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Today, we’ve brought you Holsem Air Fryer Review!

Eating healthy food could be much easier with the use of an air fryer, and you could still eat identical meals. However, what is an ideal air fryer?

We will help you narrow down your search with the top 10 best air fryers, the HOLSEM Air Fryer with the RACS (Rapid Air Circulation System). The ideal part about frying with the HOLSEM Air fryer is that you require a little spoon of oil or less.

On average, you would be consuming about seventy percent less fat than you will be when cooking with a regular traditional deep fryer! The HOLSEM all-inclusive hot-air fryer offers a healthy and easy way of cooking your favorite ingredients.

We tried a few dishes like Baked chicken nuggets, Japanese chicken tenders, and boneless ribs , and all three dishes were super awesome.

By utilizing hot rapid air circulation and a top grill, it allows you to make tremendous dishes.

HOLSEM 3.4 Quart oil-less fryer comes with a free accessories kit with a mini grill, six cupcake molds, a kitchen tong, a recipe book, and a potholder. Find out in this article if it’s the best one for your family.

Holsem Air Fryer Review

Holsem Air Fryer

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Rapid Air Circulation Tech: Enjoy the full flavor, zero guilt by utilizing less or no oil. Our industry-leading rapid air circulation tech offers an even and faster-cooking result all around.
ETL Listed & six in one Multiple Feature: bake, steam, fry, grill, unfreeze, and roast – all in one. See specific description in the cookbook.
Package content: 1×removable basket, 1×air fryer, 1×cookbook (bonus), 1×kitchen tong (extra), 1×pot holder (extra), 1×mini grill (bonus), 30-day no-hassle return and refund guarantee, 6×cake mold; worry-free twelve-month warranty(card).
Flexible Extension Cord: you will have peace of mind by utilizing the non-stick aluminum easy-load basket. The extension cord could be flexed inside and out of a pedestal.
Smart Time and Temperature Control: Cook within the extended temperature range of 175 to 400 by managing the easily-operated knob, permitting you to enjoy a ton of food; a 30-min timer with automatic standby function switches the fryer inside standby mode upon completion

What you will get with the Holsem Air Fryer

This air fryer appears sleek with a black and silver body. It has rounded corners and sides for a refined look. It’s ETL listed, which means it meets NASS (North American safety standards).

This air fryer includes a detachable basket, six cake molds, mini grill, kitchen tong tool, cookbook, and a potholder. BTW, chicken thighs recipes we prepare had greasy sort of gravy, but still it was too easy to clean this fryer.

The primary functions of this HOLSEM model are:

  • Bonus Accessory Pack
  • Rapid Air Circulation Tech
  • Thirty Min Standby Mode

Most appealing functions of Holsem air fryer

Holsem Air Fryer

Oil-Free & Rapid Air Circulation 

Enjoy full flavor by utilizing very little or no oil. With Industry-leading rapid air circulation tech, your meal is surrounded by the turbo cyclonic air rather than any malicious oil. That means a quicker and even cooking result.

Utilizing hot air means less oil, some calories, and less mess and smell than standard oil fryers for a far more excellent taste with up to seventy percent less fat.

And the bottom-line is – this technology is better than what we get in air fryers like Power XL, and Todd English.

Automatic Shut-Off & Smart Temperature Control 

Cook within the extended temperature range between 175℉-400℉ by managing the easily-operated knob, permitting you to enjoy a lot of delicious food. The kitchen appliance comes with a timer.

When the timer counts down and expires to 0, the machine makes a bell’s sound and shuts off automatically. To shut off the device manually, turn the timer knob counterclockwise to 0. Automatic shut-off when you pull out the pan. And start to work when you slide the pan back inside the air fryer.

Replacement Rubber Feet & Pot Holder Mat 

The potholder mat is ideal for insulating heat to protect hands better and protect your surfaces from any scalding dishware. The additional rubber feet are the perfect replacement rubber feet for the stands of an air fryer.

Besides that, They make an air fryer stable and non-skid on your counter. Just in case the authentic rubber feet get old after a long duration of utilization, they have added the additional replacement rubber feet to provide you the peace of mind.

