Are These Emerald Air Fryer Models Treasure?

Today, we’ve brought you Emerald air fryer reviews!

Do you wanna try and enjoy all your delicious favorite crispy meals but without adding excess oil, which makes it unhealthy?

So many food lovers deprive themselves of the yummiest and delicious dishes in the globe because cooking them means soaking them in inside frying oil of one type or another.

Air fryers have just come into existence recently to rid you of that issue and permit you to eat all the crispy meals you want with a fraction of oil utilized to cook them.

Air fryers are these irregularly-shaped kitchen appliances that you could utilize to cook fried dishes without frying them at all. Definitely, you read that correctly. Air fryers aren’t technically frying devices.

Emerald air fryer reviews

[If looking for a direct answer, blindly grab Emerald 1804 Electric 5.2L model (CHECK PRICE), as in our testing, it scored 9.7]

They’re actually tiny convection ovens that circulate hot air fastly and rapidly inside the basket. An air fryer does not have a ton of room to cook all types of fried food, but you could utilize an air fryer for preparing a ton of food.

Most the finger meals like cheese sticks, poppers, fries, chicken nuggets, and pizza bites could be cooked in an air fryer.

The appliance is relatively new. However, there are a ton of manufacturers out there manufacturing various models with their capabilities.

If you’re in search of an air fryer, you must know that not all of them would suit your demands. The number of options, though relatively a few, could still be overwhelming, especially when you don’t exactly understand the air fryer kitchen appliance.

Nowadays, Emerald is one of the great manufacturers of air fryers in the market. Besides that, The company’s air fryer collection boasts some spectacular models that homeowners would fall in love with and could utilize for cooking delectable fried goods. We have prepared this article to help you discover the best of the best one for your kitchen’s requirements.

This remarkable buying guide has the top five Emerald air fryer specifications. Reviews collected from its users and additional information that will help you to make the best purchasing decision for the best air fryer.

Recipes worth trying:


Emerald 1804 Electric 5.2L Emerald 1804 Electric 5.2L 9.7 Under $100
Emerald 1801 Electric 3.2L Emerald 1801 Electric 3.2L 9.2 Under $50
Emerald 1818 Electric 4L Emerald 1818 Electric 4L 8.9 Under $100
Emerald 1807 Electric 5.2L Emerald 1807 Electric 5.2L 8.6 Under $100
Emerald 1803 Digital 3.2L Emerald 1803 Digital 3.2L 8.3 Under $100


Through air fryer reviews, here are some essential things you require to consider so that you’ve got an easier time choosing which air fryer would work out ideal for you.


Wattage Air fryers have various power and wattage consumption. Ensure that you select an item that matches the wattage compatible with the kitchen of yours.
Capacity This appliance typically has a capacity of two to a little over five liters. The higher the capacity, the more meals it could cook at a time. The greater capacity means that the air fryer would take up more area on the counter. Select an air fryer that could help you prepare a decent-sized food to meet your cooking requirements but isn’t too large either.
Safety Look for well-insulated fryers that have nice touch hand grips so that you’re safe while handling and cooking with the appliance. Ensure that the appliance you select has a nonslip foot as well as automatic switch-off to prevent overcooking.
Temperature Control

The higher the max temperature configuration, the quicker an air fryer cooks food. Ensure you go for an air fryer that could cook at 400 degrees F as its max configuration.


Why is 5.2L model the best pick in our Emerald air fryer reviews?

If you’re short on time, we’ll offer you a quick look at the best pick from the air fryers made manufactured by Emerald, the Emerald 1804 Electric 5.2L Capacity Air Fryer.

This additionally huge electric air fryer checks out all the correct boxes when it comes to the functionalities you must expect from a kitchen appliance.

It has a huge capacity and is highly effective. It doesn’t compromise on quality, and it’s very convenient to utilize. This air fryer is the crowning jewel inside the line of its air fryer item line.

Emerald 1804 Electric 5.2L Capacity Air Fryer

Emerald 1804 Electric 5.2L Capacity Air Fryer

We would start off the list of the ideal Emerald Air Fryers with Emerald 1809 Electric 5.2 liter capacity Air Fryer.

Like any other Emerald air fryers, this particular model provides you with the opportunity to make meals in a healthier way by utilizing very little or no cooking oil at all.

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You are just required to utilize fresh ingredients, set the temperature and time on the device, and it would do the rest itself.

There are subtle differences between the unique air fryer models manufactured by the Emerald. This model, in specific, features a push key and knob that you could twist to set the time and temperature then push to begin cooking.

The touch screen and LCD control panel display permit you to quickly and easily adjust the configuration so you could get the desired cook duration you need.

There are a variety of preset modes inside the Emerald air fryer that you could choose utilizing the LCD touch control panel so you could let the air fryer manage the temperature and time configurations itself to cook your meals.

