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Tortillas are one of the most loved and sought-after foods and snacks over the past several decades all over the world. The flavor of warm, freshly prepared tortillas is unparalleled. It is possible to make these at your home in a few minutes or buy them from super-stores.

What could be the cause? What can you do with the tortillas you have left? This is why people often ask, “Can you freeze flour tortillas?”

You can, in fact, keep the flour tortillas in storage easily. We will be discussing ways to freeze different kinds of tortillas like flour tortillas and corn tortillas and how to defrost them and then reuse them in cold conditions.

Let’s start the journey.

How to Store Frozen Tortillas

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Why Freeze Tortillas?

If you purchase a ready-made tortillas packet from the grocery store, You might not use all of them at one time for a snack. Additionally, if you prepare tortillas in your own kitchen, you could require a few more pieces for future use.

It’s important since making tortillas from scratch every time could not be the best option.

So, you may want to save the tortilla leftovers in the freezer. Also, the frozen tortillas will taste just as tasty and delicious as fresh ones if you are able to immediately freeze tortillas.

The best part is the fact that frozen tortillas will keep them fresh and moist for a long time, and that’s a huge advantage for you.

The next time you’ll be left with leftovers of tortillas or other tortillas, you should keep them in the freezer.

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How Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas?

Freeze Flour Tortillas

The process of freezing flour tortillas is simple, and you don’t need to be an expert chef to do it. Actually, the tortillas made of wheat will freeze very well. If the tortillas are still warm, let them cool off properly. Don’t be afraid to store them.

  • Place the cold tortillas in separate containers. It is recommended to use an airtight container for food with an easy-to-open lid to store the piles of tortillas. You could also make use of freezer bags that feature an easy-to-open zipper system for this use. Also, any other bag will be able to do the job.
  • Place the tortilla-packed container or bag in the freezer.
  • If possible, place parchment paper or another type of cover between each tortilla. This will make the defrosting process much easier.
  • That’s all there is to it. The tortillas will be fresh when you consume them the next time. So, don’t be concerned about the deliciousness of the tortilla.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Tortillas?

Defrost Frozen Tortillas


Defrosting the frozen tortillas is as crucial as properly freezing them to preserve the flavor. Fortunately, the process of defrosting for food items is simple.

Simply open the freezer and then remove the tortilla that is in the box from it. Set the container in an appropriate place to let the tortillas defrost. The process will not exceed one hour. It is nevertheless recommended that you don’t rush when the frozen item begins to melt.

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If you’ve separated the tortillas with individual wrappers, the process of defrosting will take less time. You can also microwave them and speed up the process of thawing and defrosting. However, this could cause the product to be a bit spongy or crumble together.

Flour Tortillas Recipe

Flour Tortillas Recipe

If you are a fan of burritos, tacos or enchiladas, everything tastes amazing when you use freshly made tortillas. In addition, the recipe for flour tortillas at home is easy to follow too.

Things you’ll require

  • 2 tablespoons baking powder and lard per
  • 1 teaspoon of salt that is normal
  • 1 1/2 cups of water
  • 4 cups of all-purpose flour

Within a bowl, mix flour, baking powder and salt. Mix the ingredients thoroughly, and then, using your fingers, gradually add the lard. It should appear similar to cornmeal. Then, add water to form the dough. It should be sticky, similar to elastic.

With a rolling pin, sprinkle flour and then roll the dough into a thin tortilla. It can be baked in a millet that is preheated until it is bubbly and golden.

Separating Frozen Tortillas

Separating Frozen Tortillas

If you have to separate tortillas,it shouldn’t be an issue. It is possible to put the tortillas separately in foil in a large container. Additionally, you can store tortillas that have been brought in. They typically are separated with your fingertips easily.

Preserve the original packaging to keep it in. Additionally, you can keep the tortilla stack by using wax paper. It will help you separate them from their frozen state easily and swiftly.

Thawing Frozen Tortillas

Suppose you’ve placed the tortillas in the freezer in a proper manner, thawing them an easy task. The frozen tortillas will begin to soften at room temperature.

