Elite air fryer 3.5QT Review: Should you invest?

This Elite Platinum EAF-1506D Digital air fryer has enjoyed much appreciation. As opposed to tons of other models, this one is specially made of aluminum. It has a very eye-catching cooking capacity.

It promises to help you save half of the energy and time. You may find it in unique combinations. However, the package which caught our eye includes a generous offer: a detachable pot and a detachable basket, with the choice to include a frying rack.

Between the 2 available versions, we’ve chosen the 3.5-quart Elite Platinum Air Fryer.

You will notice that this electric air fryer is pretty unique from the 3.2-quart version. From the cooking ability, a sensitive subject among many purchasers, to the overall looks, we have looked into it.

And we have found a ton of many other interesting functions that we are anxious to share with you in this Elite air fryer reviews 2021. There’s everything you should know!

Elite Air Fryer 3.5QT Review

Elite Gourmet EAF-1506D Electric air fryer

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Main Features of Elite air fryer 3.5QT model:

When you purchase the Elite Platinum air fryer, you will get a package that comes with the EAF-1506D Digital Air Fryer model, black colored. You would notice that it’s 12.64″ high x 16.69″ deep x 13.43″ wide and that it weighs only 14.3 lbs.

Made of quality aluminum, with a sleek pattern and prominent air outlet and inlet openings, it boasts a middle touch screen panel. All the immediate menu features are listed in there, with:

  • Start/Stop key with double function;
  • Power key;
  • Menu key;
  • Six predefined cooking modes – meat, fish, bake, veg, cheese, fries;
  • Temperature/Time key with double function;
  • Dedicated keys to decrease and to increase the temperature/time value;
  • Time symbol. avast internet security 2018 serial key
  • Heating indicator which illuminates when the air fryer is heating;

The Elite-Platinum Air Fryer is totally prepared to work with a voltage of 120 V and a wattage of 1400W. It isn’t having any custom preheat option; that’s pretty much obvious.

Elite air fryer

But as naturally, the digital temperature and time controllers will permit you to set whatever values for any preheat needs before placing your food in. Coming up next, you would find a ton more details on each of its features.

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Product Dimensions 13.23″ x 14.06″ x 17.13″
Shipping Weight 15.3 lbs
Item weight 14.3 lbs
Capacity 3.5Qt
Watts 1400 Watts
Temperature Range 302-3920F
Model Number EAF-1506D
Safety shut-off Yes
Preheat Yes
Auto-pause Yes
Non-stick cooking basket Yes
Adjustable temperature control Yes

Intuitive and easy to control

With the use of the Elite Platinum Air Fryer, everyone could cook a pretty impressive range of dishes. From baking to frying, from and meat to pastry and cheese, there is little that will not go in there.

As expected, it’ll get out ideally crispy on the outside and tender plus juicy on the inside. The modern touch screen tech makes all the steps intuitive and simple.

One could select between the six quick menu features (bake, fish/cheese, vegetables, meat, and French fries) respectively configuration custom values. When the cooking operation has ended, the auto-shutdown feature will come into play.

This model is as easy as Ultrean Air Fryer, and Tristar air fryer!

3.5-quart basket

As mentioned earlier, with this Elite Platinum Air Fryer, you are getting both a baking pot and a frying pan. Both with a non-stick layer but with unique cooking abilities.

In the frying basket, you are tucking in up to 2.5 lbs. of the meal is perfectly manageable, well special thanks to the 3.5-quart capacity. Besides that, The baking pot has a 4.75-quart capacity, which could take in even more food.

According to the builder’s indications, the Elite Platinum Air Fryer could handle up to six to eight dinner rolls; three to four filets of chicken or any other meats; twenty-four chicken wings; three to four filets of fish; two lbs of thin-cut fries or one and a half lbs of wedges; one and a half lbs cheese sticks; and two lbs cut vegetables.

Capacity for money ratio is amazing, and you;ll agree with the fact after cherishing Bella 1.6 qt air fryer review!

Elite air fryer

Timer of up to 60 minutes

The temperature configuration is one of the most natural features to set on an Elite Platinum Air Fryer. Despite that getting to the temperature configurations will need utilizing a key with a double function, it is not tough at all.

The Touch Screen Panel functions, on the left place of the huge time display, the Temperature/Time key. The place is pretty easy to recognize by the symbols of a thermometer and a clock, separated by a little dash.

