14538, which display their extraordinary ‘crisp flying’ abilities, along with the healthy and simple considerate ways to cook at an attractive convenience.

It is manufactured in a basic way such that it could provide you a basket and dual control dials. The Bella appliances don’t provide you too many configuration options; it plans to cook general meals with a little to no oil.

Why is Bella Air Fryer Perfect for You?

Every one of us has a unique and specified target when we buy a given product. You will consider purchasing a big quart basket capacity if you’ve got a larger family size. How according to the best functionality and features, the Bella 14538 2.6 quart takes the lead among the Bella air fryers.


Model Power rating (watts) Basket capacity( qts) Dimensions ( inches) Timer time (hrs.)
Bella 14538 2.6 Quart Air Fryer 1500 2.6 12.28 x 10.3 x 13.03 1
Bella 14734 Air Fry 1700 5.3 12.32 x 14.99 x 12.79 1
Bella 1.2 QT Air Fryer 1200 1.2 9.13 x 11.25 x 10.43 1/2
Bella 1.6 Quart Air Convection Fryer 1000 1.6 10.43 x 8.26 x 10.82 1/2
Bella 10.5 Quart Air Fryer 1650 10.5 13.22 x 13.26 x 14.52 24
Bella 3.7 Quart Air Fryer 1500 1.3 10.35 x 13.03 x 12.28 1

Bella air fryer reviews: Other models worth consideration

Bella 14538 2.6 Quart Air Fryer (B01KI0Q1UY)

This machine has a detachable basket and a dishwasher, which is of perfect help in time-saving since cleaning would be just an instant task. This appliance is the best preferred for singles and couples since it prepares a tiny amount of food.

The Bella 14538 2.6 Quart Air Fryer provides you a wide temperature range of 400F to 175F, thus permitting you to prepare a diverse amount of dishes. And since the machine is made of stainless steel, then it heats very fast, allowing you to heat frozen dishes in no time.

Bella 1.6 qt air fryer

A sixty-minute timer is given for you to keep doing other home chores or relax. After the set time is finished, the machine will automatically shut off. Indicator lights also have been pre-installed to show that the machine is off or on.

You’re also equipped with an overheating protection feature since the max power best for the machine is 1500watt.


Public reviews for Bella air fryer 2.6 QT.

Now, this Bella air fryer 1.6 qt model has rocked Amazon! There are over 3K public reviews, and the more impressive fact is that 92% is the success rate! 3/4th of the customers don’t have a thing to complain about. Around 85% of buyers have settled on above 3-star ratings, and you can also see the public pics of amazing recipes shared on Amazon!

Bella 14734 Air Fry

The Bella 14734 Air Fryer is an advanced touchscreen air convection machine composed of eight digital preset menu choices that will allow you to accurately cook your favorite dishes at a suitable temperature and time. The tool permits you to cook in a 5.3-quart basket capacity, which is big enough to serve a family-size food.

Well, special Thanks to the convection fryer function that this appliance exhibits, just like the circular heat tech makes your special dish crispy, uniformly cooked, and with different flavors at each time.

Your Bella 14734 Air Fryer only consumes a power of a max of 1700 watts, also as it’s made of stainless steel, which accelerates the heat up time of frozen foods.

Once you buy this incredible device, you’ll never experience a tough time maintaining and cleaning it. The Bella 14734 Air Fryer is perfectly endowed with a dishwasher safe basket and also a drawer. Also, the easy check feature permits you to peek in as the cooking.


Public Reviews for Bella Air Fryer 14734 (B07HRTWZJN)

Talking about the public reviews of the 14734 model, these are pretty similar to the 2.6 QT model. This one hasn’t earned as many reviews as the 14734 model, but the users seem to be equally satisfied. 3/4th users have happily given 5-star ratings, and talking about the complaints, there’s absolutely nothing to bother.

Bella 1.2 QT Air Convection Fryer

The Bella 1.2 QT Air Fryer is best recommended for snacks and small meals too. All your fried dishes have almost 65% fewer calories and 65% fewer fats than the fast foods provided at various restaurants.

The Bella 1.2 QT Air Fryer comes with the circular heat tech, which executes quickly, evenly cooked meals with a crispy texture. An accurate timer could set up to thirty minutes until the time is up; it will automatically shut down along with the audible tone.

This appliance has been nicely equipped with a crisping tray and PFOA free non-stick pan, which provides you the ultimate ease to release the prepared food. Once you own this Bella 1.2 QT Air Fryer, you require less cleaning efforts whenever cleaning it since it comes with a dishwasher safe at your convenience.


Public reviews for Bella air fryer 1.2 Qt. (B07QJZ8ZCF)

The public reviews of this little fellow are pleasing like the big models discussed above. However, on amazon, reviews are absent (just 2 of them at the time of writing this article). We are confident that this little fellow has done great justice to its buyers, as its excellence was reflected in our testing. Everything we prepared was tasty, and for the price, a user can hardly get more satisfaction!

Bella 10.5 Quart Air Fryer (B089W6FZ75)

The Bella 10.5 Quart Air Fryer is an innovative and modern appliance in kitchen tech which brings you the ideal alternative to the traditional deep frying methods. This machine is perfectly equipped with the eight preset choices, including dehydrate, grill, roast, bake, broil, air frying, and reheat.

