Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer Reviews: Truth to be told

A healthier alternative to traditional frying, this Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer uses Rapid Air Technology to circulate hot air over food for delicious, crisp outcomes.

It can cook food at a rate of 2x more quickly than other models of air-fryers and can be used to roast, fry, and grill, among other things. It has an automatic timer with a countdown of 30 minutes and an auto-shutoff that’s simple to set.

The design is spill-proof and has a lid, which is lockable and can also serve as a serving bowl. The exclusive design of the basket lets it remain in place while frying and hot air is circulated over the dish.

The basket can be removed for grilling or roasting, giving the flexibility to cook with different recipes.

Deep-frying has become an issue for many due to their inability to find the right product to meet the requirements. Due to the increasing health risks globally, individuals are striving to eat better.

One way you can ensure a healthy diet is to use deep fryers. Deep fryers can not only prepare healthy meals but they will they can also deep fry.

The Hamilton Beach deep fryer is one of the best fryers that you will need to fry food items such as turkey, chicken, or other foods. It’s user-friendly and comes with the necessary equipment that can help you meet your goals in cooking.

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Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35036


Are you looking for a huge electric deep fryer that there is the ability to cook 2 distinct things at once? This Hamilton Beach deep fryer is your answer.

Hamilton Beach has been rocking the business of producing not only high-quality deep fryers but also affordable models as well.

The model 35036 isn’t more than a different model and is quite fancy. It’s identical to the Hamilton Beach 35021 deep fryer but has a greater capacity and features.

The deep fryer is constructed from stainless steel, which can handle an enormous amount of food items. With the 4.5 Liter capacity, it is able to keep your food cool for up to 12 cups. If want something bigger, then go for Presto deep fryer or Aroma deep fryer. If you want smaller, go for Cuisinart mini.

The greatest feature of this fryer is the addition of two chrome-plated, half-sized frying baskets. The two baskets allow the cook to prepare two distinct food items simultaneously.

This innovative deep fryer allows you to cook and fry with the ease of professionalism. If you’re looking to cook delicious fries, French fries, chicken wings, onion rings, or grill chickens and more, the Hamilton Beach deep fryer lets you cook and fry everything.

Perfect Design!

Hamilton Beach products are designed with the user in mind. They’re easy to use and make cooking a lot easier. It is equipped with an air-ventilated lid that locks to prevent hot oil from splashing on the kitchen floor. It also improves your safety by preventing injuries such as skin burns.

The vented lid lets you observe the progress of your cooking without having to open the lid. Hooks are perfectly attached to the basket for taking off the oil.

Another feature that is unique in this fryer’s design is two dials, the time and temperature dials that are located near the top of the fryer.

The temperature dial, as well as the time dial, can be adjusted. You can set them to be appropriate to the type of food you’re making. When the fryer reaches the temperature it was set, it will change color to green, which indicates it’s been set.

The magnetic cord breakaway is a further feature of this product, which increases security. It stops the fryer from falling over if it is snagged.

The parts inside this deep-frying machine are movable and easily cleaned. They also are dishwasher safe.


  • Cooks fast: This large fat fryer is 1800 watts power, which is the US standard to fry or cook your food quickly and equally.
  • Adjustable temperature dial: You can modify the temperature at which you cook your food by moving the dial between 265degf and 325degf. It comes with an in-built heating element.
  • It’s easy and secure: This Hamilton Beach deep fryer includes safety features that keep food from spilling. The magnetic cord that breaks away keeps the fryer from tipping over.
  • Cleaning convenience: It is easy to clean its pieces after taking off and you can clean them using a dishwasher or your hands to wash them.
  • Amazing features: It features an electronic timer, an electric power cord, and temperature control. You can alter the temperature settings available here.
  • Flexible: The fryer can cook two different dishes simultaneously. It isn’t mandatory to sit and wait around for one dish to be done before beginning the second.


  • It takes a while before the fryer begins to get hot. If you want something quicker, go for Bella deep fryer

Best recipes you can prepare with Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35036 are: Tyson chicken nuggets, and Deep fry hot dogs.

Hamilton Beach 35034 Deep Fryer (2 Frying Baskets)

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35036

If you’re looking to cook your own food at home but don’t want to feel as if you’re in need of a fully-fledged restaurant-style, Hamilton Beach’s 35034 Deep Fryer (check price) is the perfect solution for you. Like the other models in our top list of deep fryers, it takes less space on the counter than bigger models and is easier to operate.

This Hamilton Beach 35034 Deep Fryer with 2 Frying Baskets is the ideal appliance for the kitchen. It comes with a thermostat that is adjustable that can be adjusted; this deep fryer is very easy to operate.

It comes with an adjustable, dishwasher-safe basket that is easy to clean. Furthermore, an indicator light lets you know that the oil is heated and allows you to fry delicious and crisp food in just a few minutes.

Hamilton Beach 35034 Hamilton Beach 35034 cooks up to 2.5 Quarts of delicious fried food right in your kitchen. The fryer has an insulated handle that is cool-touch and stays on to ensure safe use.

