Habor Air Fryer Review: Best Alternatives are Here!

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Today, we’ll discuss 5 top alternatives to Habor Air Fryer!

Healthy living and high thinking are the mottoes of upcoming generations. Keeping this in mind, air fryers are designed to present you with taste and health. But what makes it difficult is to decide the best one for you.

If you look for the topmost air fryers, you may find the Habor air fryer one among the top-rated ones. But, these air fryers are currently unavailable.

However, you don’t have to worry about it as there are some better alternatives to make your life easier, simpler, and healthier. Depending upon the features, price, and quality, 5 best alternatives of Habor’s have been chosen for you.

Habor Air Fryer Review: Best Alternatives are Here!

Let’s dive deep into the features, pros and cons of all the air fryers, which will help you opt something that perfectly suits your requirements and budget. 

1. COSORI Air Fryer 6.8 qt COSORI Air Fryer 5 QT

If an air fryer with reasonable pricing and high performanceis your hunt, COSORI can be your best choice. It can give you crispy textures like that of traditional deep-frying using less or no oil. It’s easy to access and clean. Perfect for cooking flavourful family-friendly recipes. To know more, specifications and features are described below:


  • ETL listed
  • Power supply-AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Rated power-1500W
  • Temperature-170-450°F
  • Note: The above-mentioned voltage is applicable only to US and Canada.


  • Crispyfying-The crispy frying property of this air fryer cooks your food with 85% less fat. You will enjoy the same taste as that of traditional deep frying.
  •  Rapid heat circulation technology-These air fryers are specially designed with 360° rapid heat circulation technology, which helps to prepare the food quickly and evenly.
  • Less space-It takes a little space on your countertop, holding 5 quarts of space. You can cook food easily for 2-4 people.
  • Noiseless operation-This quite operational technology helps you cook with sounds no louder than 55 decibels, assuring you prevent disruptions in your conversations.
  • User friendly-Touch operations help you preheat and add personalized shake reminders.
  • Easy to clean- Non-stick coating with safe dishwasher cleaning makes it hassle-free.

Let us learn some of the pros and cons of this air fryer.


  • The machine is powerful yet quiet.
  • A wide temperature range satisfies any cooking needs.
  • High performance at a low price.


2. NUWAVE BRIO 6 QT digital Air fryer

NUWAVE BRIO 6 QT digital Air fryer

If you love to cook in a modern way, NUWAVE BRIO could be the best choice for you. You would adore the way it is designed. For deeply understanding this air fryer, product information and special features are described below:

Product information

  • Product dimensions-11 X 14.5 X 13.5
  • Item weight- 15 pounds
  • Colour- black


  • Traditional taste- Your favorite fried foods with 75% less oil! Without drying the foods completely, it gives a tender, juicy texture inside and the crispiness outside.
  • Multi-functional- To bake, roast, grill or fry is up to you. It is specifically designed with multi-functional technology, with a temperature range of 50°F to 450°F.
  • Perfect cooking each time- Brio’s integrated digital probe prevents you from compromising your taste every time. Brio cooks the food until it is perfect and shuts off automatically.
  • Consistent cooking- The cooking temperatures remain consistent when compared to any other air fryer. It maintains its temperature until the end of cooking.
  • An appliance of convenience- This is compact enough, family-friendly. You can even adjust the wattage between 900, 1500, and 1800 ensuring you air fry anywhere you have access to an electric outlet.

Though it is an alternative for Habor’s air fryer, it has some pros and cons.


  • Excellent airflow to cook evenly and quickly.
  • The capacity is quite large enough (6 QT).
  • Unique digital temperature probe for perfect cooking every time.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean the air fryer.


3. Phillips Air fryer, HD9641/96

Phillips Air fryer, HD9641/96

Phillips is known for its brand worldwide. If you are not price-sensitive, the Phillips Air fryer must be an excellent choice to buy.

Whether chicken wings or French fries, Phillips air fryer can relish your food with the best taste. It is guaranteed that you will love this product the most. The product information and essential features are given here to clarify what makes it the best air fryer.

