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If you’re a fan of food that is fried, you must be aware of the strain it creates. Additionally, it generates heat. But, with the advent of air fryers, cooking has become more comfortable and enjoyable.

Airfryer is constructed to ensure that you can cook your food without oil while enjoying them while you fry the food items. While there are many fryers available on markets, no one is comparable with the Delonghi multifry FH1163.

This appliance is a must for all the kitchen requirements since it includes a fryer with low oil along with an oven for grilling and baking. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality products, specifically in the field of kitchen appliances.

Learn more regarding the device in the Delonghi multifry fh1163 fh1163 review.

Delonghi Low Oil Fryer FH1163 Overview


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Delonghi Multifry Fh1163 Review

Delonghi Multifry Fh1163

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DeLonghi FH1163 MultiFry, Air Fryer and Multi-Cooker, Black

Are you a fan of dishes that are fried? If so, this Delonghi multifry cooker will assist in cooking delicious and healthy meals by utilizing its impressive features.

The multifunctional Delonghi cooker is able to function as a fryer with low oil as well as a multicooker thanks to its ingenuous SSC technology.

The Surround cooking technology allows it to be used for a variety of cooking needs. It also distributes heat evenly so that your meals are perfectly cooked.

The fryer is able to cook, bake or grill delicious meals effortlessly. It’s also practical and produces very little heat, which allows you to cook pizza, french fries, cakes, or even steaks right from your kitchen counter.

Additionally, Delonghi multi fryer will make cooked food by using its higher and lower heating element. This permits cooking food in a short amount of time and making sure that no aspect of your meal is left unattended. The same happens when you use a few other superb models like Copper Chef, Cooks companion, and Emerald air fryer

Delonghi multifry is equipped with a removable mixing paddle, which helps you stir while you focus on other things. It also comes with the capacity of approximately 3.3 pounds of food. It can cook food for up to eight people.

There’s also a transparent lid to help you observe your cooking process. In addition, the cover, paddle and bowl are removable and washable by the dishwasher. This allows you to cook more conveniently.



  • Multi-Use:The multi fryer lets you fry your food quickly and also grill, bake and broil.
  • Time-Saving – The cooker features the upper and lower heating system. The cookware around it gives convection and radiant heat to ensure that your food is served with the correct amount of heat.
  • Large capacity – The Delonghi multifry fh1163 has an impressive capability to prepare as many as 3.3 pounds.
  • Convenient Cooking – It makes cooking easier by having a transparent lid that allows you to monitor the food as it cooks. The mixing paddle lets you take part in other activities as the paddle gives your food the time to stir. This prevents it from burning.
  • It’s Easy to WashIts removable, and machine-washing features such as that lid, paddle and bowl make it simple to put the items in the dishwasher instead of hand washing them.



  • The machine is extremely heavy and this could be due to its multiple functions and makeup.

Delonghi Multifry FH1163 Air Fryer Advantages


Certain basic features are what make the Delonghi fryer stand out among other air fryers on the market.

Upper Heating Element + Fan

The heating element on top is a mix of the heating element with 1400W as well as the fan. It offers a consistent heat distribution which lets you cook your meals by convection or grill. It also results in better and quicker frying. Avalon Bay air fryer AB-Airfryer 100B  offers the same convenience.


Dual heating cuts down the cooking process, which results in an adequate and healthy temperature for a smooth cooking process.

Independent Lower Heating Element

This is among the best aspects of this Delonghi air-fryer. The lower heating system of the air fryer is able to be set to work by itself, and the same can be done for the upper part on the top of the fryer.

Double Heating Element and Fan

It also includes a heating element that is used for frying using low oil. It’s located beneath the bowl and serves to boost the entire cooking process and improve the flavor of your recipe.

Automatic Mixing Paddle

It features an auto cooking paddle that can be removed. The paddle gradually stairsteps your food items, making it an even mix without needing to stir your hands.

Big Capacity

The multifry Delonghi comes with a large capacity, big enough to hold 1.75kilogram of fresh potatoes. That could accommodate up to eight people.

Delonghi Multifry Fh1163

How To Use of the Delonghi Multifry FH1163?

Cooking with the Delonghi air fryer is just as simple as cooking using a conventional fryer. Simply put the bowl onto the body of the cooker. Make sure it is correctly put on the body of the cooker. Then, you can place your paddle, you desire to fix it on the dish.

Add the ingredients you want and adjust the temperature to suit your needs then your food is ready to be cooked.

How to Use It

The cooking process with the Delonghi air fryer is as simple as cooking with a conventional fryer. All you need to do is place the bowl onto the body of the cooker.

Be sure that it is properly put on the body of the cooker. Then, you can place them on the bowl in the desired case and attach them to your bowl.

Add your ingredients according to what you prefer and adjust the temperature to suit your needs. Then, your meal is about to be cooked.

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Troubleshoot, Cleaning, and Maintenance.

To make sure you have a longer-lasting and pleasurable use of the Delonghi fh1163, below are some steps and directions to use it.

In order to clean the fryer, clean the lid, the bowl and the paddle thoroughly with the hot liquid soap and warm water. But, don’t wash the fryer too often since constant washing can cause less thickness of the glazes. After washing, let it air dry or clean it with a soft cloth.

