Air Fryer vs Microwave: Which One to Pick?

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Air fryers and microwave ovens both are essential for every kitchen. Each appliance has its own distinct features, functions, capacity and efficiency.

Air fryers have the ability to cook frittatas. Much like chicken fry, French fry and fish fry are simple and require less oil; they cook in an hour.

However, the microwave oven comes with distinct cooking features. It isn’t able to satisfy the food frying needs the way an air fryer can.

Based on the capacities and attributes, the kitchen appliances differ in their capabilities and features. Air Fryer Vs. Microwave is going to show you the difference between these two appliances.

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Are Air Fryers Better Than Microwaves?

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How Do Microwave Ovens Work?

Microwave Ovens Work

The Microwave ovens are made to cook food by producing electromagnetic radiation. The radiation is absorbed by the food liquid inside the oven, generating the heat needed to cook.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

How do Air Fryers Work

Air fryers create hot water and have a built-in fan that cooks food. Convectional heat can cook delicious fried foods without the use of oil. The temperature knob can be adjusted up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


Advantages of Using Microwaves


The main benefit of using a microwave is that it heats food faster and requires less time. Because of its power efficiency, a microwave will cook in a very short duration.

The warm waves won’t cause food to burn and can be beneficial to create a liquid food-friendly.

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Advantages of Using Air Fryer

Using Air Fryer

Air fryers can cook food with less oil and less fat. It is possible to fry your potatoes, chicken, or fish, and other seafood without oil, thus reducing 70 to 80 percent of calories from your food.


Disadvantages of Using Microwaves

Using Microwaves

The device makes use of radiation to heat the the food. Electromagnetic radiation can be hazardous for cooking baby food. The microwaves can also diminish the flavor of food and can dry out the food a lot.

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Disadvantages of Using Air Fryer

Disadvantages of Using Air Fryer

An air-fryer can be an efficient cooker than the other, but it comes with some disadvantages also. Air fryers provide considerably less space for a large number of people and take longer to cook than other gadgets.

Air Fryer vs. Microwave Oven Which Is the Better Option to Cook In?

Air Fryer Vs MicrowaveCooking is always a fun task. Everyone loves to enjoy freshly prepared, crispy, fried, tasty food. Many people prefer cooking using an air fryer due to the fact that it uses less oil and has fewer cooking options.

However, certain people are fond of microwave ovens due to their flavor of cooking. If you’re looking to find out what is the best way to cook, then you must go into the insides of these two appliances.

Heating Method

The primary difference between the two ovens is the method of producing heat. The air fryer generates hot air that cooks and fries delicious food items. However, microwaves utilize an electromagnetic frequency for cooking food items.

The fan built into the air fryer releases hot air while the electric energy creates hot temperatures to cook food in the microwave ovens.

Role of Temperature

The control of temperature in the air fryer procedure differs from microwaves. The air fryer produces temperature to cook the food by the process surrounding it.

Also, the air fryers’ basket assists to cook the food from all angles. There are difficulties in cooking with microwaves, as the microwaves’ temperatures are not as easy to control as an air fryer.

Power Consumption

The process of producing temperatures in the air fryer is more noticeable in comparison to others. The air fryers can be found in 1200 – 1500 watts, and the temperature rises into the food gradually.

In a simple way, it takes a shorter time cooking than an air fryer. You can prepare some nice snacks like Lumpia , or Hot pocket in hardly 5-7 minutes. If your air fryer is taking too much time to cook, then you need to read THIS GUIDE.

Health and Hygiene

When you’re dealing with a question of health, nobody will compromise with their health. However, you could think that both gadgets can cook nutritious and safe foods.

If you’re interested in knowing something specific, air fryers can cook more quickly than conventional microwaves—as fryer cooks food without oil and is aware that eating low-fat food is always healthy.

Energy Efficiency

Air fryers need to cook for approximately 20 minutes. The air fryer requires 0.3 kWh of energy. On the contrary, the traditional microwave oven consumes 0.95 kWh to heat simultaneously.

Therefore, it’s clear that air fryers are much more efficient than microwaves when it comes to conserving energy.

Cooking Capacity

The capacity of cooking is dependent on the dimensions of the device. Air fryers are more sturdy and have less weight than microwave ovens. However, the power of a microwave oven is higher than an air-fryer. Before you purchase, you have to first figure out if you’re cooking for a lot of people or just less than a few.

Are Air Fryers Better Than Microwaves: FAQS

What Is Microwaveable to Do That an Air-Fryer Simply Can’t?

The microwave can cook faster and cook more foods than an air fryer. The wave is able to warm liquid food more quickly than an air fryer.

Is an Air Fryer More Secure Than a Microwave?

The air fryer and microwave oven are both safe to cook food. However, microwaves make use of electromagnetic waves to cook food items that are not suitable for infant food.

Are Air-Fryers Better Than Microwaves?

Both are safe, and both prepare healthy meals. Air fryers can cook far better than a microwave because of their cooking with hot air and less oil usage.

What Exactly Is Radiation, and How Can You Tell It Is There?

Radiation is a warm wave that generates warmth in microwave ovens. The human sense is not able to discern the radiation's energy.

What Type of Radiation Is a Microwave Oven Using?

Electromagnetic waves are the primary source of radiation microwaves utilize to cook.



In the end, we have to admit that both of these devices can be used to cook. Some prefer microwaves because they take less time required to cook. However, many prefer buying air fryers because of their  capability to cook food with less oil.

The Air Fryer Vs. The microwave article is about the specifics of both appliances. It might be helpful to buy a more efficient appliance.

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