Cozyna Air Fryer Review: This 5.8qt Model Stunned Us!

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Testing Cozyna Air Fryer 5.8 qt model truly stunned our testers, because our results actually contrasted with the expectations. Let’s share with you what exactly we found, and what’s our final advice. 

Nowadays, Air fryers have become one of the most popular small kitchen gadgets in recent years, but they are much more than a fad.

Fried food connoisseurs discover that using an air fryer provides many of the same delicious benefits as frying, but with far less oil and calories — and far less mess to clean up afterwards.

The growing popularity of air fryers comes along with a plethora of alternatives. New and upgraded air fryer models are hitting the market at a breakneck pace, much like perfectly fried French fries disappear during a Sunday afternoon football gathering.

When we first started looking for the best air fryer, the Cosori 5.8-quart was top of our list.

Cozyna Air Fryer Review: This 5.8qt Model Stunned Us!

Cozyna Air Fryer

Do you want a high-capacity air fryer with manual controls and a money-back guarantee? Then, the Cozyna Air Fryer XL is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

It’s big enough to cook game chickens and even a sandwich and fries, making it ideal for larger families or individuals who wish to prepare many items at once. With this machine, you’ll use less oil and create healthier dishes faster.

Cozyna is a beautiful alternative for individuals who wish to test out an air fryer or want a simple design. In addition, you will receive exceptional value out of your Cozyna purchase!

Cozyna Air Fryer- Overview

Enjoy your best large Cozyna Air Fryer XL, which allows you to cook fresh or frozen dishes quickly and easily, from crispy fries and onion rings to fish and vegetables, all with just a tablespoon or no extra oil.

With a 5.5L capacity , this gadget allows you to fry two foods simultaneously while keeping their distinct flavors separate. The cooking basket’s non-stick surface makes the process of cooking enjoyable and safe. A 30-minute timer and temperature control ensure that your food never goes wrong.

Today’s recipes:

Cozyna Air Fryer- Specification and Accessories 

A cake pan, a pizza pan, a mini-cake/cupcake pan, a metal rack with skewers, a metal stand for cooking two layers of food at the same time, and a silicon mat for your countertop are included in this 7-piece accessory kit. It also comes with a booklet with 25 more dishes that you can make with your accessories package!

It includes everything you’ll need to get started cooking right away!

The Cozyna Air Fryer comes with the following accessories:

  • The primary unit
  • A detachable basket and a detachable pan with a divider are included.
  • The removable grip that keeps you cool
  • Two cookbooks with more than 50 recipes
  • handbook of instructions

Cozyna Air Fryer-Detailed Features

The Cozyna Airfryer has all of the tools you need to prepare healthy and delicious meals. Dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning the Cozyna Air Fryer a breeze. In addition, it comes with two well-known recipe books, each with over 50 dishes explicitly created for the Cozyna Air Fryer.

In terms of features, this model stands in the queue of some super performing air fryer models like Meril Lagasse 4qt., Faberware 6 qt., and Tristar air fryer!

The following are the specific features:


This equipment can be used in a variety of ways. It’s capable of frying, baking, grilling, and roasting, among other things. It bakes and roasts potatoes, grills chicken and other foods, and prepares potato fries. In this simple air fryer, you can cook practically anything you can think of.

Simple to Use

With this simple-to-use equipment, you’ll be able to cook anything you desire. Whatever you’re trying to prepare, this air fryer will provide some of the best results you’ve ever seen from such a simple to use and high-functioning machine.

70% less oil

Cozyna Airfryer lets you save money and calories by using 70 percent less oil. Compared to traditional deep fryers, this gadget consumes 70% less oil. Instead of allowing your food to swim in oil, you need one tablespoon.

Zero Guilt 

When you consume Cozyna air fryer items, you won’t feel guilty about eating something calorie-dense. This air fryer ensures that all of the fat in the meal is removed and that only a small quantity of oil is utilized to make the dish healthier. Food retains its full flavor thanks to excellent and efficient technology.

Dishwashing Safe

The Cozyna air fryer is totally dishwasher safe, which is a significant benefit. Cozyna Airfryer has the option of dishwasher safe to make your life easier. Its components may be thrown in the dishwasher without hesitation, making cleaning a breeze.

Non-Stick Surface 

While cooking, this device ensures that your food doesn’t stick or make a mess. You can cook anything from chicken breasts, chicken tenders, fries, and more tender meats and bread in the Cozyna Airfryer without fear of making a mess. You get similar non-stick surfaces in Simpletaste 1400w and Chefman air fryer

Modest Size 

Because of its small size, you can conserve counter space and conveniently store the fryer while it’s not in use. Because of tiny size, this fryer is highly portable and may be used anywhere. When travelling, you can take this device with you to quickly prepare your favorite meal.

Fast Cooking Time

Compared to typical deep fryers, this air fryer cooks quickly and efficiently, allowing you to save time. It can help you save up to 50% of your cooking time.

Flexible Temperature Range

This air fryer’s temperature may be changed up to 392-degrees Fahrenheit. It’s hot enough to cook chicken or anything else at that temperature. Cozyna Air Fryer can cook a wide range of meals because of this temperature range.

Evenly Cooked Meals 

This air fryer’s rapid air circulation aids in the even cooking of food. Because the air is heated and circulated quickly, substantially less oil is used than deep-frying or pan-frying.

