Best NutriChef air fryer to buy (5.6 Qt): EXPERT SAYS SO

Taday, the discussion is all about – “which is the NutriChef air fryer to buy?”

The NutriChef Halogen Oven is pretty much identical to an air fryer and might be even better! This kitchen appliance utilizes infrared and halogen lamps to superheat the air when a fan forces it around the meal. It’s sort of like a convection oven.

It’s true that, this setup could cook food 3 times faster than a basic convection oven! The NutriChef Air Infrared/Fryer Convection Halogen/Oven is identical to an air fryer because it “fries” your food without using any oil.

By the way this 5.6Qt. model is better than Brentwood air fryer in terms of serving bigger families.

So, is it worth the money? Can it provide you crispy chicken like you get in restaurant, without playing with your health?

For a few more such answers, we need to dive deeper in this review!

Best NutriChef air fryer to buy?

NutriChef Air Fryer 5.6 Qt XXL 1800W: Ultimate choice

NutriChef air fryer

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We compared the design and durability of this Nutrichef model against Toastmaster air fryer, and Elite platinum air fryer. The results were awesome with all three little models.

Use the NutriChef Air Infrared/Fryer Convection Halogen Oven to defrost, roast, broil, bake, grill, steam, and BBQ. However, talking about baking, models like Ultrean Air Fryer, and Elite air fryer do a better job.

Cook anything from a full-sized turkey to frozen food in this incredible appliance.

All you gotta do is put your food in the NutriChef and then turn it on. You could watch it cook and also monitor the outcome smoother than in an enclosed air fryer. Using the added racks, you could double up your cooking place and get ready for an entire meal at once. advanced systemcare 9.4 سيريال

The detachable components are the exterior wipes clean and the dishwasher safe.

Specs & Features


Product Dimensions 15 x 15 x 10 inches
Item Weight 15.4 pounds
Materials Stainless steel, glass, plastic
Color Clear and silver
Capacity 13 quart (13.0” x 6.7”)
Temperature 149°F – 482°F
Timer 60 minutes
Included Components Food racks, cooking tray, tong
Power 120V, 1200 Watt


Adjustable Time & Temperature
The NutriChef air fryer comes with a digital LCD panel with touch key controls so you could simply insert meal inside the hot air fryer, then set the temperature and time and let it cook your meal healthily and efficiently.
Variety of Uses The air fryer is ideal for chicken, ribs, steak, shrimp, fish. It has the capability of broiling, roasting, baking, grilling, and BBQ, and its own Teflon fry basket PP housing is also stain-resistant and smoother to clean. Also good for desserts and pastry soufflés.
For Health Enthusiasts The oilless air-fryer convection oven needs little to no oil included when cooking. Well, The convection toaster oven was laboratory experimented to prepare every type of healthy meals more effectively to achieve delicious and low-fat food with advantages.
Better Than Conventional Frying Unlike the deep pan fryers, this 1800-watt high power commercial dry fryer provides you immediate and even cooking due to the integrated convection oven dashing vortex fan, which gives rapid air circulation for even cooking.
Perfectly Crisped This electric multi cooker cooks meal crispy and brown on the outside and also keeps them moist on the inside without excessive use of oil, which is having too much fat. Prepares ideal tasting crispy skins and great for making potato fries. Other decent models for French fries include Copper Chef, Meril Lagasse  7 qt., and Faberware Digital air fryer.

What makes you buy it?

You may wonder what’s our personal choice. Thus, we’re presenting you with the editor’s choice that is the NutriChef Digital 5.6 Qt XXL Air fryer. You’ll get all the functions that you require for getting a great cooking experience in your kitchen. You’ll be capable of making food identical to that of a chef without effort.

NutriChef air fryer

There’s more of this Nutrichef digital air fryer article that you’ll be enlightened to know about. Thus, we have successfully listed down all the essential functions which will make you aware of why it’s a perfect choice.

Big basket capacity 

having the air fryer which has a basket that can permit you to cook for just family members is sometimes not enough, and it could waste a lot of time and effort when you are cooking for more people. There’s a necessity of cooking for guests as well. That’s one of the main reasons when the 5.6 Qt XXL basket comes pretty handy. looking for another option with similar capacity? You ca check out Dash Deluxe air fryer, and if you desire for something bigger, check Crux air fryer

Modern operating system

This air fryer is all about the fusion of smartness that this advanced era holds. You’ll have to operate the air fryer with touch keys and a digital LCD panel. You’ll be capable of setting the temperature much easily, which starts from 140 – 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The timer could be set up to a total of thirty minutes.

Proper safety maintenance

You could maintain health and safety at all times when cooking food with an air fryer. You could smoothly clean the detachable frying basket and stain-resistant as well.

NutriChef air fryer

Furthermore, you’ll be able to just simply let your food cook and do any chores without worrying about the food getting burned. As the system would get automatically shut down after the time is over.