One press on this digital key will toggle between Cook Time and Temperature. The latter could be set from one to sixty minutes, with increments of one minute. The Decrease and Increase arrows from the right of the timer screen will help control the time.

 Temperature control

As recommended above, accessing the temperature configs implies utilizing the same touch key as for the timer. One gentle press on the responsive display will make the switch from Temperature to Time.

The side arrows will permit controlling the cooking temperature to anything from 392oF to 302oF. Once the Elite Platinum Air Fryer begins working and as long as it is heating up, the heating indicator from the right of the screen will stay On.

To make it much easier, this model also displays the symbols of the most common dishes, with temperature and time suggestions, right on top of its outer case.

Elite air fryer is Dishwasher safe

Both the basket and the pan of the Elite Platinum Air Fryer could be smoothly cleaned. If the situation permits it, a normal wipe with a damp cloth could clean it all up.

Besides that, At the same time, using soapy, warm water and a gentle, non-abrasive sponge would be more than enough. And most users prefer to take benefit of the dishwasher safe construction of this model.

This is ideally fine, as long as the place with the LED control panel and the appliance body. Also, the power cord isn’t exposed to the water.

For this reason, after the pot or the pan were taken out of the dishwasher, it’s essential that no traces of water remain on it before inserting that back into the device.

Elite Platinum air fryer is Versatile and safe to use

As already shown through the whole, the Elite Platinum Air Fryer could tackle anything from main dishes to healthy snacks and desserts. However, next to the ease of use, its finest asset is the option of safety measures in terms of pattern and technical functionality.this model is more versatile than Avalon bay air fryer.

For example, all the removable pots conceived for this device come with a non-stick coating. Besides that, taking them out or plugging them back in is so easy and effortless when you depend on the cool touch handle.

Elite air fryer

And when in use, the overheat protection and the high-speed motor hot air circulation make a spectacular combo. In the finale, it suffices to let the device cut off the heating system as soon as the cooking time elapses.

How the Elite Platinum Air Fryer works:

The Elite Platinum Air Fryer operates, like any other fryers, with the evolutionary Rapid Air Tech. The patented technology of the high-speed air circulation makes the air hot to circulate inside the cooking pot in a way that will surround the ingredients. This technology is comparable to the amazing one used in Brentwood air fryer!

All of that hot air circulation, blended with the vapors of the oil released from the included oil or any fatty juice of the meats would make a finger-licking crust. The result is a perfect dish that smells, looks, and tastes like a delicious deep-fried dish, just that way healthier.

How to use the Elite Platinum Air Fryer:


First, place your appliance on a stable, flat, heat-resistant area – ensure you have at least four inches between the device and everything else surrounding it!
Now, Open the top cover and then lift out the inside basket to place the ingredients inside it, putting this basket back in the right after that.
After that, you could close the lid and then plug in the power cord.
Use the Power key to take it out of the standby mode, then adjust the cooking time – from the preset options or manually.
Tap the START key and go enjoy your time; the Elite Platinum Air Fryer would handle it all and utilize the safety shutdown when it has done cooking.
Just ensure, in the end, whenever you take out the frying-pan, that you take off the lid manually and let the steam get out for a sec before you take out your pan!


An advanced but effective design with the digital panel
More than generous three and a half quart cooking capacity
Easy and Convenient to use
Has a sixty-minute timer
Encompasses six predefined cooking options
Give away flexibility with all its configurations
Could easily sneak in a metal rack
Coming with a frying pan and a baking pot
Comes with a one-year warranty
Includes its own cooking book


The device as a whole isn’t small at all

Let’s Conclude Elite Air Fryer review


Users are very much pleased with this air fryer. Although Rather than just making fries, cooks have used the Elite air fryer so for cooking baked chicken, “fried” chicken with potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, fish, and even small cupcakes.

They do mention how easy it’s to clean and that there are many accessories that could be bought separately to increase your usability. Many users like that it’s tween-friendly and that there are far less clean up and no hot oil to dispose of, no smoke, no splatter, and a bit of smell.

Many users use it every day and have replaced many toaster ovens and many other appliances in favor of the elite air fryer 3.5QT Review. This is an excellent device for bigger families or to cook smaller servings even more immediately than any other.

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