Omorc Air Fryer Vs. The Rest – Who wins this battle?

After surveying tons of brands available in the current market, we have narrowed down the list to the ones which worked well for us. Top on the list is the OMORC Air Fryer XL 7.6QT that is the ideal air fryer.

Many Air Fryers are all the rage nowadays, with brands extolling the health advantages of utilizing these appliances.

If you like all things fried however have been warned regarding the health hazards of including too much oil in your meal, then an air fryer is absolutely the way to go.

But, with tremendous amounts of varieties available today, zeroing in on the ideal one for you could be a tad tough.

Several factors like safety, performance, capacity, and price were taken into consideration for these all air fryers of best air fryers.

Here are our top fryers.

Omorc Air Fryer Vs. The Rest


Ninja AF101 Air Fryer 9.4 4 1500
GoWISE USA GW44800-O Air Fryer 9.1 12.7 1600
Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer 8.9 2.75 1425
COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart 8.7 3.78 1500
Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer 8.6 6 1700
Secura Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart 1700-Watt 8.4 5.3 1700

Overall Best – OMORC Air Fryer XL 7.6QT  

The 7.6 Qt Air Fryer from OMORC comes to the top of our list of all the best air fryers because of the ideal features that it has. This easy to utilize air fryer, which comes with two years of warranty and eight to fifteen Presets that makes your cooking so much easier and smoother.

Whether it’s steak, fish, fries, chicken, rib, cake, or shrimp, this air fryer would provide you that crispy texture without damaging your health.

The rapid hot air circulation tech, which the air fryer utilizes for cooking, permits you to utilize eighty-five percent less fat to get the identical texture and taste like deep fried foods. On top of that, you could also utilize it for dehydrating meals.

For dehydrating meals, you are required to set the right temperature and time . Both of these are specified in the user manual guide for ease. We feel the manual guide should have been more specific. The one Touch & Knob Control functions make controlling this air fryer much easier.

It somewhat does away with provided keys, which could sometimes be very complicated to understand, especially for elder people. All you require to do is rotate the multifunctional knob to control the time and temperature. Then just press to start. You could select the preset of your selection utilizing the same method.

omorc air fryer

Features & Pros/Cons of Omorc Air Fryer


One Knob & Touch Control
The user-friendly pattern makes cooking hassle-free.
8 to 15 Preset Programs
The Auto-Shut Off function for additional safety.
No heavy, oily smell in your home


The One Knob & Touch control makes it pretty user friendly and ultra-easy to use.
Easy and Efficient to clean
The huge size of the basket makes sure you could cook a ton of amounts for a family meal.
A specific recipe book to help with the cooking.


The manual can be more specific with better explanations.

Like the twice thicker stainless-steel aspects, the material utilized makes the air fryer hundred percent toxin free and safe.

There is an Auto Shut-Off function added to this kitchen appliance’s safety as it will make sure that the fryer doesn’t overheat. Once the timer shuts off and the beeping stops, the air fryer would shut off automatically.

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It is dishwasher safe and also the nonstick fry basket and the pot are easy to clean. Included with a cool touch handle, a key guard prevents the accidental detachment of the basket, improving this device’s safety functions.

The 7.6 Qtr. size is best for a growing family of five to eight people. The huge sized basket could hold a whole chicken with vegetables around. A free specific recipe book would provide you many amazing ideas for a great family meal.

Budget Pick – ENKLOV Electric Air Fryer  

overall, it’s not better than Omorc air fryer model, but if you are looking for an effective air fryer that would not drill a hole in your budget, we recommend checking out the ENKLOV Electric Air Fryer.

This budget-friendly air fryer would sit comfortably in the corner of your beautiful kitchen counter as it’s not bulky. Like tons of the air fryers in the current market, the ENKLOV eight in one has some ideal features.

The eight preset options permit you to choose a variety of cooking choices to make your time in the cooking quite simpler. If you do not want to utilize the preset options, you could manually set the temperature and time on the digital touch screen.

Besides that, air frying you could also roast, reheat, bake, toast, grill and dehydrate meals with this handy kitchen appliance.

omorc air fryer

Once cooking is complete, the air fryer will shut off automatically. On top of thatThe innovative Cold-Hot Air Circulation Tech on this model would make sure that your meal stays juicy and moist on the inside while it is crispy on the outside.

