How To Cook Asparagus In An Air Fryer: 3-Minute Guide

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Imagine a delicious plate of smokey, soft and crunchy from within, bursting with the delicious flavors that fill your mouth.

I’m sure you won’t allow yourself to have a taste like this.

Salute to all my asparagus fans.

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Guess what? Making asparagus with the air fryer isn’t that difficult and can be done in a matter of minutes to blink your eyes.

How do you prepare asparagus using an air fryer?

Well, I’ve been sharing some solid recipes with you like BK chicken nuggets, Chicken corn fritters, Culvers original chicken tenders, etc!

Today, I’m sharing an amazing and delicious brown full of flavor and nutritious food item with you. Let’s get started.

Air Fryer Asparagus Recipe

Credit: Melanie Cooks

What’s the Process?

Before beginning the art-making asparagus cook, here are the ingredients you’ll need to prepare the following easy asparagus recipe ideas.

  • Make sure you are organized.
  • Gather all the ingredients together.
  • Start collecting asparagus if you have already planted this plant in your backyard Congratulations.

For those who don’t own asparagus in your home, that’s no problem. Most of us buy asparagus from local stores nearby.

When you purchase, bear in mind a single important thing ……..

Make sure you choose smaller and more tender asparagus. These are also smaller in size. This will make your savor more special.

Do You Want to Learn a Lifesaving Hack?

If you wish to preserve asparagus for a long period of time, you can either wrap them with plastic wrap or soak the bottom of them in a few inches of water and then cover it with plastic wrap. After that, place it in the freezer.

A Quick Question: What’s the Need of an Air Fryer?

From my personal experience, I’ve noticed it’s the best method to cook asparagus on the inside.



Now is the time to gather the spices.

  • Powdered Garlic (optional)
  • Extra-virgin olive oil or regular vegetable oil
  • Juice of a lemon (optional)
  • Ground black pepper
  • Regular salt or Kosher salt
  • Dry leaves of oregano (optional)

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Process of Cooking:


Step 1. Make the Asparagus Ready:

air fryer asparagus

Then, first cut the asparagus to the ends.

How do you cook raw asparagus?

There will be the hard woody part. It is not fried. Make use of a knife to cut the slice. Alternatively, you could use your hands instead.

Assist the asparagus in the middle using two hands and then bend it. It will break off the woody portion quickly.

What do we do next?

Wash them well by using water. Dry them with a soft kitchen towel.

Wait for a minute and be patient ……….

Be careful not to eat the woody bits you cut at the last minute. They can be used in the future when you make soup or cream. This is the secret sauce that gives added flavor to the food. Make sure to keep them.

Step 2: Seasoning:

Take advantage of all your favorite seasonings.

In the beginning, you need to add a decent amount of olive oil extra virgin. Don’t add too much. Be aware that we aren’t deep-frying the asparagus. We’re employing the air fryer. Make sure you use the right amount to cover them.

Do you have olive oil but no olives at home?

You can use vegetable oil that you have on hand quickly. Making use of your hands or a kitchen brush made of silicone will be the best way to brush the asparagus thoroughly.

Add salt or Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

If you enjoy the taste of Garlic, try adding some garlic powder. It is possible to add oregano leaves too. Simply use the seasonings you like best. It’s entirely your choice. I love the delicious flavor of Garlic and oregano, and I often add them to my herb blends.

Do you want to know the secret?

Lemon juice is a refreshing drink. Squeeze it and witness the magic.

Mix or toss the ingredients thoroughly. The flavor will depend on how mixing the seasoning is. It’s recommended to spend at least an hour mixing the asparagus with the seasoning.

Now, you’re all set to fry your beautifully prepared asparagus in the air fryer.

Air Fry Asparagus Step 3: Air Frying Asparagus

Prior to laying the asparagus, heat your air fryer to 400 ° for about 2 minutes. Then, you can put your asparagus in the basket using two methods.

  • Spray or brush the basket using a silicone kitchen brush. Spread the asparagus that has been seasoned evenly on top of each other. There are various sizes of the air fryer. For a smaller model, you can put in eight to ten asparagus spears. In a larger pot, there are 16 to 20 spears that can be cooked at one time.
  • Another option is to utilize foil paper. Suppose you are planning to cook the entire spear at once, first place aluminum foil near the top of the dish. Then, you can pour the asparagus into it. The time is now to place them into an air fryer. It will take between 6 and 7 minutes to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection.
  • Once the time has passed and the basket is empty, take it out. Serve them on a plate. Take a look at the gorgeous and dark brown color.

