Presto Frydaddy 05420 Deep Fryer Review by Expert

The Presto Frydaddy 05420 is an air fryer with a lower price for those who prefer to cut costs. The Presto Fry Daddy Deep Fryer has 4:4 ratios.

It can help you make four cups of food with 4 cups of oil. The Fryer doesn’t require lots of cooking oil.

It is possible to cook small portions of food a couple of times throughout the week. Presto 05420 Frydaddy Electric Fryer Review can be useful in making a choice on a purchase of the Presto fry deep fryer.

You can make eggs roll, frilly fries, cooked pickles, and drumsticks in a snap. You can deep fry them. The size is tiny and will not require a lot of space. It can be kept in a tiny space.

In addition, it comes with two years of limited warranty. If you discover a problem with the device, make sure that you are protected.

Best recipe for this deep fryer: Tyson chicken nuggets

Chef Dangoor’s Presto Frydaddy 05420 Deep Fryer Review

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Presto 05420 Fry Daddy Deep Fryer

Features of Presto Frydaddy 05420

  • Saves money from the oil. 4: 4 is the ratio, which makes 4 serving with 4 oil full cups.
  • Prepares shrimp, onion rings, crispy French fries, chicken and much more.
  • Has a preset thermostat to cook perfectly for every time. It has a nonstick surface for easy cleaning.
  • Products come with North American Electrical Standards to the market.
  • Helpful services drain and scoop lifts. Size is good to store. Has no messy basket.


  • Has a removable bowl from the main appliance. It directly means easy cleaning.
  • The handle of the fryer stays cool and it’s convenient to carry it to your kitchen.
  • The thermostat permits you to hit heat up to 375 deg. F quickly in case you turn on it.
  • The window permits you to check the progress of cooking food in this fryer. No worries about the oil splatter.
  • The charcoal filter decreases the oil odors- you won’t get fast food odor in the kitchen.
  • Besides having other heat settings, this fryer is simple to use.
  • Nothing more than 4 cups of oil is needed to cook food. Just use one cup of oil to cook one cup of food until it covers up your food.



  • It is safe to use oil after you use it. If you use the oil again, then once, it’ll take a longer time to heat up.
  • You can fry a maximum of 4 cups of food simultaneously. So, not for big families.

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How to Use Presto Frydaddy 05420


If you’re using the device the first time, you should wash the inside or scoop it with sudsy or warm water and let it dry thoroughly. Do not immerse the unit in any other liquid or water or any other dishwashing machine.

  1. Remove the cover made of plastic. It must be cool enough to store the oil to replace it.
  2. Look for the rubber pad in the middle of your Fryer. Check to ensure that it is free of oil or any other particles. If necessary, clean it clean with soapy, warm water. Make sure it is completely dry.
  3. Make sure to place it at the level, clean, dry, and the sturdy, heat-resistant surface of the central part of the counter.
  4. The unit should be filled with cooking oil, or lower the oil until it reaches the level line within the unit. Use no more than 8 ounces cooking oil or under 2 pounds when cooking or when the oil is heating.
  5. Connect the cord to the magnetic plug’s end assembly with two pins from the Fryer’s base. If you do it correctly, the plug will be able to connect to the appliance. To ensure a perfect connection, the end of the magnetic plug must be placed parallel to the countertop.
  6. Connect the unit using 120 volts using an outlet. The unit will turn on and will perform its job until you disconnect it.
  7. Preheat oil for up to 15-0 mins. You may hear a clicking/popping sound during heating. This is the indication of the first time that heat is being produced. It is possible to hear your unit’s sound till it is cool completely.
  8. Maintain 1 to 4-cups of your food inside the fryer. It is possible to use scoops to limit the splashing from hot oil. If the plug disconnects from the Fryer during the time of cooking, following the 5th step, you can attach the cord. Make sure the Fryer is extremely hot.
  9. Mix the food with care so that they don’t stick to each other. It is possible to use different heating utensils.
  10. If food has reached the desired brownness, hold it or remove it using a scoop. Restrict food to absorbent paper. Wanna eat more? You can repeat steps 8-9. Repeat the process.

Presto 05420 Frydaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Important Fryer Guidelines

  • Use a deep fryer only on a clean, dry solid, heat-resistant, and stable surface away from the edge of your countertop.
  • A close inspection is essential when working with oil near children. Sometimes, hot oil can cause severe and painful burns.
  • To reduce the danger of getting electrocution or burns from electrical sources, don’t allow the youngster to be around electrical cords or plugs that are into their mouths.
  • To avoid electrocution or burns from electrical sources, be sure to not allow the cord to be in touch with liquids like water or any other kind of liquid.
  • Select the reliable, traditional, and high-quality brand of cooking oils for deep-frying. Deep-frying of foods such as butter, margarine, animal fat, olive oil, and animal fat is not recommended because of lower smoking temperatures.
  • Before deep-frying, remove any dampness in food with the aid of towels. Foods that are clammy can result in foaming or splashing. Do not cook wet food items in cooking oil. Only a small amount could cause splashes of oil.
  • Be aware of deep-frying flour tortillas. Air bubbles are present within the tortilla’s containers. When you are deep-frying, oil can be trapped within the bubbles. The bubble could cause a fire or explode when it isn’t properly removed. When you’ve finished deep-frying tortillas, take them out of the cooking oil with care and allow the oil to drain away from the tortillas for thirty seconds.
  • If you don’t intend to use the device, you need to unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  • Before removing the oil or cleaning, make sure to make the Fryer cool completely.

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What Are You Required to Be Aware Of?

The diameter is 7 inches and is useful in the preparation of deep-fried chicken wings, shrimp, and fish. The Presto makes it simple to cook because it is equipped with an extra-deep bucket to prevent spills. The Fryer requires 4 cups of oil in order to achieve the perfect texture.

