How To Use An Air Fryer – Here Are the Top Considerations

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Air fryers are a device that makes use of a circulating hot air source to cook food items. They can fry, roast, and grill, in addition to it, they can steam-cook meals such as fish and vegetables.

Best Air fryers offer a range of cooking options that are versatile and convenient, as well as being employed to create healthy recipes, including baked fries, Turkish bread, and more.

With an air-fryer, you can receive healthy meals. Plus, it is able to cook delicious meals without any negative side effects due to having lots of fat and calories.

One can also enjoy the best food with no negative consequences.

How to Use an Air Fryer

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Discard Food Regularly

Throwing the food on the hot fire every 5 minutes is a sure way to get good food. There isn’t any indication in the instruction manuals for the fryer.

Because air is blowing everywhere in an air fryer, people don’t think adding the food in the fryer is a perfectly necessity.There are some types of food, which you might not be able to cook evenly if the food doesn’t receive enough heat.

Thus, the food will remain uncooked. However, if you use a mix of food items, this way can be a better choice to prepare food in an air fryer. You can also cook leftover food or reheat pizza in air fryer.

Do Not Overload

Every air fryer comes with a capacity. This is why users should be diligent about storing food items inside. They shouldn’t fill it up with a massive amount of food. For a proper cooking experience, it is essential to store the food properly inside.

There should be enough space for food items within the fryer. It is helpful not to overfill the tray with a lot of food. If you overfill the food, it will remain under-cooked or uncooked.

The hot air cannot be able to reach all the parts of the food when you use the fryer. Therefore, you must ensure that you have the right quantity of food you consume.

Apply a Tiny Amount of Oil

The manufacturer claims that you can cook food with no oil in the food or with a tiny drop. In this scenario, applying a thinner coating or another cooking spray will give you the best results.

It is possible to believe that one is guilty of cholesterol or fat. Because the amount is small and you could ignore the issue while cooking in extreme heat.

It is vital to dry your food completely in order to prevent excessive smoke or splattering on food ingredients. Certain foods contain excessive liquid, more fat, or other types of liquid. You must dry the food before placing the food in the bag of an air-fryer.

Clean Your Drip Basket

If you cook meals that contain a lot of fat, it is important to clear the drip tray every now and then. The type of meat and chickens were marinated and held excessive fat. The best way to avoid this is to clean the oil that was left on the bottom of the tray during cooking.

How Do You Use an Air Fryer for Your Chicken?

Why has it taken me this long to inform you about a couple of my most loved Christmas gifts I received? It’s an air-fryer. So, let me list the different ways. I’ve cooked in an air fryer.

Today, however, we’re cooking whole chicken. This allows me to share everything. It’s delicious.

I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before I was given the air fryer. Josh was always the one who created the chickens in our huge oil-free deep fryer.

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When we make use of this, it is common to cook two hens simultaneously and serve a number of them.I love that it’s simple to create a small bird in an air fryer.

I used a 4.25-pound bird which was the perfect amount for us to eat. If you are cooking for less, think of ways to play with the leftovers and make something similar to that from Chicken & Potato Chip Casserole.

I use my preferred dry rub recipe to create an air fryer dish. Dry leaves, breadcrumbs, and Panko work best for seasoning. Liquid marinades can be utilized.

However, they can be messy. They are also capable of creating smoke in the house when they flow into the bottom inside the fryer. This particular brand also produces a 3.4-quart variant.

I wasn’t convinced that this basket would be sufficient for our needs. I’m happy to choose to go with larger dimensions. The best method to use an air fryer for cooking chips is to use it as a substitute for frying them.

How Do You Make Use of an Air Fryer to Cook Fries?

Crispy French chips are cooked in the air fryer using just a small amount of oil! Making them in the air fryer cuts calories and fat without ruining the taste.



  • Nonstick spray
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
  • Freshly cracked black pepper 
  • One tsp olive oil
  • A medium-sized potato ( 6 ounces), Yukon gold or russet washed and dried
  • 1/8 teaspoon kosher salt



  1. Preheat the Air fryer to 380°F. Spray the bottom of the pan with oil.
  2. Slice the potatoes in 1/4-inch thin pieces. Cut each slice into 1/4 inch pieces. (A mandolin can be helpful for this).
  3. Within a small bowl, mix the potatoes and oil—season with spice powders, garlic, and black pepper as desired. Finally, stir the mixture to mix and coat.
  4. The potatoes should be placed in the basket in an even thickness. The potatoes are cooked for 15 minutes and flipped halfway through to crisp.