The appliance provides you a relatively huge transparent window that permits you to view your meal as you prepare it. The Bella 10.5 Quart Air Fryer knows that you would wish your food to be evenly cooked, crispy and fast cooking, and thus it has High-performance Circular heat just for your convenience.

As the name already suggests, the machine has got 10.5-quart basket capacity that could serve quite a good amount of people at a time. Remember, the device adds you non-stick crisping trays, the baking rack, and a rotisserie that comes with its holder.


Public reviews for Bella air fryer 10.5 Qt.

Till the time review was narrated, this air fryer had earned 4.3 stars on average from 10 reviews. However, this model deserves much more appreciation than what the customer reviews show. This is a huge air fryer, and one may expect it to be costly, but in actuality, it isn’t! Walmart reviews are also amazing, but there, it’s costly. So, better buy from Amazon!

Bella 3.7 Quart Air Fryer

In case you could deep fry it, you certainly could air fry it too. This convection air fryer sorts you the best health-wise, as it deducts up to 65% of calories and 88% of fats from your meal compared to the fast foods in any restaurant.

This device cannot overheat since it’s equipped with an overheating protection feature that makes sure maximum safety in your kitchen. The Bella 3.7 Quart Air Fryer’s thermostat is adjustable up to 400F as well, as it consumes up to 1500watts.

The machine isn’t left behind in terms of technology, an advanced quality that will make sure that your meal attains the crispy texture with high-performance Circular Heat tech. Enjoy stress-free cooking with a sixty minutes timer that comes along with the auto-shutdown mode.


Public reviews for Bella air fryer 3.7 Qt.

A few times, good work doesn’t receive the appreciation it deserves, and those words fall perfect in the case of this Public reviews for Bella air fryer 3.7 Qt. Model. Till the time of narration, there were just 4 public reviews, and the star rating was 3.8 out of 5. Now, that’s pretty devastating for an excellent air fryer model like this one.


Bella Air Fryer Recipes – Air Fryer Pumpkin Pie is the best one

There are two easy methods to follow to make pumpkin pie using the air fryer. Our air fryer version of homemade pumpkin pie is incredible and adds homemade air fryer pie crust. Perfect for either the air fryer oven or the air fryer.

We are a BIG fan of pumpkin and purchase it all the time. We are lucky to live in the USA because it’s not as seasonal as any other country. It may cost a little bit more. However, we could get pumpkin in summer, spring, winter, and autumn if we wanted to.

Our neighbor grows pumpkin in their tiny garden, and it always amazes us how much pumpkin they have and how delicious it could be.

In the USA, pumpkin is more savory food and a major type of soup, and the healthy American eats it every day without fail.

One of our favorite methods to make a pumpkin pie, and Oh My God, the air fryer does an INCREDIBLE job.

Today we are going to share with you classic air fryer pumpkin pie. However, this is delicious that provides you excellent alternatives depending on if you’re an air fryer basket like the Bella 1.6 qt air fryer or any bigger air fryer oven.

How To Cook Air Fryer Pumpkin Pie?

If you are organized with your prep, cooking air fryer pumpkin pie is easy to learn the alphabet.


Bella 1.6 qt air fryer

STEP 1 => Make your air fryer pie crust. Then, in a bowl, mix your fat in your flour until you’ve got a mixture that resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Add in your sweet pie crust, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and caster sugar. With the help of cold water, you can make your mixture a dry dough.
Let’s make pumpkin puree. In the Instant Pot, add ginger chunks and fresh pumpkin, and then steam your pumpkin. When the pumpkin is steamed, drain it and add the rest of the pumpkin pie filling ingredients. You gave to mix it well with a hand mixer beating the eggs inside the puree. < = STEP 2
STEP 3 => Place your pie crust inside your air fryer pie pan. Include the pumpkin pie filling and then place inside the air fryer oven or air fryer. Once you finish cooking, please leave it to chill a bit in the fridge overnight, and there the steps are over.

Bella 1.6 qt Air Fryer Review: Tips For Perfect Air Fryer Pumpkin Pie

We are pretty much sure you have any questions if you are cooking air fryer pumpkin pie first time. However, we wanted to share our BEST TIPS with you to cook your pumpkin pie a BIG success.


In a rush? If you are in a hurry for the pumpkin pie, you could speed it up just by draining your pumpkin more than you are usually doing. This will mean it’s less wet once it goes to set inside the fridge and will not take as long.
Well, Instant Pots organize you. Preparing the pumpkin pie filling inside the Instant Pot could speed up making the pumpkin pie. Your pumpkin is first made in the Instant Pot, and then all of the other ingredients are inserted later.
Freezer-friendly. We placed both the last slices of pumpkin pie and the leftover pumpkin pie filling in the freezer for a later date. Freeze them on a flat baking tray inside the freezer just for an hour. This would make them relatively easier to handle as they’ll be stiff. Now only transfer the pie slices from the baking tray to the zip lock bags so you can freeze them quickly.
Flavorsome pie crust is the ideal aspect of our air fryer pumpkin pie. You could add flavors that you will put inside a pumpkin pie filling inside the crust to make it delicious. We do this by including nutmeg and cinnamon in the crust.

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Nishant recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after finishing his studies. He is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the public to invest money in the right air fryer. He hires a paid team of experts including chefs, restaurants, food geeks, etc. for narrating comprehensive reviews & guides by analyzing the latest information and checking the model themselves! Also, he’s a martial artist, guitarist, gym freak, and singer.

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