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There’s nothing more beautiful than having a fryer that will assist you in executing different styles of cooking. The majority of air fryers in the market offer amazing features, but it’s difficult to find an oil-free fryer that is large in capacity and versatility.

It can be used to make healthy French fries or pancakes, Chicken, or even a whole turkey. Thankfully it is what the air fryer with the biggest boss provides. It’s a great option for the family as well as for commercial use.

With the huge Boss air fryer, you can be guaranteed to cook your favorite meals in the most healthy way possible.

We understand the difficulties of finding a decent and top-quality air fryer. This is the reason we’ve put together an enormous boss oil-free review to help you make your decision-making.

The fryer is equipped with every feature a high-quality air fryer needs to have.

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1.Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer 16 Quart

Big Boss Oil-less Fryer 16 Quart

This fryer that is all-in-one is most effective when it comes to creating heart-healthy dishes without additional calories. It includes all the equipment and features you need to prepare a portion of delicious and healthy food.

Its sleek and compact design allows it to be placed on the countertop to allow for quick use and accessibility. The fryer comes with a transparent bowl and lid so that you can observe the development of your food. So, you can avoid any burn.

The large boss air fryer is ideal for all kinds of cooking, be it baking, roasting, frying, or grilling, thanks to its variable temperature options. The dual dial feature of timer and temperature makes it simple to use.

Additionally, the dryer has convection, halogen, and an infrared heating system that cooks your meals from all angles. In addition, the 1300-watt power helps the fryer quickly heat up, meaning you won’t have to fret about heating.

There’s an auto shut-off feature that shuts off the unit when you’ve cooked your food, so you don’t have to fret about cooking your food to a crisp.

The fryer is big enough to cook a complete turkey thanks to its 16 quarts bowl capacity. But, you can cook multiple meals at the same time because it has a two-shelf set-up to allow for separate cooking.

So, you can reduce time and provide greater cooking convenience.

The package also includes the recipe book, where you will discover up to 50 recipes for cooking that are delicious and two years of limited warranty.



  • It’s user-friendly with just two dials, temp and timer. Just choose the desired temperature and cook time. And then, your food is ready for cooking.
  • Zero food burn – The system is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that switches off when the timer is counting down.
  • Large cooking capacity: The capacity of the cooker can be expanded and can cook large quantities of food.
  • Fast cooking – The fryer has an all-in-one heating system that has 1300 watts of power that will cook foods in the shortest time. It also has two tray designs, which lets you cook a variety of dishes at the same time.
  • It has a variety of uses, and various temperature settings allow it to be used for baking, grilling, frying, and roasting.



  • The device could make some noise when used, but it doesn’t hinder the function of the device.
  • The Air fryer Fetta nuggets we prepared with this air fryer didn’t satisfy to the best. It’s not the best choice for nuggets.

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2. Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer

Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer

The Big Boss 9063 1300 is considered to be the perfect product for those who love food. American consumers prefer eating food with identical quality or the same taste.

However, they don’t like eating oily foods. You can cook your favorite dishes without oil.

Naturally, it is possible that you can gain 100% oil-free cooking expertise.

Foods with low calories are not recommended. If you continue to eat air fryer-prepared food, the calories you consume will go to a minimum.

Everyone will have the best experience making use of a fryer that is oil-free.

You’ll have a fantastic experience when you make use of this Big Boss 9063 1300-watt Fryer. Concerningi durability, it got more votes and marks than Ninja Max XL air fryer in our testing.



  • Needs less energy: 3x time faster cooking
  • Cook multiple meals on two separate trays at once.
  • The lid’s seal is tight and aids in keeping warm air within.
  • Instantly cooks from frozen require no thawing.
  • Triple cooking capacity The first One is Halogen The other one convection, while the third option is Infrared Heat



  • Prepare Avocado slices wrapped in Bacon, along with Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers.
  • Cleaning is a normal part of life.
  • For making frozen breaded and Chicken tenders, use it along with Tater tots. The Chicken is juicier if we bake it.



  • Nothing at all

3. Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven

Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven

The Big Boss Rapid Oven is the most important cooking appliance for roasting, broiling, or baking food items.

It is three times more efficient in its capacity for cooking food than the traditional oven.

But, this convection infrared halogen heat cooker technology cooks perfectly.

Rapid Wave Rapid Wave has removable trays and a cooking bowl with a closing lid.

It locks heat and moisture.



  • Reduce the amount of fat in the food you eat.
  • It is not necessary to use oil to fry.
  • Triple cooking capacity: convection, halogen, infrared heat dinner.
  • Parts are dishwasher safe too.
  • Broils, roasts, bakes, grills, air fries, steams, and boils.



  • You may use your cookware.
  • There’s a tiny recipe book that is included.
  • Fantastic to toast and toast.
  • It lets the fat run-off from the food.
  • Capability of steaming vegetables.
  • It is possible to utilize the same oven temperature to cook your food, which is possible to do with an ordinary oven.
  • Are safety moods set to stop cooking when you pull up the handle?



