GoWISE GW22611 Air Fryer Review: Top All-Rounder!

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If you haven’t received the latest model of GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer, you’re in a shocking situation.

The air fryer provides you with the timer, quart cooking capacity, the ability to adjust the temperature, as well as an automatic shut-off feature for the unit.

The features you’re getting are the best in the brand available. The product is designed to meet the demands of the clients.

I mark A+ for customer service. After having read everything regarding the Air Fryer and taking into consideration all the issues, I believe you will not have to spend a lot of money to purchase other items.

Learn more about the GoWISE USA GW22611 air fryer review to get to know more about what you can expect from the GoWise air fryer.

The value of eating healthy food is not calculable. Food that is loaded with oil may cause cholesterol issues, which could be dangerous to your liver and heart.

Due to the amount of information we get every day, people are beginning to pay closer attention to the ingredients inside their foods.

Gowise USA Programmable Air Fryer Review!

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Gowise GW22611 Air Fryer Review

GoWISE GW22611 Air Fryer


  • Large LCD
  • Eight cooking recipes with chips, chicken, and cake
  • capacity 2.5
  • 9.5” x 9” x 12”; eleven pounds weights
  • The temperature range is between 176deg and 392degF.
  • Automatically shut off the system for security
  • 30-minute timer
  • Dishwasher that is safe



  • The GoWISE America AIR FRYER is able to make food quickly.
  • This is a handy and great addition to the countertop of your kitchen.
  • It can grill, fry, and roast. The ability to do all this within one unit is an excellent benefit to cooking every day.
  • The GoWISE USA creates nutritious meals that are low in calories.
  • It is easy to wash all the sections of GoWISE USA, and they’re dishwasher safe.
  • The GoWISE USA needs a small volume of oil.
  • This GoWISE USA is a fantastic cooker for cooking meals for two people. It can also be used to cook meals for three or more persons.



  • The outside of the appliance can be very hot, especially if it remains stagnant to reach a very high cooking temperature.
  • The device is quite large when compared to other models available.

Innovative Cooking Technology



An air fryer offers the chance to cook and eat healthy meals with minimal oil. The method used in this case for the GW22611 8 in one Electric Air Fryer by GoWise is revolutionary and quick.

The appliance consists of a heating coil with a fan. The heating element produces heat which is spread throughout the air around it, thanks to the fan.

Air that is hot blows evenly across the cooking basket made of metal. It holds the food that needs to be cooked.

A fryer is a device that circulates heat, which assures that food particles are cooked to perfection. This helps to use less oil than in the deep fryer, as well as other cooking techniques that are more traditional.

The air fryer’s quickness allows you to cook food fast and efficiently using minimal oil. Additionally, you can grill or bake with less or no oil at all. Therefore, lavish meals can be enjoyed with no negative effects on your health.

How Does GW22611 Function?

People are now looking to reduce the fat content of foods. The concept is getting more popular each day. People are drawn to delicious food prepared by deep fryers.

They don’t think about health implications. Air fryers circulate hot air over the food and render the food completely oil- free.

This GoWiseUSA 22611 8-in-1 electric air fryer will ensure that you are able to cook, roast, grill, or bake food with it. You can also bake cakes for birthdays.The time needed is very brief.

Credit: GoWISE USA 

There are a variety of capabilities that this air fryer has. It is crucial to understand that it doesn’t cook food.

It is important to know that GoWise USA has used 1500 watts of power to accomplish this. We must be aware that this power has a huge responsibility.

Some users have claimed that the suggested time in the manual may not be appropriate in certain situations. The GoWiseUSA 22611 has been awarded ETL certification.

This means that the technology has been thoroughly tested. In the same way, it is a part of the standard of electromagnetic safety of the nation.

How to Use New Gowise USA 8-In-1 Air Fryer

The cooker is easy to operate for users.

  • Make use of cooking sprays on the basket
  • Remove the pan from the fryer
  • Place your favorite food items in the basket
  • Turn the knob for the temperature to determine the temperature you want.
  • Return the pan to the fryer.
  • Set the timer to the desired duration.
  • It’s over – you’re done!
  • When the timer is sounded, turn off the pan to the boil and set it an area that is heat-resistant, and then enjoy
  • When you’re done cooking, shake the basket.