Nutrichef Air fryer Vs. Crux Air Fryer

Looking forward to purchasing an air fryer, and if you are confused between these two models? Well, to help you out, we’ve got highlighted down some true facts regarding both of them.

  1. The crux air fryer isn’t meant to be used for heavy duties. If you think you do not require an air fryer for use on a daily basis, then this choice is surely reliable. But you could surely look up to Nutrichef air fryers for daily use.
  2. The basket capacity of the Crux air fryers isn’t as big as the Nutrichef ones. So getting the crux air fryers for huge families is not totally suitable.
  3. The Crux air fryers are quite affordable compared to Nutrichef ones. But the versatility and quality will be lower than the Nutrichef.

Why is Nutrichef Air fryer better than Crux Air fryer


Suitable for any heavy duties as it runs with the power of 1800 watts.
Rapid hot air circulation instantly permits the cooking of food to be finished evenly.
Very high in terms of versatility.
Not only spicy and savory items, dessert and sweet items could be prepared.
Six pre-programmed cooking modes are available for easy cooking.
An easy press-button is available to safely remove the frying basket for cleaning.

Let’s conclude NutriChef Air Fryer Review


Save the counter space with NutriChef Air Fryer/Infrared Convection Oven/Halogen, and avoid using your oven in summer. There are many racks suitable for unique types of food, including steak, chicken, ribs, shrimp, and fish and could be layered. Users are happy about how easy it’s to steam vegetables.

At thirteen quarts, you could cook for the whole family, and you could have one dishwasher safe cooking vessel to clean up the whole thing. It comes with several presets or selects your own time and temperature.

People loved how it doesn’t heat up the house and how a whole chicken took only forty-five minutes. It turned out ideally crisper on the outside and also juicy on the inside.

To sum up, looking at all the functions that this NutriChef Digital Air fryer has, you would surely love using it once you have invested in it. It permits you not only to fry but also bake, broil, grill, and roast as well.

If you are not really purchased an air fryer, then this NutriChef Oven will be a perfect entry into the market. It could do all the things which an air fryer could do, plus more! We highly suggest this model.

Other models worth consideration

1. Nutrichef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL Review (premium Value)

Are you looking for an air fryer that will consist of all the features to achieve all the requirements that you can’t also think of? If that’s the case, then you would love the Digital Nutrichef Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL that comes at a premium value. It’s high in terms of durability and versatility as you get to operate a ton of tasks apart from frying.

There’s more of what you should know about Nutrichef digital 6.8 QT air fryer article. Hence, we’ve listed down all the essential features of this fantastic air fryer below.

Nutrichef air fryer recipes improves your health 

Under healthy conditions; you could do a ton of things with this air fryer. With just a bit or no oil, you would be able to fry, bake, roast, broil, and grill to get ready delicious meaty recipes. This would also reduce the fat intake, and you would start leading a healthy lifestyle.

Talking about Nutrichef air fryer recipes, you can prepare over a hundred recipes with this one. These recipes include:

  1. Cinnamon and Sugar Doughnuts
  2. Fritata
  3. Meatloaf
  4. Scotch Eggs
  5. Butter Cake
  6. Crab Croquettes
  7. Chicken Parmesan
  8. Buttermilk Biscuits

And the list continues….

Even cooking

Compared to any other pan fryers, you should stay assured that whatever you fry will have a nice crunch outer layer, which will be revealing a moist and juicy inner texture whenever you take a bite. It has been manufactured to ensure that the food is evenly cooked and nothing remains raw anyhow. This is possible just because of the robust power that this air fryer has. Yes, it can go up to 1350 watts.

NutriChef air fryer

Smart technology

Just like the mobile phone you own, you could run this incredible air fryer using simple touches of your fingertips. The LCD touchscreen will guide you and also let you know what you’re doing. You could easily set the timer, and the temperature as the touch keys have clear information engraved.

Other models that impress you with smart heat technology include David Burke air fryer, Chefman oil free, and Blusmart Power Air Fryer.

Pros and Cons of Nutrichef Digital Air Fryer 6.8 Qt XXL


The air fryer could be detached very smoothly.
Smooth to clean air frying basket as it’s dishwasher safe and also stain-resistant.
The inner surface of the air fryer is non-stick for meals to not get attached when cooking.
Hassle-free and Smart operating system.
Safe for placing the air fryer on kitchen countertops.
The huge sized basket permits you to cook for up to 5 – 6 people.


It doesn’t come with a warranty.

2. Nutrichef Air Fryer Oven 2 Quart Reviews

So many air fryers from NutriChef are there to select from. However, not all of ‘em are amongst the top-rated ones. Thus, if you need one Nutrichef air fryer that’s one of the best, then you would love the Nutrichef Air Fryer Oven 2 Quart. As we said, as it’s one amongst the top-rated, it’s because of the incredible features that it has that we have listed down below.

The 2-quart capacity of the basket 

If you have a family with just two to three members in it, there’s no need to own an expensive air-fryer that will have a huge capacity. This 2-quart capacity air-frying basket would help you a lot to prepare a perfect quantity of the meal for your small family. You could prepare evening snacks or even a tiffin for your only kid in tummy-filling amounts.

