How to Use an Electric Smoker: Spice-up Your Next Outdoor Adventure

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Smoking is a traditional way of cooking that keeps food fresher and adds a distinct flavor and delicious flavor to food. However, modern times have diverged from the days of the caveman and brought with them new and thrilling twists on the traditional methods.

Electric smokers are a type of cooking appliance which makes use of hot electric rods as a heating source instead of charcoal.

The outdoor smoker is cleaner to use and offers many designs to pick from. The designs vary in options, like smoking racks, temperature settings, and control buttons, to name a few.

From here, advice about how to use an electric smoker will be provided. Additional, are the essential things to know about the item prior to buying one from the many models currently available.

Find Out the Way the Electric Smoker Works

It is crucial to understand the way your electric smoker functions to avoid issues and learn how to cook chicken wings. It operates by heating the cooking area in which air circulates and heats food via convection. Electric smokers can cook meat, utilizing surprisingly few components.

The smoker is connected vertically to a cooking surface at the top and has a heating source in the lower.

The Electric Smoker Should Be Pre-seasoned Prior to the First Time You Use It

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Before using an electric grill for the first time, make sure to season it. This is because it will eliminate any substance that has remained on the elements of the smoker throughout the process of manufacturing. By “substance remains,” we refer to dust, solvent, or petroleum-based products.

In addition, the black layer of smoke can help restore and seal the inside of the smoker, in addition to imparting an aroma of smoke to the food cooked inside it.

In order to accomplish this, lightly coat the inside of your electric smoker using cooking oil. Make sure that the smoker is set to precisely 275° Fahrenheit for at least 3 hours.

After that, add wood chips to the tray. The process will produce smoke that helps to ground the device to be used for other purposes.

How Can You Control the Temperature of Your Smoker and Vents?

It is vital to understand how to regulate the temperature and airflow of your smoker because they affect the meat. The quality of your smoker’s insulation is crucial and is just one of the reasons that proper testing needs to be conducted prior to buying.

Always open the vent when smoking, and close it only after you’re done or if you have raised the temperature of your smoker’s interior.

It’s vital to keep in mind Electric smokers can be renowned for their swinging. When we say swinging, it refers to the change in the temperature of the smoker up to 20° F. It is important to know how to keep the swings under control and what triggers them.

Adjust the temperature just a bit below the desired temperature to ensure that when it gets warmer, it reaches the exact temperature or near it.

After that, you can reset it at the temperature you want to set. This will help reduce the fluctuation in temperature as well as keep your smoker from compensating for the actual temperature and the temperature set.

Additionally, once you’ve become familiar with the smoker, you’ll be able to gain more control over the temperature swings.

Keeping the vent open while smoking your meat can keep creosote from forming on it. Creosote is a chemical that is found in smoke and provides the smokey taste you want.

Although a tiny amount of creosote found in the smoke can help, however, a thick layer on your meat can make it taste terrible.

Vents regulate airflow, so you can use the vent to regulate and control the temperature while cooking since changing the temperature can alter the quality of food.

Use the Right Wood Chips in Perfect Way

When purchasing a new smoker, it’s recommended to read the instruction manual that comes with the smoker. It is important to determine what wood chips you need to use or not.

Cedar, plum, alder, and many more are kinds of wood chips can be bought online, or through hardware stores or grocery stores.

On average, it takes between three and five hours of smoking in a typical electric smoker to burn through 946 ml or four cups of chips from wood.

The process of soaking wood chips to be used in electric smokers isn’t required since it releases white smoke , which isn’t smoke, but steam.

This makes temperature control difficult because moisture is vaporized out of the chip. A thin smoke caused through dry wood chippings is what gives the smokey taste.

How to Use Electric Smoker

Step 1: Choosing Which Kind of Smoker You Will Require

You should consider your goals and needs prior to buying smokers. Do your research thoroughly to determine the most suitable product for your needs that could include the size of food, finances, electricity source, size, and other things.

