The Best Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer Reviews

The article can connect you to discover the low-fat tower air fryer reviews for low fat and air fryers, as well as Halogen ovens. We will show you how to select the ideal fryer with the lowest cost.

Healthy cooking doesn’t necessarily mean removing the food you love to fry. Low-fat cooking uses a minimum amount of oil. It is a similar flavor, but without the high amount of fats that are saturated.

We’ve visited the market for low-fat fryers. We’ve selected ten of the top models to show you to give a complete analysis, including the best and not so great aspects of each.

You can save money, and you’ll have the most effective equipment in your home to utilize.

The population is now aware of their health. They don’t want to eat more fat. Therefore, the fryer with low fat does not have the highest rating for its sale in the marketplace in the year 2014.

This is a great thing because the company is now finding and analyzing the consumer’s needs, which means there are many options for the consumer.

To help, we’ve set up these websites to assist in making the right choice when buying a healthy fryer.

You can bring home one, prepare stuff like Breaded chicken tenders, BK chicken nuggets, Keto air fryer recipes, and what not!

How did the Tower Low Fat Fryer Perform

We’ve tried various dishes like fish, vegetables, and chicken, and were able to get a satisfactory result. It’s better in an oven rather than a fryer.

There’s a myth that the fryer may not be adequate to cook chips. It is sometimes reported in markets that cooking is irregular in the middle and on the edges. Many people believe that the paddles make chips mushy. This is not the case.

The reason for this is that it is to fill the bowl. It is essential to put a stop to the process in the middle and also move the chip around. It’s not easy. The lid can be removed and can be used to hold all the elements for heating.

The components heat up much even though the stand’s fryer, which is dirty. A similar unit with lids might cost more. However, the end result is satisfying.

Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer Reviews

Tower T14001 17L Halogen Air Fryer

The Halogen low-fat fryer is a great fryer to create a healthy alternative to the fat-laden foods you consume.

This fryer is extremely energy efficient. It cooks 3 times more quickly than a typical fryer.

The principal Halogen heating element makes sure that food is cooked directly and evenly across the food during cooking. It also has a capacity of cooking that is 1300W.

The capacity for cooking for the fryer can be 17 Liters. This means you can cook meals for large families or guests at home. Rapid heat circulates hot air around the food, ensuring rapid cooking and maximum use of heat.

Features of Tower T14001

  • The power of infrared, halogen, and convection assures an even cooking experience throughout the cook.
  • Three times more efficient and uses less energy than conventional fryers.
  • Reduces the amount of oil in food items up to 80% and guarantees healthier food than traditional fryers.
  • Roasting, browning, and flavor enhancements for your food preparation.
  • Can serve a large capacity for family members as well as guests from the household.

These features are enough to fill your plate with Baked chicken nuggets, Arbys chicken tender, this, and that!



  • There is less chance of moving wrong. A lot less fragile.
  • Hell is more adaptable.
  • Simple to clean and even easier to put together.



  • Doesn’t have a paddle to change the chips

Tower T17005 1350W Rapid Air Fryer

Enjoy healthy and delicious meals with the aid of the air fryers from the Tower. The fast air circulation cooking process can help you in cooking fast without oil.

The heat spreads out around the food. They are evenly distributed, and food items get tasty and nutritious.

The fryer uses less oil, so you can relish the crisp flavor of fried food; fat is less than 80% compared to traditional frying methods.

There is no risk of loss of flavor. The basket’s capacity is 3.2 milliliters.

There’s more room in the fryer. To do this, you can quickly cook chips, onion rings, and fried chicken. The fryer offers plenty of space for cooking food for your entire family. All parts are dishwasher-safe, and you can wash them in separate parts.

The fryer comes with a thirty-minute bell, which means you will be able to complete other tasks at the same moment you are cooking your food.

Hot airflow heats your food items, and the technology eliminates the oil from your food and offers you nutritious and tasty food.

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Features of Tower T17005

  • A rapid heat circulation system helps save energy and cooks quickly.
  • Capacity can be up to five servings and comes with three years of guarantee.
  • All dishwasher-safe parts are safe and easy to clean.
  • Make delicious and healthy food with more than 80% fat.
  • Capacity for temperature control 80-200 degrees C.