There is no need to re-use the oil. We make use of the tiny amount of oil for the chicken wings and keep the rest for onion rings as well as French fries. The oil should be taken out, but it is possible to keep it by putting it inside a lid, which is attached on top.

The residual grease in the Presto 05420 can be managed and does not cause health if you choose to store this oil frozen. The oil is more beneficial to cook using freshly prepared oil. In addition, you can utilize four cups each time.

Presto 05420 Frydaddy Electric Deep Fryer

What Do Users Say About Presto Frydaddy 05420 Deep Fryer?


Simple and Straightforward

I have a fryer that I call DualDaddy. It has a huge basket, as well as a couple of larger outside propane units. For making funnel cakes, I’ve purchased two of them. It cooks quickly and maintains the same temperature. Therefore, don’t think too much about setting the temperature of your Fryer.

I place the Fryer on a particular counter as my son is fond of making fires. The Fryer doesn’t take up any space. Easy to clean. The Fryer requires a small quantity of oil.

I allow the Fryer to cool, then snap the lid in order to utilize oil once more. After using it 2-3 times, I filter it using the brass re-usable coffee filter.

I wash the inside and outside of the Fryer thoroughly. After that, I put the oil back in then the Fryer will be ready to cook another time. If you are a cook for a larger number of people, then you will require a larger one.

If you prefer to cook for two cookware at the same time, you’ll need an extension cord that is heavy or multiple outlets.

If you have a big family, go with Delonghi Roto deep fryer, or T fal deep fryer.

Just What We Were Looking For

The Fryer is easy to use and store. The Fryer is fantastic. We’re looking for it. It is at an optimal temperature. We recommend waiting until the oil is cold, then covering it with a lid and keeping it in a safe place.

If you are looking to fry more than four times, your Fryer could be a bit smaller. It is ideal for two and four uses. It’s amazing. We’d like to get more of it in the near future to use.

Presto Frydaddy 05420 Temperature

To ensure precision when you are using the skillet, it is controlled by simple buttons. The Fryer operates on the basic ON/OFF mechanisms. It is also able to maintain the right temperature.

Therefore, focus on the cooking process instead of playing about controllers. The autocorrect feature for heat can be helpful when you’re preparing more than one dish. This is because it’s not necessary to concentrate or follow the Fryer.

Convenient Compact Design

The Presto fryer 05420 has the most minimalist tall layout, which makes it perfect for smaller kitchens. The tall sides increase the thickness of the Fryer. It also reduces splatters, which creates a clutter-free. In addition, the lightweight Fryer has large handles that allow for simple transportability.

Bucket Design

The Fryer also comes with an ice bucket to dip in and clean food items. The food and oil are in one container, which is just an additional thing to tidy up. The skillet, which is small in size, is simple to clean, which is due to its non-stick design.

Cool Touch Exteriors

The exterior of the Presto 05420 FryDaddy is cool throughout its use, and there’s the possibility of not burning. The heating elements are placed at the inside of the Fryer’s bottom.

They provide warm air to the skillet without impacting other parts inside the Fryer. For added security, consider the hand shovel is large, and plastic can also function as a filter.

Cleaning Presto Frydaddy 05420 Is Too Easy!

  • Remove the outlet plug. Before removing it, remove the oil from the deep Fryer. After that, allow the Fryer and the oil to cool to a safe area.
  • As they cool, you can make the Fryer empty and put on the lid to completely cover the unit.
  • Cleanse the unit using a mild detergent or warm water. Rinse thoroughly. Don’t immerse the unit in the wash in the dishwasher or any other water or liquids.
  • Dry it completely. A tiny drop of water can create an explosive stream, or cause a splash, boil or even explode from the Fryer.
  • You shouldn’t use cleaning products for kitchens that are abrasive or wool scouring pads if the finish is non-stick.
  • Always clean the unit using commercial cleaners designed for non-stick surfaces. Follow the directions provided by the maker.
  • Make sure the cord is kept in a dry and dry area away from metal objects. Make sure to check the magnetic plug regularly to ensure that the metal objects are connected properly.

Why Does Presto 05420 Frydaddy Attract?

The temperature is fixed, and it is capable of cooking everything in a short period of time. Foods that are frozen are not considered to be a problem.

I’m sure you don’t want to add hot oil to make water for the food. I’m cautious regarding this and haven’t had any issues.

Presto Deep Fryer FAQs

Is It Possible to Make Corn Dogs This Way?

The process is difficult because the pot is very deep. I made it work, but I would not recommend this as you're unfamiliar with fry. It is necessary to add more oil to cover the dog. If you are using it regularly, the use of more oil is not advised.

Can You Use Breaded Food Items?

You can buy frozen breaded items in the freezer, or you can create the breaded mix yourself.

What Is the Smallest Amount of Oil That I Can Use in My Fryer?

About three to four cups

Do I have to make a deep-fried ham using this? If yes, how many pounds. Will it fit?

It's not large enough, nor is it very thick. Therefore, you cannot traverse it all the way.

Does the Splatter a Lot When You Cook?

It is not splattered. When filling the Fryer, it is not necessary to follow the prescribed line. I think you've found the answer.

Final Thoughts on Presto Frydaddy 05420


Presto 5420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer is proud to have an anti-stick coating, smaller dimensions (in 9 x 9.7 x 8.5 inches) and a sophisticated draining scoop. It’s also small, portable, and comfortable for users.

The Presto 05420 Fryer is ideal for those who are looking for a decent storage unit for deep frying. It provides the delicious taste of summertime at the annual country fair.

It’s easy and compact with the ability to move and portability. It’s also an excellent fryer for a new buyer.

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