Try Different Recipes – Tips on Using an Air Fryer

The air fryer can be used to fry various kinds of food items. It can be used to serve a variety of purposes too. i.e to grill, roast, or bake. It has been said that you are not able to cook meat using the air-fryer.

There are other things you can cook using the fryer are chicken wings, as well as other food items that are small in size. Consider air can be the principal ingredient in cooking.

Therefore, you are able to cook smaller meals and not big chunks of food. The reviews of air fryers will assist you in obtaining the best recipes that are easy to cook effectively. Thus, one can enjoy oil-free meals with excellent taste and flavor.

You can also relish fried, baked, and grilled, as well as roasting without cholesterol or fat. Air fryers are a modern device for cooking healthy food. Everyone should own one in your kitchen.

Few different recipes are:

1. The marinated chicken recipe

2. Shantung chicken wings

3. Tofu chicken nuggets


Tips to Cook

  • Preheat: Preheating for three minutes is a necessity for cooking food using your Philip air-fryer. If you’ve failed to prepare food, then you can add another three minutes to cook time.
  • Put all components in the fryer. Let the air circulate through all the ingredients thoroughly that they cook evenly. The first tip is to not overload it. There is a possibility of using aluminum foil to protect your fryer. It will make cleaning the fryer afterward more easily.
  • Select the ideal temperature: Picking the most suitable temperature is a great way to ensure that you get the best food. For snacks made of pastries, 180 degrees C is the is the recommended temperature, while in other snack foods, it is possible to utilize 200-degree Celsius.
  • Cooking time: It is the maximum amount of time you can cook food in 30 minutes. Snacks require only 6 to 10 minutes to cook properly.
  • Crisp layer: Avoid using additional oil when cooking any food. If you are cooking meals that contain a lot of fat, you have to wash the fat at the bottom extremely well.
  • Additional seasoning: If you lift the lid, steam will rise through the fryer. Therefore, it is recommended to swiftly and get away from the heat to prevent burning.
  • Multi-cooking The divider can be used to cook two different kinds of food simultaneously in this same pan.
  • Shake it up: If you prefer making chicken wings or potato chips, It is important to make certain that they cook for a long time or more. You should fry the fryer several times so that you are sure it will not get burned.

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Cleaning Tips

The major benefit of Philips Airfryer is that it requires minimal maintenance and also cleaning. It is helpful to keep in mind to clean the fryer at the end of each use. There are several methods of cleaning the fryer, which include:

The outside and the inside Don’t immerse your Philips air fryer in water. The warning applies to all-electric appliances since water and electricity create a dangerous mix. To protect the outside, make use of a damp cloth. Inside, you can use a gentle sponge or warm water. To clean the heating elements, employ a soft bristle toothbrush and take away all food debris. It is recommended to avoid objects that are abrasive as they could cause an injury to the non-stick inside.

Because they are dishwasher safe, you shouldn’t make use of your hands to clean the dishwasher. Suppose you don’t have one or limited time. Keep this appliance in soapy hot water for 10 minutes, and then make use of a bristle or an abrasive to remove the debris.

Everyday Tips

Stir it. Make sure the air fryer’s door is closed and stir the food to ensure that it might cook in the basket in the machine. Chips and smaller items could expand; for the best results, make sure to rotate them once every 4 to 10 minutes.

Be sure not to overfill the fryer. You should leave enough space to circulate air around food items, and you’ll receive a crisp result. The test kitchen could use the Air Fryer for small batch or snack foods.

Use food spray. Make use of a tiny amount of cooking spray or oil before cooking to make sure that the basket does not get stuck.

Keep the fryer clean. Before cooking, pat food dry to avoid splattering and smoke. If you prefer cooking meals with high fat, such as wings, remove the fat with the underside machine regularly.

What Food Items Can I Cook in the Air Fryer?

The biggest question people ask prior to buying one is what kind of food items are suitable to be cooked in an air-fryer?

This isn’t too unusual since many people are spending their hard-earned money to purchase the fryer. They want to ensure that the fryer will provide excellent results when they perform an operation. The air fryer cooks food in a way that will normally take less than forty minutes on a stove or an air fryer.

What Kinds of Food Items Do Air Fryers Work On?

An air fryer is an ideal way to grill or fry, roast, or bake.

Foods that require light flour or breadcrumbs can be made using the air-fryer. You can cook some vegetables using the air fryer.

