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What is your favorite thing to do? Do you mostly enjoy it? Aren’t delicious and healthy food a healthy and delicious treat? There are many joys in our lives. Spending time with loved people, traveling, meditation, and sports, as well as food, are just a few.

Everybody today needs to be very careful about what they eat, and this is very simple. A healthy diet is the most effective choice, without a doubt. However, you must be aware that cooking and eating healthier are the two most important things.

It’s logical; who would not want the taste of an ice-cream cone during the hot days? Who doesn’t like an ice cream slice or a bowl of fries and an ice cream burger after a long period of work?

Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

Do you know how to enjoy all these yummy foods in a more healthy way? Does it sound like a good idea and, well, be assured that it’s not. With the aid of an oil-free fryer review 1300W 16-quarts, you can take dessert and enjoy it too.

Its Big Boss 9063 1300-watt Oil-Less Fryer is an excellent product for those who love to eat the same food with the same taste and quality. There is no need to use fat when cooking in a healthy mood. You can prepare your preferred dish free of oil and have no oil needed at all.

Food will not be a source of calories. If calories remain in your food, you’ll be the recipient of extra calories while cooking your food.

You’ll get a fantastic experience cooking with no oil. This article about Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer Review will help you select the most efficient air fryer.

Three technologies are applied to cookware. The advantages of these three techniques are that you can enjoy non-oil-based food that is moist as well as crispy, and browned on the outside without oil.

Other air fryers with impressive heating technologies include Bella 4 qt., and Simple Chef air fryer.

The technology works in a uniform manner. The halogen technology produces heat directly to the food through the food’s surface so that it can be cooked brown, tasty, or even delicious.

The second technique circulates hot air around every part of the food. The third technology is an infrared soft that helps cook food from the inside and removes juices.

For preparing broiling steaks, roast turkey, cook meats on the grill, baking fish, cook chicken in the air, steam vegetables, toast bread, make use of the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. It doesn’t require preparation prior to defrosting your oven.

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Features of Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer


  • Tour technology equipped; The three halogens, infrared and convection, can aid you in making oil-free food items.
  • Infrared technology is used to remove the juice from food and seal the juice.
  • It is possible to cook different meals at the same time with two trays of cooking.
  • The technology of halogen emits heat to make it brown and roast.
  • Functions: You can roast turkey, broil steaks, grill meats, baked fish and air fry chicken. You can also steam vegetable toast bread.
  • The energy was saved as it took a brief time to cook food.
  • Traditional technology circulates air to cook food and food items from all sides for cooking.
  • It doesn’t need any heating or defrosting.
  • Weight of the Product: 14.7 Pounds
  • It’s three times faster than deep-frying ovens.
  • The lids are fixed to keep the hot cooking environment in place for faster cooking.
  • Measurement of the product: 12.5 Height x Length 16 Width 13.5 Height inches



  • The fryer is equipped with three cooking abilities to speed up cooking.
  • You can get healthy food from the fryer.
  • Easy to set up right straight out of the box
  • It doesn’t require any oil or less grease, less oil, and cholesterol. It also requires less cholesterol.
  • It will help you avoid having to pay for more electricity, as well as reduce your bills currently.
  • It cooks very quickly when frozen, minus the requirement to defrost.
  • The equipment is enjoyable to see



  • The timer will stop some alternatives, except in the event of a logical reason.
  • This air fryer can be heavy, which makes it difficult to handle.
  • It is not recommended to immerse the convection, halogen light and infrared heating element into the water since it causes the appearance of stained or greasy.

Triple Way of Cooking

It’s one of the major air fryer features that make it stand out from other fryers in the market. A majority of air fryers have the ability to quickly circulate air, which rapidly blows warm air over the food, removing the control to ensure it is cooking.

This feature allows the food to cook within and seal all the flavorful ingredients. There were halogens in warm food items, convection to cook, and inferred to guarantee that the food’s inside is fully cooked.

When food is taken out from the fryer, the food is cooked both inside and out, just like the oven-baked food. This feature is unique and makes your food three times faster than using a toaster.


Not only is the performance of this model amazing but it’s a stunning layout as well. While many air fryers use the same kind of metal frameworks in their design, the Big Boss was looking to provide additional features to their customers.

The air fryer is made up of an insulated glass dome within the design, which allows you to monitor the progress of your cooking.


Big Boss 9063 is quite a large air fryer. The weight is around 15 pounds. The air fryer has an upper capacity that lets it cook 6 lbs Turkey too. It’s 16 quarts of air fryers which can prepare greater meals within one pot than many air fryers.

This means that this year at events, you’ll have the ability to cook all of your delicious food items in a healthier manner with the air fryer.

It is available in two different colors, probably red and white. Both these colors, specifically red, give the air fryer a stunning appearance.

