Brentwood Air Fryer (3.4qt) Review: Read before you buy

Use this Brentwood Air Fryer AF-32MBK 3.4Qt to fry meals to perfection fastly and evenly without the guilt of calories and fat.

This air fryer needs less or no oil to nicely cook onion rings, french fries, chicken wings, roasted veggies, steak, and much more. Utilize the quick temperature guide and the thirty-minute timer for crispy, quick results.

Brentwood Select 3.4Qt Electric Air Fryer

You can use Cool touch, detachable basket, and fry pan to make serving pretty easy. The basket and frying pan are made with a nonstick copper material for effortless cleanup.

By the way, this Brentwood model  managed to beat Elite platinum air fryer, Ultrean Air Fryer, and unbelievable, even the super performer, Tristar air fryer wasn’t able to dominate this model!

Brentwood Air Fryer Reviews

brentwood air fryer

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Quick & even cooking utilizing rapid hot-air circulation
Uses little to no oil
Thirty-min timer
Temperature control from 175F to 400F
Easy-to-clean, nonstick surface
Quick temperature guide
Includes cool-to-the-touch
Detachable frypan & basket
One-year manufacturer warranty

What were the results of the 4 major dishes we tested with Brentwood air fryer?

1.) Bacon dumplings

We had a streak of dishes to test on with this air fryer, but we finalized four dishes to score the performance of this model. The very first out of these dishes was Bacon dumplings and breaking the suspense; the taste was heaven!

We also tried preparing the same dish in Dash Tasti Crisp and Simple Chef air fryer, but results weren’t that appealing.

Brentwood select air fryer recipe

This air fryer prepared the dish in time (does a faster job than most similar air fryers out there). Once dumplings were prepared, one of our testers exclaimed that the color of the outer crust wasn’t exactly what it should be.

Yes, it wasn’t that brownish, but we can’t say, “it looked ugly” at all. Well, no one can fill the stomach by just staring at the dish, so finally, those dumplings were finally in our mouths.

From a little air fryer that costs around $80, we were in no way expecting the dumplings to be so tasty! most importantly, even the center part of the dumplings was perfect, and talking about the crust; it was crispy enough to make you say “yummmm.”

So, for the dumplings, it deserves a solid 9.5 score out of 10!

2.) Chicken breasts

Talking about Chicken breasts, undoubtedly it’s so rich in protein, but the issue for which most of the kids and also oldies with weak teeth prefer chicken thighs instead of breasts is its hardness. It’s hard to chew when we deep fry thick chicken breasts, but that was exactly what we wanted to test with Brentwood’s model.

Brentwood Select air fryer recipe

We sliced thick breasts just to figure out how well does this air fryer cook it from within. Does it cook the breasts tender soft without overcooking it from out, or does it provide “hard to chew’ pieces like the other air fryer in our test did (no, we won’t tell the name)? Well, it beat Bella 1.2 qt air fryer in this testing.

Once again, this little air fryer impressed us with its “overall perfect” cooking. We included little children and 60+ oldies as our volunteers. Everyone was chilling with the juicy, tender chicken breast. The remarks were positive from the experts (we weren’t left behind in grabbing), children, and oldies.

One oldie went a bit far by saying – “KFC should use this air fryer to make their stuff a bit softer.”

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3.) French Fries

We’d make a big mistake if we conclude the Brentwood air fryer review without explaining whether this model does justice with French fries or not. Till now, the majority of us worry 3-4 times before ordering French fries because of its “heavy calories” nature. The president has changed, and so has the time (maybe pulled Mr. Joe Biden here without much of reason, lol).

Brentwood air fryer

When we pulled out fries and quickly transferred them to the bowl, the reason was that all 4 kids were extremely excited about the fries, because one of our testers explained to them the fake theory that Michael Jackson became Michael Jackson after grabbing Fries from this air fryer daily!

Oh Gosh!

Coming back to normal now, the kids wasted no time before putting the fries in the mouth, and then it was the time to gather their reviews!

The reviews, as per our expectations, were awesome, and we were requested to prepare one more batch of fries. Not forgetting to say – no matter, it’s a 3.4 qt model. Still, the number of fries it prepared was truly appreciable. Paula Dean air fryer 9.5 qt is a bigger sized model to consider.

4.) Lemon Air-Baked Chicken Thighs

The best thing we prepared with this air fryer was an awesome dish recommended by our sir’s stupid neighbor – “Lemon Air-Baked Chicken Thighs.

Well, everything can’t be explained in words, and that’s the reason, rather than explaining how well did this model prepared Lemon Air-Baked Chicken Thighs, we’d recommend you to try it by yourself once! Yes, we truly mean it.

We also recommend you not to share it with your neighbor. Otherwise, you’ll find him standing at your door every afternoon, with a bowl in his hand.


