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Home-TECH Germany was the inspiration for this company. They specialized in toaster ovens because they were established. It is a pioneer in the MOTORIZED COOKER sphere due to its exceptional quality and unique design.

Convection ovens are portable and highly efficient. The powerful internal fan circulates hot, humid air to heat meals and seal in natural flavors and aromas.

Health Benefits: Foods are prepared with minimal or no additional fats or oils to achieve the best taste and aroma.

Easy to use: The dial arrangement’s simple command panel makes controlling temperature and time easy.

Hometech Halogen Fryer Review

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  • This is the perfect solution for boats, recreational vehicles, dorms, camping, and even a small kitchen.
  • Tongs, double racks, skillets, extender rings, lid holders, and a detachable power plug are all included.
  • Glass cooking bowls 12 Quarts with a 5 Quart Extension Ring provide ample space to cook many different foods.
  • The toaster evenly distributes heat without the need for oil or fats. The oven retains the nutrients and flavor of food and cooks three times faster than traditional ovens.



  • Simple cleaning
  • Halogen technology
  • Simple usage



  • None

Why to Choose the Hometech HT 11 Halogen Fryer

Hometech is known for its high-quality, superior functionality kitchen equipment that makes cooking easy and enjoyable. The large selection of products it offers is tested for security and quality.

All its products come with a 12-month guarantee. These brands are often the most reliable. It also offers excellent after-sales support and customer service.


It’s all yours! You can make delicious, healthy meals quickly and easily in your own kitchen. You can do all of this and more with the Hometech Magnetic Traditional Halogen Oven.

The layout is well balanced. It can be placed at a counter and still has enough capacity to cook complete meals for a family. This stove comes with an additional five-liter expansion ring. You can also add friends to your household at this point.

This kitchen cooker can be used to cook all sorts of foods. The oven comes with a skillet so you can enjoy delicious grills and tongs to extract hot items.

The extender ring makes your toaster seem larger. How much more could you need to surprise your family and friends with delicious treats?

Opinions of Others About Hometech Halogen Fryer

Although the stove looks sturdy and well-built, it is relatively lightweight and fragile. Amazon seems to have something that is more durable than the stove.

The bowl is made of thick glass and is quite heavy. Once the console is covered, it feels solid. I don’t like the feeling of the console being flimsy when I lift it up in the middle of cooking.

The rack is made of solid plastic and holds the cooker in place. However, it may have been helpful to put some non-invasive stoppers on the ground.


Question: What causes the lid to come off the cooker?

Answer: You can't. The lid can be turned upside down so that the component rests in the base. Distance is important to me as I live in an RV. It is very durable, and I love it.

Question: My girlfriend broke my bowl. Is it possible to get a replacement?

Answer: The company may be able to offer a discount if you buy one more.

Question: How many watts or amps does that require?

Answer: Based upon Mfr tag 1200w consumption is for family use only.



This toaster uses convection to cook healthy foods. It circulates hot air around the toaster and helps remove fat from meals. You can see how your food is cooking in the transparent glass jar.

It is easy to set the time and temperature on your dial control panel and then go about your day. The rest will be taken care of by your mechanical assistant’.

After you’re done with your cooking, add hot water and soap. This is not a recipe. You can adjust the dial to “wash,” then you can sit down and start picking your teeth. This is one more thing you can do to clean up.


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