Families Will Love It

It’s one of the larger units so that you can cook a variety of finger dishes for parties at home, such as French fries and meatballs, as well as entire dinners for your family, such as steaks or potatoes. At a time, you can have two to three servings. It’s the perfect size for a small family.



No Horrible Smells

You may use the air fryer for cooking anything from beef to seafood without the smells lingering. When using a deep fryer, though, the scent can be bothersome at times.

Money-Back Guarantee

The 30-day trial period gives you peace of mind while purchasing this product. You can get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the fryer after this period. It is an offer made by the product’s producer.

Affordable Price 

When compared to the best service it provides, the price of this air fryer is affordable. Other products would never give the same level of quality as the Cozyna at such a low, inexpensive price.

Meant for Ease and Simplicity 

With only two dishwasher-safe parts, this device is designed to make your life easier. You don’t have to waste time disassembling and cleaning the product. The small, compact shape takes up minimal counter space and is a fantastic choice for folks who have a small kitchen.

Fast and even cooking

The Cozyna Air Fryer cooks quickly and consistently, ensuring that your food is cooked just how you want it. For example, cooking hamburgers or chicken fingers takes 20 minutes. As a result, you can make an entire meal, have it washed, and spend more time with your family in less than an hour.

Regularly Used Machine

Food can be fried, roasted, baked, or grilled. All of this mixes up to make it an ideal tool for everyday usage. Cozyna Air Fryer makes it possible to live a healthy lifestyle. So don’t be concerned about the calories and cravings linked with cake, steaks, or beef. Cozyna has everything.



Low Exterior Quality 

The product’s exterior paint may peel with time, but this is primarily an aesthetic flaw that has little bearing on the machine’s performance.

Heats Up on the Outside

One issue with this device is that it heats up on the outside when it is in use. Although it is not sufficiently hot to hurt the user, it is a drawback that may influence a buyer’s decision.



The Cozyna air fryer, despite its 1500 watts, can take a while to heat up, but it has many more fantastic features that make it a viable alternative.

This is an excellent option for both beginner and expert air fryer users. It comes with everything you need to prepare a many supper or multiple meals at once, and it can handle a lot of food.

In addition, it is well-priced as a mid-range machine that will allow you to quickly prepare dinner whether you choose to fry, bake, or roast.

While some customers have reported issues with their unit’s heating element, they take these complaints seriously. If you have a problem, you will receive excellent customer service. You can’t go wrong with the Cozyna XL since it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee!


Q: Where can I purchase a Cozyna air fryer?

This air fryer is available for purchase both in stores and online. It’s usually the best idea to shop around for the best bargain, as pricing can vary significantly.

Q: What’s the difference between a Cozyna and a Philips air fryer?

They work in entirely different markets. The Cozyna will not be able to match Philips’ quality and performance. There is, however, a clear price difference between the two. The Philips air fryer is aimed at the upper echelon of the air fryer market.

Q: Can we use this AirFryer for cooking raw foods like baked potatoes, steaks, or chicken?

Yes, you can quickly cook frozen or fresh raw potatoes for French fries or chicken with excellent results.

Q: Does the Cozyna Air Fryer produce smoke or odor in the kitchen when cooking meat?

I tried the chicken and shrimp, and there was no smoke. While cooking, there was a wonderful aroma of food.

Q: Is this dishwasher safe?

This air fryer is simple to clean, whether you use a dishwasher or not. It merely has two simple sections that may be washed manually and are dishwasher safe.

Q: Is it true that this device heats the kitchen when it’s in use?

It doesn’t work that way. However, because the heat vent releases steam, you must keep it away from the walls. It may leave a minor impact on the temperature of a non-ventilated kitchen.

Q: What is the Cozyna Air Fryer, and how does it work?

This Air Fryer includes a removable basket where you can set your food and a small amount of oil, generally around a tablespoon or so, to cook it.

Q: How much time will this fryer Take to Cook Frozen Fries in This Device?

It will take about 15 minutes at high temperatures. The time depends on the crispiness level  you want your fries to be.

Q: Can I only cook frozen food in this air fryer, or can I also cook battered chicken?

It works well with frozen and battered foods. For both types of food, the result is flawless.

Q: How many servings will a batch of fries serve if I make it?

It will provide two meals for adults if you want the fries to be crispy.

Q: Is there a need for an extra rack or pan with this air fryer?

There is no need for a rack for dripping fat because the meal is above the bottom. It comes with a detachable basket that lets fat drop into the bottom pan and away from the feed.

Q: Is this an air fryer that runs on 110 or 220 volts?

This fryer operates on 110 volts.

Q: Does it produce crisp French fries like a deep fryer?

Yes, the French fries are as crispy as deep-fried French fries. It even crisps up frozen fries to perfection.

Q: Is it only for frozen items, or can I make donuts in it?

In this air fryer, you can effortlessly bake food and obtain the best taste.

Q: What is the Cord’s Length? Is it a long or a short story?

The cord is only a few inches long. But, unfortunately, it’s nearly a foot long.

Q: What is the manufacturer’s warranty policy? 

I’m not referring to the money-back guarantee. The company provides a two-year warranty.

Q: Can I use it for cooking vegetables?

Yes, you can use this air dryer for cooking eggplant, zucchini, steaks, and eggs.

Q: I didn’t get a cookbook when I bought the machine. From where I can get the books?

The books are available for purchase on Cozyna’s website. Additionally, the book is available for download.


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