Farberware Digital 3.2-Qt. Air Fryer Reviews: BUY or NOT?

We love the fact that fryers like the Farberware Digital Air Fryer does exist, and we could have our fries (or cake) and consume it too.

The Farberware Digital Air Fryer is an amazingly rated countertop kitchen appliance known for whipping meals into crispy shape without using oil. It is not limited to “fried food,” it’s really versatile, however more on that to come.

How does the it operate? What type of features does it provide? What do users really think of this particular model? Is it the perfect one for you, or must you move right along?

Let’s figure this out.

Ok, one atonement form our side: We prepared a humongous batch of Costco chicken wings and nuggets, and just for the name of tasting, we, the 5 member group of testers of JoyfulFryer enjoyed full stomach meals. 

But we aren’t guilty!

Ok, now let’s move on!

Farberware 3.2-quart Digital XL air fryer reviews reviews

farberware digital air fryer

More than just an air fryer and manufactured by well-regarded manufacturer Farberware, the Digital 6-Quart XL Air Fryer works as an Oven, toaster, convection oven, roaster, and grill. It takes up very little room than any toaster oven and does far more.

You will save on energy utilization, keep from overheating your kitchen with a regular traditional oven, and could cook with far less oil.

This air oven/fryer could replace many appliances in a kitchen, including toaster ovens, which get very hot – unlike the Farberware 6-Quart Air fryer.


The 3.2-Quart Digital XL Air Fryer holds up to 3.2 quarts of the meal. It cooks up to thirty percent faster utilizing Rapid Air Tech.

The dashing appliance provides a digital touchscreen with eight pre-installed preset controls for pizza, fries, toast, steak, fish, chicken, shrimp, desserts.

If you prefer, you could set your own temperature and time. Like an air fryer, the Farberware  fryer could cook “fried” meals without utilizing much oil.

Exactly like a microwave, it could reheat your meal– however, without the leftovers getting a little soggy. Like a toaster oven, it could toast your bread and other baked goods as well. Like an oven, it could grill and bake. It’s wonderfully versatile.

The other advantages of the Feberware Air Fryer are the lighted cavity and huge viewing window. No more opening your air fryer and shaking that hot basket to check on your meal or ensure it’s cooking evenly.

What’s Impressive About The Farberware Air Fryer?

This is a versatile fryer in the sense that you could cook a lot of unique foods in it. Cakes, meats, veggies are not off-limits to this device.

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This is incredible, considering how basic the design is. It does not have preset features or anything too flashy. It basically has a temperature and a timer control dial, that’s all. The cooking cavity comes in the appearance of a pull-out, drawer-style basket set in a neat unit.

Other models that impressed in terms of design in the same testing session include Nutrichef, David Burke air fryer, and Blusmart Power Air Fryer.

What do other users and reviews say?

The customers’ feedback for the Farberware Digital Air Fryer leans toward the 4 to 5-star sections. Seventy-one percent are nestled comfortably in the five-star section, with eight percent in the one-star section. That is not too bad at all. However, why have users awarded this device these fascinating reviews? Here are the comments in the negative and positive sections:

Positives & Negatives


Eliminates grease and oil-related mess Judging by the positive customer review on this machine, the Air Fryer does its major job very well: it eliminates grease, oil, and fat when cooking any hot meal. Users love the healthy and clean taste of their meals and the fact that there are no splatters of the oil all over the kitchen to contend with.
Versatile/cooks a lot of different meals The users on the quite happy end of things have been chuffed at the number of dishes they could cook using this model. Chicken, fries, cookies, and pizza are all mentioned as daily dishes cooked with Farberware. For many ideal users, it has become a regular or multi-daily kitchen appliance.
Easy to clean Happy users have particularly mentioned how easy their Farberware Fryer is to clean. You could either put the baskets inside the dishwasher or provide them a fast swish around in soapy water. This is a massive plus for those people who do not have time to clean the mess after cooking with tricky-to-clean and fiddly parts of accessories.
Quick and easy to use The positive feedback of the customers confirm that for a lot of people, the Farberware Fryer is actually easy to use and does not take long to whip up a delicious dish. It is as basic as popping the meal inside the basket, twiddling the temperature and time controls, and leaving the device to do its job. Dash Deluxe, and Crux air fryer are other easy-to-use air fryer choices. 