Key Features of the Hamilton Beach 35036 Deep FryerHamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35036


Hamilton Beach deep fryers are constructed of stainless steel. This is a good material, especially if you wish to wash the item. The interior where the cooking process is performed is coated to prevent sticking.

4.5L Capacity

Hamilton Beach deep fryer is a 4.5L deep fryer with a capacity for food. It’s small; however, it’s sufficient to cook 10-12 cups of food.

Temperature Adjustable

Hamilton Beach 35036 Deep Fryer

To fit the type of food, you’re cooking; this deep fryer has adjustable temperatures. This makes sure that food is cooked properly and quickly too. All you need do is adjust the temperature dial to the desired temperature and then allow your food items to be cooked.

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Lift Basket

The deep fryer features an extra lift basket to drain or remove the oil and for lifting the food from the fryer.

Hinged Locking Lid That Has Viewing Window

One of the fabulous features of the Hamilton Beach 35021 deep fryer is the lock with a window. The lid features a window that lets you see the cooking process without having to open the lid.

This improves security and prevents food from spilling over your body, specifically cooking oil hot. The locking lid will also ensure that your kitchen is kept clean.

Cool Feeling Sides

The fryer features a sleek body design. It’s easy to handle and won’t make you feel nervous about turning the dials as it’s very easy.

Removable Parts

The majority of the parts of this fryer can be detached. Detachable means that you can simply put it in the washing machine or clean it by hand. Be cautious regarding the heating elements because they aren’t dishwasher safe.

On & Ready Indicator Lights

The Hamilton Beach deep fryer has two indicators – the ready and on indicator lights. This light informs you that the fryer is in operation, and the indicator for ready indicates that the fryer is at its temperature of choice.

Breakaway Magnetic Cord

For a lot of deep fryers, such as Hamilton Beach, a breakaway magnetic cord is standard. It’s mandatory to ensure the security of the deep-frying machine in case it gets too hot.

It’s simple to remove without causing injury. This allows you to handle the fryer with ease. The cord is detachable, and you are able to reattach it at the time you’re ready to utilize it.

How to Select the Best Deep Fryer

If you’re unsure of what qualities to look for in your new deep-fryer, You’ve come to the right spot. When you are deciding what type of deep fryer would most suit your needs, it is necessary to make some decisions.

The first step is figure out the size of the fryer that you want, either family-sized or personal. It is also important to consider the way you intend to utilize your fryer.

Do you require a fryer that can be used with different kinds of cooking oil? Do you require a fryer with an auto shut-off?

Why Would You Pick the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer?

Whatever you choose, you go; either way, the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer is a fantastic choice for many reasons. First, it’s an affordable choice, so you don’t need to worry about spending too much.

The model we’re talking about, the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer, can cook at least 2.75 quarts of food at a time and is a good option for those with large families or a large number of hungry guests.

How Do You Clean the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer?

If you intend to make use of this Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer to cook delicious food, It is important to learn ways to wash it after every use.

The cleaning of the deep fryer following each use is vital. If you do not clean the deep fryer at the end of each use, you might have issues with your deep fryer.

For cleaning the fryer’s deep-pan, you’ll require baking soda, hot water, and vinegar. Add water to the fryer, then add baking soda.

Make use of a sponge to clean the interior and outside of the cookware. Make sure you wash the bottom and the sides. If there is any grease accumulation, you can apply vinegar and a sponge to get rid of the dirt.

How to Utilize It

  1. Put the deep fryer on the countertop in your kitchen or on any other surface that is heat-resistant.
  2. Check that the components of the fryer are clean and reattached properly prior to making use of it.
  3. Put the ingredients into the basket, along with the dish you wish to cook in accordance with the Capacity of the fryer.
  4. If you wish to cook two meals at once, make sure you add ingredients according to the Capacity that the food basket can hold.
  5. Connect the magnetic cord into your power supply.
  6. Adjust the temperature and the time by using the dials.
  7. After the timer has gone off, you can remove the fryer. If you observe that food is not cooked, set the temperature and time, and continue cooking.

How to Fry With the Hamilton Beach Fryer

Hamilton Beach fryer

Replace the lid. Then plug in the unit. Adjust the thermostat as per the desired temperature. Make sure the preheat indicator appears to be lit.

For more information regarding the temperature, look up a frying chart or food packages. The light will light up when the fryer is heated to the pre-set temperature. The lid should be removed prior to cooking.

If you complete cooking, just take up the fryer’s lid and raise basket. You get a hook over the removable pot for the same purpose (draining oil). Note: never put condensation to the oil drain while removing the lid or when the unit is off.

The basket should be empty, then placed in a colander, tray, or bowl lined with a towel. Fill the basket to Capacity and repeat when required. Set the thermostat and disconnect your appliance to the power outlet once you complete using it.

