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Today, our spotlight is on Della Air Fryer 5.8Qt. model.

Nowadays, people are deeply worried about their health; they don’t like to eat oily and street foods as they are unhealthy.

This is the reason there are healthy foods available in the market. And for all those people this time, we are coming up with a smart air fryer from Della.

Della Air fryer assures minimum or even slightest possible amount of oil so you can eat without distressing about calories intake.

This air fryer empowers you to bake, roast, grill, and reheat your food. If you’re planning to grab an air fryer for a long time, then this review report is for you., we cover everything about this product.

This model is perfect for some awesome recipes like Costco chicken wings, Chicken parmesan casserole, Chicken corn fritters, etc.

Read the full review for a better understanding of the product.

  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 16 x 14 inches
  • Item Weight: 13 pounds

What makes you buy Della Air Fryer

Della Air Fryer

  • To begin with, this air fryer attains a detachable food basket that makes it convenient to transfer the food.
  • Moreover, it comes with a nice carry bag that makes it travel-friendly.
  • Using rapid air circulation is a healthy way to fry anything.
  • Della air fryer acquires a captivating appearance and can be an ideal choice for your kitchen.
  • In case you have any queries while executing, they also provide a user manual.
  • This air fryer acquires a smart touch panel that works smoothly.
  • In addition, the Della air fryer is easy to clean, and all the parts are dishwasher safe.


This Air Fryer by Della supports so many advanced features. Here is a glance of some:

  • This air fryer has revolutionary air technology that makes the food healthy with no or minimal oil added.
  • It has a timer option. You can set up a 30 minutes timer according to the dish you are making, and after achieving the desired timing, the machine will automatically shut off.
  • In this air fryer, you can also cook your food and set the time. After achieving the set time, the machine will automatically shut down to prevent overcooking. We tested this feature while preparing chicken tenders, and Jalapeno popper chicken, and the feature worked perfectly. 
  • This product comes with a recipe book.
  • This air fryer can also reheat dishes.
  • Furthermore, this air fryer is easy to clean, and all the parts are detachable, which makes it safe to wash on the dishwasher.

Accessories included with Della Air Fryer

This Air Fryer by Della acquires all the useful accessories which are needed in any of the fryers. Here is a list:

  • 1500 Watt Air Fryer
  • Manual
  • Plastic cover
  • Frying basket with handle

Note: This one is a very powerful air fryer. if you want a less powerful one, go for Nutrichef air fryer or Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer 100B.

Product Warranty

When it comes to product warranty, Della stood number one among many competitors in the market. A guarantee is a seller’s promise to the user against the product’s durability. Della gives one year of warranty on the original purchase. It includes all the repairs and replacement of all the parts in a normal condition.

Precautions keep in mind while using

Read all the instructions carefully before making use.

  • Always before making use read the given manual to avoid any hassle during the process.
  • Do not excessively fill the basket. It leads to fire. Always leave space between.
  • After every use, make sure to unplug the plug immediately.
  • Well, Air fryers use no oil; however, in some recipes, oil is important but doesn’t exceed the quantity of oil as it can lead to a fire.
  • Never put anything on the top of the Fryer.
  • Always clean the Fryer preceding every use.
  • Keep the Fryer away from the kids’ range. Children above 12 years can use this but with adult supervision only.

What do customers say about this product?

All the reviews and ratings stated one thing that all the customers of this Air Fryer really admired this product. The most favorite feature is that it has almost 8 cooking presets that make it an ideal purchase. No matter, you cook chicken wings, steaks, or anything.

This air fryer makes everything crispy and tasty without using the slightest possible oil. Therefore, all its features are very praised by its users. Have a sneak peek of some of the customer’s reviews:

We called a buyer who was from Texas to share his experience with us. He stated that he believes that this Della Air Fryer is the best out there! He air-fried fries, chicken, and fish burgers. Further, he finds that it’s necessary to adjust the (preset) temperature/timer controls to cook food as per desire.

Once you’ve practiced you’ll find the Della Air Fryer to be a great kitchen appliance. Overall he loved this Della Air Fryer, and he highly recommended it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How hot does the outside get?

Mine does not get hot on the outside. The handle stays cool to the touch. We were concerned about the heat on the bottom and put a heat-resistant pad for the unit to sit on while cooking while testing, but we found that it was not needed.

My temperature only adjusts by ten-degree increments, yet my manual lists temp like 356 & 392. Am I supposed to round up, or does mine have issues?

That’s odd. We’ve never noticed that in our testing. We always adjusted the temp or time to our liking anyway! Enjoy. It is an awesome product.

Can you grill with this Fryer?

Never try to do the grill… But when I checked the cooking recipe. There’s a list where you can grill a cheese sandwich on it… By that, for sure you can do it with any kind of meat or fish, but take note the air fryer cooks food through its hot air. If you want to taste your food with high expectations..this is not for you.

Do all models come with recipe books?

The recipe book is more of a recipe pamphlet:). It is by no means a cookbook. It does have a little chart to give you a basic idea of times and temps for lots of various food types.

Description says 2 knob controls for temperature timer circulation, but the picture shows digital controls; what is it?

These are the digital controls, which work exceptionally well.

Let’s Conclude Della Air Fryer


To conclude, this Air Fryer is a perfect choice for all the foodies, from the convenience of your home so you can enjoy tasty meals with none other than Della air fryer. Della air fryer is specially constructed for all the health-conscious people who crave fried or junk food but can’t eat it.

This air fryer is praised by all its users as its advanced features make it a perfect choice. Our testing experts find this product very helpful and recommend this to everyone who is looking for an air fryer. We also highly recommend the Della air fryer.

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