  • This is a bargain.
  • The numbers painted on the paper start to fade away.

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Key Features of the Big Boss Fryer


Three Heating Sources for Fast Cooking

The technology is built with three heating systems, namely convection heating, the halogen bulb, and infrared heating elements. When you cook your food, your food is warmed up by this triple-power source, helping your food cook faster.

But the triple-heat system heats up your food in a way so that it doesn’t heat up your kitchen.

16 Quart Glass Bowl Lets You See Your Food

It comes with the capacity, 16-quarts which permits you to cook big meals, including whole turkey and Chicken. The lid is sturdy and lets you monitor the development of your food as you cook. This will help you keep the heat, which speeds up cooking and stops food splashes.

Includes Accessories!

The air fryer is equipped with several essential components that make it different from other models of air-fryers available.

The kit includes two racks made of stainless steel that are ideal for cooking different meals, as well as an oven basket to cook chips. The package also comes with rings that extend, which are ideal for roasting or cooking whole turkeys or chickens.

Two-Year Warranty!

The air fryer with the biggest boss is covered by a two-year guarantee that is limited. The warranty covers the entire component of the appliance, comprising the bulb with a halogen, as well as the heating element.

Easy-To-Use Control Panel

The control system for the large boss, a high-frequency wave cooker, is simple to operate. It is equipped with two knobs for the upper and lower part. The upper knob is used to control the temperature, and the lower knob can be used for setting the timer.

It also comes with a preset printed method for cooking meals such as Chicken, fried onion rings, and so on. The timer can run for up to between 60 and 120 minutes, and the device shuts off when the timer reaches zero.

Six Different Colors

The appliance is available in various colors to match your kitchen’s decor. Therefore, you can pick from black, silver, copper, red, blue, or white.

How Does It Work?

It heats your food by using its triple heating method. The halogen bulb warms the food to give the food that delicious, brown appearance—convection heat assists to evenly distribute heat to all areas of your food.

The infrared technology cooks your meals from within, giving them a perfectly moist and delicious flavor.

If you pour your food into the bowl, turn the handle, and then set the temperature. The mixture of the cooking techniques will help your food cook more quickly and evenly than in traditional ovens.

What Can You Cook in It?

The air fryer of the big boss can cook a variety of dishes, from turkey to chicken french fries, pancakes, french fries, crispy vegetables, and mozzarella sticks—Bake cakes, muffins, meatballs, sausages, seafood, lamb, pork, and many more.

Oil-Less Fryer Recipes?

A variety of boss-oven recipes are included with the set. Here are some tasty ideas you can make.

Teriyaki Chicken

This is a delicious chicken recipe that can be cooked in between 20 and 25 minutes. The only thing you have to do is prepare the marinade for the Chicken using a blend that includes lemon zest, ginger, garlic powder as well as honey, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and honey for about 20 minutes.

After that, cook it on the lower rack of the fryer at the temperature of 375 degrees F for an additional 25 minutes. The flavor is amazing.

Sweet Paprika Butterfly Shrimp

The shrimp can be cut into butterfly shapes and cooked fried with paprika. Then, you can coat the shrimp in the batter and place it on the top rack. Then, let it cook for an hour at the temperature of 450° F.

Mushrooms Stuffed With Crab Meat.

Mix the crab meat with garlic, pepper, salt, breadcrumb, butter, parsley, carrot, and egg well, and then stuff it into the mushroom. Place it on the upper rack and cook it at 450 degrees F for 10 minutes.

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Air Fried Buffalo Bites Recipes.

Try this meatless healthy, light, and delicious variation on an American traditional cooked using the air fryer.



  • One large head of cauliflower
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil, or the butter that has been melted
  • Olive Oil
  • 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • One teaspoon of sea salt
  • Your preferred buffalo wing sauce( however much you enjoy it to your taste)Direction

Suppose you’d like to make this simple and delicious treat and cut it into large pieces. Place them in a bag and drizzle them with olive oil. Then add salt, pepper as well as garlic powder.

Close the bag and then throw the ingredients until they are covered with the ingredients. Place the cauliflower on baking pans or an ungreased cookie sheet. Place their air in the fryer.

This way, you can keep it for at least 15 minutes. Repeat the turn once during the course of cooking. If it is cooked well, take it out of the cooker. Then, melt butter and place it in an ice cube.

Incorporate the hot sauce, and throw the cauliflower into the bowl, making sure to cover it as the cauliflower is completely coated. Place the coated florets into the fryer to cook for 5 minutes more. Serve it with blue cheese dressing or with ranch and then take a bite and enjoy.

How Do I Make a Whole Chicken in It?

Making a whole chicken in the fryer is as easy as making any other meal.

After cooking for your dinner, brush approximately one teaspoon of oil on both sides, and sprinkle salt and pepper on it. Based on the way you prefer how to season it.

After that, place the chicken breast-side-down at temperatures of 460 degrees. It should cook for 20 to 25 minutes, then flip the Chicken. After that, lower the temperature to 300 degrees.

