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Crab Rangoon originates from authentic Asian food. It’s like an art due to its simple form and delicious flavor. It’s so tasty. So why don’t you make it yourself?

The making of this Crab Rangoon is more than an act.

The small parcels are able to be filled with whatever you want. However, you must be aware of the shape.

But, you should test this deep fryer Rangoon. Foods that are oily can add a lot of calories. Therefore, we will make use of an air fryer to cook healthy food items.

We can prepare a number of items using an air fryer, such as Okra, Japanese chicken tenders, air fryer roast, Asian glazed chicken thighs, and what not.

Read the article to learn more details about the Crab Rangoon air fryer recipe.

How Do You Make Crab Rangoon Wontons?

What’s Wonderful About Air Fryer Crab Rangoon Recipe?


If you own an air-fryer, then you’ll get enthralled by this fantastic appliance. It is possible to enjoy tasty, crisp food without the need for grease. They’re delicious and crisp.

Air fryer recipe of crab rangoon is extremely crunchy on the outside as well as the filling is cooked evenly. By using an air fryer, cooking a nutritious recipe without oil is possible. And that’s what I like in the crab recipe made with an air fryer.

How to Make an Air Fryer Crab Rangoon?

Air Fryer Crab Rangoon

Crab rangoon recipes are prepared in just 15 minutes with comfort using an air fryer. This dish is packed with flavors that will awe your taste buds.

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  • 4 or 6 oz lump crab meat
  • 21 wrappers of wontons
  • 4 – or 6-oz of cream cheese
  • Salt and pepper according to your preference
  • 2 cloves minced of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce.
  • 2 onions chopped in green
  • Olive oil.

Nutrition – Per Serving


Fat 3g
Carbohydrates 12g
Calories 98kcal
Protein 7g



  1. The cream cheese should be softened in the oven for 20 seconds.
  2. Mix in a bowl all the ingredients: the cream cheese mixture, salt, onion, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. Add crab and.
  3. Set the wonton wrappers down on an unfinished board, then add moisture using water.
  4. Take a tablespoon and fill half the wrappers. Don’t overfill.
  5. Fold the edges of the wrappers inwards. Keep the two sides in place and place them together in the air.
  6. Put the rangoons in the fryer’s basket. If you’re making many rangoons, you can make them in batches.
  7. At a temperature of 370°F, the food should be cooked at 370 degrees for about 10 minutes.
  8. Make sure to cook for 3 or 2 minutes for a desirable golden brown color.
  9. Get your crab Rangoon and serve them with the sauce for dipping.

Be aware that the cooking time can vary.

The dish can be served to 7 persons.

How Do You Cook the Frozen Rangoons of Crab That You Can Buy?

You can purchase frozen crab rangoons from the grocery store, or you can also keep the homemade wontons by freezing them. For the storage of homemade rangoons, follow the following steps.

Place the uncooked folded crab rangoons into a pan and let them sit for one hour. Then, you can put these rangoons in a container or bag.

After you have cooked the freezing crab rangoons, remove those from freezers, and then wait for them to cool. After that, fry them in the air fryer. However, it will take a longer time period, such as 15-20 minutes, before they can get cooked.

Air Fryer Crab Rangoon Egg Roll Recipe

crab rangoon egg rolls recipe

The air-fried crab and rangoons eggs is a tasty dish, and everyone enjoys it. There aren’t any eggs in the filling. However, the wrappers are made with eggs which is why they’re called egg rolls.



  • 1 teaspoon garlic
  • Two tablespoons of sesame seeds (optional)
  • 4 to 5 tablespoons of crabmeat
  • 1 package egg roll wrappers
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • 2 scallions diced
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • salt



Calories 106kcal
fat 5g
protein 9g
Carbohydrates 16g



  1. Mix the crab, cream cheese, salt, paper, scallions, and garlic.
  2. Wrap the egg roll wrapper and spread it out.
  3. The filling can be scooped with an ice cube and then placed in the wrappers.
  4. Put water to the sides using an emery board and move them.
  5. Take the basket of an air fryer and set them in the basket.
  6. Spray sesame seed oil.
  7. At 370°F and 370 degrees, they cook for seven minutes.
  8. When they are golden brown, serve the pies.

Serve Person

There is a possibility of serving 4 people.

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Skinnytaste’s Crab Rangoon Air Fryer Recipe

Skinnytaste crab rangoon air fryer recipe

Skinnytaste’s crab rangoons are very light in calories but packed with flavor. The method used in this recipe is exactly the same as we have learned from the recipe of crab Rangoon recipes for air-fryers.

You can also use the same filling to create a slimmer flavor. Don’t spray the vegetable oil onto the wontons. After you fold the wontons, place them on a baking sheet and cook for seven minutes at 370°F.

Skinnytaste refers to not being as crispy. After a few minutes, the wontons will be cooked. Serve with the sauce for dipping. With this particular recipe, it is important to ensure that the temperature is maintained.

Member’s Mark’s Crab Rangoon – Air Fryer Recipe

Member's Mark crab rangoon air fryer recipe

Member’s Mark’s crab rangoons is an established brand that supplies frozen wontons. They’re tasty and easy to prepare to serve in a matter of a few minutes. These crab rangoons can be made using American Chinese cooking techniques.

The box contains 24 wontons. There are three kinds of wontons such as sweet crab cream cheese, crab-flavored surimi.



  1. Unpack the crab rangoons in the container and set them aside to defrost.
  2. Place them in the basket of air fryers.
  3. Cook the rangoons for 12 to 14 mins.
  4. Verify that they are golden brown.
  5. Serve them warm.

The nutrition will be the same for those of homemade wontons.

Serving people

If you cook one box, it can feed seven to eight people.