There’s double ventilation that permits circulation of fresh air into the device and expulsion of the fumes from your cooking. This constant circulation of cold and hot air prevents your meal from being burned or dry.

Features & Pros/Cons


The small size of the air fryer
The patented hot-cold air circulation tech which gives you crispy food with a juicy interior.
Detachable aspects to make cleaning pretty easier.


The small size of the air fryer
The patented hot-cold air circulation tech which gives you crispy food with a juicy interior.
Detachable aspects to make cleaning pretty easier.


Great for single batch items.
The keys could be a little tough to understand so it is not very user-friendly.

Although the air fryer might look a little small, the 5.5-quart basket is more than quite sufficient to cook a healthy wholesome food for your family.

The air fryer’s efficiency would make sure that you knock off at least eighty-five percent of fat from your diet, that is a sure-shot way to lose weight and still enjoying your special foods. The frying basket and detachable non-stick drawer make cleaning pretty simpler.

These are dishwasher safe and easy to clean as the nonstick’s material won’t permit foodstuff to stick to the surface. A user manual guide and a recipe book would help you utilize this kitchen appliance with no hassles.

Besides that, The air fryer includes a twelve-month warranty and 24/7 customer service and support should you encounter any problems.

Best For large family – GoWISE USA 12.7-Quarts Air Fryer  

Talking about Omorc air fryer Vs. GoWISE USA 12.7-Quarts model, this one is undoubtedly a better choice for a lrge family because of its huge capacity.

This fairly recent model from the GoWISE is the value edition to all families as it permits you to get rid of the huge oven. Although it’s much larger than the average air fryer, this air fryer plus oven is still pretty compact to fit on your amazing kitchen countertop.

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We think this is the ideal value air fryer because there’s so much you could prepare in it when compared to many other air fryers. There are three rack levels, which permit you to prepare family-sized foods, while the fifteen presets, which are fairly basic to set from the controlled screen, would take the guesswork out of a time of cooking.

Omorc air fryer

It has a wide temperature range of between 430F-120F, which is best for baking. Like any regular oven, this air fryer oven has a pre-built light that permits you to check on the meal that is cooking without having any interruption to the cooking cycle. A built-in Rotisserie would add to the breeze of cooking with this kitchen appliance.

Features & Pros/Cons


It sports ten accessories which come along with it.
The air fryer is versatile, thanks to its features and functions.
Simple to utilize a control display with fifteen presets.
A three-piece air fryer oven accessory set comes with an eight-inch baking tray, six-quart air fryer basket, and a roasting rack.


Comes with a dual function of being an air fryer and an oven.
Comes with three accessories for the air fryer oven plus ten additional accessories like the tongs, oven rack, drip pan, rotisserie rod, rotisserie steak cage, shallow mesh basket, skewer rotisserie, and 2 mesh trays.
fifty step-by-step recipes to get you began on some tasty meals.
Removable nonstick drip pan and easy to clean stainless steel interior.


A bit expensive than other models.

Beautifully roasted vegetables, crispy, tender meats, and blackened fish would be done in a jiffy with this ideal addition. You could also prepare a rack of kebabs, whole chicken, and whole roasts up to five pounds.

The ideaL thing about the GoWise Electric fryer is that it provides you a huge collection of cooking choices to choose from. Many of that is absent in any traditional air fryer.

The rotisserie and the extra rotisserie accessories would have you serving mouthwatering roasts. Besides that, the 3 levels of this air fryer permit you to oversee the various steps of your cooking, making sure that you whip up a delicious meal each time.

Best Philips Viva Airfryer – Philips HD9621/96 Viva Airfryer  

Philips is highly known for its electrical appliances, so it’s no surprise that it’s a leader in the air fryers market as well. With its constantly evolving technology and designs, Philips continues to update its items to churn out the best.

We think that one of the great Philips Viva Air fryers is the Philips HD9621/96 because of the modern technology it utilizes. A little bit pricey, no doubt, however, there are valid points for this. This Airfryer has the modern patented TurboStar technology, which permits for more even cooking, making your food crispy with a juicy tender.

