Meril Lagasse Air Fryer 4 Qt review: Worth Buying?

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Do you need a good air fryer, which could cover all your worries, from getting healthy fried products to baking to reviving your last night’s leftovers to the best crisp possible, then Meril Lagasse Air Fryer 4 Qt is the best in the queue.

This air fryer by the famous chef EMERIL LAGASSE is of top-notch quality with multiple functions and specifications, cheaper and much more efficient than the other air fryers, providing you with the most delicious and crispiest foods.

Emeril Lagasse air fryer comes up with 8-digital presets with auto shut off functions; this 8 in one multi-functional air fryer lets you choose from eight cooking presets on the easy-to-read LED Digital Display or program your own cooking program to cook any type of food you want, from French fries to chicken to vegetables to sea-food and what not!

Meril Lagasse Air Fryer 4 Qt review: Worth Buying?

Meril Lagasse Air Fryer 4 Qt

The Air fryer has a temperature control that has a limit of up to 400-degree Fahrenheit, giving you the desired fried products with the proper texture of foods without burning them from the inside or the outside.

Moreover, this despicable air fryer requires less oil as compared to other air fryers as it uses superheated hot air instead of deep fryer oil. So you don’t need to bother adding more fats and calories to your meal.

When it comes to capacity, no one can beat the Lagasse air fryer 4 qt as it comes up with a huge capacity to cook delicious and mouth-watering dishes for the entire family in just one touch at your kitchen countertop.

Benefits And Features of Meril Lagasse Air Fryer 4 Qt

  • Using rapid air technology, you can enjoy a deep-fried taste without the calories
  • 5 in 1: air fry, broil, bake, roast, reheat
  • 8 one-touch settings: French fries, roast, shrimp, bake, chicken, steak, fish, and reheat
  • 4-qt. capacity
  • Easy-to-use digital touch screen
  • Precise temperature control
  • 1400 watts
  • Timer with auto-shutoff
  • Stainless steel design
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Removable inner fry basket

Parts And Accessories

  • Main unit housing
  • Air Inlet vent
  • Control panel
  • Outer basket
  • Hot air outlet vent
  • Power cable
  • Fry basket
  • Basket release button
  • Sliding button guard
  • Outer basket

Recipes worth checking out:

Control Panel Functions of Meril Lagasse Air Fryer 4 Qt

Power Button

The Control Panel will turn on once the Outer Basket and Fry Basket have been properly installed inside the main housing. A single push of the Power Button will set the Unit’s default cooking temperature and time. You can begin cooking by pressing the Power Button a second time. If you press the Power Button while it is cooking, it will turn off. The same you get with air fryer models form Tristar, Chefman, and Zeny.

Preset Button (M)

The PresetPreset button allows you to cycle between eight different cooking settings. Within 5 seconds of selecting a cooking preset, the cooking cycle begins. You can find the temperature and cooking time associated with each food item preset in the PresetPreset Chart below.

temp & time settings

Temperature Control Buttons

The + and − symbols allow you to gradually increase or decrease the cooking temperature. Holding down the button will change it rapidly. After cooking has begun, you can adjust the cooking temperature. The temp range is 180°F to 400°F.

Time And Temperature Display

Using this display, you will be able to monitor the temperature and remaining cooking time.

Timer Control Buttons

Using the + and – symbols, you can increase or decrease cooking time. This can be done after the cooking cycle has begun. The time range is 1-60 minutes.

Blue Fan Icon & Red Heat Light

The spinning blue icon indicates that the unit is on, and it automatically turns off after 20 seconds. The star-shaped heat red heat light blinks, indicating that the unit is in cook or preheat mode.

Instructions Before Using Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer 4 Qt

  • Remove all the packing material.
  • Remove all the stickers and labels.
  • Before its first use, clean it thoroughly inside out with a warm cloth or mild detergent.
  • Before cooking, preheat the air fryer for a few minutes to eradicate the manufacturer’s protective coating of oil, and after this, wipe it from the inside out.
  • Place the fryer on a level horizontal surface, ensure it keeps it away from places where there is a bad ventilation system and far from any combustible materials.
  • Place the fry basket inside the outer basket and into the unit.
  • This air fryer cooks using hot air to prevent from oiling the outer basket or placing anything on top of the unit as this might hinder the airflow and affect the cooking.

Instructions For Using The Meril Lagasse 4 Qt Air Fryer

  • Plug the air fryer into a wall socket.
  • For preheating, press the power button.
  • Tap the +/– buttons to set the temperature and time for preheating.
  • Carefully pull out the outer basket and place the items in there; always use the outer basket with the fry basket and never handle the outer basket with bare hands; always use the handle.
  • Press the power buttons, set the time and temperature for your desired food for cooking.
  • Some foods require shaking while cooking, so remove the outer basket from the unit and gently shake the items and place it back into the unit for continuing the cooking process.
  • As the timer beeps, five times indicating the set time is over, pull out the outer basket and place it on an appropriate surface.
  • If the food is cooked, place it out using tongs; otherwise, slide back the outer basket in the unit and add more minutes to the cooking time.


Q: Can you prepare other foods rather than fried foods in the Emeril Lagasse air fryer?

A: Yes, you can prepare a lot of food rather than fried items like burgers, steaks, vegetables, and seafood, etc.

Q: Is this air fryer efficient for making or reheating soup and sauces?

A: No, never cook or reheat liquids in this air fryer.

Q: What to do if the unit turns off while cooking?

A: The air fryer comes up with a safety feature of Auto shut-off that prevents overheating. Remove the outer basket and let the unit cool down, and after it, plug the power cable back and restart by pressing the power button.

Q: Is preheating necessary?

A: Yes, it’s necessary if you’re cooking from a cold start, so a preheating time of 3 minutes is optimum.

Q: Is the air fryer dishwasher safe? 

A: No, only the fry basket is dishwasher safe; the unit itself is not dishwasher safe, so it must never be in contact with any kind of liquid and only be cleaned through a moist warm cloth with a mild detergent if necessary. Most of the air fryers aren’t dishwasher safe.

Q: Can we check the food while cooking is in the process?

A: Yes, it can be checked anytime by pulling out the outer basket, but it pauses the cooking as the basket comes out.



If you’re still juggling or confused about which air fryer to buy, then Emeril Lagasse air fryer 4 qt is the best among all when it comes to affordability, handling the food for multiple people with their type of choice for desired texture and tenderness.

Moreover, if you’re finding comfort in the kitchen appliances to ease your life in cooking with simple control functions and durability, then this air fryer is the one you’re finding. If you’re looking fo soemthing similar to compare with, you can check our reviews on:

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