Both have distinct techniques for cooking, and you can make frozen meals or home-cooked meals using Air fryers.

What Kind of Food Are Air Fryers Not Suitable For?

It will be helpful if you don’t prepare certain meals using an air fryer, such as carrots or beans. Certain ingredients that could be cooked using batter shouldn’t be prepared using the air fryer.

Simple Air Fryer Recipes That Are Popular



Bread is a popular food item that people love to cook using an air fryer. When you first start, you’ll need to be careful and let the cook create the bread.

In time, you’ll realize that bread-making isn’t a challenging task. It is possible to make it easy and feel satisfied with your homemade bread.

Make sure to use all ingredients in the right proportions, including flour, sugar, milk butter, egg salt, etc.

Mix the ingredients well, and then use your air fryer. It’s based on the dimensions and kind of the air fryer. Be sure to use the correct temperature and cooking time for your bread.


If you are a fan of eating cake or serving cake to your friend or family member or close ones, You can get assistance from an air fryer.

Making a cake using Air fryers is an excellent idea. Cake can be made easily, quickly, and effortlessly by using an air fryer.

Make sure you have all the ingredients such as sugar, flour, butter, baking powder, vanilla, and essential oil based on the amount and size of ingredients. Then, follow a couple of steps, and you’ll have the cake baked.

There are some distinctions among different types of cakes. Therefore you must follow the rules strictly.


You don’t have any experience making muffins using the air fryer, therefore don’t be sorry. It is not just possible to bake bread or cake using the air fryer; however, you can also prepare the muffin using an air-fryer.

This is a great idea. First, you must gather all the ingredients and make a muffin. The ingredients include baking flour, flour for raising salt, sugar chocolate, milk oil, yogurt, and so on.

It is necessary to follow a few steps to prepare the muffin in making use of the air fryer. To suit your preferences, you can add quantities of ingredients or time.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Cooking Juicy Steaks on an Air Fryer

Cut the meat into slices:

By using larger steaks as well as pieces of tenderloin from pork, you can add more meat to an air-fryer without overloading it.

Although the meat is succulent and cooked evenly, we do feel that the meat’s surface requires a deeper juice that can bring relief. We suggest adding a strong seasoning rub (like our Sesame-Orange Spice Blend ) that adds both flavor and color.

 Considerable Guidelines When You Use an Air Fryer

  • To prevent food from being in the oil, excess hot air will circulate around the food.
  • The fans will whirl when the machine is running.
  • The process of browning will require you to take the basket from the kitchen and shake it once every couple of minutes while your food is cooked.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to open the basket and look around.
  • You can do  any moment during cooking; there is no need to shut off the appliance as the basket will shut off automatically once removed.
  • Make sure that you have it all the way in otherwise, it will not be able to perform perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What Can You Cook in an Air-Fryer?

You can cook a range of meals in Air fryers like hamburgers, fries, and meatballs, chicken shrimp, French toast, Hash Browns, and many more.

2. What Can You Cook Using Air Fryers?

You can fry, bake and grill food using air fryers. You can make use of air fryers at home as well as in restaurants.

For cooking food using the air-fryer, build the basket for the fryer and add food items to it, and then place the food in the oven. After that, you can alter the temperature and timer to meet your preferences.

3. How Do You Prepare Your Air Fryer for Seasoning?

To flavor your air fryer, add oil before using the machine. This will stop your food items from sticking on the basket and allow them to cook evenly.

To get the best outcomes, For the best results, air-fry frozen foods at a minimum of 10 mins. Start the air fryer with a low temperature, then slowly increase the heat setting.

4. What Are the Best Ways to Add Oils to the Air Fryer?

You are recommended to use either canola or vegetable oil in your air fryer.

There are a couple of methods we employ to add oils to the air fryer. One method is to pour it onto a small plate of paper first. This is also the most secure method to use. Another option is pouring straight into the fryer. This is risky and one should not do it.

In order to make the first method work smoothly, place the plate of paper into the fryer first and then put the oil over it. In order to make the second method work, place the oil in a small bowl and then pour it into the fryer.



It is possible that you are not reaping the advantages of an air fryer if you’re not making use of it correctly. It can cook much more than fries and chicken; making a cake in an air fryer is a lot more simple than baking it in a conventional oven.

Once you are comfortable with the concept of the kitchen appliance, it is possible to reduce the amount of time you’re spending in the kitchen and also eliminate the fat in your food.


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