How to Cook Brats in Your Air Fryer: No Confusion!

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Different seasons require different recipes. In winter, fall or summer, there’s always a recipe that fits perfectly.

The kitchen, surrounded by soaring temperatures, can be miserable, especially during the summertime. It’s comforting to know that brats’ recipes can be very simple to make.

Brats sausage is a sausage that, although is different in its regions of flavor and quality, remains one of the quickest recipes you can prepare.

Cooking brats using an air fryer is straightforward and more nutritious than deep-frying in a variety of ways. This recipe isn’t as tricky as Doritos chicken tenders or Costco chicken nuggets.

Air Fryer Brats Recipes


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What Are Brats?

Also known as Bratwurst, brats are a type of German sausage that is typically made from pork. It is believed to date back to 228AD. But, there are other varieties made of beef and veal.

Furthermore, brats sausages come packed with lots of nutrients and vitamins that can benefit overall health. They are enclosed in a thin and simple casing, filled with meat filling.

air fryer brats

“Bratwurst” is a term that refers to the brew. “Bratwurst” is a combination of two German words: brats and wurst. “Brat” means finely chopped meat.

“Wurst” simply means sausage, which is a term that’s related to a contemporary German term, “braten,” which means to roast or pan fry.

Brats are sausages that are sold raw and available in grocery stores. The most enjoyable way to eat brats is to grill, boil, frying, cooking, cooking, or roasting.

Brats are usually prepared with pork and veal and then seasoned with nutmeg and ginger coriander or any other flavorings that smell aromatic. Brats traditionally are spiced with fresh marjoram that is associated with oregano.

Air Fryer Vegetables and Bratwurst

Air Fryer Bratwurst and Vegetables

Brats in air fryer and vegetable recipes are among many delicious and nutritious dishes. It’s at the top of the list of favorite recipes list. personally, I’d choose it over Chicken parmesan casserole, and even Air fried Korean chicken wings.


  • Four fresh bratwurst
  • 1 onion (cut into wedges)
  • Half teaspoon powdered garlic
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • Green beans (chopped)
  • 1 red Bell pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Air fryer (Dash Deluxe and Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer 100B  are the best for this dish)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of smoked in paprika
  • Foil
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano seasoning
  • 1lb potato (cut into quarters)
  • 1. Green Bell pepper


  • Rinse the vegetables and simply chop them into pieces.
  • Rinse and cut the onion, too.
  • Divide the potatoes into quarters.
  • Cover the lower part of the air fryer with foil.
  • Spread the vegetables on top of it.
  • Spice up your vegetables.
  • Add the vegetables to the dish with brats.
  • Cook at 390°F, then allow cooking.
  • Mix the brats and vegetables 10 minutes before the cooking process to ensure that the brats cook evenly across the entire surface.
  • Cook for up to 20 minutes. This keeps the vegetables fresh and preserves their nutrition.
  • Enjoy!

Easy Air Fryer Beer Brats


Brats prepared in an air fryer are delicious since they are juicy, tasty, and simple to prepare. They need to cook for less than twenty minutes.

Air-fryer Bratwurst may be served along with sauteed bell peppers and cabbage, onions, and cold salad of broccoli.

Let’s get to the recipe in full.

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  • Beer
  • Air fryer
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • Bratwurst


  • Begin by getting the brats out of the fridge about 5-10 minutes prior to cooking.
  • Then boil your brats with the beer and onions for 5 minutes.
  • Transfer them to your air fryer and cook them at 360 degF. There is no need to heat your fryer. This will aid in keeping them in place while keeping the delicious juices inside.
  • For the second time, to turn brats, brown spread them out in one layer.
  • Make sure to flip them after 10 minutes to ensure that all sides are cooked to perfection.
  • Cook for no more than 20 minutes.
  • Enjoy!

FAQs for How to Prepare Brats in an Air Fryer 

Do I Need to Boil Brats Before Cooking Them?

Boiling brats releases the flavor of the meat. However, brats should never be cooked in any way. If you boil your brats in a non-stick oven, you can steam the brats in a simmering beverage and onions.

If you are planning to grill your bratwurst, make sure you don’t boil the bratwurst in beer or any other liquid. Beer is an alcoholic liquid and can ignite by itself. If you put it in a flame or fire could result in disastrous consequences.  

What Temperature Should We Cook a Brat To?

Bratwursts can be cooked, fried, broiled, grilled or baked, or even cooked. Whatever method you decide to prepare your brats cooked.

The Temperature shouldn’t exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is higher than this, any juice that is in the brats will get sucked up due to the warmth, rendering the brats dry and unpleasant to taste.

How Long Do Cooked Brats Last?

Leftover brats and sausages that are stored in the refrigerator can last up to three days. If kept in the freezer, they’ll last for two or three months.

What to Put on Brats Before Serving?

There are more than one toppings that could transform the bratwurst you serve to be a healthy and tasty dish. You can add marinara sauce, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, cocktail sauce, cheese curds, and Swiss cheese.

How Should Bratwurst Look After Cooking?

A simple way to determine the time to cook your brats is to put a meat thermometer inside your oven or in an air fryer. If it registers between 145 and 160 degrees, then the brat is perfect.

Another method is to poke. If they’re floppy and sloppy, they’re not done yet. If they’re solid when poked, they’re great and ready for action.



Brats can be described as German sausages made of pork and veal and then packed into bags of varying thicknesses. There are numerous methods for making Bratwurst cooking, boiling, grilling,and baking. Whatever method you choose, brats are most delicious in a hot simmering state.

They’re not just delicious, but a variety of dishes are served with them. A few of them include sauerkraut and corn on the cob grilled and potato pancakes, to name just a few.

The art of making brats with an air fryer can help eliminate the requirement for oil in sausage making since brats’ sausage itself is rich in oil.

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