One thing we liked about this Emerald air fryer is its 5.2-liter capacity. It permits you to cook huge to tiny meals, depending on the requirement of the hour, without the requirement to cook in batches.

There are a total of 7 different preset modes which take the guesswork out of the cooking operation. You could choose the preset modes for shrimp, fries, cake, cooking pork, steak, fish, and various other dishes.

It has a heat preservation feature, which keeps the meal warm in the air fryer, even after completing all the cooking in case you can’t eat immediately.

What are the big benefits?


Convenient to utilize click wheel control knob
Huge 5.2 liter capacity
7 unique presets for cooking unique meals
Digital touch display that easily lets you choose cook temperature and time preset modes

Final Advice

First of all, scoring 9.7 in our testing isn’t a small thing by any means for any air fryer, but Emerald air fryer 5.2-liter model proves to be the 1 among 20 air fryers which touch that score.

With 4.3 stars and 140 reviews (June 2021), we feel that this model deserves even better than that. We cooked shrimp and pork in this model, and the taste was a thousand times better.

Who says a deep fryer is better than an air fryer in terms of taste? such claimers certainly haven’t tasted shrimp and pork cooked in Emerald 5.2-liter air fryer for sure. So, the final advice is a big “YES” for this Bossy air fryer!

Emerald 1801 Electric 3.2L Capacity Air Fryer 

Emerald 1801 Electric 3.2L Capacity Air Fryer 

The second rank on the list is the Emerald 1801 Electric 3.2 liter capacity Air Fryer. Like any other Emerald air fryers, this particular model permits you to easily cook some of your favorite juicy and crispy meals with the utilize of little or no cooking oil.

It permits you to fry, bake, roast, and grill your favorite low-calorie meals while ensuring you do not compromise flavor.

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The Emerald 1801 is a more tiny and compact appliance that doesn’t take up a ton of room with its 3.2-liter capacity. You could keep this on the countertop of your kitchen without worrying about usable areas.

This is an air fryer that is ideal for utilization to cook meals for one to two people at a time. It’s an efficient kitchen appliance that takes very little duration to cook. It works as the ideal convection oven to help you cook your favorite foods.

There are a few dials on the Emerald 1801, which you could twist to manage the temperature and time settings without making any fuss at all.

No complex commands and instructions, just a basic appliance that performs based on the temperature and time configurations you have set.

This is a very basic machine to operate and own, thanks to its knobs that help manage the configurations.

The fact that you’re going to utilize very little oil means it is easier to manage. Additionally, its fry pot comes with a strong nonstick coating which makes cleaning it a ton easier.

Dishwasher safe, you would find that it’s an amazingly convenient kitchen appliance to have in the kitchen.

What are the big benefits?


Affordable kitchen appliance
Simple to utilize knobs for managing the temperature and time settings
Cool-touch handle permits you to handle the device easily
Includes a recipe book for low-calorie meals
Compact shape and size

Final Advice

This perfectly designed 3.2L emerald air fryer isn’t as superb as the one standing on the first position in this list, but it can definitely do a decent job for a family of 4.

Not just the non-veg stuff, but even the French fries prepared in this air fryer were worth appreciating.

The adjustable temperature range of 180-400 degrees gives you much flexibility to cook various food items, and even the operation system is very simple.

You can cherish some Emerald air fryer recipes online, and this model will fully assist you in your cooking. Yes, this 3.2l fellow is worth buying.

 Emerald 1818 Electric 4L Capacity Air Fryer

Emerald 1818 Electric 4L Capacity Air Fryer

Some people might enjoy old-fashioned manual configurations; others prefer the presets which Emerald air fryers have, so you don’t need to worry about the guesswork with the time and temperature configurations.

With the Emerald 181 Electric 4 liter capacity Air Fryer, you get the convenience of 7 unique preset options and a lot more.

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Where Emerald’s air fryer line has identical items, the Emerald 1818 Air fryer stands out. The different double ceramic non-stick pan and Basket make cooking complex healthy foods easier.

You could utilize the Basket and pan to cook or cool in the Basket outside of the air fryer while the pan cooks a different meal. The utilization of ceramic makes a globe of difference to the abilities of this air fryer.

The Emerald 1818 air fryer permits you to cook foods without worrying about something sticking to the cooking area.

The scratch-resistant ceramic permits the meal to easily glide off after cooking, and it’s super easy to clean. Besides that, dual dial control makes choosing the cooking temperature and time easier.

The four-liter pan and three-liter Basket provide plenty of areas to cook a decent meal with 2 dishes prepared separately.

This capacity could let you cook food for the entire family or cook anything for yourself, depending on what you require.

What are the big benefits?


