How Long to Cook Frozen Burritos in Air Fryer

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There are many times when we don’t feel like cooking, let alone working. We need food to fuel our bodies.

If those lazy days come and you want to cook frozen burritos, this can be a fantastic option. This easy recipe is sure to make the eating time enjoyable and entertaining.

But the main problem is, how do you cook frozen burritos with an air fryer? It’s a difficult question because some chefs can take 7-10 minutes of cooking time, while others could take as long as 15 minutes air-frying burritos.

The time to cook your air fryer burrito will depend on the temperature and degree of crispness as well as brown coloring you would like to see in your burrito.

So, let’s look at the recipe for burritos and cooking time in more detail.

How Long to Air Fry Frozen Burritos

Cook Frozen Burritos in Air Fryer

Typically, the cooking time for a frozen burrito is likely to be between three and five minutes. But, it is important to be aware that it isn’t recommended to cook frozen burritos that you have purchased from the fridge immediately.

It is recommended to defrost them before letting them sit at room temperature prior to cooking.

Burrito in an Air Fryer

Air fryer burritos are an excellent solution for your quick craving. If you’ve got burritos in stock in your refrigerator, they can be cooked quickly. You can also cook a variety of burrito-based recipes that add different flavors to your meals.

Additionally, air fryer burritos will require the lowest oil, which is healthy. So, you will receive the freshest and most nutritious burrito recipes by using an air-fryer.

Frozen Burritos

Today, burritos can be sold in grocery stores. You can purchase a stack of burritos from superstores and put them in your refrigerator. The frozen burritos can last between one and two weeks in the refrigerator.

It is recommended to use parchment papers to cover the burritos in a single layer to ensure proper freezing.

Additionally, keep the burritos in an airtight container to ensure the long-lasting quality and durability. Additionally, you can keep the burritos in the freezer under close to subzero temperatures in case you wish to keep them for a longer time.

Frozen Burritos

In fact, a properly frozen burrito is likely to last for several months. You can keep the fresh burritos purchased from the market or cook them at home to make them ready for consumption.

But you need to chill the frozen burritos first before you cook the frozen burritos. If not, the burritos may remain in the basket of your air fryer and will ruin your effort in the event that you’re hungry.

How to prepare Frozen Burritos in an Air Fryer?

Frozen Burritos in An Air Fryer

This simple burrito recipe will let you know the secret to air-frying burritos without making them too dry. You are guaranteed to taste the best and crispiest burritos using this recipe.

This recipe guideline will allow you to cook traditional restaurant-style chimichangas with your air fryer. When cooked using an air fryer, your chimichangas remain as delicious as your favorite restaurant dish but with the least oil usage.

Vital Ingredients


  • Fresh or frozen burritos
  • Olive oil
  • Parmesan cheese grated
  • The freshest and most finely chopped veggies
  • Garlic and ginger mix

The Cooking Instructions Include:

Credit: Melanie Cooks


  1. If you’re using frozen burritos, you must allow them to defrost correctly. If you are making fresh burritos, they can be used immediately.
  2. The secret to tasty chimichangas is preparing the filler in a precise manner. You can make use of cheese, meat, vegetable, eggs and even fish.
  3. If you’re using veggies or meat, let them marinate using the ginger, garlic, and onion mixture. Add black pepper and salt for delicious and flavorful recipes.
  4. You must ensure that you are using the correct proportion of vegetables and meat as filler. A lot of use for one food item can affect the flavor.
  5. It is important to spread the filling evenly and ensure that you don’t overfill it. Filling too much of the burritos with chimichangas can limit the wrapping capability.
  6. Begin by wrapping the side of your burrito in a single layer. Then, pull the bottom with the thumb and wrap it around the layer you’ve already wrapped.

The sides should be folded inwards. After that, use your thumb to seal the sides to create an ideal filling.

How Long to Air Fry Frozen Burritos?

Frozen Burritos

It’s dependent on the brand of air fryer you’re using. Additionally, the temperature of heating can affect the time it takes to freeze cook for burritos.

Additionally, it is dependent on the number of burritos you are cooking in your air fryer as well as their size.

It is possible to prepare them in around 10-12 minutes at 400°F for regular burritos. The smaller, less dense burritos may require less time. If your air fries a single burrito, it can be completed in around 8-10 minutes.

How Long Does It Take?

Air Fry A Frozen Burrito or Chimichanga

Chimichanga is a delicious recipe that is loved by all who try it. You can keep the chimichangas or burritos in the refrigerator to cook in the future.

The cooking time for frozen chimichanga is contingent on the filler in it. To begin, you must defrost them in a controlled manner and make use of a dry towel to dry the burrito’s dampness. Once they are soft enough, then you can fry them in the oven.

The cooking duration remains the same as mentioned in the past when the temperature is set at room temperature.

Air Fryer Burrito Recipe

Air Fryer Burrito Recipe

Burritos are the most loved by everyone. The good thing is that we can sincerely and effortlessly make the burritos using the air fryer, using less oil.

There are hundreds of recipes that can satisfy your hunger. Some of the most popular burrito dishes include burritos made with chicken, parmesan cheese and vegetables, and more.

You can also fry the burritos in oil and enjoy these with coffee.

How Do You Make Frozen Burritos Better?

Frozen Burritos Better

If you are feeling hungry, get frozen burritos to enjoy them. If you’re looking to improve them, it is time to make them air-fried.

You can also garnish the burritos with ingredients that make them taste and appear better. We recommend making use of diced cilantro, salsa verde as well as a few pieces of freshly cut avocado.

It is also possible to make lime sauce over the burrito and then add onion rings in stack to it to get a better sensation.

How to Air Fry Frozen Burritos?

Frozen Burritos

Ninja Foodi is an all-purpose kitchen appliance. It can be used to cook or boil, roast, or bake whatever food items you enjoy. It is also possible to air fry burritos with Ninja Foodi.

  • Preheat your Ninja Foodi air fryer at 400 deg F.
  • Put the burritos in the basket of an air fryer. The part that is sealed should face towards the top.
  • Set the timer to 15 minutes with the temperature set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then flip them over midway through cooking to ensure the right amount of doneness.

How To Prevent Frozen Burritos From Becoming Soggy?

Prevent Frozen Burritos from becoming soggy

When you store your burritos in the fridge, they can become damp. This is why you need to prevent moisture from them. Burritos are as tight as you can.

Wrap them in plastic wrap and, later using aluminum foil. Then, put their contents in an airtight container.

If you cook them, warm them in an oven or air fryer following cooling them thoroughly to make the best recipes.

How To Prepare Air Fryer Chicken Burritos?

Air Fryer Chicken Burritos

Chicken burritos are an excellent option for a fast and easy dinner. You can add grated parmesan cheese for the topping on tortillas. After that, you can air fry them in a short time.

It is essential to heat the air fryer to 400 degrees F for 5 minutes prior to when you can place the tortillas in the basket.

It is necessary to prepare the tortillas for 12-15 mins and then flip them over to ensure the right amount of degree of doneness on each side. Serve with a little garnish.



We hope that you have a picture of how long it will take to prepare frozen burritos using the air-fryer. It shouldn’t take longer than fifteen minutes. If you’re feeling tired and need fast food, pull out your frozen burritos, and make your perfect meal.

Additionally, keep the burritos inside an airtight container within the refrigerator to avoid sogginess. In this way, the tortillas and burritos will be fresh for up to a month.

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