How to Perfectly Deep Fry Whole Chicken: Chef’s Secret

Cooking the food at home may seem like a nightmare; however, it’s actually a fairly simple process. All you require is oil and a pan large enough to accommodate your food.

It might seem like a lot of oils but keep in mind that it’s cooking only one dish for one meal, so you don’t have to worry about having enough to cover all your meals.

Remember that the oil used to cook your food items can be reused; however, obviously, you’ll need to wash it and dry the oil afterward.

A whole chicken that is deep-fried inside and out is a guaranteed way to invite your family members to the table for dinner.

It’s a dish that’s simple to prepare as well as impressive when served, whether it’s a feast for the family or an intimate gathering. It’s among the best Deep fryer recipes.

The deep-frying of a whole chicken is an excellent method of cooking chicken breasts; however, cooking a whole bird is more affordable. In addition, the flavor is unbeatable.

Deep fat frying involves the method of cooking food items such as potato chips, fried chicken, and French fries. The method involves putting all food items in oil for as long as it is heated to the highest level.

If the food has been fried properly and crispy, it will be crisp outside and hot as cooked well in the center., pretty much like Deep fry pork chops, and deep fried mushrooms. Deep frying kills bacteria, and it is a fast process.

Deep Fry Whole Chicken: Top Recipe

Credit: Jeff Molnar

What You Need to Deep Fry Whole Chicken?

The steps you must take to accomplish are the following:

Turkey fryer, along with an oven, pot, and stand
Cooking oil
Meat thermometer for meat
Oil thermometer

Bella deep fryer is the best model for this recipe.

The Preparation Prior to the Execution

Pick up a chicken at the local grocery store. The chicken you pick should be attractive to see. In your fridge, completely freeze the chicken.

In the cavity, you’ll find excellent crystals that react to the water vigorously with hot oil, which causes spills. This makes the chicken half-cooked on the inside.

Deep Fry A Perfect Whole Chicken

Firstly, determine the amount of oil you’ll make use of to fry your bird. The amount you measure will be determined by how big the bird is.

It is not recommended to use oil near the lid since this can decrease the size of the chicken. Also, the liquid could spill over and cause fire hazards.

If the quantity of oil is not enough, then the chicken won’t cook correctly. The solution is to cook your chicken inside a turkey.

Once the chicken is sitting inside, then apply water to submerge the chicken approximately 2 or 2.5 inches above the body of the chicken. Note the area where the water line runs, and then apply peanut oil to the line you chose.

After you have finished, submerge the chicken in water. Then, let it dry. In order to speedify the process, it is possible to use paper towels. Remember to pat the inside of the cavity dry. You will now have the chicken you want.

Deep Fry A Perfect Whole Chicken At Home

Make sure the legs are close, and tie them together. After that, remove the giblets and neck. Remove the fat you do not want. Rinse the area.

Also check:

It is suggested that you cut open the skin from the place where the thigh joins in the middle with its breast. This will help to quickly eliminate excess moisture from the meat at the time of cooking.

The Next Steps Include Spice and Flavorings

If it is dried out, you can season it with herbs and spices that you like, like salt, pepper, paprika, and more. Rub both sides to release the flavor.

It is possible to do this multiple times, leaving an environment where the chicken can absorb the outer layer as well as the deeper flavorings.

If you prefer to introduce flavors, cut gaps and spread out the whole chicken. This means that the flavors aren’t all stocked in one spot.

The Steps Needed to Create the Perfectly Deep Fry Whole Chicken


Simply put the chicken into the basket of the fryer and then place the chicken in the pot. Put enough water in to ensure that the chicken is completely in the pot so that it covers it completely.