Product information

  • Product dimensions- 14.37 X 10.47 X 11.29 inches
  • Item weight-15.08 pounds
  • Manufactured by- Phillips Kitchen
  • Model number- HD9641/96


  • Turbo star technology- Upto 75% fat-free cooking without giving up your taste. This Turbo star technology results in even cooking, with no flipping in between. With this Turbo star technology, you can cook your delicious delight with no preheat requirement.
  • Ease of cooking at one click-  It works as your kitchen gadget; from frying, grilling, baking, to roasting, you can cook 100’s of recipes at one click. Pre-set helps you to cook in your preferred style at your desired pace.
  • Quick control dial- The total air fryer control is under this quick control dial. Just do two simple steps. First, turn the dial to set the temperature and click it. Then, turn the dial to set the time.
  • Keep Warm function- Unlike other Air fryers, the keep warm function of these can keep your food warm for about 30 minutes after cooking.
  • Mouthwatering recipes- You can find up to 200 inspiring recipes on its App

Many more things you can discover with this air fryer. Like every air fryer, it also has a few pros and cons.


  • Instant cooking without preheating.
  • Unlike other air fryers, Phillips is designed with a large mesh in the basket, providing more excellent airflow for preventing toss requirements until the end.
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.


4. Ninja DZ201 Foodi 6-in-1 8 QT 2 Baskets Air fryer

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 6-in-1 8 QT 2 Baskets Air fryer

Eliminate consecutive cooking like that of traditional air fryers. Another best alternative for Habor’s is this specially designed dual-zone technology Ninja 6 in 1 air fryer.

What would be the other best option when you can cook your mains and startups at a time? Two basket systems with different temperature setups are the attractive part of this air fryer. Here is a brief description of how it is unique from others.

Product description

  • Product dimensions- 18.43 X 16.5 X 16 inches
  • Item weight- 23.7 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Ninja
  • Country origin- China


  • Dual-zone technology- Smart finish feature for 2 foods at a time, in two individual baskets with different temperatures.
  • Multi-functional, customizable programs- 6 in-built customizable programs like air fry, air broil, roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate make it the best investment.
  • Large capacity- 8 QT capacity lets you fit mains and starters simultaneously for quick family meals.
  • Easy to clean Non-stick plates-  Two baskets and crisp plates are dishwasher safe.


  • Dual-zone technology is the unique feature of this air fryer. Saves your time by cooking two foods at a time.
  • Doesn’t need extra accessories.
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean.


  •  The instructions manual provided with this appliance doesn’t support the time settings. Try setting it less than the given time in the manual.

5. Dash Tasti crisp air fryer + oven cooker 2.6 QT

Dash Tasti crisp air fryer

This is a wallet-friendly air fryer beneficial for 1 person with handy features, healthy cooking at a low cost. Though its capacity is 2.6 QT, the air fryer is compact and lightweight.

Product description

  • Product dimensions- 12.1X 12 X10 inches
  • Item weight- 1 pound
  • Country of origin- China
  • Model number- DCAF200GBTL02


  • Fried food in a healthier way- The technology in this air fryer gives 70%-80% fat-free food without sacrificing the taste of deep-fried ones.
  • Auto-stop feature- This feature prevents overcooking.
  • Cool to touch handle- The cool to touch handle ensures safety and is easy to use.
  • Compact and lightweight- This good is the best choice for a small kitchen occupying less space on your countertop. Its trendy sleek design and color options will attract any kitchen space.


  • It is user-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Automatic turn off after 30 min.
  • Handy for a small kitchen. Occupies less space on the kitchen countertop.


  • 2.6 QT capacity cooks only for 1-2 persons.
  • It got beaten up by T fal actifry in terms of coating quality in our testing.

Yet, it is a top-rated air fryer at a low cost.

That’s a Wrap! 

You can opt for an affordable price from the above air fryers. Habor’s is known for its quality, but these air fryers are no less than Habor’s. These air fryers are rated not less than 4.5 stars.

Also, they are valued for money with assured quality and striking appliances available in the market. Prior mentioned air fryers are of modern design, adding beauty to your kitchen and your body. No Sacrifice to your flavor! Just pick up your choice today!!




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