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Additional Features and Accessories

In the market for air fryers, the accessories and features that different air fryers have are many. There are some that are luxury-style with all the bells and whistles as well as access to additional accessories.

Some are more powerful by adding accessories. However, these accessories can be difficult to locate and are costly to buy.

For instance, Big Boss will notify you that there is no oil needed for this particular model. They’ve also included an oil sprayer for the occasion that you are thinking about using a tiny amount of oil.

You want to increase capacity, right? Yes, the additional extender rings will allow cooks to prepare a turkey that weighs around 15 pounds.

It’s true; the only air fryer available in the market claims to cook anything that is large. We believe this alone is one of the most unique and appealing features we’ve found.

How to Use Big Boss 9063

Remove the unit from the box and take out the packing items. First, clean the base of the plastic glass bowl, mesh basket cooking racks, tongs, or sprayer with warm soapy water.

Let it dry completely. Be careful not to submerge the cords, knobs, or lids with fluid or other. Do not place your glass container in dishwater. Do not use an abrasive cleaner.

How Does Big Boss 9063 Function?

How Does Big Boss 9063 Function

First, you need to remove the lid from the glass and then keep the cooking rack inside. You can use either of the racks or both. It’s up to the quantity of food you want to cook, but the food on the mesh basket. This allows the hot air to circulate throughout all the ingredients of the food rapidly.

It is possible to keep the Mesh Basket at the top or lower rack of the cooking to make onion rings, French fries as well as chicken or fish.

Important note: If you need none of the oil to cook food, it is possible to use a sprayer. Fill it up with oil. Spray oil over food prior to cooking it. You can increase the Big Boss Oil-less-Fryer capacity prior to cooking large meals such as Turkey.

The extender ring is included inside this Big Boss Oil-less Fryer. It is possible to place the extender ring over the bowl’s lip. Check out the illustration. After that, shut the lid. Do not lower the handle. Connect the cord to any electrical outlet.

The temperature can be set in accordance with your needs by turning the counterclockwise knob. It is possible to get assistance from the manual.

The timer has to be set in accordance with the thickness, size as well the weight, and size of food. It’s faster than traditional ovens. You can therefore save time cooking your meals.

You can alter the desired time by turning the dial clockwise.

Important: If you decide to turn on the timer, you should not rotate the knob counterclockwise. This can cause harm to the timer. Suppose you wish to set a timer that will last for a long period of time, shut off the unit. Wait for a while to start counting down to the desired duration.

Quick Assembly

  • Place the glass bowl at the plastic base.
  • If you are using an extender, ring it on the top of the bowl of glass. Then, place the lid on
  • Place the low and high cooking dishes inside the bowl made of glass.
  • Place the plastic base on a solid heating surface. Don’t place it near the table’s edge or counter.
  • Maintain the rack at the top of the rack to the mesh basket.

The Distinctiveness in Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

Larger fryers that use less oil use certain oils in order to move hot air over the food. The Big Boss 9063 Oil-less Air Fryer has three kinds of engines using the same method.

Convection heat releases hot air, just like those of the air fryers. The halogen light bulb is able to affect the surface of the food. However, it’s not like other air fryers that are available.

The Big Boss 9063 incorporates an infrared heating feature, which allows food to cook inside before sealing it with tasty juices. The triple power configuration makes it possible to cook delicious food, and the flavor and taste of the food are delicious.

The exterior of the food is nice and crispy, and the inside of the food is moist and humid. The speed is three times more rapid and is free of the need for oils or fats.

Media Reviews on Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

It is possible to cut over 50% of calories or fats in food items by using the tiny oil in the Big Boss air fryer. Chicken can be cooked in it using the Big Boss. Place the basket into your pan, and then set the cooking time depending on the food you are eating.

Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

The fryer doesn’t require preheating. It’s got infrared technology that cooks food quickly. Choose the time and temperature, and you can enjoy your preferred food within minutes.

The food is delicious and nutritious. If you take a look at the food items, you’ll discover it is crisper than deep-fried ones.

It will only take 5 minutes, and you will not need calories. You can buy it for your family members and the people you cherish dearly.

What People Say About Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer



I bought the Big Boss for my mother on her 59th birthday as she has cooked lots of meals using the fryer. I’ve made tater-tots, French fries, chicken nuggets, and onion rings using the fryer. They are all delicious and tasty.

It is important to set your temperature in accordance with what you would like to cook. Turn the timer on to the desired time, and the light will instantly illuminate, and the fan will also light up. Within the dish, there is no grease or other similar substance.

The taste of the meals are great too. The fryer will help you save time and money in the process. There is no need to pay many bills to cook. You can view the entire cooking process through the windows. This is much more efficient than traditional ovens.

I would suggest that everyone buys this fryer for their families. The fryer is equipped with safety features.

Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer

I like the machine greatly. If you cook, can you tell the temperature needed to cook your food or how long it’ll take? If you cook a meat piece, the outside will turn brown, while the interior will be free of brown.