Why Do We Love Gowise USA GW22611

The food that is greasy will stay greasy for a while even though you’ve prepared it in advance. It is the GoWise USA, 8 in 1, that circulates air to eliminate smells from food items that have been fried.

The automatic standby function allows users to get the desired temperature and time setting whenever they prefer. It also shuts off automatically.

If you don’t alter any aspect of the shut-off device, the system will carry out its job in a way that is appropriate, and you do not have to move a finger.

The Best Benefit – It’s Better Than Others!

The air fryer is equipped with various temperature settings from 176-392-degrees F. You can cook the food you want to cook with the fryer from crisp fries or succulent wings. It takes only about 30 mins or so to cook your food using one tablespoon of oil or with no oil.


The fryer comes with great features, which means you need not manually add temperature to cook food since the temperature and time are automatically set. There are a variety of temperature settings that cook food items.

Each has a predetermined time and temperature. The fryer can be used in making chips, steak, chicken, shrimp, cakes and fish.

Design Features of Air Fryer

Aero Fryer's design features

This GoWise air fryer is one of the air fryers that are unbeatable for functionality in terms of versatility and price. It’s a fantastic tool in the kitchen, not to mention that it can make healthier food for you without the need for oil.

3.2-Quart Capacity

The fryer is a 3.2-quarts capacity fryer, meaning that it is able to fry, cook, bake, roast, and fry food up to this capacity. If you have a family of average size, this fryer will be able to fry and cook crisp food items and meals that are full of flavor.

Rapid Air Technology

With the amazing features this air fryer has accomplished to date, it’s no surprise that it comes with the ability to cook food quickly using air technology.

This means that the heat will quickly cook your food, and there’s no requirement for the oil to be used. The hot air will permeate the ingredients and ensure that the food is cooked to perfection and tasty.

Touch Screen Technology

This is one of the features that make this fryer stand out from the rest. The GoWise comes with touchscreen controls that let you quickly adjust the temperature and cook time, as well as others. With this innovative feature, there’s absolutely no question that the fryer will be simple to operate.

Button Guard

The button guard will ensure that you’re safe at the kitchen counter while you cook. This safety feature can help prevent the chance of accidents occurring in the kitchen.

Seven Cooking Programs

The process of setting and changing the temperature for different meals can be stressful. This fryer has seven cooking settings that you can pick from according to the type of food you’re making.

It has temperature controls for chips, meat, shrimp, fish as well as other items. This saves time and makes sure that there aren’t errors in the cooking temperature.

Which means you can cook the most delicious food. The wide temperature range gives you the control to cook various food items.


Most air fryers don’t come with an accessory. However, the GoWise G22621 comes with a recipe book that will help you with cooking.

This means that you do not need to experiment with your food unless you wish to. The book will guide you through every stage of your journey until you are an expert. 

To make your GoWISE air-fryer more flexible, you can purchase a Baking Cake Pan (sold individually):

  • Included is a carrying handle
  • Steps 6.5 inches in diameter and 3” deep
  • Nonstick surface

This baking dish was designed for baking cakes and other products. It can be used to cook eggs or sauteed dishes, one-pot meals, or soft food items.


What Do Users Share About the Gowise GW22611?

A majority of customers are happy with the appreciation and satisfaction from GoWISE’s 8-in-1 air fryers. Here’s what a few customers are saying about it:

One user was thrilled to prepare his famous meatballs at home in less than 20 minutes. In the meantime, another user reported that their kids were enjoying the meal since she’d whip up cooked shrimps, French fries, nuggets, and fish sticks in just 20 minutes—what a way to enjoy food!

A lot of people were content because they could cook the traditional fried food they have always enjoyed without compromising their health.

It’s because it requires only a small amount of oil compared to conventional cooking. “Like the frying pan but healthier.” Some customers reported that they use the GoWISE Air fryer every day.

The most frequent complaint from users was that traditional skillets make the home smelly. However, this is not the case with the cooking pans of the GoWISE Air fryers.

One user informed us that this model doesn’t come with the stirring paddle that is found in other manufacturers. So, you’ll need to take the drawer out then shake, or shake it in order to get an even cooking experience in certain food items.