Also read: Best chicken Parmesan recipe worth trying!

Healthy cooking

This air fryer has experimented in the laboratory. And it has been manufactured in a perfectly great way so that you could cook foods in a healthy condition. You would no longer be required to let in harmful radicals in your body because of deep frying in oil. As when cooking food with this air-fryer, you will require no oil at all.

NutriChef air fryer

Simple operating system

This air fryer is mostly liked by the kitchen chefs because of how basic it’s for operating. You would basically turn the rotary controls for configuring the desired time and temperature. And then, you could simply just switch on your air fryer by pressing the start key. Your food would be cooked perfectly.

Pros and cons Nutrichef Air Fryer Oven 2 Quart


The frying basket is removable and dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning very easy.
Very versatile as it could be used for BBQ, baking, grilling, and as well as frying without using oil.
The surface of the air frying basket is non-stick.
Easy rotary controls for configuring temperature and time.
Perfect for cooking multiple amounts of recipes.


Absolutely zero

3. Nutrichef PKAIRFR 48.5 Infrared Convection, Halogen Oven Countertop Air Fryer review

You surely need an air fryer which will let you see through when the food is being cooked inside. If that’s what you like, you will find the Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Air Fryer pretty much convenient. The frying basket is created up of glass that permits you to see through. You could carefully observe the look of the food as well. There is more of the air fryer, which you will surely love.

Unique technology

The cooking tech consists of a halogen lamp, which makes sure the food is cooked evenly. The outer part of the food would be perfectly cooked, and the inner will remain moist and juicy for you to enjoy every single bite that you would be taking.

Ready to use

You won’t require to preheat the air fryer because the rapid air circulation increases the temperature that you have set very immediately.

Built-in safety

The air fryer has been manufactured to be safe for use. When you get busy with something, while the food is cooking up inside the air fryer, your food won’t get burned because of the overtime cooking. Once the timer stops, then the automatic shut down system of the air fryer would stop the air fryer from any work. This system definitely helps you have busy days as keeping a watch over the air fryer could surely get you late.

NutriChef air fryer

Easy to store

The air fryer would go very well with your small or big kitchen counter. You could simply place it on the top of the counter, and it won’t take up a large amount of space. It would go with any type of interior decor you are having in your kitchen.

Pros and cons


The cooking bowl is pretty easy to clean and rust-resistant as it’s constructed with stainless steel.
It comes with the rotary control, which is a quite convenient operating system for utilizing the air fryer.
Safe cooking made sure an automatic shut down system of the air fryer.
Pretty Safe for storing the air fryer on the kitchen counter.
Huge basket capacity up to more than thirteen quarts, which is perfect for cooking meals for huge families.


The frying basket must be handled carefully when cleaning as it’s made up of glass; it could break when the fryer falls off accidentally. Well, every single air fryer out there may get damaged if falls off your kitchen’s platform!

Should you buy this NutriChef Air Fryer ?

When it comes to healthy, tasty, and soul-pleasing food altogether, NutriChef air fryer models prove to be perfect, and out of all wonderful models from this company, the 5.6Qt. The model really wins your heart.

Not just various food items that we prepared in these air fryers were crispy, but also so moist and soft from within! Especially, the chicken dishes were much better than several expensive air fryers!

Yes, our top recommendation remains the 5.6Qt. Model, but if you feel that any other of the above-mentioned air fryer can do a better job for you, then surely go on!

Nutrichef Air Fryer Buying Guides

1. Is Nutrichef air fryer healthy?

The Nutrichef fryer is healthy. You would be able to arrange hygiene and health at all times. Once you’re done with the cooking, you could basically remove the frying basket and wash it, so any microorganism doesn’t grow inside later onwards.

You will require a little bit or no oil at all to make whatever you want. The main purpose of deep oil frying gets eliminated when you get to invest your money in Nutrichef air fryers.

2. Is a Nutrichef air fryer worth the money?

Yes, indeed. The Nutrichef Air fryers provide you the versatility you require for having an incredible cooking experience. All of the air fryers permit you to prepare grilled meat, steaks, and fry various foods. You will get to handle your health and look up to becoming slim and fit as your meal will not be oily anymore.

You will get the complete liberty of cleaning the frying basket as it could be easily removed whenever needed. However, if you have to cook just for one, buy Bella 1.6 qt air fryer.

3. What can I cook on a Nutrichef air fryer/ convection oven?

Using the Nutrichef convection-oven/air fryer, you could prepare a grill, BBQ, roast of any meat, fry everything that you prepared yourself, or you can fry any frozen food that you like. There isn’t any limitation to what type of meat could be used.

You would get to know all the kinds of recipes that you could prepare if you only search for the air fryer recipes from google. Regarding consistency, Tristar air fryer is a bit better choice (may live for up to 5 years!).


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