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The air fryer is an exciting new innovation with the intention of cooking food that has the same golden-brown crunch as an oily restaurant fry but without the fat. It is achieved by dumping your food in a fat-like material and blasting it with hot air.

A few of the sought-after air fryer models is GoWISE USA Digital Air Fryer; GoWISE USA Digital Air Fryer can cook as much as 2.3 tonnes of food at a time.

The basket, however, can be removed to cook smaller amounts. It is available in three wonderful colors: red, black, and white.

This GoWise USA GW22622 is an electronic air fryer which is the second product of the company. Similar to other firms’ air fryers, it enables you to indulge in delicious food without any additional calories or oil.

It is equipped with a timer thermostat and an upgraded layout, and operates on electricity. It consists of a massive plastic body as well as a temperature control knob that could be set to 392 degreeF.

We prepared a few Chicken thighs recipes like Air fryer Asian glazed chicken thighs, and we’re fully satisfied with the results. 

GoWISE USA GW22622 Review

The GoWise USA GW22622 version usually includes a timer that could be set to your preference if you’d prefer to achieve the best results. It also has indicator lights that ensure that it is easy to know the time when the temperature you want has been reached.

GoWise USA GW22622 electrical air fryer communicates the results from deep fat fryers without any struggle, and naturally, it has upto 20% less fat.

If you’re cooking onion rings, fricasseed vegetable wings, pizza wings, fire-cheese, and a number of other things, it can be cooked in a snap using this specific air fryer model.


  • The temperature settings are adjustable between 175 and 392-degrees, allowing you to create crispy fries from juicy wings with no oil.
  • The most recent second generation model of the Electric Air Fryer allows the cook to prepare your most-loved snacks with no oil or calories.
  • It has been ETL Certified; and has two knobs for controlling the temperature and time.
  • It is equipped with a comfy adjustable basket that allows it to move easily and also helps to keep it safe. The handle is extremely efficient for storage and transportation.
  • The standby timer is 30 minutes. The mode will automatically switch off when cooking is completed. It has a ready light that shows that the fryer is at the level that is desired. You get something similar in Simply Ming air fryer



  • Preset modes
  • Rapid Air Circulation Technology
  • Make sure to cook food quickly.



  • The taste of food is not over the top of fried. If you want taste on top of eevrything, check out Cusibox air fryer or Avalon Bay air fryer.
  • Other brands don’t have whistles or bells, but this one has. If you want something simple to use, get one Philips HD9230/26

Safety of GoWISE USA GW22622

The standby time is 30 minutes. The fryer will turn off when it has finished cooking. In this way, the food won’t burn or get overcooked. It can also assist in cooking a salad by using the air fryer that you have in your kitchen.

The nonstick basket can be placed on top of the drawer with ease. It also comes with a button guard to avoid an accidental fall-off when opening the container.

The button is in black onto the handle in order to release your drip pan from the basket.

Remember to keep in mind that the extra hot oil will be reserved in the meat drawer from what you cook. The GoWise is designed to be a precautionary measure and includes hot air fryer technology.

The Air Fryer’s Cooking Mechanism

The GoWISE Airfryer can be a great fryer. The air fryer is able to circulate hot air around food items. The food is delicious without oil or a small amount of oil.

Hot tech circulates heated air all over the food, and the food gets delicious and crispy. Inside, the dish is extremely succulent. The heat circulates through all the components in the dish. Thus, food preparation is quick.

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How to Use GoWISE USA GW22622

Make sure to keep your GoWISE USA GW22622 fryer in a flat place. Keep it off a heat resistive surface. Do not make use of the pan in conjunction with oil or any other liquid.

Place your ingredients in the basket and store your basket in the correct place on the appliance. The light on the fryer will light up.

Be aware that there’s a button guard that is located on the fryer, which guarantees safe detachment. Take care to detach this basket from the fryer.

Remove the pan from the fryer. Place it in a pan holder. Be aware that oil is kept in the pan. At the moment of sliding the pan, take care to get the ingredients out by sliding the button guard forward and press the release button to release the basket out of the pan.

Add the ingredients to the pot, but be careful. If you would like to use tongs, you can use non-metal tools to avoid scratching the basket.Take the pan out of the fryer and put it in the pot stand.

Take note that any extra oil will be stored in the skillet. Be aware of the timing to remove the solid pan from the fryer.

Incase, you do not have NO knowledge about airfryer read this Guide to learn how to use an Airfryer.