With a thermometer, determine whether the Chicken has been cooked. The Chicken is cooked if the thermometer shows 158 to 160 degrees.

Cleaning and Care

Switch off the electrical connection. Unplug it prior to cleaning. Let it be completely cool. Clear the bowl of the glass, its extender ring, the plastic base, the mesh basket and cooking racks, the tongs, and the sprayer.

Dry it completely. It is possible to keep the cooking racks as well as the glass bowl in the dishwasher.

If you wash racks, don’t let them soak in water for long. If you wash it, don’t dry it. Dry it using the tissue or cloth. This will help protect the surface and will ensure the longevity of the device.

Beware: Never drop the knob, lid cord, or any other liquid. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products. Don’t keep your dishwasher lid. Unplug the power source, after which you can use a moist sponge or cloth to wash the device.

Dry all parts of the device prior to use. Make sure all parts are dry. It is not recommended to keep the unit moist.

Self-Cleaning Glass Bowl

If you observe that the pieces are on the bottom or on the sides of your glass dish, you can make it self-cleaning.

  1. Pour about 2” of water into the glass bowl, then mix in a small amount of dishwasher liquid.
  2. Close the lid and connect to an outlet.
  3. Set the temperature control to wash setting
  4. If the timer has gone off, you can open the lid carefully. Wait for the bowl to cool. Then remove any liquid that remains in the container.
  5. If you prefer to wash off soap residue, clean the glass bowl using warm water.

The Distinctiveness

This is by far the most economical fryer that is oil-free. We’re working hard to present the buying guide. The stroller can save you a few dollars if you have a budget that isn’t a problem. The big boss is the most suitable choice for you. You are now free of unhealthy food choices.

If you cook using Big Boss, you will cook with Big Boss; you will receive healthier food than other oily fryers that are commonly used. The cooking capability for Big Boss is superior to other fryers. Big Boss is greater than the other fryers that are available.

The fryer has a huge size basket that can be used with the fryer. You can cook a turkey that weighs up to 16 pounds. This is an excellent feature since you can cook two to three pounds in your Philips or T Fal fryer.

If you love cooking for several people, there’s no substitute for cooking for the Big Boss. This will assist you tremendously. Do not be concerned about other fryers.

Although Big Boss has a nice design for a glass and allows you to observe what’s happening within the fryer, there are some disadvantages with regard to the lens’s body. There is the risk of burning, but it is very easy to keep secure.

The glass heats up quickly, and there is no handle to protect it. There is no guarantee that it will make a delicious meal without burning.

It is important to treat it like the other fryers. It is best to carefully remove it from the oven, and wear protective gloves and be aware. It’s a big issue, and you’re working with the bowl inside the oven.

Why You Prefer Big Boss

This is the data of the company which claims that The Big Boss oil-less fryer features infrared technology convection, halogen.

This means that food can be cooked effectively with less oil or without. Foods become more flavorful and more delicious. The outside of the food is crisp, while the inside is extremely soft and moist.

Apart from frying, you can also broil or bake food and dehydrate it using The Big Boss. The bowls can hold 16 quarts which allow you to cook anything you want to. It can cook large quantities of food. In addition, it can cook two dishes simultaneously.

Within the Big Boss, there are two racks: an upper and lower rack. There is an enclosed wire basket where it is possible to keep a tiny amount of food items.

It also has one with an extension ring, an oil sprayer, and tongs. The fryer utilizes infrared heating technology and comes with triple cooking power to cook more quickly.

It’s an oil-free air fryer that cooks a variety of food items (deep, deep-fried food) such as fried chicken, frozen foods, baked fish, steaks that are broil cooked, and chicken wings.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Are air fryers healthy?

Yes. Air fryers can cook food that is lower in fat, calories, and other harmful substances in comparison to traditional deep fryers. They're also speedier and more user-friendly and make air fryers a safer and healthier choice.

Can I use oil in cooking?

The air fryer of the big boss is designed to cook meals using no oil. If you'd love to spice things up, add oil to your food prior to cooking.

Can I cook several meals simultaneously with the same gadget?

Yes, the fryer has two racks for cooking which allow you to prepare two meals at once without mixing their tastes.

Is the lid of the fryer dishwasher safe?

The lid of the boss fryer isn't dishwasher safe since it could cause irreparable damages to the heater element.

What to do to get rid of the lid of the fryer?

For cleaning the cover of your boss fryer, use a soft cloth to soak in soapy water, then scrub the glass components. Be cautious and avoid cleaning the electrical components.

Final Thoughts


The oil-free big boss fryer is a model that has incredible capabilities. The fryer can not only be able to handle large amounts of food items, but it’s also durable and simple to use.

The flexibility of the fryer is amazing because it is able to bake, grill and roast. It’s also easy to clean glass bowls with a clear view to keep track of your food.

It’s an appliance everyone should possess in their kitchens as it is a must-have appliance to cook with ease. I recommend the Big Boss 1300-watt oil-free fryer, especially if you like a delicious dinner without the fat.

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