  • The temperature ranges from 80-200 deg.F. This helps in cooking a variety of food items to the perfect level.
  • The revolutionary rapid air circulation system adds a strong 1350 W that delivers results in virtually no time.
  • It has a temperature control system that can be adjusted.



  • There are no disadvantages whatsoever.

The Tower T14004 Air Fryer

Tower T14004 can be described as a fantastic piece of equipment. It is one of the best tool we have ever tested. Potatoes baked in this  oven will bring peace of mind.

Chips and onions are good enough. As with other traditional fryers, the fans in the fryer circulate air around meals directly.

This means that the oven chips will eventually become crisp. It is easy to use. There are two control options. One is temperature; the other one is time.

It does not have stirring paddles in the units.

Each five-minute interval, inspect your food, then shake it up. The benefit of a fryer is that you can weave food items together, specifically chips. If this one doesn’t suit you, check out Cooks companion air fryer

Features of the Tower T14004

  • Filter to reduce smoking, digital timer for up to 30 minutes.
  • Temperature control can be set between 80 and 200 degrees C, and you are able to cook your food using any oil.
  • A fast heat circulation system that cooks food quickly and also saves energy. This fryer’s capacities are 3.2 .liters.
  • Hotkeys for cooking method- hotkeys for all kinds of food.
  • All dishwasher-safe parts are easy to clean.



  • Incredible, awesome, and brilliant product which cooks like an oven;
  • Priced at 2/3rd of cost of it’s competitors.



  • There are no color choices.

The Benefits of Using an Air Fryer

Why should You Buy?

If you utilize the fryer for cooking your food, you’ll be safe from many health risks. In fact, eating more calories can drag you to serious illnesses like obesity, cancer, and hypertension.

Tower T14004 requires less oil and very little fat left in the food you eat. Air fryers have a number of advantages over traditional techniques of making food.

The system will assist you in cooking fast in order to help you reduce time. It is safe and eco-friendly, and is odorless. The advantages of air fryers include:

Health Benefits of Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer

  • Reduces the number of calories and oil, which means it reduces weight.
  • The food served in the fryer is more nutritious than traditional cooking.
  • Meals with low-fat content.
  • There aren’t any harmful additives in the food products.
  • Aid in reducing your consumption of cholesterol

Cooking Benefits of Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer

  • It makes use of air circulation, which the food is cooked from all sides
  • The food items aren’t dry inside
  • It takes very little time to cook food
  • Can cook a variety of dishes and uses less oil
  • Cooks delicious foods
  • You can set the timer, which means cooking will be easier.

Other Benefits of Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer

  • Simple to keep clean and maintain
  • Simple as well as safe
  • Space is limited

What else do other people have to say about the tower air fryer?

The Tower utilizes three cooking powers in the various designs of Convection, Infrared and Halogen. It’s not just a fryer, but it is also a cooker with halogen to cook healthy meals.

The fryer is larger in capacity and is equipped with 1300 W. It requires less energy than a conventional oven.

The cooker or fryer uses air circulation so that you can cook food quickly and easily with much oil or less than the oven that is conventionally used. You can cook in two levels at once.

Traditional ovens will require additional dishes for cooking food, but it is possible to reduce the cleaning time. The fryer’s bowl is self-cleaning.

Air that is hot circulates over the food, and food is crispy on all sides. The meaty foods can be sealed extremely quickly, and you’ll see excellent results in a short time. It is possible to cook your food with no fat.

The safety handle on the fryer can stop the heating element and turbofans. It is necessary to take off the lid; there is no risk. Put the safety handle in place, and the fryer will stop cooking if you want to end cooking.

The unit’s light is turned on and off at the beginning. Once it ceases at the end of the day, the light turns off. However, this is controlled by the thermostat. And when it is off, the temperature will reach the desired temperature.

Final Verdict


The fryer is easy to use, and you can utilize it in your kitchen. So without think a lot go for it.


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