Why Do You Like GoWISE USA GW22622

The GoWISE GW22622 fryer can help you enjoy your preferred meals. In just 30 minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy your food with no oil or just less.

It comes with a heating coil to the above while its fans circulate hot air over the food items. It only takes 3 mins to hit a temperature at 392°F.

The cooking capacity is 3.2 4 quarts. It is able to provide food for four to six persons. There are seven programs built in it for cooking chips, meat as well as chicken, steak, and shrimp, as well as fish—manual program. With a tablespoon of oil, you will be able to cook, fry or grill, bake or roast. Also Checkout other GoWISE airfryer reviews.

What Can GoWISE Cook?

I was very pleased with the Philip Air Fryer. As the owner, I have no complaints. The GoWise has less sound than Philip. It is quieter than Philip and is easy to clean.

The price of the fryer will be about one-third of the cost. Well, how long is it gonna stay? I am not sure. I am entirely happy with the purchase of this fryer.

User Review on GoWISE GW22622

I love it. It’s very quick, allows cooking in a tiny or restricted space—simple cleanup and completely constructed.

I’ve got everything I need at the cost I spent. Many bad food items are consumed, and they’re horrible, no doubt. My name is a retired person who would like to cook meals for television dinners, breaded fish sticks, shrimp that are breaded French fries as well as breaded fish.

I’d like to add that they’re more efficient and more efficient, and they do not leave a mess. The fryer is easy to use and clean.

I’m thinking of trying another fryer that others have suggested to me in some of the Air fry recipes websites that have appeared.

A Very Happy Owner

I am very happy with the Philip Air Fryer. As the owner, I have no complaints. The GoWise has less sound than Philip. It is quieter than Philip and is easy to clean.

The price of the fryer will be about one-third of the cost. Well, how long is it gonna stay? It is only God. I am not sure. I am entirely happy with the purchase of this fryer.

Recipes: Bread Rolls With Potato Stuffing Made Using GoWISE GW 22622



  • 5 large Potatoes
  • Half a teaspoon of mustard seeds
  • Half Tsp of Turmeric
  • Take Eight slices of bread [cut off the brown sides and cut only the white sidecut the brown sides and use only the white portion]
  • Coriander One small portion finely chopped.
  • Two onions, finely chopped and trivial
  • Salt according to taste.
  • Finely chopped two seeded green chillies.
  • Oil to fry the potatoes and brush patties (two Tbsp)
  • Curry leaf – Two leaves



Boil potatoes using a full salt, or peel and then mash them. Cook in a Tbsp oil and later add mustard seeds. As they splutter, add onions. Fry until they become translucent. Add curry leaves and turmeric.

Fry for a few mins. Add the mashed potatoes and salt before mixing thoroughly. After that, let the dish cool down.

Make eight equal portions of the mixture and place the mixture on the palm of your hand in an oval shape. Then keep it aside.

Remove the bread off the sides, then moisten it completely with water. Apply pressure to the bread with your palm, and then squeeze out the left water.

Place the wet bread in your palm, and then add the potato with an oval shape. Then you can roll your bread in a spindle shape and finish the edges the same way as the potato filling inside the bread.

Rolls are made by brushing oil on them. Make sure to preheat the fryer for 8 minutes at 200 degrees C and then use oil to clean the basket before putting in the prepared rolls. Run it for 12 to 13 minutes for crisp golden potato-filled rolls.

Other recipes that can be made using GoWISE could be :

  1. For a trendy recipe try Wendy’s chicken Nuggets.
  2. For a unique experience try Vietnamese Chicken Wings .

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Does the fryer need oil?

It's not much for the equipment. I would suggest mixing food items with oil first, then throwing them in your fryer.

Do I have to use a tiny cake dish in the basket?

Yes. I'd like to use the pie pans made from tin foil. They fit on in the middle of the basket. This means you can use them for cooking your chicken or other meats in sauce to prevent the mess.

Final Thoughts


Food choices that are healthy are the main goal of every household. Foods that are oily have impacted the lives of people for quite a long period.

It’s time to eliminate the oily foods from our diets and start eating meals that have more health benefits. The first step in making this actually happen is to set up this equipment in the kitchen.

It’s much superior to traditional ovens because of the need for smaller storage space and the availability for more edge.

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle by making your meals with this gadget. You’ll definitely be amazed by the results you will achieve with this device. It’s a cult product among users, so you should try it too.


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