Connect it to an electrical source that has a good plug connection and safety.

Step 2: Thoroughly Read & Understand the Manufacturer Instruction

Before you use the product, make sure you’ve read the instruction manual you received to become acquainted with smoking the food. Make sure you follow the directions to fully take pleasure in the product and also to use it for a long period of time.

Step 3: Season or Cure a Brand New Electric Smoker According to the Provided Instruction

As we mentioned previously, Always preseason your new electric smoker in order to get rid of any residue leftover from cooking. This is also a factor in the effectiveness and longevity of the smoker.

Step 4: Preparing the Meat

It all depends on the type of meat you wish to cook. You could marinate it or do anything else prior to smoking it.

Step 5: Seasoning the Meat

It also depends on the flavor you prefer. This means that you can rub it dry with herbs, spices, sugar, salt and soak it with an acidic marinade prior to smoking.

Step 6: Letting the Meat Season Overnight

After you dry rub it with the spice, flavor, or dip it into a marinade, you can let it rest for several hours before letting it marinate. This will make sure that the Meat is soaked in the flavor and tastes great when it is smoked.

Step 7: Turn on Your Smoker and Add Water

Pour water into the smoker if it is equipped with a water pan or an empty tin container that is used to do this. Be sure to keep in mind the amount of water in the smoker since you might have to add water to the electric smoker at some point after a while.

Step 8:Purchasing the Right Wood Chips

As we’ve mentioned earlier, be familiar with your smoking style since some have a preference for their wood chips, whereas some smokers can use any kind of wood chips from Cedar to Hickory chip and the list goes on.

Step 9: Checking the Smoker Temperature

A constant check of the temperature will determine the result of the food. You must wait for the temperature to get to the desired temperature before cooking the meat, as any change in temperature is harmful.

Step 10: Begin Serving

After setting the temperature, put your Meat in the rack to smoke for between 3 or 8 hours. Then, place the meat thermometer into the middle of the Meat to determine whether it has been smoking according to your preferences.

Enjoy and share with your family and friends.

Tips & Tricks to Follow

  1. Prepare your grill prior to use.
  2. Cook at the correct temperature.
  3. Be sure to have ample time needed to complete all procedures before smoking.
  4. You should have enough cooking space and you are free to experiment with your choices.
  5. Always keep your smoker clean.

How to Utilize Wood Chips Inside an Electric Smoker

A large number of people and women are unsure of how to make use of a smoker with wood chips. The majority of them were designed to do this and help you achieve the wonderful smokey flavor of your food.

It is common to find a spot to store the wood chips directly beneath the source of heat. The four cups are typically ideal for about five hours of smoking.

There are a variety of trendy choices for wood chips, including alder, cedar, hickory, walnut, plum, and cherry. Be aware that a lot of the time, when you add wood to your smoker, it might cool it down in the event that you don’t have a counter-smoker.

It is a good option, but the water bowl is only suitable if you purchase an Electric water smoker; steam is released by water as it warms up, which helps to soften your meats.

Suppose you want to spice things up by adding aromatic ingredients to the skillet. Learning how to make use of a smoker requires ensuring the temperature you require is reached prior to putting the meat in.

A lot of Smokers have control setting buttons that are user-friendly. Meat is properly cooked for an hour to eight, which brings out the sour flavor you enjoy and gives your meat the perfect texture.

It’s also recommended to use an apron thermometer for beef to place inside their flesh to determine its internal temperature. In this way, you’ll be able to determine if the beef is cooked or requires longer time to cook.

Electric Smoker Wood Chips That Are Wet or Dry

If you enjoy cooking with planks, then you should soak the wood for several hours prior to putting them on the stove. If you don’t dip them, you’ll face a potentially costly mistake and request take-out.

At the final stage, you have to make sure that you have a clean-burning flame with a delicious-smelling smoke that is clear, blue, and barely noticeable.