Mini Grill

The mini grill is made out of heavy-duty non-magnetic stainless steel, and you could put fries, fish, chicken wings, vegetables, and fruit on it directly to get better searing of meats and include flavor to any dish.

In Omorc air fryer 6 qt model also, you get something similar.

Holsem Air Fryer

Kitchen Tong

The kitchen tong is ideal for grilling to keep hands away from the heat. The tongs are developed from premium hundred percent authentic Food Grade Silicone Bisphenol A (BPA) and are Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free.

It will not scratch your grill grates or non-stick pans and is heat resistant max 480℉, making it ideal for turning vast cuts of meat.

Mini Cupcake Mold

The cupcake molds are ideal for cupcakes and cooking eggs and could be a perfect holder for sorting small items. Have fun for your birthday parties or holiday parties, wedding or baby shower! Utilize them to prepare delicious recipes for lunch, dinner, breakfast, snack, or mealtime spread. Replace the paper cake cups with an environmentally safe alternative.

How HOLSEM Compares to any Other Top Air Fryers

The HOLSEM Air Fryer is specifically for the accessories which come with it. On top of that, The low-fat HOLSEM Fryer has that and comes with a tiny grill, six cake molds, and a tong tool. These extra things make it pretty easier to experiment with cooking unique desserts and meals.

Besides, the extension-cord is long at 32.2 inches, so you could efficiently utilize it on the countertop. The cord retracts inside the pedestal at the back if you want to store away the device when you are not using it.

Who is the Ideal User?

Holsem Air Fryer

While the answer to “what is an ideal air fryer” could differentiate from person to person, the HOLSEM model would appeal to anyone looking for a healthier method to make foods in a short duration of time.

This device makes meals with a crunchy exterior like a classic deep fry but with less oil, making for a healthy eating plan. It utilizes about majorly less fat than a regular traditional deep fryer, making for a no-guilt food.

A typical consumer would be someone who appreciates the easy-to-use kind of design of this air fryer. It includes dials rather than a digital screen that some users find more comfortable to navigate and choose options.

Kitchen cleanup is a breeze as well, as the HOLSEM model comes with a non-stick aluminum basket that is dishwasher safe. So there is no handwashing of it, saving you effort and time.

Determining What Is an Ideal Air Fryer

As we don these best 10 air fryers reviews, we’re always in search of quality. The HOLSEM Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation makes our top 10 list because it’s an outstanding value.

While it lacks any digital screen and is not the most significant model out there, it provides a ton for its mid-range cost.

This appliance is pretty attractive and offers six cooking methods utilizing the advanced rapid air circulation tech. It’s easy to use, has a dishwasher-safe basket, most importantly, cooks delicious food without using a ton of oil. For health-conscious consumers, this last advantage makes the HOLSEM model an ideal choice.

What is the Top Benefit?

Holsem Air Fryer

The rapid air circulation tech of this fryer is a standout function. It offers a better overall cook of the meal, so one half isn’t done more than any other (a risk with a regular traditional fryer). Additionally, this rapid air system does give a faster cooking duration, which is ideal if you are an active professional or busy parent.

Let’s conclude Holsem Air Fryer Review


This device could grill, fry, steam, bake, unfreeze, and roast foods. This 6-function versatility from a solo kitchen appliance makes it one of the top ten air fryers. Besides that, it does all of these with less or no oil, thanks to the advanced rapid air circulation technology. The temperature range is enormous, too, at 175 to 400 degrees.

It keeps the meal warm for thirty minutes after it’s thoroughly cooked. The standby mode is quite handy if you’ve got the dinner ready for the family. However, they are running late to get to your home or can’t eat right away for any other reason.

There is no having to re-warm it because of the automatic standby function. Any other air fryer with a thirty-minute warmer is the Philips HD9641/96, but the Philips model failed to dominate over Holsem air fryer model. So, we’re not recommending the Philips model here.

The HOLSEM model would suit two people, though, so for a single or couple of users, this is a non-issue. The device’s favor is its reasonable cost point, especially considering its remarkable cook quality and added accessories. Yes, we highly suggest it to you.

If you want something bigger, go for Nuwave 10 qt, Chefman 8 qt., or Kalorik 10 qt. model.

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