One user was delighted that the small dimensions of the GoWISE 8-in-1 Air fryer translate to quicker cooking time. Because of how easy it is to clean, lots of people were extremely pleased.

Another advantage is the fact that you can make use of it instead of the oven in warm weather to keep the oven from heating your home.

Some people have indicated that they had peeled the nonstick coating that was on their skillet.

Does It Take up a Lot of Space?

GoWise USA GW22621

Although it isn’t an extremely small footprint, it’s also not very large.

If you are using it frequently, you shouldn’t have problems with it sitting on your countertop. A user has stated that it’s a countertop excellence. It’s not an eyesore. Some people have even said that it looks good on the countertop.

If you notice that the storage is large, it is not a concern. It’s basically an appliance. One person said that she has the floor in the pantry to store this air fryer when it’s not being utilized. 

Media’s Word About Gowise USA GW22611 Air Fryer


This GoWISE USA electric air fryer is an easy system for cooking food. The fryer comes with a fast air circulation to cook food in a short time.

This fryer circulates air around the entire surface of the food, and food tastes better and healthier. It is suitable to grill, roast or fry as well as bake your favorite meals.

Additionally, you can prepare everything from cakes to crunchy french fries using the fryer. The fryer is equipped with an open plan that can be removed.

It has an easy-to-grip handgrip and a detachable basket for transferring food from the fryer to the serving dishes.

All components are dishwasher safe. Other features of the fryer include cooking timers, eight cooking pressures to choose from, and temperature settings ranging from 176 degrees to 392 degrees F.

The safety features include automatic shut-offs, protection against overheating and automatic standby mode, and more.

This GoWise USA Air Fryer has been awarded the ETL certificate to ensure that it meets all the standards, including electromagnetic fields. If you have any concerns regarding the fryer, contact the GoWISE USA customer service.

Clean Up

The majority of the components of these air fryers are secure, and you can clean or wash them easily. The first step is to unplug the appliance and clean all internal components with a cloth. Then, wash the basket, pan, and baking tray using hot soapy water.

Clean the interior of the fryer using warm water or with a soft sponge. It is possible to use the cleaning brush to scrub the heating element by using a cleaning brush, by getting rid of food debris.


The food in the fryer gets burned, which is the most common and painful thought. Think of the grease that you use at the moment of cooking bacon, or think of the cracking oil in the fryer when you are tossing it.

The GoWise 22611 provides you with extremely healthy and nutritious food. While doing so, you’ll receive food items that are oil-free.

You will be able to enjoy delicious food and you will not find any oil or fat within your meals. Many people like spraying oil prior to cooking. It’s not a great idea in any way.

Furthermore, there’s a nice-to-touch handgrip that can be removed from the cooking basket. This helps you avoid burns to your fingers.

Furthermore, the fryer features an overheat safety system as well as automatically shuts off the device. The fryer can cook food between 392 to 176 degrees F. This is good for you.

FAQs of Gowise USA GW22611 Air Fryer

Can the Air Fryer function use 220 Volts?

No. It is able to function from 110-120 Volts.

How is an air-fryer manufactured?

It is produced in China.

What is the difference between the GW22611 model and the GW22621 model?

The function is identical. However, the main difference between the GW22621 and the GW22611 lies in size. The GW22621 weighs 3.2 quarts while the GW22611 has 2.5 quarts. The GW22621 features a touchscreen. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable temperature range of 175degF-400degF.

The basket is made of what and composed out of?

It is composed of Stainless steel.

Is the basket teflon coated?

Actually, it's not in any way.

Can you use oil in conjunction with your air fryer?

Yes, you can coat any food item with cook spray or even a tablespoon or two tablespoons of olive oil.

Does the hot air fryer sound loud?

It's loud, not at all. It's like the sound of a micro oven.

Final Thoughts


GoWISE USA GW22611 8-in-1 Electronic Air Fryer is an ideal modern kitchen appliance that can be used for trouble-free cooking. It lets you enjoy your food without losing the texture and flavor of your favorite foods.

The latest technology for rapid air cooking can cook food quickly and helps you avoid having to use a lot of oil. Therefore the money you pay for an air fryer is worth every penny.

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