Although the wet and dry wood debate is bound to be a raging battle if there’s wood to burn or meats to smoke, the reality is that soaking may be unneeded and has no benefit.

The wood must be dry in order to allow it to smoke, not steam. That means you’re wasting your time and water by bathing.

Tips and Tricks for Electric Smokers


Here are 10 helpful tips and tricks to use with your Master-built electronic smoker. These are fantastic if you are not familiar with smoking. As always, please post a comment below for any concerns or questions.

  • It is worth the possibility of having multiple probes to test its accuracy. There are plenty of remote probes like this one from Amazon, which are affordable to buy and can help ensure the best results.
  • Do your research with a certain bottle of water and test for accuracy. It is recommended to study 32oz. Ensure accuracy of the probe every now and then can ensure that your food is being cooked at the correct temperature.
  • Don’t smoke your chips! The water does not smoke. It’s steam that gives the appearance of smoking and is an utterly ineffective exercise.
  • Do not use foil on grill trays because it could hinder the heat. Frog mats can be a useful option, but keep your sanity from sliding through the grill grates.
  •  A single addition of chips is usually a great approach for this type of meat. Smoking chicken on an elevated level at 275°F can work well.
  • Do contact the company right away if you are having issues regarding smoking. However, They provide excellent customer service and will look out for your needs.
  • The grill grates of the Sterile Grill are cleaned after every use. People like to soak them in hot water and wash them with detergent, then clean them with a gentle scouring pad. It takes time, but it saves an enormous amount of work from washing cooked off, as well as on meat and fat.
  • Keep your electric smoker in the refrigerator and pay for it with a large plastic bag. This keeps dust and moisture away and extends the life of your smoking device.
  • Clean the course after the smoker remains slightly warm but not boiling. Condensation on glasses makes it easy to clean the grit off with a moist towel or a clean cloth.

Maintenance of the Electric Smoker

Utilizing an electric smoker can be straightforward; however, you must keep it in good condition to ensure the greatest amount of tender meat.

The maintenance of the smoker involves cleaning, specifically of the smoker’s box, and then adding wood chips or pellets that produce smoke.

Also, it involves taking care of your wood chip box by checking the temperature frequently and ensuring it’s completely free of grease and dirt.


1. Should I Soak Wood Chips for an Electric Smoker?

It’s an individual choice. However, the process of soaking wood chips to use in electric smokers isn’t required. If possible, choose dry wood chips.

2. How Often Should the Wood Chippings Get Added to Your Electric Smoker?

It’s all dependent on your chip tray’s size and the space it occupies. But, the instructions from the manufacturer that came with the item will provide you with the timeline.

3. Do Electric Smokers Consume Much Energy?

There’s no need to worry. Most electric smokers consume 800 watts of power per hour.

4. How Do You Remove the Smoke From the Electric Smoker?

Clean the inside of the smoker with hot soapy water, a sponge. A bristle of plastic Metal isn’t the best option to clean. Dry it with a dry towel, making sure that there’s no trace of the items used.

5. Should I Prepare My Electric Smoker Prior to the First Time I Use It?

Absolutely, you must. This is due to the fact that it assists in getting rid of dust and other ingredients that could affect the outcome that you cook.

6. How to Clean the Electric Smoker?

The most effective method to clean your electric smoker is using a dry cloth and hot water. The first step is: remove the grates and then wipe them clean using a cloth.

Use the cloth to spread the grease over the sides and the bottom of the smoker. Make sure that you shut off the smoker and let it cool before you begin cleaning. Be sure to get into the crevices and cracks to remove the gunk.

7. What Makes an Electronic Smoker Emit Smoke?

An electric smoker makes use of electricity instead of charcoal or wood to produce heat to cook the meat. Electric smokers are available in two designs that are hot box and cold smoker.

The hot box model makes use of a heating element to warm the pellets or wood chips. The cold smoker does not have a heating element but instead has separate chambers that cool the smoke prior to contacting the food.