What’s on the other side?


A lot of people have said that the capacity is not big enough for large family meals, and is better for breakfast and snacks. Many reviews mention that the amounts on the controls get rubbed off after an average duration, and a few people have said the dial breaks if you go too hard on it.

However, these comments make up a small percentage of reviews, so we would not see them as a red flag, though. Also, at such low price, no equal good quality air fryer can provide you huge batches of food.

What are the technical specifications and features?


Cooking capacity max 2 pounds (900g.)
Power (Watts) 1400
Temperature control (yes/no) Yes
Timer (yes/no) yes, up to 30 mins
Colour Black with a silver control panel
Weight 13.5 pounds
Size 14.2″ x 14.2″ x 16″


The Farberware 3.2-quart digital XL air fryer is a humble device with a basic approach to controls and features. It comes with 2 dials (temperature and time), two LED’s (also pretty sure they indicate preheat and power status), and also a pull-out fry basket.
There are no jazzy functions and screens to bother with, so it is easy to get used to.
Timer dial : turn this dial to choose your cook-time between zero to thirty minutes.
Temperature dial : yup, this manages the temperature from a min of 250 Fahrenheit degrees to a max of 400 Fahrenheit degrees.
BPA-free basket holder and fry basket: the fry basket sits neatly in the basket holder that has a huge handle for easy removal and insertion.
They’re both dishwasher-safe. The device and baskets have been made with the “cool-touch” materials to protect you from burning hands.

How do you utilize it?

It’s very basic, as so many users have told us. It’s just a matter of setting the air fryer up on a heat-proof, flat surface with decent clear are around it on all of the sides (for proper airflow and safety), plugging it in, and having a start.

To cook:


Holsem Air Fryer

STEP 1 =>
Hold the fry basket and basket holder out of the device and place ingredients inside the air fryer
Slot the baskets back inside the device <= STEP 2
STEP 3 =>
Turn the temperature dial as per your desired temperature
Turn the timer dial as per your cook-time <= STEP 4
STEP 5 =>
Leave the device to cook your meal
Carefully take your basket out of the device once the time is up <= STEP 6
STEP 7 =>
Either place the basket back inside the device and add some more minutes if it requires a bit longer…
Or go ahead and enjoy your dish <= STEP 8
STEP 9 => Leave the device to cool down totally before wiping the outer device
Chuck the baskets in the dishwasher or provide them a fast wash inside the sink with other dishes <= STEP 10
STEP 11 => Reassemble the device and leave it unplugged until the next time

How do you clean it? Is it easy to clean?

It’s quite easy to clean, which is a delight for busy users with no time for slaving over a messy appliance, especially if they are utilizing it regularly.

The basket holder and basket are dishwasher safe, so you could pop them inside the dishwasher and then just forget about it until they come out clean and fresh. If you do not have a dishwasher, they could be gently wiped and rinsed with a soft cloth or a soft brush.

The outer device just requires a fast wipe with a damp and smooth cloth and some kitchen spray to wipe off any dust or food residue.

How Does It Compare to Other Models?

Power AirFryer Oven vs. Farberware Air Fryer 

The Power Airfryer is unique from the Farberware Fryer indeed. It has a digital control screen, eight preset feature buttons, an oven-door type of cooking capacity with the racks for multiple-layer cooking, and it has seventeen hundred watts of power. It is a lot bigger and comes in 8-Quart and 7-Quart sizes.

The Farberware Air Fryer comes with a 3.2-Quart capacity, no preset features, manual dials, a draw-style basket, and fourteen hundred watts of power.

They do differ a lot in price, with the Power AirFryer Oven at approximately more than $210.00, give or take depends on the stocks.

Which one’s for you?

It entirely depends on the preferences and the budget. If you need a fryer with digital controls, huge capacity, preset features, and a transparent oven door, then check this Power Airfryer Oven.