Recipes- Fried Chicken Using Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer


1 (4-pound) whole chicken, cut into 1 cup all-purpose flour poultry seasoning 1 teaspoon
eight pieces & 1 teaspoon black ground pepper 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup all-purpose flour



In a large bag, mix flour, chicken seasoning, pepper, paprika, and salt. Cleanse the chicken and store the pieces in three pieces and coat them with your flour and seasoning mixture. To coat the chicken thoroughly, shake it. Take the bag out and set the time for 10 mins.

You should ensure that the temperature is at least 350-degrees F. Make sure to add one layer of chicken to the fryer basket. Carefully place the fryer basket in the hot oil.

Furthermore, fry it until the thermometer reaches temperatures of 180 degrees F well as the breading turns golden brown. After that, drain it on paper towels.

Troubleshooting Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer


How Do I Reset My Computer?

If the unit doesn’t work as expected, you’ll have to reset it. It’s recommended to follow these steps to reset it.

Make sure that the cooking oil well as the fryer both cool enough. Keep the temperature down. Remove the device from the electrical outlet. Unplug the heater element as well as the control panel. For reset, you will need screws or a wooden skewer.

The Unit Doesn’t Heat

Attach the magnetic cable to the assembly in a precise way in the socket of the fryer. Make sure that the cable connects to an electrical outlet.

Check that you have the heater mounted properly in the base. Utilize the reset button on the heating element to attain a perfect temperature. Make sure you put the correct amount of oil into the oil pan as recommended.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQS)

What’Ss the Energy Consumption for the Fryer?

Hamilton Beach deep fryer doesn’t use as much energy. The power of this deep fryer is 1,800 watts.

Which Is the Lowest and the Highest Temperature Setting for the Deep-Fryer?

The lowest temperature that this fryer measured was 265degf the maximum temperature was 375degf.

What Capacity Is This Fryer?

The Capacity is 4.5L.

What Number of Pieces Could You Cook in This Machine at Once?

This deep fryer is able to fry up to 8 pieces of chicken.

What Is It, a Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer Electric or Gas?

This model is electrically powered.

What Are You Required to Do if the Power Doesn’t Come On to Your Hamilton Deep Fryer?

When your Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer doesn’t start, there may be many reasons. Check first that whether the power cord is connected to an outlet that is working.

Then, ensure that you have the Deep Fryer switched on. Certain models come with a safety feature that requires that the lid be shut to operate. When the Deep Fryer doesn’t function, then there could be an issue in the control or thermostat as well.

What Are the Drawbacks of the Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer?

Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer is among the most sought-after fryers sold in the United States.

It’s practical, simple to use, and extremely affordable. However, it has only a few restrictions. The 35033 can cook at least 2.5 quarts of food at one time.

However, it has a large food storage basket that allows you to add ingredients. The temperature dial on the 35033 is simple to operate. However, it may run a bit hot ocassionally.

What Oils Are Suitable for an Electronic Deep-Frying Machine?

The right oil to use is as crucial as selecting the best deep fryer. When you are looking for the oil, you’ll see that a lot of them are listed by the name of “frying oil.”

However, they’re more suitable to be used as salad oils or for baking. When choosing a cooking oil, make sure you choose an oil made from vegetables that are identified with the words “high-heat.”

Naturally, it’s best to stay clear of using a high-priced special oil if you’re just likely to fry food at intervals. If you’re a serious fryer, it’s possible to invest in premium oil. Certain oils are better than others to fry: Canola oil is the top recommendation.

How Often Do You Need to Replace the Oil Inside Your Deep-Fat Fryer?

If you use this deep fat fryer all day or for a few days each week, you may be required to change the oil more often than what the manufacturer suggests.

Deep fat fryers are an extremely high-temperature cooking process which means that the oil could disintegrate and oxidize quicker than when cooking at lower temperatures.

The best method to tell whether your oil requires to be replaced is making use of your senses. If your oil has a smell or tastes as if it has become rancid, it’s time to change it.

In case your oil is dark or cloudy (or not clear) style, it could be time to replace it. If you’re using new unseasoned oil, the oil could become darker as it is used.

How Do You Know if Deep Fryer Oils Are Rotten?

Do your fryers emit an unpleasant smell, or is it inside the attic over the last couple of months? Did you use it at all during the past year? If yes, it’s time to thoroughly clean the oil and replace the filter on the oil.

The process of cleaning is easy; simply follow these steps:

1. Take the basket and any other removable components of the fryer: the heating component and the oil filter. Also, remove the lid of the oil and the bowl.

2. Set the fryer up on your counter, and pour the oil out.

3. Clean the parts with hot, soapy water. Then, place them in a dry area.

Final Thoughts on Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer


Hamilton Beach deep fryer offers the features people require for a deep fryer. This fryer offers a massive capacity for cooking, is easy to clean, and cooks food at a reasonable cost. If you’re looking for an efficient deep fryer that can provide value for the price, it is the perfect deep fryer.

In addition, this deep fryer for families is built to last due to the stainless steel that was used by the manufacturer to construct this item. The features, along with the affordability, make this fryer the ideal option for kitchen requirements.

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