8. How Do You Install the Electric Smoking Device?

In order to set your electric smoker up, ensure that it’s well ventilated, and then place wood chips in the smoking pipe.

It can take around 20 minutes to set up your smoker. Start by setting your smoker. First, you must connect your wire racks onto the cooking chamber, along with the tray for woodchips. Then, connect the electric smoker to the household electrical outlet.

9. Why to Ensure That You Season Your Electric Smoker?

Electric smokers are usually employed to cook food items, specifically meat. They can make the electric smoker ideal for various weather conditions and can put it outside. In order to do this, it’s necessary to prepare the smoker prior to its first use.

10. What Is the Best Way to Make Sure That Your Electric Smoker Is Properly Seasoned?

  1. A seasoning process for an electric smoker will aid in maintaining the heat and smoking production for a longer time.
  2. Take the drip pan and rack out of the smoking area.
  3. Cleanse the smoker and racks by washing them with soapy water. Warm water is ideal.
  4. Dry the racks and smokers.
  5. Spray the racks and the smoker using cooking spray.
  6. Place the drip pan and racks back to the smoker.
  7. Place your meat or poultry onto the racks.
  8. Turn off the smoke and then plug it in.
  9. Set the temperature you want to achieve.
  10. Allow the smoker to finish the seasoning until the desired time has passed.

11. Is Getting a Smoke Ring Possible Using an Electric Smoking Device?

Yes, you can purchase the smoke ring on an electric smoker by purchasing an electric smoker that is of high quality.

The smoke ring alters the fine smoke that is stuck in the meat and is cooked through the heating.

To make smoke rings using the help of an electronic smoker, simply fill it up with wood chips and adjust it to your desired temperature. When you see smoke pouring from at the highest vents, your coals must be in good shape and ready to use.

12. Are You Able to Use an Electronic Smoker Inside?

Yes, you can put an electronic smoker in your home, however only if you place it in a ventilated area.

13. How Can You Make More Smoke From Your Electronic Smoker?

Smoke can be increased with the slow smoke method as well as by adding wood chunks or chips to your smoker.

14. What Happens if an Electric Grill Is Put in the Open?

You can put an electric smoker outside. Yes. It is advised that you keep the smoker in the house when it is not in use to ensure protection against weather. Keep it away from sunlight to prevent paint from discoloration.

The exposure of an electric smoker to the elements could result in damage.

15. Are You Able to Use Electric Smokers in Winter?

Of course, you are able to make use of electric smokers in the winter months. There is only one difference: that you will have to heat it for around 10 minutes before you start smoking.

16. What Is the Best Way to Smoke Brisket With Your Electric Smoker?

Smoke a brisket using an electric smoker employing a medium to low temperature plus electric heat that will cook the meat slowly, making it soft.

17. What Is the Best Way to Cook Aluminum for the Electric Smoker?

The aluminum foil should not be used in use with an electric smoker.

18. Do You Cook It Directly Onto the Rack of the Electric Smoker?

It is possible to fit around 3 to 4 pounds of meat into the electric smoker. The most efficient method of cooking meat in a smoker is to keep meat on the rack covered throughout the entire cooking process.

19. Do You Have to Place Water in the Smoker?

No. There is no need to place water into the smoker. It creates steam which keeps the meat juicy and moist.

20. What Is the Reason Smoked Meat Is Harmful to You?

Apart from being tasty Smoked meat is also delicious. However, it has an extensive history of being negative for diet and health because it has been associated with heart disease and diabetes.

Smoking meat may cause carcinogens to be added to your food. It may increase the risk of getting cancer.



An electric smoker an outdoor gadget that should be used outdoors in all weather conditions and never indoors. To avoid a stressful clean-up, the grease-trapping tray in the bottom of the smoker must be covered in foil.

The foil will prevent the need to wash it because it won’t get stained.

It cooks deliciously in a healthy way by lowering the temperature for a longer duration and is worth it. Additionally, you won’t need to spend a lot of time watching it cook, but it is able to do other useful things.

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