Due to the circulating constant heat to which all the meal is exposed, you do not need to utilize more than a tablespoon of oil to cook your favorite fried meal.

Omorc air fryer

Do not worry about your meal being undercooked because this tech makes sure that you do not need to turn the meal to get that even cook even if it’s piled up. The TurboStar tech also cancels out the choice of having to preheat, and the Airfryer heats instantly.

Features & Pros/Cons


The easy click removable handle.
No preheating necessary, that saves a lot of time while cooking multiple batches.
The quick clean basket includes the removable mesh for easy cleaning.
TurboStar tech to cooking food evenly.


There is a unique starfish air circulation pattern on the basket that permits food to cook evenly.
Evenly cooked meal because of the modern TurboStar technology.
Cooking is arguably quicker because of the no-preheating function.
Easy to clean as the basket comes totally apart. It’s also dishwasher safe.


The capacity is quite small considering its price.
The temperature increase is very limited, increasing by only 25ºF at a time.

The mesh bottom and wide trough around inside the basket permit greater airflow quickly and evenly heats your food. You could utilize the appliance to grill, roast, air fry, and even bake.

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One of the disadvantages of the device is that it does not come with additional accessories, and the cover of the box might fool you into thinking that it does. As we mentioned earlier, it is alarmingly expensive.

Although the device does not come with much documentation, there’s plenty online that would keep you busy. There are multiple cookbooks, tons of forums, and a phone application that will help you get the best out of an air fryer.

Best Small Air Fryer – COSORI Air Fryer  

If you have ever felt bad for not taking a tiny air fryer along with you for traveling and camping, do not worry any more– this tiny air fryer is the answer to all your requirements. For an air fryer this tiny, the Cosori Air Fryer does pack a whole punch.

It includes some of the great features that are in tandem with its measurement. They come with eleven quick preset options. The 11 presets that you have the choice of utilizing with a solo touch would help you serve up desserts, impressive sides, roasted veggies, bakes, and only about any expertly cooked protein.

The air fryer has tons of preset options than any other fryers in the current market, making it one of the ideal tiny air fryers available. The LED one-touch panel is fairly basic to utilize and the preheating choice helps enhance the texture of the meal you cook.

The Cosori Air Fryer’s ideal feature is one and only Shake reminder, which reminds you when it is time to shake the meal for an even fry. It has a Keep Warm feature that would make sure your food doesn’t become cold before serving.

Features & Pros/Cons


The black brushed stainless steel classic styled exterior appears like a high-end product.
Compact square design.
Recipe book with hundred well laid out air fryer recipes.
Sports a handful of impressive features; Keep Warm, Shake, and Auto Shutoff features.


Easy to clean nonstick surfaces.
Eleven presets take the hassle out of figuring out the right timing and temperature for certain foods.
The device switches easily between Celcius and Fahrenheit with a temperature range of 400-170 F.
One-touch LED, pretty easy to use.
Unique Shake Reminder.
Although pretty compact, the square pattern provides you more space inside.


The plug and cord are pretty short, just about forty inches from the device to the plug.
Capacity is not huge enough for more than two people.

The removable nonstick inner basket helps you to make your cleaning easy as the residue left is minimal. For the basket, it’s dishwasher safe so that cleaning this up becomes pretty easier for you. A slider and a key make handling the basket easy.

The key helps keep the basket in place so the bottom does not fall out whenever you take out your fries or anything else from a basket. One of the ideal things we love about this air fryer is the manual guide, which is smartly laid out and quite easier to understand.

This air fryer’s square design takes up much less space, appears dashing, and sits better on the counter as well. The Cosori air fryer is well packaged and comes in a nice box with a handle on the top, making it a great gifting option. It has a two-year warranty and a ninety-day money-back option as well.

Best Dash Air Fryer – Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer  

The retro pattern on this particular air fryer from the Dash makes it one of the great-looking air fryers which are available today. This retro-looking kitchen appliance, complete with a nice chrome finish, is available in 4 color varieties – red, aqua, white, and black giving you the choice of having what ideally suits your kitchen.

