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Modernhome Air Fryer gladly teaches you how to cook your favorite foods in a snap, with no fat at all. Just to have a great idea, this model comes with a 2-tier stainless-steel rack that doubles your cooking place and 4 flat skewers for meats and vegetables.

But, it comes with a nonstick baking pan best for omelets, cakes, cookies, and much more!

You’ll get used to The ModernHome Air Fryer very quickly as it comes with a full-color recipe book, and also there are precise digital configs to prepare seafood, meat, desserts, fries, and many other mouth-watering foods.

However, this fryer failed in our testing. NutriChef air fryer is a much better choice.

How about enjoying your favorite crispy meal with fewer calories, fat, and grease at your own home with your precious family?

Modernhome Air Fryer Review

Modernhome Air Fryer Review



Primary Material Stainless steel Finish Black
Overall Product Weight 21 lb Overall Dimension 17” H x 14.85” W x 16.5” D
Cooking Capacity in Quarts 10 Quarts Automatic Safety Shutoff Yes
Minimum Temperature 90 Fahrenheit Adjustable Temperature Yes
Maximum Temperature 400 Fahrenheit Maximum Timer Setting 1440 Minutes
Timer Yes Special Product Type
Air Fryer Oven
No. of Fry Baskets 4 Fry Basket Included Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes Wattage 1700 Watts
Handle Features Heatproof Fryer Features Touchscreen
PTFE Free Yes PFOA/BPA Free Yes
Preset Cooking Options Steak; Chicken; Fish; French Fries; Shrimp; Desserts; Pork Chops; Vegetable Supplier Intended and Approved Use Residential Use



Fry, grill, bake, reheat, toast, and roast your favorite breakfasts, meats, desserts, vegetables, and much faster than ever with this Modernhome Family-Sized Air Fryer. It also reaches 400° in seconds utilizing the most powerful Air Frying tech to cook quicker than any traditional convection or microwave oven. 

However, if we say honestly, the taste wasn’t up to the mark when we grilled and roasted a few food items in this air fryer. no just NutriChef air fryer did a much better job, but also other models like Ultrean Air Fryer, and Elite platinum air fryer proved to be much better.

With less or no oil, enjoy your favorite deliciously-crunchy, flavor-packed, crispy meals up to ninety percent fewer calories, fat, and grease, but you are clearly compromising on taste.

However, if you’re using NutriChef air fryer  instead, you can roast mouth-watering saute sizzling vegetables, chicken wings, bake rich desserts, or grill tender salmon instantly to enjoy and share anytime you desire, and the taste will be much better.

modernhome air fryer

Perfectly-prepared and in less duration than ever, finally, you are able to enjoy mouth-watering foods in comfort knowing that your accessories and parts are covered by the Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty on the accessories and also friendly customer service.

What’s appealing?

It has been manufactured to reach up to an incredible 400° within just a few seconds of coming on, so you’re guaranteed to have it processed at the temperature you desire, at a very short time period.

Furthermore, the model is equipped with rapidly circulating fans; the main duty of the fans is to offer heat evenly across all of the sections of the fryer. With this, roasting, grilling, baking, frying, and cooking becomes quicker than any traditional oven, but as we mentioned above, this fryer doesn’t give as good results as NutriChef air fryer  or Ultrean Air Fryer.

Bright and Clear LED with Touch Control Buttons

LEDs are the perfect wave of the moment, and this Modernhome Digital air fryer implements the tech into its process in an incredible way that’s worth mentioning here.

The LED display is manufactured in a manner that its illumination could be seen from everywhere around the place, and this means that you might not require to come too close so you can see the time remaining for your meal to get prepared or how many degrees it has hit.

The touch control function on its part permits for precise configuration of temperature and duration just when you require it. You could take advantage of this function to manage the appliance to provide your fries the exact crisp you desire and less time duration than it would have been.

Dishwasher Safe Parts and Accessories for Simple Clean-up

For every kitchen and home accessory, proper cleaning is essential for optimal usage and longevity, hence the requirement for the Modernhome Digital air fryer to inculcate functions that make it easily washable.

Being designed with safe dishwasher materials means that you could clean up more quickly, easily, and without requiring special cleaning accessories. So you could channel your effort to things that are much important to you.

Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty on Modernhome air fryer

Arguably, one of the most amazing features of this Modernhome air fryer is the warranty, which is the lifetime. As a part of the company’s promise to be more customer-tailored in their all operations, they have included a warranty for all accessories and parts.

modernhome air fryer

Hence you’re assured of long-term usage without having any fear that the company would bail out on you when a part of any accessory gets damaged.

In addition, the brand operates a powerful customer service that is easily accessible to each user of this air fryer, so customers could be assured of having agents to help them out in any kind or requirement they have.

Makes Your Favorite Meals in a Short Time, With Less Fat

This is one of the mightiest promises of this Modernhome air fryer. This kitchen appliance comes with a recipe full-color book that covers detailed recipes for huge numbers of meals, so you rest assured of not knowing unique types of meals, but you will also get to understand how to make them.

The ideal part to discuss this function is that the Modernhome air fryer is included with a number of modern digital controls that are easy to understand for the preparation of seafood fries, meats, and many other actual fascinating meals.

Of course, these user controls are manufactured to make fries faster, easier and better, so you’re now assured of having your favorite crispy meal just the way you need it, with very little fat, calories, and grease.

Beat the Preheat with Modernhome Digital Air Fryer

One more very essential feature which stands the Modernhome Digital air fryer out is its preheat capability. The kitchen appliance works in a manner that isn’t only effective but highly important to bring the best foods to its users in at very short timing.

This means that unlike any traditional methods of frying, you could complete your cooking or frying at a fraction of the time you will have used and still get better-tasting meals. But if you want uniform and unbeatable cooking, buy NutriChef air fryer. Look at the recipe below, which is prepared by the Nutrichef model.

modernhome air fryer

The conclusion


There you got it, some very exciting features of the Modernhome Digital air fryer are explained in an ideal manner to aid very easy understanding. Getting this appliance will certainly aid easier work in your kitchen, but you can’t skip the fact that this fryer fails to provide the desired taste.

that’s harsh to say, even after so many features, we don’t find Modernhome Digital air fryer worth your money. At almost same cost, NutriChef air fryer  does a tremendous job.

If you’re hesitating in going with nutriChef, then you can opt Ultrean Air Fryer, or Elite platinum air fryer instead.

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