How to Make Greek Chicken Thighs: SECRET RECIPE

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It is a good idea to cook chicken dishes at home if there is enough time to cook and adequate ingredients. Greek chicken thighs are among the most loved recipes for 2022.

So, it is important to be aware of the methods along with expert tips and other aspects to prepare the unique dish.

I’ve never attempted to cook this special food in my kitchen; however, when I saw my friend cooking chicken thighs cooked in the Greek way, I was skeptical prior to trying them.

After I put the food items that were cooked into my mouth, I was lost in the delicious taste and texture of this dish.

Let’s learn the essentials about making chicken thighs in Greek style. Are you prepared?

Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes Recipe

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How to Prepare Greek Chicken Thighs: Easy Steps

greek chicken thighs 


In the beginning, you must determine what ingredients you’ll require for cooking the chicken thighs. For example, you must locate local chickens for those who live in the European region.

It is essential to add yogurt, salt, lemon, and some spices to marinate and vegetables to cook, along with bones that are skinless thighs of Greek chicken.

Once you’ve gathered all the required ingredients, you must then follow the steps below. I’m hoping they can assist:

  • Make sure you have the ingredients needed to marinate and make the chicken’s marinade.It should take around 15 minutes to make.
  • It is recommended to keep the marinade aside and cook the chicken thighs. You need to take off the skin as well as the bones and slice the meat prior to or after boiling the thighs.
  • The next step is that you must mix the chicken pieces and keep them in the refrigerator for a while prior to broiling or cooking them. You can keep them for between 30 minutes and up to several hours.
  • It should take between 40 and 45 minutes to prepare your marinated Greek chicken thighs. On the contrary, it will be shorter if you would like to bake the parts of the chicken (20-25 to 25 minutes).
  • You must include mayonnaise, sauce, and other items to garnish or to serve; however, you are able to examine the gravy’s taste and the texture to determine if it’s right or not.

The dish can be served for 3-5 guests when you choose small-sized chickens. However, the final servings, ingredients’ quantities, and cooking time will be contingent on the thighs of the chicken’s dimensions.

Nutritive Value of Chicken Thighs in Greek Style


It’s crucial to know the nutritional value of food before you decide to consume it; so, you’ll have some guidelines on how much to prepare or consume.

The amount of total nutrition is to be determined for a single serving. Let’s look at the nutrients that you will receive from a portion of this dish:

  • It is estimated that you will consume about 353 Kcal and 5g of carbohydrates from a portion of deliciously cooked or barbecued Greek poultry thighs.
  • The protein content of a serving is approximately 37g. Fat is around 13g, and 7g of it is unsaturated. You are able to get additional minerals and vitamins in the food.

You know, it’s a healthy dish for you and you can include it in your meals (lunch and dinner).

Experts’ Tips for the Greek Chicken Dish?

It is important to follow a few guidelines when you cook the Greek-style curry or chicken fry. Please keep in mind the tips that follow:

  • Suppose you’ve got both breasts and thighs of chicken in front of you. The dilemma is which would you prefer to choose? The experts recommend choosing the thighs rather than breasts since the former provides better taste and flavor. Choose breast pieces only if you do not have thighs.
  • Second, you must explore baking with the oven as opposed to grilling or cooking the Greek thighs. Baking may make the Greek thighs more flavorful.



Believe me when I say that it’s true. Greek chic wings are fantastic dishes that are easy to cook. If you are hosting guests at your home, you can make it within one hour.

But, you can also take a look at different YouTube instructional videos on how to make chicken dishes and to cook delicious meals at your home.

Keep practicing the recipes or meals. Whatever ingredients you’re using, prepare and mix them in the right way as you require for extraordinary results!

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