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The air crisp tech that the Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer utilizes helps in deducting the fat intake by seventy to eighty percent without compromising on the taste. It is easy to use and safe and could be utilized to prepare a collection of foods like chicken wings, baked, French fries, desserts, and appetizers.

The six-quart capacity is best for huge families or for when you are having guests over. There is no rocket science included when utilizing this device. All you have to do is to load the air fryer basket, set the timer and the temperature with a turn of the knob, and just wait for crispy delicious food.

Omorc air fryer

It takes less time to prepare your meal in this air fryer than it takes to pre-heat the oven, making this an energy-efficient kitchen appliance. This saves you a bit of cash on energy bills and indirectly deducts cooking time.

Features We Love


Compact and easy to use and store.
The stylish pattern is available in a four colors.
six-quart capacity.
Auto shut off function.


It is quite easy to use.
The six-quart capacity is ideal for a huge family and for entertaining.
Auto Shutoff feature prevents overcooking.
Easy to clean nonstick fryer basket and Dishwasher safe.
Handle add to the safety and Cool-touch housing.


A dehydrator would have been a great addition.

One of the points why we think that this Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer is ideal to have in the kitchen, is the safety auto-shutoff function, which would prevent meals from being overcooked also make sure that the device does not overheat.

The detachable nonstick fryer basket is smooth to clean and is dishwasher safer. This air fryer from the Dash includes a one-year manufacturer warranty and recipe database access and has a recipe book.

Best Digital Air Fryer – Bagotte 3.7QT Air Fryer  

If you’re a tiyn family of one to three people, then this air fryer is suitable for you. It falls in the identical category as the COSORI Air Fryer. Both air fryers are geared towards solo individuals and roommates who required an air fryer.

The Bagotte Air Fryer is extremely rated, thanks to its digital touch navigations. If you are not a fan of control knobs, then you will be a fan of this advanced digital control.

Considering the fact that all the controls and keys are digital, a ton of people would have had to fiddle with the configurations before getting to know how to utilize them. Well, that’s not totally true. The digital control keys are easy to operate, and they’re responsive to touch.

We think that this is one of the great digital air fryers because although it has a tinier capacity, it ticks all the boxes about what a better air fryer must be. The high technology built-in touch screen menu with six cooking presets looks simple and good to use.

Omorc air fryer

These advanced cooking presets make it easy for you to cook fries, fish, nuggets, poultry, steak, and also frozen fries. A user’s manual guide would guide you towards having the ideal out of your kitchen appliance.

There is a recipe book that comes with some of the most simple recipes to familiarize you with your device. Like other air fryers, the Bagotte, too, could do multiple things like baking, roasting, and grilling. The nonstick detachable basket is pretty easier to clean and dishwasher safe.

Features & Pros/Cons


Dishwasher safe parts.
Nonstick detachable basket.
Comes with a recipe book.
Easy to use touch screen menu.
The white color and sleek design.


Six Preset choices to get you started.
Nice packaging that could be reutilized for storing your appliance when not in use.
It could also be utilized for heating leftovers.
You could also roast, bake, and grill with this air fryer. But, for best results, utilize an oven or a grill to do those tasks.


The beep of the timer is loud enough to disturb the silence of the home.

Temperature and timing and on the Bagotte Air Fryer could be arranged to your preference. The temperature range is between 380ºF to 180ºF with a time configuration range from 60 mins to 1 min.

Temperature configurations in 5-degree increments, so once you have set it, you could sit back and relax till you listen to the loud beep. We suggest utilizing pre-cut parchment paper when you are cooking multiple foods so that you do not require to wash the basket each time however just at the end of your whole cooking session.

The Bagotte Air Fryer includes 24/7 customer service to address any problems and a 1-year warranty.

Best 5.3 QT Air Fryer – Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer  

This air fryer beats many others in this range because of the tiny perks that come with it. Unlike the importance of the air fryers in the current market, which make you purchase accessories separately, the Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer includes some bonus accessories of the barbecue grill and four skewers.

The capacity of the basket helps you to make cooking quite faster and easier as you do not have to do a lot of multiple batches. You might be able to even cook a tiny-sized chicken using this air fryer.

The Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer utilizes the rapidly circulating hot air tech to seal in the moisture and flavors provide you the perfect grills, fries, or bakes without utilizing any additional oil. Food could also be reheated using this air fryer.

We love the smudge resistant exterior. Cleaning is quite easy on it. Let’s not fail to mention that the metal pan and basket are detachable and dishwasher safe. The sturdy advanced design is durable and would last you for a long period of time. The Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer is manufactured to complement any kitchen décor.

Features & Pros/Cons


Easy to use control knobs.
The bonus of accessories which are included in this air fryer.
Keeps food warm for an hour by automatically switching to keep-warm feature after the timer expires.
Some internal segments are dishwasher safe.
Smudge resistant exterior.


It has a pre-installed automatic shut off feature that would automatically switch off when the time is expired, or the pan is detached while cooking.
Cleaning up is basic, and segments are dishwasher safe.
It Sports handy control knobs for time and temperature.
The fryer comes with an additional barbecue grilling rack and four skewers.


Turning the smooth textured knobs could be a chore if your hands are oily or wet.

Operating this device is fairly basic as all you have to do is turn the knob to whatever timing or temperature you want to set. However, there have been some complaints about the knob being a little bit too smooth, which can be a little tough to turn with sweaty or wet hands.

The responsive and intuitive controls could be utilized for setting temperatures between 400 degrees to 180 degrees with a sixty-minute timer. Furthermore, the air fryer would shut off automatically and switch to a keep-warm feature when your cooking is complete.

This appliance includes a two-year warranty, which is more than any air fryer brands provide. The recipe book and accompanying manual will help you get the most out of your air fryer.

Buyers Guide: Omorc Air Fryers Vs. the rest

An air fryer is an ideal appliance to have in your kitchen as it would definitely make sure that you consume more healthy food since you will utilize little to no cooking oil to get ready for that crispy foods.

However, the amounts of air fryers that are available in the current market would make it pretty tough for you to zer0 in on the one that is great for you.

It is always best to make a well-informed decision before you rush out to purchase an expensive gadget that could end up doing nothing however occupying a ton of the area on your cupboard or counter. we have put together some essential pointers which you must bear in mind before making that new buy.

Digital or Manual Timers

All air fryers are constructed with timers to support you in configuring your cooking duration and are either digital or analog. Analog timers are pretty straightforward and easy to utilize, however they do have some drawbacks.

Unlike the digital timers which pause when the food drawer is deducted for rotating or shaking, some analog timers would continue to tick. Digital timers make it pretty easy to keep track of the time as the lit-up screens are quite visible from afar. They’re usually more accurate and also provide preset features.


Air fryers have a quite tinier capacity than any traditional vessels which you utilize for deep frying, so do not get put off by that fact. Remember that you are not going to be drowning your meal items in oil, so you do not need a very deep vessel.

Air fryers come in unique sizes and shapes, so select the size that suits your requirements and fulfill your demands. A six-quart air fryer is best for a family of 4 to 6 members, however, if you have got a tinier family, then you must consider one of the tinier options.

However, a larger capacity fryer is ideal to have if you entertain guests many times in a month. larger fryers cook faster as overcrowding slows down cooking duration by hampering the airflow. A reason to bear in mind is larger the capacity, the bigger the machine, so you would require to consider your kitchen-couter space when purchasing one.

Preset Programs

Tons of air fryers are coming with preset cooking programs that help you do away with the effort of looking up timing and temperature for cooking certain meals.

Once you select the program that you desire, the temperature and time are automatically set with the press of a key. But, if you are going to be utilizing the air fryer for fries and chicken , you probably will not require an appliance with an entire range of configurations. More configurations mean a higher price and possibly a tinier device too!

User Friendly

Nobody wanna be stuck with the new kitchen appliance sitting on the kitchen-counter because figuring out how to utilize it was too tough. There are some questions that you require to keep in mind to make sure the smooth functioning of your kitchen appliance.

  • Is it smooth to detach the certain segments of the device that required to be washed? Are they dishwasher safe?
  • Could you see the markings for the timer and temperature clearly?
  • Does the device have an auto-shutoff feature, and are the keys on the dial easy to utilize?
  • How easy or tough is it to remove or add or meal from the lids or baskets?


