Simple Chef Air Fryer Review: Does This Model Make you a Chef?

Air frying is getting more and more famous day by day, and certain companies have already taken the lead. Most of them, Simple Chef air fryers are certainly not a common presence, as many did not hear of it too often.

Nevertheless, this air fryer developer has an extended range of appliances in its portfolio. those who’ve prepared dishes with this one truly praise it in the customer reviews.

Advertised as the motto of Built to Long Last, the Simple Chef Air Fryer is manufactured of BPA-free plastic. It has a simple design and solid components that focus on efficiency more than on any type of fancy features.

It offers great importance with the luxury of a tiny price tag compared to those various other household brands.

A grandmaster of delicious meals, from chicken breast to fries and vegetables, it offers you dishes with seventy percent less fat.

Expect to benefit from the temperature and time control options ( temperature: 175oF to 400oF), a thirty minutes timer with auto switch-off and standby functions, additional overheat protection. Besides that, The non-stick basket is expectedly dishwasher safe.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. and manufactured in China, and sold pretty much everywhere with a pleasurable guarantee, the Simple Chef Fryer makes for an intriguing presence. On top of that, it blends a magnificent cooking capacity with a magnificent price tag!

Talking about value for money, it’s better than models like:

Primary Features of the Simple Chef Air fryer


The major unit housing is available in black color, size: 14.1 x 12.9 x 12.6 inches, and weighs approximately 11.9 pounds. As indicated by the brand, it has an opaque lid, a sturdy plastic casing, and a nice-touch handle.

The removable pan with the frying basket in the Simple Chef Air Fryer is entirely made of Teflon.

The pattern follows a classic design, where the device places, towards the lid: Two LED indicators, in-line with the handle, the temperature control knob, and the time control knob.

Even though the knob of the timer Simple Chef Air Fryer is limited to thirty minutes, it makes utilization of a convenient auto switch-off function.

Nothing comes unexpectedly so far; however, let’s take a deeper look at each of the primary features that come with this air fryer.

 3.5qt capacity

This type of cooking capacity is not too normal, but it’s highly desired. A ton of air fryer models, much more expensive and with larger brands on the labels, are losing a lot of points on this subject.

However, not the Simple Chef Air Fryer, which lets you cook various dishes including onion rings, fries, spring rolls, pork chops, potato gratin, steak, drumsticks, hamburgers, and even cakes and muffins!

Rapid air circulation

This tech works with a heating object placed right on the cooking area, which continuously radiates from a very close range.

The meal is penetrated in-depth via the radiating heat, which comes from the top side. However, there is a fan on the heater, which pulls the air upwards via the cooking area.

That way, a robust, vertical hot airflow is made. The air, with all the help of accumulated heat energy, is basically goes upwards, using convection. Consequently, the meal is reached by the heat, and all the sides are cooked evenly.

The Simple Chef Fryer perfectly blends the radiation from the top with the use of convection from the bottom side. What outcomes is a heat transfer rate is much higher than any convection oven!

Temperature control

An important function, this temperature function of the Simple Chef Air Fryer, is not much unique from other devices.

It has a committed knob controller situated in a central position. It could operate by a manual button for values between 175oF to 400oF.

And one look at this device would reveal that there are actually 4 major temperature values that could be chosen: 250, 320, 175, 4000F. It’s similar to air fryer models from Dash Tasti, and Omorc

 Dishwasher safe

Following the concept of making your task in the cooking easier, the Simple Chef Air Fryer could be easily cleaned. Its solid segments are dishwasher friendly.

However, as expected, it would be best if you wait until all parts cool off before you take it out and begin cleaning it.

The timer of up to thirty minutes

Following the identical pattern as the time control, the temperature control knob functions in an identical pattern.

Cooking using a Simple Chef Air Fryer would only let you set a max thirty-minute interval. The major increments are from 5 to 5.

However, one-minute increments could be chosen in between these 2. When the time is up, the air fryer automatically switches off after a short sound signal.

Overheat protection

As it works with heat, overheat protection is an important function. Simple Chef Air Fryer does not overlook it, and it has this pre-installed system that permits the detection of any high overheating condition.

If that is the case, it triggers the protection automatically. The device stops functioning, and the user has to unplug it and ship it to the closest service center.


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How the Simple Chef Air fryer works:

Simple Chef Air Fryer says it all. It starts with “Simple,” so by its name, operating this air fryer is pretty simple.

The device has one of the simplest operating processes. From how it works to how it looks, all the things are intuitive about it.

You have 2 knobs that you could control, with illustrated labels indicating the values you could set. The device starts when the frying pan fits inside the basket and the lid gets closed.

And when you detach the pan, again, the device stops working. Since the cooking duration is limited to thirty minutes, if you require more than that, then you could manage the timer from scratch.

How to use Simple Chef Air Fryer:

No matter you’re thinking of preparing asparagus, Korean chicken wings, or some air fryer side dishes, using this air fryer is never gonna be tough for you. 

  1. Detach the frying pan from the basket;
  2. Place ingredients inside the pan, and put the pan back inside;
  3. Turn the control knobs for time and temperature to set the values you consider required;
  4. Feel free to pause the Simple Chef Air Fryer halfway through the cooking operation, just to check if the meal required to be shaken on the other side.

Simple Chef air fryer Product Specifications


Color Black
Product Dimensions 14.1″ x 12.9″ x 12.6″
Model Number SC-AIRFY-3.5L
Item weight 11.9
Shipping Weight 11.9
Capacity 3.5Qt
Temperature Range 175-400oF
Watts 1400 Watts
Automatic shut-off Yes
Adjustable temperature control Yes
Non-stick cooking basket Yes
Auto-pause Yes

Rapid air circulation tech


Great price
Rapid air circulation tech
Thirty-day satisfaction guarantee
Intuitive and Simple design
3.5qt capacity
Simple and solid build
Dishwasher safe
100% BPA FREE plastic
Overheat protection


No manual or cooking book comes in the package
No transparent lid

The Conclusion


Now, after reading all that, the question is…

What else is needed?

Not just that, there’s absolutely no deal breaker, and we’re exclaiming that after a lengthy research which included the trial of 15 dishes.

Even there’s nothing to feel frustrated with this model, no matter you talk about maintenance, cleaning, features, durability, or anything else.

Just don’t get surprised if you 12 years old kid brings you something nicely cooked with this appliance.

So, we definitely don’t find anything that may hinder our recommendation. It’s definitely worth the money!

Nishant R.

Nishant recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after finishing his studies. He is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the public to invest money in the right air fryer. He hires a paid team of experts including chefs, restaurants, food geeks, etc. for narrating comprehensive reviews & guides by analyzing the latest information and checking the model themselves! Also, he’s a martial artist, guitarist, gym freak, and singer.

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