Philips HD9230/26 AirFryer Review! It Cooks Healthy Fried Foods

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The Philips HD9230/26 Airfryer makes healthier meals with only 1 tablespoon of oil. The fryer eliminates all extra oils out of food. There is a fast air circulation system that circulates hot air through every part of the food until 390°F.

Food becomes soft inside, and the exterior becomes crispy. This Philips Air Fryer review article will give you a clear idea of Philips HD9230/26.

The AirFryer does more than you would expect. It is able to roast, grill, and bake food items. There are a variety of options to cook food for your guests and yourself. Through AirFryer, you can cook delicious cakes that are not fried and delicious.

Philips HD9230 AirFryer Review

Its design Viva AirFryer is very compact. It’s thin, broad, tall, and wide as the health fryers that rotate.

In the top part in the top section, there’s a fan as well as a heating element. At the bottom is a drawer that helps open the cooking basket.

There isn’t a window to monitor the progress of the cooking process. On the bottom exists a stainless steel wire.

As a result, air flows directly through and flows to the drawer that is set to circulate the air.

Simple Controls: There’s a dial that lets you see the temperature. The timer knob at the upper part of the handle is used to control the cooking. This also has space to store the cord that is unusual.

It can make 800g of chips using a spoon of oil. It can also create 3% fat-free chips. Cooking time is shorter as compared to a healthier fryer. It will take you 22 minutes to cook 800 grams using 180 C. There’s a recipe to make it.

There’s a recipe book that includes a Viva Airfryer, which is a tiny fan oven. It cooks spring rolls, baked potatoes, and drumsticks. In addition, it can cook cakes, crumbles, and quiches. I wish you all the best for having this food item.


  • The fryer is the top selling air fryer with more than 7 million units sold with hundred percent taste satisfaction.
  • The Philips Airfryer allows you to prepare exclusive Gordon Ramsay-designed recipes.
  • The Philips Airfryer will teach you how to prepare healthy food that is tasty and quick to prepare.
  • The most consistent and most efficient result, thanks to the unique and patent-pending starfish design.
  • Healthy food that is healthy and nutritious and has up to 75 percent less fat that fried food.



  • Auto shut off to prevent overcooking.
  • You are able to modify the settings you want to cook in.
  • Can cook food quickly.
  • To disperse heat to the body, it is equipped with a starfish-shaped design.
  • It is a semblance of two dials that are connected. One is for temperature; the other one is for a timer.
  • The grips of the hand are cool to the touch.
  • The alert system informs you when food is being prepared.



  • Cook food in small portions but large enough for 1 to 3 persons.
  • The fryer’s base is extremely heavy.


If you do not remember to shut off the cooktop, don’t be concerned for a second. The unit has an automatic shut-off option. The device features a handgrip that stays cool.

No worries about burning your hands. The unit is not equipped with slip feet, which helps to ensure that the unit stays in its fixed position.

Recipes worth checking: 

Unique Benefits the Airfryer

Philip Airfryer is equipped with fast heat technology. It’s easy to grill or roast your food using the fryer. It is a one-stop solution for cooking your meal.

Philips is a brand new product. Philips is available by releasing a Recipe book in which you’ll find approximately 25 delicious recipes.

The chefs behind the book create the layout of the book to provide a range of low-fat cooked food items. It is possible to cook various dishes using the fryer. Food is more nutritious and convenient. Checkout detailed comparison of phillips Airfryer.

How Does the Airfryer Function?

The Philips HD9230/26 hot-air fryer features a grill as well as a conventional fan at its top. It circulates heated air at great speed. It gets a good dose of food into the fryer.

Make sure that the food doesn’t touch the heat source. It will begin to circulate across the entire surface. The food you consume is crispy, cooked and golden on the outside. The inside is moist and delicious.

The fan circulates the hot air through the interior, making the food crisper. Food is cooked properly from within.

This is distinct from the traditional oven since there isn’t any air movement in it. We’ll discuss this in the future, and it will assist you in understanding the method of using it very well. 

How to Use the Airfryer ?

The air fryer has two dials. One dial is for setting temperature, while the other is for setting time. It is possible to set a time as long as 30 minutes, and the maximum temperature can be 390 degree F.

Once the timer has been set, the timer that was set will sound a beep. The fryer will immediately stop to protect the food from being overcooked. It is possible to grill, cook or bake in the fryer.

Do you want to cook, roast capsicums, fancy minced and roasted meat? Store these in your air fryer, and it’ll make the food crisp as well as delicious.

In the second half of cooking, shake the basket to ensure good cooking. Many customers buy the fryer to make fat-free French fries. You can make snacks or breakfast using the fryer. You can also make sandwiches in just five to 10 minutes.

