Blusmart Power Air Fryer Review: Should You Buy It?

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The Blusmart air-fryer 3.4 is an air fryer that is designed to provide food for a few people within the family. However, this model is smaller because it’s quick to warm up and cook foods.

The fryer can cook three potatoes at once. It’s a much more efficient fryer than others in the market. It will provide you with an experience that is different from the traditional method of cooking.

The temperature range is 170 F to 400 degrees F. It features an exact control of the temperatures. This means you can maintain temperature whatever range you want.

The fryer is made mostly of plastic, which can be an issue for some customers. It’s also difficult to clean when compared with other fryers available.

If you’re looking for a small space in your kitchen, this fryer is perfect for you. It is possible to bring the Blusmart air fryer to your kitchen without a doubt.

Blusmart Electric Air Fryer Hf-898LCD


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Blusmart Power Air Fryer Review

Blusmart Power Air Fryer



  • There is a cookbook that contains the fryer.
  • Non-stick outer surface
  • The temperature ranges from 170-400 degrees F.
  • Capacity 3.4 quarters with 1400 Watts.
  • Auto shut-off of timer



  • An ebook is also available.
  • It doesn’t require more kitchen
  • Precise temperature control
  • It is equipped with a fully detachable basket.



  • Construction is extremely cheap.
  • The non-stick coating fails to function properly. (Gowise USA GW22622 is a better choice in these terms)

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Reason to Choose Blusmart Power Air Fryer

Blusmart Power Air Fryer

The main advantage of the fryer is the fact that they circulate hot air around food items. This means you can get quick results very quickly. It’s more efficient to produce delicious food.

The exterior of the food is crispy, and the inside remains the majority without oil or very little oil. The food that you get from the fryer has more than eighty percent fewer calories.

It is possible to use temperatures ranging between 170 degrees F to 400 degrees F. It’s enough to cook food, grilling, baking and roasting. Additionally, it permits you to cook food at any time. It also has an auto shut-off feature. After two hours, the fryer will shut down automatically. You get something similar in Cusibox air fryer, and Delonghi FH1163.

The fryer is usually secured by the fact that it only works when you place the basket and place it in its proper spot. It is possible to take the basket off to make room for something.

Also, you can observe how the food is cooked. This is not a problem for you. The fryer continues to work once it has entered the basket, after which it is re-entry.

The fryer is built to be used by the entire family. There is a capacity of 3.4 quarters, which is perfect for a medium-sized home. It can be set up wherever you want in your kitchen.

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The fryer consumes no space in your kitchen space. It is possible to cook the roast of a chicken for a special event. The non-stick surface that the fryer has is easy to wash with soapy water.

Furthermore, you can store it in your dishwasher for the purpose of making cleaning easy.

What Users Say About Blusmart Power Air Fryer

The fryer only takes fifteen minutes to cook chicken wings. I cooked them at approximately 350 degrees. Next time I’d like to use 300 degrees for cooking the food. The taste is amazing. With no oil-based cooking, the food is delicious.

Blusmart Power Air Fryer FAQs

Is it possible to create sweet potato vegetables quickly?

Its temperature ranges between 170 F to 400 F. It is possible to use this temperature for grilling, baking, roasting, and cooking. One can also cook sweet potatoes using the fryer.

Does it make sense to cook sausages?

This is ideal for making sausages.

Does it matter if you stir the food during the moment of cooking?

It's not an absolute requirement. However, there are certain foods that need shaking and turning to achieve a fantastic outcome.

Is the fryer easy to clean? Is the component that is dishwasher secure? Do you have to turn in the food at the beginning of cooking?

The fryer is easy to clean without a doubt. I've tried both dishwashers and hand washing. I've got a good result with no stirring. However, you can stir your food during the process of cooking for a better flavor. The timer feature of the fryer is a great way to shut down the fryer. It's not a problem: crispy fries and tender meats.


Blusmart Power Air Fryer

Final Thoughts


The Blusmart Electronic Air Fryer can be described as efficient in cookware and safe for use. First, it won’t begin unless you properly set the drawer. Furthermore, after two hours, the fryer will stop completely.

If one wants to warm their homes using this air fryer, it isn’t possible. This is one of the disadvantages that the air fryer has. The only downside to the fryer list of cookbooks is set using Celsius. It can be the American system.

Sometimes, instructions can be difficult to follow. However, we can say that Air fryers are amazing. The people that have tried it will never use a different method to cook meals. If you aren’t satisfied with this model, check out Philips HD9230/26, and Avalon Bay air fryer.

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