Most air fryers are pretty easy to clean by hand, however, when you prefer the dishwasher, then you should ensure that the segments to be cleaned are safe to be utilized in the dishwasher.

Some segments like a mesh basket or a grated grill might not get cleaned properly in the dishwasher as meal items tend to stick to them, so the ideal choice would be to manually clean these certain parts. Also, take note of meals that the developer might have pointed out as being messy.

Omorc air fryer

Cost and Warranty

One of the most essential things to keep in mind is the price of the device. Air fryers do not come cheap and have a cost range between $100 to $300.

If you are only going to be utilizing the air fryer on occasion, then consider purchasing something in the lower cost range which would perform just as well as an expensive device. Ensure that the device comes with a warranty as you do not want to end up paying additional for a faulty device.


Almost all air fryers in the market nowadays are huge on safety and come with a host of safety functions to make sure an accident-free cooking experience. A few of the safety functions to look out for are –

  • A safety key to prevent the basket from falling when you detach the food.
  • Cool-touch handles to keep you from accidents.
  • Auto shut off feature to prevent overheating and burning.

FAQS: Air Fryers


How does an air fryer work?

An air fryer operates on the concept of constantly surrounding the neal with hot air instead of hot oil. When you deep-fry meals, you require to drown them in oil, however, when you air fry, the meals require to be surrounded by hot air to cook evenly. Also, a convection fan supports the hot air to surround all over to provide the meal the crispy tender within a case of some minutes.


Do you require oil when utilizing an air fryer?

Oil is not needed, but it could improve the taste. The suggested quantity is half to one spoon of oil per 2.2 lbs of the meal – no more than that if you are utilizing oil. It is best to apply it along with a brush or spray to prevent the oil from dripping on the base of the air fryer.


How healthy is an air fryer?

Developers of the air fryer claim that an air fryer could cut down the fat content of fried meals by up to eighty percent. This is just because air fryers don’t utilize as much oil as traditional fried meals. Research has found that an air fryer could majorly deduct the formation of harmful compounds. This harmful compound is associated with certain kinds of cancer.


Will food from an air fryer taste the same as deep-fried meals?

No, air fried food won’t taste the same as deep-fried foods as the richness from oil is absent. Nor would it have the identical crispiness. But, your meal prepared in an air fryer is crispier and tender than what is cooked in a traditional oven and tastes a lot better too.


Is it necessary to shake the basket while cooking?

Yes, you must shake quite often to prevent meals from sticking to the basket and also for even cooking, especially when you are cooking tinier foods like chicken wings and French fries.

You would need to pull the basket out of the fryer by the handle to shake it however don’t press the basket release key during shaking. For bigger items, it’s a good idea to flip them over with some pair of silicone tongs.


Do I need to pause the air fryer when checking on the food?

Since you are going to spend a matter of minutes when checking on your meal, you don’t really need to pause your air fryer. Most air fryers would pause automatically whenever you detach the basket and restart whenever you put it back in.


Can we utilize baking paper or aluminum foil in an air fryer?

It’s entirely okay to utilize baking paper or aluminum foil in the air fryer however ensure that you leave enough room for the airflow. Don’t cover the basket bottom entirely as this would reduce airflow, that would hamper the performance.

Ignore covering the bottom of the pan with tin foil or baking paper, as this would significantly affect the quality of your food. Ensure that you’ve food on the foil or baking paper whenever you put it in the fryer as plain paper can get sucked inside the heater and begin to burn.


Apart from it being a healthy cooking choice, what other benefits does an air fryer have?

An air fryer is energy-saving as cooking happens very fastly due to the tiny cavity that heats up immediately. The constant flow of the hot air helps in cooking your meal pretty faster. Besides that, food cooked inside an air fryer is basically tastier as juicy on the inside and it’s crispy on the outside. You will not have oil dripping all over your fingers.

Nishant R.

Nishant recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after finishing his studies. He is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the public to invest money in the right air fryer. He hires a paid team of experts including chefs, restaurants, food geeks, etc. for narrating comprehensive reviews & guides by analyzing the latest information and checking the model themselves! Also, he’s a martial artist, guitarist, gym freak, and singer.

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