It is possible to leave the container for a period of one hour to allow the tortillas to soften in their own time. Because the tortillas are extremely thin, they will not take the time needed to melt.

But, you can also freeze the tortillas using an oven in the microwave if you are trying to get them out of the house in a hurry. However, it could result in the possibility of the tortillas becoming soggy and is therefore not suggested.

Store Tortillas by Freezing


In most cases, the tortillas from the store will be in a box of 12 or more items, but you’ll not consume all of them in one go. Additionally, you may consider making multiple tortillas at once to ease the hassle of making the dough. Then, you can bake and roll the tortillas.

However, it is possible to save the tortillas through freezing. It is possible to store the cold tortillas frozen in a specially designed freezer bag to ensure the most effective results. With the temperature being sub-zero in your freezer, tortillas stay fresh for longer.

Storing Tortillas by Refrigerating

If you wish for the tortillas to be able to melt faster, it is recommended to keep them in the fridge rather than freezing them. A refrigerator will operate at 3 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. Consequently, there will not be any ice on the tortillas. This makes the process of thawing easier.

However, refrigerating tortillas is recommended only if you plan to keep them for a short time, like two or three weeks. If not, their freshness will not last very long.

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Storing in a Dry Environment

Frozen Tortillas

If you aren’t planning to make use of the tortillas right away, then you can keep them in a dry location. Utilize an airtight container, store the tortilla stack and store them in a cool, dry area. You should ensure that there are no sources of heat near it.

The method works best with corn tortillas, however. Additionally, it has the risk that the tortillas will become dry quickly. If this happens, you can use the thin part of a towel to cover any food product. This towel must be damp, and it will absorb the moisture into the tortillas.

Ideas to Making Tortillas From Scratch

If you’re planning to make your own tortillas from scratch, it ought to be straightforward. You’ll require normal salt, all-purpose flour, water, lard and baking powder. The exact percentage of these ingredients was mentioned in the previous section.

Mix the salt, flour and baking soda for whisking. Then, add lard to create a caramel-like structure from the flour. Then, add the water slowly, and work on it until you get the dough. After that, you can cut your dough into smaller chunks, forming the shape you want.

Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas (FAQs)

How can you make homemade flour tortillas?

To make your own flour tortillas, you'll require all-purpose flour and baking powder and lard in the proper proportions. Additionally, you'll need salt and water that is clean. The mixing bowl includes all the ingredients: flour, salt as well as baking soda. After mixing them, add the lard and then pour in the water to form the dough. It's that simple.

What is required in order to prepare flour tortillas in your home?

The primary ingredients needed to make flour tortillas at home are baking powder, flour for all purposes and oil lard. Some people may utilize the yogurt option or add other components depending on their preferences.

Can flour tortillas and corn be frozen?

Yes, you are able to freeze and store both flour tortillas as well as corn tortillas—the method to freeze them is the same. Additionally, you can store both tortillas at a time in the refrigerator as well.

How long can tortillas be kept in storage?

It is contingent on the storage condition. In the average refrigerator, tortillas will last no longer than a couple of weeks. But they'll last for months if they are frozen and stored properly. We suggest using the original packaging or freezer bags to keep the tortillas in stacks. Yes, in sub-zero temperatures, it is possible to freeze tortillas. It will also allow you to store tortillas for a longer time.

Do you have the ability to freeze corn tortillas?

Just like traditional flour tortillas, one could also freeze corn tortillas. It is recommended to make use of a freezer bag to store the tortillas made from scratch. If you are using store-bought tortillas, you should use the original container until it becomes damaged or is ripped into pieces.



It is possible to eat a freshly baked tortilla with anything from vegetables to meats, even tea or coffee. It is also the primary ingredient in food items that are popular in the southern border region, like tacos, burritos and more.

If you can make homemade tortillas and keep them correctly in the freezer, you’ll love it.

Therefore, we hope this discussion about “Can you freeze flour tortillas” can help you with keeping the food item in storage without compromising its flavor and deliciousness.

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