Dual dial knobs permit you to easily manage the temperature and time settings
7 unique preset cooking settings
Pan and Basket permit you to cook a meal while you utilize the other to cook
Ceramic material made for a nonstick surface and scratch-resistant

Final Advice

If the previously discussed 3.2L model fails to satisfy your needs, or you want a somewhat larger quantity, then just spend below $50, and grab this 4L model.

It’s truly amazing to have such capacity at just below $50, without compromising on features and versatility.

It a yes form our side for 4L Emerald air fryer, but if you can stretch your budget a bit, then we’d still recommend you to go with the #1 air fryer on this list.

Emerald 1807 Electric 5.2L Capacity Air Fryer 

Emerald 1807 Electric 5.2L Capacity Air Fryer 


The Emerald makes the promise of cooking healthy and convenient foods, and the Emerald 1807 electric proves just that!

This additionally huge air fryer is one of the ideal air fryers in the market nowadays. It provides plenty of functionalities that you could admire.

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The air fryer is a new kitchen appliance relatively, so it only fits that you will get your hands on it. It includes a modern aesthetic.

The Emerald 1807 electric is an amazingly designed air fryer that has a smooth and sleek exterior and an incredibly designed LED touch display control panel that makes running this kitchen appliance a breeze.

With its sleek and elegant design, the LED touch display helps you make all the arrangements without the requirement to turn any knobs or dials. Simply choose the option you need.

There are 7 different configurations you could select from its presets to cook various meals without the requirement to experiment with unique cooking temperature and time configurations.

The Emerald 1807 complies with every EMG standard and comes with a nonstick removable basket and pan that you could utilize to cook multiple meals at the same time.

Its utilization of Rapid Air Circulation tech ensures that the meat gets cooked in a shorter duration than any regular conventional oven. It helps you cook healthy foods by utilizing less or no cooking oil.

Now, just know how this 5.2l model managed to be in our Emerald air fryer reviews.

What are the big benefits?



Elegant and sleek design
Completely digital touch display control panel

Final Advice

This air fryer benefits in numerous ways, offers great flexibility, but one department where other Emerald air fryer models please, but this one doesn’t, is the price.

It costing you above $100, and at such high price, you could find much amazing air fryer models such as Avalon bay air fryer, Omorc 6qt, Gaurmia 6qt and more are HERE.

Emerald 1803 Digital Air Fryer 3.2L Review

Emerald 1803 Digital Air Fryer 3.2L Review

There are plenty of reasons we find the Emerald 1803 air fryer as an impressive device among its peers.

Like any other Emerald fryers, it permits low-calorie preparation of your food through the less to zero utilization of cooking oil to cook the most delicious and crispiest meals.

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This Emerald air fryer comes with a capacity of 3.2 liters that would permit you to cook healthy food for 3-4 people people at the same time, instead of having to cook in batches.

Cook the ingredients – depending on whether you’re cooking for only one person, one couple, or the entire family –, place them inside the basket, choose the required preset and let your air fryer take care of the rest.

Besides that, You could easily cook for five to eight people simultaneously in a short period utilizing this appliance.

It’s an amazingly tiny appliance considering the fact that it could cook a huge amount of meals. The nonstick pan and basket come with a nice touch handle and keyguard that make using the device safer.

A modern, digital touch display control panel permits you to manage the configuration without the requirement to turn any knobs and dials.

Like most other air fryers in the category, you get 7 unique presets to select from so you could cook a variety of foods without the possibility of a hassle up the manual configurations.

Dishwasher safe, it’s an easy-to-maintain kitchen appliance that could help you cook the healthiest foods for a very long amount of time.

What are the big benefits?


Digital control panel
7 unique cooking presets
Easy maintenance and clean up
Huge capacity

Final Advice

Were you thinking that it’s the last Emerald air fryer model on the list, and might not be a good investment?

Well, in a few departments, it does satisfy, we agree on that, but this model gets somewhat overshadowed when some super-excellent choices are available for you, which are mentioned below:

There are even more available below $100, which makes this 3.2L model form Emerald lack behind in the race. So, as we recommend you only the best, you should go with any of the four mentioned above rather than the this 3.2 L model. But at the same time, we’d say that if you buy this one, it won’t displease you.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, we’re confident that you’ve all the details you require to make the ideal buying decision. Ensure you consider the details in this purchasing guide, and make a smart choice.

emerald is not just a reputed brand, but a highly supportive one also. Their after-sales support is awesome, and by the way, you won’t even need to contact after-sales support due to meager chances of dissatisfaction form their air fryers.

Right from the construction quality, to features and usage, everything is worth praising. Undoubtedly all air fryer models are supreme choices, but the ultimate best recommendation from the experts of JoyfulFryer is still Emerald 1804 Electric 5.2L Capacity Air Fryer (tap HERE to check price).

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