Delonghi Multifry FH1163 air fryer

Do not remove it from the grille for hot discharge while cleaning it.

Always make sure to disconnect it from its socket and let it cool down before cleaning it.

Avoid using sharp or metallic tools to remove food from the bowl in order to prevent damage to the coatings.

If the device is unable to warm up, this suggests that the thermal cutout could be faulty. If not, you should contact the manufacturer since the device will need to be repaired or replaced.

In case the appliance doesn’t function, make sure the lid and bowl are properly placed. If not, ensure that they are in the correct position before switching it back on.

Suppose the paddle won’t rotate while cooking; don’t worry. Simply wait for a minute.

If the food isn’t well cooked from the bottom, be sure to start the heating element on the bottom.

Is Delonghi Multifry Worth Buying?

Yes. DeLonghi Multifry extra is a fantastic option for creating large quantities of food. It’s portable and suitable for families with a lot of children who cook lots of meals but do not have enough space for a huge cooker.

 De’Longhi Vs. Philips Air Fryer

Philips Viva

  • This Philips model can be described as the Electronic version of the series. The series is renowned for its many features. It also has an impressive capability, but that’s not the only thing. The second thing is the sound alert. This alert is made by making noises once the cooking process is finished.
  • The first thing to note: as I’ve just posted on it, it’s an online version. It is not just easy to run but also easy to keep an eye on, in addition to the fact that it is less durable.
  • Then comes the factor that it’s a small air fryer.

The Air Fryer From De’Longhi

It’s one of the few models on the market where you can’t set the temperature. It’s a single temperature control. Therefore, the main attributes of this model are:

  • As I’ve already explained, it’s not able to control temperature settings. There is only one option for this issue, and it can be set as the default.
  • This is the standard capacity of air fryers.
  • The interface is manual, which can be time-consuming to make use of.
  • It’s a unique transparent lid. This allows you to keep an eye on the process.

Recipes- Beef Stew With Potatoes Using Delonghi FH1163




  • Beef: 750gr
  • Salt: according to taste
  • Hot stock 200ml
  • Potatoes: 350gr
  • Pepper: taste
  • Olive oil: lev 5.
  • Onion: 1
  • Tomato puree: 250 gr



Put the paddle inside the bowl. Cut the onion into little pieces. Put it back in the bowl along with the oil. Then, close to the top of your fryer and adjust the thermostat to setting four.

After that, press the heating element button, and then turn it off, then turn on the button. Saute onions for 3 to 4 minutes before adding the broth, cubes of meat along with salt, pepper, and.

Cook for 20 minutes, then add potato and tomato. After that, you can finish cooking it by allowing it to cook for another twenty to 25 minutes, stirring it three or four times during the moment of cooking to prevent drying.

Delonghi FH1163 FAQs

What is the best way to preserve the Delonghi multi-fryer?

After using, make sure the appliance is cool, and then store it in a dry, cool area.

Are the foods that come out of the air fryer safe?

Slow cooking preserves the taste in the dish. Cooking without oil and slow will allow the food to be free of fat and ensure that the food is fresh.

What is the fan-only option?

This mode allows for only the fan to run. It is a method to activate the appliance if only the motor is running and the heating mechanism is off.

Vital considerations before buying the air-fryer?

Before purchasing an air-fryer, it is important to consider the length of time you intend to make use of it. If it's intended for a longer period, consider buying one that has fan coils. If it's only for brief usage, you should get them equipped with Ceramic fan heaters. Another aspect to think about is size and the space you'll be working in.

How can you create recipes for French fries?

The app also includes a recipe book that comes with the program. It is possible to download the app and get a wide range of types of recipes. It is possible to cook all dishes using the fryer.

What's the source of the mixing paddle?

A mixing paddle constructed from plastic.

What is the maximum temperature of this device?

The temperature at the highest is 370°F.

Do I have the ability to disassemble the appliance?

If your appliance exhibits any issue, you should contact the manufacturer. Be sure to not take it apart since improperly fixing it could cause danger to the users.

What temperatures does Level 1-4 refer to?

Level 1 300 levels. Level 2., Level 340, Level 3360 degrees, and degrees 4 levels.

Do we really need to make use of oil?

The MultiFry requires one tablespoon of oil. In general, you don't have to apply oil.

Does the coat contain PTFE as well as PFOE?

The description mentions a coating of ceramic. It should be present in the event that you are sensitive to these substances. Verify with the manufacturer De'Longhi to ensure you are satisfied!

Can this product be used with the extension cable?

The Delonghi multi fryer isn't intended to be connected to an extension cord.

Final Thoughts


The review has widened and increased my appreciation of the item. This company is committed to keeping the highest interest of its customers in mind. The company has a history of making top-quality products, and this isn’t an exception.

The product’s mix of options for cooking and fryers, as well as dual heaters, defines the quality and flavor.

Additionally, the paddle that detaches that does cooking or frying is simple. All you need to do is give this air fryer a shot. We’d highly recommend it to anyone who loves delicious healthy, delicious, and high-quality food items.

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