Do you smell the aroma of the well-seasoned and smoked roast flavor?

It’s mouthwatering.

You can try the lemon juice if it gives you an acidic taste and taste. Or, you can skip it.

Remember, I’ve advised that you should pick spears with a soft tip?

In the event that spears are not evenly dimensioned and not younger than the others, you wouldn’t get the amazing taste. One might be cooked too long, while the other wouldn’t even be cooked.

Other Ways to Prepare Asparagus Using an Air Fryer

Asparagus can be eaten raw, cooked as well as fried, roasted or sauteed. However, I’m insisting that you don’t boil asparagus. You won’t appreciate the slimy texture.

Can I cook frozen asparagus in an air fryer?

Yes, but you should always make sure to eat fresh vegetables. In contrast, I’m teaching you to fry asparagus using the air-fryer. Let’s explore how to cook them differently.

Air-Fryed Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

Do You Love Bacon?


Air fryer asparagus bacon is going to be your go-to dish from today.

How do you cook bacon-wrapped asparagus using an air-fryer? It’s a breeze and enjoyable to cook. All the ingredients are at hand in the kitchen.

  • Salt
  • Powdered Garlic (optional)
  • Parmesan cheese(optional)
  • Black Pepper
  • Asparagus
  • Olive oil
  • Bacon strips

The Cooking Procedure


  • The first step is to sprinkle the freshly washed and dry asparagus using salt as well as garlic powder, olive oil, and freshly crushed black pepper.
  • Take an even bacon stripe and add some salt as well as pepper.
  • Wrap up 3 or 4 asparagus spears with bacon to help them stay together.
  • After that, wrap the asparagus spears in the basket of the fryer. Be sure to brush or spray oil prior to frying them.
  • Bake at 400°F in 7 to 8 minutes, and then you’re finished!
  • Serve the delicious bacon-wrapped asparagus on a plate for serving.

Crusted Asparagus:


It’s also very simple to prepare. You’ll require the below ingredients.

  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Smoked paprika(optional)
  • Ground black pepper
  • Garlic powder(optional)
  • Asparagus
  • Olive oil
  • Breadcrumb
  • Egg
  • Parmesan cheese(optional)

The Cooking Procedure


  • Make four bowls. One of them should be filled using all-purpose flour. Include a small amount of salt. The salts we use will be together with eggs. Don’t overdo it in this recipe. Include smoked paprika and garlic powder too. Mix all the ingredients.
  • Find 2 or 3 eggs, as proportional to the number of asparagus spears that you’ve harvested. Add salt to taste + freshly crushed black pepper. Beat the egg until it is well-beaten, and place it aside.
  • In the third dish, add Breadcrumbs. Add a few pieces of parmesan cheese and mix the two. Set the fourth bowl aside, and you’ll need it after a while.
  • After washing, you can take the cleaned and dry asparagus. In the beginning, provide the asparagus with an egg wash. Then, give them an even coating of flour and then an egg wash. Then, apply a good coating of breadcrumbs.
  • Place the spears coated into the fourth bowl you have set to the side.
  • After you’ve finished coating, you can spray or brush some of the oil into the air fryer basket. Put the spears into the basket and fry them at temperatures of 400°F for between 6 and 7 minutes.
  • After seven minutes, serve them with your preferred sauces or enjoy them as they are. The outside is crispy and tender on the inside. Enjoy the explosion of flavor in your mouth while closing your eyes.

Final Decision


Find out how easy it’s to make Sauteed Asparagus recipes?

All you have to do is prepare asparagus spears by using the correct seasoning and an excellent mix and then cook the spears in an air-fryer.

How long do you cook asparagus using an air-fryer?

Each recipe will take longer than 10 to 15 minutes. They’ll require less than. 5 minutes to clean as well as prepare spares. It takes just 10 mins to fry them up in an air fryer.

These dishes are ideal for serving as an accompaniment dish or an appetizer to accompany the main meal.

Try it out! It’s a go.

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