But if your budget is limited and you’re happy with a basic air fryer to cook a small-to-medium number of meals, the Farberware is a netter choice al; though it is simple provides the same results as any digital air fryer.

Nuwave Brio 6-Quart Air Fryer Vs. Farberware Air Fryer

The Nuwave Brio is quite expensive (under $150 without accessories) and has tons more features than the Farberware. It’s also larger than the Farberware, at six-Quarts (almost double the capacity). The Nuwave has digital buttons and a screen as opposed to dials.

It also has six preset features and a reheat feature, while the Farberware only has two simple dials for temperature and time.

The Nuwave has wattage control, so you could manage the wattage from an option of 1500, 900, and 1800 watts. Both of these devices have a drawer-style basket.

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Which one is best for you?

If you want to spend a lot more to get a digital screen, preset features, and a bigger capacity, the Nuwave Brio six-Quart would be a good choice.

However, if you are content with a basic design and could give up all the fancy and digital features for the sake of a cheaper price tag, the Farberware comes out the winner in this comparison.


Philips XL vs. Farberware Air Fryer 

These 2 models have an identical capacity: the Philips XL has a three and a half Quart capacity, so slightly more than the Farberware.

The Philips XL comes with a digital screen with temperature and time controls and a “smart preset key” which remembers and keeps the most-cooked dishes.

Both come with a drawer-style basket that could be put inside the dishwasher. The Philips XL is pretty much more expensive.

Which one is best for you?

Overall, the Philips XL is much more sophisticated in terms of functions and cooking features. However, it is also quite more expensive.

They both provide you a drawer-style basket and ideal results, so it is really down to your budget and what type of controls/display you would prefer to utilize.

Where can I find a replacement basket?

replacement basket

A replacement basket seems to be a tough thing to find in the market. Contact Farberware and ask them what the deal is with the replacement baskets out or in of the warranty duration.

Are there other replacement accessories or parts? Where do I purchase them?

If you require to replace any accessories, you must contact Farberware directly. Heritage segments is a website that stocks an extended range of replacement segments for kitchen appliances.

They do have tons of Farberware-related accessories however are low on baskets. They are worth a look if you require a new accessory or part or and have not had any luck with Farberware directly.

What’s the warranty?

This seems to be a more complicated question than it should be. Some merchants provide a two-year warranty; Others don’t. Some users were under the impression that they’d take a two-year warranty, only to find that it wasn’t valid when they required it.

Some big retailers such as Walmart do provide a protection plan. Ensure you are totally clear on the warranty before you hand over cash.

Does it come with a cookbook or manual guide?

Some users have said that they didn’t receive a manual guide or a cookbook with the air fryer. This is odd and not normal.

However, as per our own experience, Farberware is a highly trusted brand and will definitely provide you a cookbook as well as a fully informative manual guide.

Verdict: Is This Air Fryer Suited To You?


This is the best air fryer for your needs if you:

  • Really like drawer-style with baskets as opposed to the oven-style doors
  • Have a limited budget
  • Prefer basic, manual dials without all the additional keys and digital functions
  • Like something which is easy to clean and pretty easy to utilize.
  • Prefer dishwasher-safe accessories
  • Like something that is quite versatile and could cook unique dishes
  • Want clean meal without excess fat and oil
  • Would not mind risking a chipped/peeling fry basket
  • Need to prepare food for approximately two to three people

The tiny complaint about the Farberware 3.2-Quart Digital Air Fryer is that it’s so popular it flies off the shelves. They praise how easy it’s to utilize and clean (detachable components are dishwasher safe) and that there isn’t any messy splatter.

Users have utilized it for frozen food, wings, toast, roasted vegetables, mini-meat loaves, baked potatoes, and more. The 3.2-Quart capacity is huge enough to prepare food for an entire family. We do like this Farberware air fryer.

It could replace many appliances, deduct the calorie content of fried meals, cook more immediately than any conventional oven, and save energy as well. What is there not to love about this beautiful machine?

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