You must flip the food over for nice browning on each side. I’ve bought brownies and cooked in the directions. I was forced to stop it ten minutes before, and it did not cause any burns.

They’re cooked very well, and I’ve never cooked this before. They cooked perfectly all of the components, including the middle in the skillet.

They are chewy. It is important to know the temperature settings and to set them as well. If you are able to do it on your first attempt, you’ll be able to accomplish it using the machine later on.

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Why Do You Like the Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer?

It needs less or even no oil for cooking food items. If you speak to an expert medical doctor, he will tell you that oil poses a risk to the heart and cardiovascular system.

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is crucial in creating food that has little or no oil, similar to traditional fryers. It reduces cholesterol in your diet, and because of this reason, it can help you avoid cardiovascular diseases.

Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

Highly Efficient in Terms of Power Consumption

The triple power blend is what allows food to be cooked in the air fryer. The food is delicious and crisp on the outside, as you would expect.

I would recommend deep-frying and succulent and moist inside as if freshly baking in an oven only at three times the amount and without the need for extra fats or oils. It’s pretty cool in our magazine!


Big BOSS 1300-Watt Oilless Fryer, 16-Quart air fryer that could prepare more than one thing at one time. This is so because it cooks a variety of foods simultaneously.

With no defrosting or preheating, you can cook turkeys for roast, cook meats and fish, grill them, bake them and steaks, broil them, air fry chicken, bake bread, and steam veggies, and even cook dessert. I can watch the cooking process from the dome of glass, and I am grateful for it.

Cleaning of Big Boss 9063

Great Feature

Turn off your device prior to trying to take it apart. Then wait until it cools completely. Clean well the ceramic base and glass bowl cooking racks, the extender rings, tongs mesh basket, and a sprayer, and hot soapy water, then allow drying.

You can put the glass bowl and cooking rack in the dishwasher as well.

When you are done washing the rack, wash it in water for a longer duration. Don’t make use of air-dry for washing. Make use of paper towels to clean it. This will protect the surface, and also the life span of the cooking rack will last for a longer time.

Beware: Never keep the knobs, cords, and plugs in fluids or in any liquid. Don’t try to clean them with an abrasive cleaner. Do not place the lid of the glass on the dishwasher.

In the beginning, can it be removed from the outlet you are currently using? Then, clean the glass lid using an abrasive sponge and a damp cloth. It is essential to dry the entire lid prior to the next time you use them.

Before storage, ensure that the parts are completely dry in order to keep moisture in the lid.

Glass Bowls That Self-Clean Themselves

If you notice a food particle located on the sides or bottom of your glass dish, you can wash it yourself.

  1. Make sure to pour water that is one to two inches in the glass bowl and then add a little dishwashing liquid.
  2. Cover the lid, then connect it to an electrical outlet.
  3. To wash, choose the temperature. Set the timer for 10 minutes.
  4. Once the timer has gone off, lift the lid with care and allow the bowl to cool before emptying it of the liquid.
  5. You can wash it using warm, clean water to clean the remaining soap.

Where to Purchase Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer?

There are abundant counterfeit products available on the market. It is important to understand the features of a reputable fryer. Pick the ideal fryer.

You must be aware of the features and advantages of the particular fryer. There is a chance that you will receive a fake product for use, which is not covered by a warranty.

Reviewing a product and watching videos can help you understand the specifics of the product. As of the time you read this review, you are able to buy the product on this site too.

Guarantee of Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

The manufacturer will offer you 2 years of warranty. In certain instances, this air-fryer is not qualified for the warranty. The reason is based on the place you purchased the fryer, and from whom you bought it, or damaged due to improper use of the product.

If you have any concerns, you should contact the manufacturer, and they’re ready to help you with any questions.

FAQS On Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

Do I Have a Few Concerns About the Features That the Software Provides?

We are aware of details only on our product. We're the end-user and not the manufacturer. We don't know specific features or the purpose that the item performs. If you would like to know more about your product we suggest you assist the makers.

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The description and the title of the first image are all right. A few mistakes could happen to the pictures. Remove the extra photos.

Is It Possible to Pick Local Ingredients?

We don't back the local pickup.

Final Verdict


Big Boss 9063 16 Quart Air Fryer is certainly great for those who want to purchase it. It has received abundant positive reviews from customers. You can surely begin the healthier way of cooking by using the air fryer.

If you are looking to own an air fryer that is healthy for your heart, it is the ideal device for your needs. It provides you with food items that require a small quantity of fat.

The design and characteristics of the Big Boss air fryer are different from the other fryers. It is possible to purchase the same model of air fryer for the same amount.

We suggest that you purchase this one. If you think about the size and space, you should consider buying it. It’s huge, and you should buy this model. The other fryers are limited to limited space.

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