FRY ALL YOUR FAVORITES Crispy, tender french fries, crisp zucchini, chips, crunchy onion rings, chicken tenders, roasted vegetables, juicy chicken wings, frozen foods, and much more – Make them fresh or utilize a considerable variety of your special pre-packaged meals.
HEALTH CONSCIOUS There is a silver lining for those who love fried food, and it is our Brentwood Airfryer – Instead of utilizing oil, the device produces hot air from a strategically placed coil making beautifully fried meals without any extra calories
ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE & TIMER Set a timer up to thirty minutes and then forget about it – You can adjust the temperature between 400 and 175 degrees, and there are a whole lot of dishes you can prepare using this much wide range of temperature.
1 YEAR WARRANTY Brentwood air fryer happily provides a full year warranty from the date of buy to replace or repair any potentially defective device manufactured by Brentwood Kitchen Appliances. You can find full information of warranty inside the instruction manual guide of your device. This instruction manual is easy to understand.
EASY TO CLEAN When you are done utilizing your air fryer, wind the cord and usually wipe it down clean – No oil or messy grease to clean up! Cleaning this air fryer consumes just 5 minutes!

Better Than Any Restaurant Rosemary Lemon Air-Baked Chicken Thighs with Brentwood air fryer

A chicken stock, little butter, white wine, rosemary, and lemon combine to make the best air fryer baked chicken thighs you’re ever going to consume!


Cook Time: 30 minutes
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Cuisine: American
Course: Entree
Calories: 283
Servings: 8


Three tablespoons salted butter
6-8 chicken thighs skin on
1/2 cup healthy chicken broth
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1-inch lemon cut half
1/4 cup semi-dry white wine
salt and pepper to taste
3-4 tablespoons fresh rosemary


STEP 1 => Preheat your fryer to 375 degrees F.
In a large or medium air fryer safe skillet. <= STEP 2
STEP3 => Melt the butter over medium-high heat.
Place your chicken thighs inside the skillet and fry until you see the golden brown and crispy. Turn it to cook on both sides of the chicken.  

<= STEP4


STEP 5=>

In a huge measuring cup, whisk together the garlic powder, white wine, broth, squeeze the juice out of one lemon half inside the mixture. Pour in the skillet and then mix inside the butter mixture.
Cook for another five minutes <= STEP6
STEP 7 =>
Stirring the sauce occasionally.
Take the half lemon and cut it into slices. Place on top of the chicken if you want. If you want your chicken to stay tender and crisp, then omit this step.  

<= STEP8

STEP 9=>
Sprinkle the rosemary over the fried chicken.
Place inside the air fryer. <= STEP10
STEP11 =>
Bake for another 25-30 minutes until the chicken thighs get cooked.
Remove and then serve <= STEP12

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Recipe Notes

A little sea salt sprinkled on the top after serving is ideal!


Calories 283kcal Potassium 239mg
Serving 4g Sodium 175mg
Protein 17g Vitamin A 235IU
Saturated Fat 7g Calcium 12mg
Fat 22g Vitamin C 1.3mg
Cholesterol 117mg Iron 0.8mg

All information and calories are based on a 3rd party calculator and are an estimate. Basic nutritional information would vary with brands utilized, your measuring ways, portion measurements, and more.

Use Brentwood air fryer to prepare Air Fryer Fried Chicken like never before 

Delicious “air-fried” chicken done using an Air Fryer! This fried chicken is the ideal recipe out there!


Cook Time 25 minutes
Prep Time 4 minutes
Total Time 29 minutes
Cuisine Chicken
Course Main Course
Calories 327
Servings 4


One egg beaten
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
Four small chicken thighs skin on
One teaspoon seasoning salt
1 1/2 tablespoons Old Bay Cajun Seasoning
cooking spray if desired


STEP 1 => Preheat your Air Fryer to approximately 390 degrees.
Whisk together the flour, the Old Bay, and salt. <= STEP 2
STEP3 => Dredge your chicken inside the flour mixture, then inside the egg, then back inside the flour mixture.
Shake off excess flour nicely. If you wanna, you could spray the chicken with cooking spray at this point. However, we don’t bother. <= STEP4

STEP 5=>

Place the four chicken thighs inside the bottom of the AirFryer cooking compartment. Then Cook for a total of twenty-five minutes or until the chicken reaches 180 degrees. Remove and serve.


Carbohydrates 13g Potassium 321mg
Calories 327kcal Sodium 686mg
Protein 21g Fiber 1g
Saturated Fat 5g Calcium 21mg
Fat 20g Vitamin A 1405IU
Cholesterol 151mg Iron 2.2mg

All information is based on a 3rd party calculator and is only an estimate. Basic nutritional information would vary with brands utilized, measuring methods, portion measurement, and much more.

Brentwood Select Air Fryer (3.4qt) Review: Finally, we conclude!


So, after reading all that, what you’ve got to say about Brentwood select air fryer?

Certainly, on the basis of performance, one can hardly criticize this 3.4 qt. air fryer. Also, the amount of food this little fryer prepares in a single batch is also appreciable.

Now, talking about features, we’d say, everything one needs, is present, and even more importantly, no feature confuses you at all. After that, cleaning is also as easy as it is with some other much expensive models. Regarding durability also, we’d give it 9.6 score out of 10, and it actually passed our drop down test.

But yes, we’d recommend you to be safe while using air fryers, as these appliances may easily get damaged if dropped down from the kitchen’s platform.

Nishant R.

Nishant recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after finishing his studies. He is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the public to invest money in the right air fryer. He hires a paid team of experts including chefs, restaurants, food geeks, etc. for narrating comprehensive reviews & guides by analyzing the latest information and checking the model themselves! Also, he’s a martial artist, guitarist, gym freak, and singer.

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