Tape is used to mark the points. The line indicates the fill line and will complete the filling of the oil. Take the chicken out with care.

deep-fried whole chicken

Get rid of any excess water. Make sure there isn’t any water inside the pot to avoid spills for the duration of oil use. Make sure the burner is in the ground, and make sure that the ground is dry and level.
Keep the burner away from near the tree, the curtain, or any other object that could cause the fire.
Make sure to add oil until it is at the marked line, and then keep the fryer’s stand in the middle on the stove.
Place the pot on the stand and make sure that the pot and stand are sturdy.
Then, you can light the burner and then adjust the flame until it reaches the highest temperature. Use a thermometer in the pot to determine the temperature.
You must ensure that the thermometer’s tip lies within the center of the liquid. Make sure that you do not get the thermometer to touch the nadir of the pot. Make use of heat that is up to 375 ° F.
Dry the chicken and wipe it out and within. Place the chicken on the rack as well as in the baking pan. Before storing it inside the fryer, cool down the chicken, but without putting the cover. It is possible to do this when your oil heats up.
The basket should be placed in your oil gradually. Take care to avoid spills of oil. After that, put the chicken out of the basket and switch on the stove.
The fry is cooked on the burner for 3-4 minutes per round, or adjust your burner to suit your preference. You can use temperatures ranging between 350 and 370 degrees F.
After cooking is done, turn off the flame and then lift the cover of the basket gently from to the deep fryer. Put it back in it, and then let the grease run out. Then, keep the basket in its well-groomed area.
If the oil stops drips, you can apply the thermometer to determine the thickest areas of your breast and thigh areas. Avoid touching the bone. This is the most reliable way to tell if the food is cooked correctly or not.
The meat will be weighed as 180° F or 165 degrees F on the hindquarters and the breasts in accordance with. If the chicken comes out undercooked, don’t panic.
The first thing to do is – take the chicken in the deep fryer and turn on the burner.
Repeat steps 8 and 9, and when it’s cooked properly, Keep it in the fridge for an off between 10 and 20 minutes prior to enjoying with your family and friends.

Deep Fry A Perfect Whole Chicken At Home

After Deep Frying

After you have finished the cooking, turn off the fryer and disconnect it in order to let the oil cool. If you prefer to clean the fryer, make sure the fryer has been completely cooled.

Deep Fry A Perfect Whole Chicken At Home

If you wish to use the oil again, strain it through the aid of cheesecloth or a sieve. Keep the oil in a dark-proof container sealed for up to three months. To ensure the highest quality, keep the oil refrigerated—fryer oil you prefer to use again.

If you notice the color or have a sour smell, smell or taste, throw it away. To ensure safety, dispose of oil using a sealable metal container like gallon milk jugs, coffee can, and then dispose of the can that is stuffed with oil in the garbage. Some regions’ inhabitants utilized cooking oil.

Don’t use oil next to the sink. In the drain, the oil will cool when it comes in contact with water and cause jams in the drain or in the public sewer system or the septic way.

How to Deep Fry Whole Chicken: Hot FAQs

How long should you deep fry whole chicken?

A whole fryer chicken should take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour in cooking time at 360 - 350 F within the oil. To deep fry it, you must heat your oil up to 350°F. Put the meat in the fryer and turn it every five minutes until the chicken is golden brown.

What temperature should I use to deep fry chicken?

For deep-frying chicken, The temperature you should be using is 350-360 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it possible to cook raw chicken in the deep fryer?

It is possible to deep fry a chicken that is raw, but it requires know-how and preparation. Chicken prepared in a deep fryer has to be cooked slowly in order to stop the exterior portion of meat from drying.

What is the time per pound to fry a whole chicken?

Deep frying chicken consumes about 7 to 9 minutes for each pound. The time to cook varies what size the chicken is, as well as the temperature of the oil. A 3 lb whole bird will take approximately 25 mins. A four-pound whole chicken will take around 35 mins.

What is the time required to fry 10 pounds of turkey?

It takes around an hour to fry a 10-pound turkey. The oil must be at 350 degrees, and the turkey must be fully covered in oil.

What is the typical temperature range for deep-frying?

The range of temperatures for deep-frying a whole chicken is 350 deg.F. up to 375 deg.F.



The process of deep-frying a whole chicken at home can seem like something that’s difficult. However, if you follow these steps, you’ll certainly be able to have an amazing, crispy chicken at your table within some minutes.

To ensure that the chicken cooks evenly, it’s essential to make use of a deep-fryer that has an adjustable thermostat plus an enclosed basket.

Also, you’ll need an aluminum rack in the fryer to prevent the chicken from settling within the cooking oil. Finally, ensure that you make use of a thermometer while cooking to stop the oil from becoming too hot. The optimal temperature is 350-375 deg.F.

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