In a matter of ten minutes, you’ll be able to create frozen nuggets. Do you think your stomach will be waiting for this long? You can cook your favorite meat using the temperature control button without fear of burning.For detailed understanding checkout this detailed guide

Why You Should Prefer Philips HD9230/26 Airfryer

Why should You Buy?

When the timer is at zero, then the food processor turns off. This stops the food from becoming too hot. You’ll hear a ready sound when the cooking process is complete. The fryer’s handgrip is cool to the touch.

There is also no chance of burning your hands. It comes with a non-slip surface that can hold the fryer in a set position. It also has a cord storage feature in the fryer. Cords can be stored until you’re done cooking.

This Philips Airfryer app motivates, supports, and helps you prepare delicious home-cooked recipes using your tablet or smartphone.

You can expect a high-quality cooking experience using an air fryer. It is available for purchase on the Philips Air Fryer on Apple app stores as well as Android stores.

Rapid-Air Technology

A quick search for the air fryer’s technology will give you pretty much identical results each on occasion: Rapid Air Technology. This is Philips’ exclusive patent-pending technology, which is leading in the marketplace.

Philips makes use of a specially designed fan shaped like a sea star. This arrangement allows for the hot air circulated that is used to make air fryers move effortlessly and with a quick speed and precision that cooks your food to perfection.

Other models that impress with rapid air technologies include Avalon Bay air fryer, and Cusibox air fryer.

Timer Feature

The timer that runs for 30 minutes ensures that once your food is cooked in the specified time, it will be able to make a sound. You can then select the food item from the fryer and start eating.

If you’re making a recipe that requires more than 30 minutes to cook, then you could set the timer. There are certain recipes that require the foot to shake in between eating.

In all of these cases dishes, you can set the timer in half the duration needed for cooking. Then, mix the food then set the clock to the remaining time.

Oil-Less Frying

Philips discovered the need to be aware of the potential (and often the necessity ) of using small amounts of petroleum in the process after an advert was decriminalized in the United Kingdom because it stated, ‘Oil-free and the customers dragged Philips to the task.

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Automatic Shutdown

The air fryer will simply shut down when it’s timer is completed. This aids in stopping the food from getting burned. Additionally, it helps prevent overcooking. This allows you to perform various other tasks in the kitchen and not stress. Food can be burned for this.

Philips Air Fryer Accessories

Who doesn’t like to dress up? We have discovered that the most trendy and most popular accessory is a double coating rack.

Because the air fryer appears to operate a bit on the small aspect in relation to cooking space, this gorgeous double rack lets you make use of the technology for rapid-air at two levels, which increases your ability to cook tasty food!

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  2. Go for  Ninja Airfryer if you like a compact and powerful Airfryer.
  3. For a big sized Airfryer go for Aria 30 Qt


Does the Air Fryer look like a Halogen oven?

Yes and no. They utilize the heat of air circulation in order to heat food. However, there isn't a broiler component in this particular air fryer. However, it comes with a heater that moves hot air through the food. The food is kept inside the basket, and the hot air circulates around it. If you spray a spoon or cooking oil on your food before cooking it, you'll achieve an excellent outcome.

Can I cook bacon using Philips high-temperature air fryer?

It is not recommended to cook bacon. The reason for this is because the heat gets to the heating element and could result in a spark of fire.

Can I use preheat to cook buttermilk-coated chicken that is fried?

Before putting the chicken in the fryer, dip in the buttermilk. Then and then coat with breadcrumbs or the desired coating before putting it into the machine. If you fail to apply it, then the fan will not be able to bowl off the liquid from the meat.

Can I use the oil-less fryer?

It is suitable for reheating. It is possible to reheat the food a few times. It's still great.

Final Thoughts


If you’re looking for a high-end product with an amazing new brand, buy this Philips HD9230/26 Air-fryer worth the price.

You’ll get all the usual controls that fryers have of the quality, including the ability to adjust the temperature as well as a timer.It’s to the side and has a 1.8-lb capacity.

It produces virtually any kind of food item with grilling, baking, roasting, and frying capabilities. Additionally, it’s simple to keep because of a smartphone app and dishwasher safe pieces.

What are other advantages of using Philips Airfryer with lesser oil? It is not necessary to be anxious about using the device. The basket for cooking is easy to move and lift.

Additionally, the unit is equipped with a large dial timer with graded temperature control. It comes with a plastic exterior that is easy to clean.Another feature that the fryer has is the fact that it is a non-stick pan that did not disappoint in our tests.

You can examine your stainless steel wire basket as well as the pan separator to the dishwasher, which means that you could clean up while fighting with the slurp of food that you fried.


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