Sweet Crab Rangoon Recipe

Sweet crab rangoon recipe

Sweet crab-flavored Rangoon can be known as the most delicious dessert you can enjoy anytime, particularly after dinner. For delicious and sweet desserts, you can make use of Nutella or fruit pie and more.



  • 1 egg whisked
  • Half cup sugar powder.
  • 12 oz Wontons wrappers
  • 4 teaspoons of crab meat.
  • 8 oz. softened cream cheese



Fat: 38g
Carbohydrates: 44g
Calories: 552kcal
Cholesterol: 73mg
Protein: 8g
Saturated Fat: 9g



  1. Mix your softened cream cheese with crab as well as powdered sugar. Mix them up until you get the proper mixing.
  2. Wrap the wrapper around the wontons and pour a splash of water.
  3. Wrap the wrappers in sweet cream cheese, topped with 1 teaspoon of filling.
  4. Fold the wrappers in two corners before folding them into the remaining two corners.
  5. Place the wontons into the basket of your air fryer and clean the oil.
  6. It can take about 7 to 8 minutes at 370°.

You can also brush the whisked egg all over the wontons.

Serve Person

You can serve them to 4 to 6 people.

How Do You Heat the Crab Rangoon Using the Air Fryer?

How do you reheat crab rangoon in an air fryer

The crab rangoons are fried inside the refrigerator. If you store them, you must warm them before eating to ensure the same crispness. To warm the crab rangoons, place them in an air fryer basket, then cook them for five minutes.

The temperature should be 300 degrees. Examine them to determine if they’re crisp or not. After you’ve reached the perfect crispness, take them out and serve them.

What Is the Length of Time That Crab Rangoon Is Useful For?

crab rangoon

It is possible to store crab rangoons that are cooked or not inside the freezer. But, it is important to consume them in a timely manner. Consuming them after the expiration date could be detrimental in terms of health.

For cooked crab rangoons, they are suitable for up to 3-4 days. The frozen wontons, if not cooked, can be kept for six months.

How Harmful Is Crab Rangoon to You?

Crab Rangoons are packed with high nutrition. If you choose to eat a cooked version, the number of calories consumed will increase. Rangoons come in a tiny size, so you can consume three or four at each time.

If you are eating in this amount, you’ll get half the calories from your entire meal. This is harmful to your health. If you’re using an air fryer to fry crab rangoons, then they will have fewer calories than deep fryers.

How to Make Perfect Filling for Yourair Fryer Crab Rangoon?

Filling for Air Fryer Crab Rangoon

It is incredibly easy to make the filling of this crab Rangoon. It requires only two ingredients. Cream cheese, crab, and meat are the main ingredients. You can use sweet ingredients for sweet wontons.


  • 8 ounces of crab meat
  • 8 ounces cream cheese softened
  • 1 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce.
  • 3 tablespoons of green onions sliced

In a bowl, combine all the ingredients thoroughly.

What Is Fried Crab Rangoon?

fried crab rangoon

Fried crab rangoon is deep-fried in oil. The ingredients and fold wontons are exactly the same. You just need to fry them with vegetable oil. Fried crab rangoon is packed with calories and fats. This is why you should steer clear of Deep-fried crab rangoons.

How Do You Make Crab Rangoon Wontons?

crab rangoon wontons

Crab Rangoon wontons are created using the same process you learned earlier in this post. In reality, crab rangoons are often referred to as wontons due to the fact that the wraps are sheets of wontons. The cooking process and making time are identical to those of the producers.

The majority of people prefer deep-frying in order to make them crispy. However, you can bake them in the oven or even fry them using an air fryer. You can also make wontons following these recipes without any problems.

Crab Rangoon Air Fryer Recipes FAQs

Do Chinese consume crab rangoon in China?

Yes. In fact, it is believed that the Chinese are the original creators of the crab-rangoon. It is a classic food, and they have consumed it for centuries.

Can you freeze raw crab Rangoon?

If you wish to preserve the crab rangoon, then you must freeze the raw crab rangoons. It's the only way to preserve them for long periods of time. When you freeze them, you can keep them for six months and they can be stored in containers or plastic bags.

Can I Freeze the Air Fryer Crab Rangoon?

It's not possible to freeze Air fryer crab rangoons. They can be stored in the area called the Nomar in your refrigerator. They can be kept for up to 3-4 days.

What are you looking for in Air Fryer Crab Rangoon?

For making Air fryer crab rangoons, you'll need the necessary ingredients for filling wrapped in wontons and an air fryer to cook. It is easy and healthy to prepare using the air fryer.

How to Fold Air Fryer Crab Rangoon?

It's very easy to fold. The wrapper typically comes in an oval shape. You will need water or whisked eggs to adhere to the corners. The first step is to fold the two corners inwards and then stick them into the air to form a triangle. Take the corner on the left and put it into the middle. Repeat this process for other corners.

Can I heat the air fryer's crab rangoon?

You can also reheat the fries. The air fryer can be heated until they are crisp. You will need at least 5 minutes to do this.

Can you eat crab rangoon and squid the next day?

You can keep the rangoons of an air fryer inside the fridge. Remove them and heat them by using an air-fryer. They can be eaten in the morning.

How long should you make frozen crab rangoons in the air fryer?

After you have defrosted the frozen crab rangoons, you will need between 12 and 14 minutes for cooking in an air fryer. The temperature should be 390 degrees inside the fryer.



Crab rangoons are a popular recipe. They’re tasty and crisp. In a restaurant, you should always try this recipe. You can prepare it easily at home, in a restaurant-style.

You need some simple ingredients. After reading these Crab Rangoons air fryer recipes, you can cook them in just a few minutes. However, be mindful of not following any step, or it’s going to be a disaster.

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