Simpletaste 1400w Multi-function Electric Air Fryer

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The Simpletaste air fryer is one of the most durable and dependable models on the market. The Simpletaste 1400W Multi-Function Electric Air Fryer lives up to its name due to its ease of use and guarantee of healthy, delicious cooking.

Convenient and effective equipment on hand, it utilizes Rapid Air technology to cook food more healthfully than standard fryers. This results in you losing approximately 70% to 75% of the fat in your food.

We’ve curated this post to educate you about this fryer and its inner workings before you make a purchase.


Simpletaste 1400w Multi-function Electric Air Fryer

Given that you’re about to purchase it, we’d want to assist you in becoming acquainted with its primary characteristics.

3L capacity:

Simpletaste 1400W Air Fryer’s 3-litre capacity enables you to simultaneously prepare meals for approximately 2 to 4 people. The fryer is equipped with a basket that fits over a cooking pan.

The timer can be set for up to 30 minutes:

Due to the Rapid Air technology, the fryer often cooks food in 30 minutes or less, but it can always be reset quickly if necessary. Likewise, for the temperature setting, there’s a feature.

Simple operation and cleaning:

To operate this fryer, you may either use the preset programmes or adjust the parameters manually. In either case, once you’re finished, the basket and cooking shelf is cleaned, so you won’t have to spend much time cleaning.

Rapid air circulation:

A stainless-steel element heats the fryer’s frying chamber, and hot air is circulated precisely and rapidly throughout the chamber. The hot air circulates, cooks your food from all directions and ensures that no portion of it is left uncooked.

Automatic shut-off:

When the timer expires, the air fryer automatically shuts off to prevent your food from becoming burnt. If you need to pause the cooking procedure for any reason, perhaps to add extra seasoning or check on your food, you can press the CANCEL button.

It is located next to the START button, and when pressed, the fryer is turned off for 20-25 seconds.

Eight Preset Cooking Programs:

This is one of the most pleasurable aspects of using Simpletaste 1400W Air Fryer; load the cooking basket with your food and select the appropriate programme; the temperature and cooking time is gonna be be automatically adjusted for you, with no problems.

You can also manually modify them if you choose, and it is all up to you. Each preset programme has its own set of temperature values, and there are additional manual adjustment options available if desired.

However, we recommend that when you are ready to use the device, you begin with the Warm-Up mode to preheat it.

Always-On LED Display:

Another noteworthy feature of this fryer is the Always-On LED Display. That is, as long as the air fryer is turned on, the display light will be on as well. As a result, you can always observe the cooking time and temperature as the Simpletaste Air Fryer cooks, regardless of whether the settings are preset or custom.

Advantages of SimpleTaste 1400W Model


Includes eight pre-programmed intelligent routines. As a result, chips, steak, chicken, cake, and meat are ready prepared. Additionally, you can cook various foods with little or no oil, from crisp fries to succulent steak.

Time and labour savings:

The Simpletaste 1400W Multi-Function Electric Air Fryer’s rapid air circulation mechanism speeds up and simplifies cooking. Cooking may be completed in 30 minutes. It features manual, automated, and time settings that accommodate a variety of ingredients.

Healthy & Environmental:

Traditional air fryers produce more smoke. However, the fantastic news is that this fryer produces no smoke, and it is eco-friendly. This fryer requires little or no oil to produce meals, and you can make nutritious foods without the use of smoke or oils. Naturally, this fryer is eco-friendly.

Large Capacity:

The Simpletaste 1400W Multi-Function Electric Air Fryer is of excellent quality, and its capacity is 3.2 qt, which is sufficient for a household of four. The inside cooking basket and shell are large enough to hold a variety of items.

The disadvantages of the air fryer

Certain customers claimed that the fryer was excessively large.

SimpleTaste 1400w Air Fryer Safety Precautions

  • It contains a large number of heating components and several electrical components. As a result, avoid submerging it in water.
  • Utilizing oil on the stove shelf can create a fire hazard.
  • It is prudent not to cover the air inlet or outlet when operating the device.
  • Allow no liquid to enter the fryer to avoid a short circuit and electric shock.
  • Keep all ingredients contained within the basket. This conserves energy by avoiding direct contact with the heating elements.
  • It is best not to touch the appliance’s interior while working, and it may become the ignition source for a fire.

How to properly use the SimpleTaste air fryer

The simple flavour multi-functional air fryer is incredibly simple and intuitive to use. The moniker is apt given the fryer’s design. The air fryer must be kept on a flat surface. Ascertain that both the air exit and input surfaces are fully free of obstructions.

There is no concealment for it. Preheating the unit is the first step in the cooking process. Avoid overcrowding the fryer’s cooking pan, and allow extra space between-meal components to allow air to circulate evenly and cook the foods.

Before preheating the device, place all ingredients in the fryer and slide the basket. Cook it with a programme that allows you to set a different time, programme, and temperature variables. Avoid touching the inside of the Simpletaste 1400W Multi-Function Electric Air Fryer while operating it.

After you’ve completed the operation, you should clean the appliance’s detachable components. Be cautious with the liquid. Allow no oil to enter the Simpletaste 1400W model. This has the potential to result in electric shocks and short circuits. Finally, store it in a dry location once all components are clean and dry.



In general, the Simpletaste 1400W Multi-Function Electric Air Fryer is an excellent tool for novices, as the digital presets are straightforward. Additionally, it is beneficial for newcomers who need hassle-free cooking and a dependable device to assist them.

It’s a fryer that invites you to enter the realm of straightforward, effective, and intuitive cooking. Why? Because it’s as simple as pressing a few buttons and waiting for your food to be served. We highly recommend Simpletaste 1400W model.

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