Tristar Air Fryer 3.5Qt – Nothing Fries Chicken Better Than This

Tristar air fryer 2.5Qt model is undoubtedly a suitable choice, but better spend 4 minutes reading this report, to now what lays deep inside!

Have you ever cooked food with hot air? You might be wondering what that really means! But we’re talking about utilizing an air fryer! It’s a home appliance that permits you to cook your special snacks easily and healthily!

This appliance fires hot air around the meal which you wish to cook. Speaking of the domestic machine, you might have heard of The Tristar Fryer. It’s always a wise choice to read reviews before buying any specific product. Here is a review of the fryer, composed after deep testing of this model against Bella 1.2 qt air fryer, and Brentwood air fryer!

Maybe it has been a while you are lurking to purchase an air fryer for the kitchen within the budget of around $100 or so. Tristar Fryer might end up your hunt!

Tristar Air Fryer 3.5Qt. Review

Tristar air fryer 3.5Qt

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Specs & Features overview

  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 12.5 x 14.5 in
  • Color: Silver & Black
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Features: Enjoy your special fried foods without added fat, providing you up to 80% less calories than any traditional frying.
  • Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel


Seven Preset Programs with one-touch digital control Non-Stick Coating Surface for a smooth clean-up
ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS 100% PTFE, PFOS and PFOA-free Temperature and Manual Time programming option
1700 Watts of Turbo-Cyclonic Power Super Heated Air heats max 400°
Cool to the touch grip handle Dishwasher Safe

About the brand: Tristar

Quality Should not be luxury? The following actual motto works behind the United Kingdom-based Household merchandise manufacturing brand Trister. They have been working to make life easier, so that encouraged them to build quality products within the limited budget.

Apart from Tiny cooking appliances, they’re generating steam and vacuum cleaners, camping equipment, and more. They are distributing their merchandise all over the globe offline and online.

So, there is no requirement to get panic about their availability, though as a reputed brand. You could find em on amazon. However, sometimes their merchandise gets out of stock.

Biggest attractions of Tristar Air Fryer 3.5Qt.

Tristar air fryer

Effortless cooking

5.3QT Power Air-Fryer comes in handy in cooking amazing meals from the cookbook and frying a variety of foods, such as chicken, steak, French fries, roasts, fish sticks, and tacos, pies, waffle fries, donuts, and pudding.

Make yourself feel like a pro chef in the kitchen with your digital air fryer that could easily replace deep fryers, baking pans, convection toaster oven, a grill pan, or any one of the kitchen appliances.

What is the secret

While narrating Tristar air fryer review, we found that the Rapid Air Tech allows the Power AirFryers to surround the food with a whirlwind of the turbo cyclonic air to provide a much healthier version of the same meal with delicious crispy fried taste & texture you will fall in love in only a minute. Super easy to use. Healthy, fast, and fun.

Accessory kit

The Air Fryer XL Deluxe comes with a Pizza Pan, Cooking Tongs, and Baking insert. All Air Fryer XL accessories are dishwasher safe and also smooth to clean up. Uses less or no oil for healthier cooking.


5.3 Quart Easy Load Basket adding Non-Stick Coating; Air Fry, Bake, Steam, Seven Preset Programs including easy one-touch digital control let you Roast, Saute and Grill; Manual Time and Temperature programming option; Digital Timer with automatic Shut Off; 1700 Watts of Turbo-Cyclonic Power; cool to the touch easy-grip handle, Super Heated Air heats up to 400 degrees. These were all the amazing features we discovered while conducting Tristar air fryer review.

What all can you cook with Tristar air fryer 3.5Qt. model?

The Rapid Hot Air Tech allows the Power AirFryer to surround your meal with the help of a whirlwind of turbo cyclonic air so it can deliver a healthier version of the same meal with a good crispy fried taste & texture you like.

Tristar air fryer

Feel like a pro chef in the kitchen.

With the six in one Power Air Fryer XL, you can:

  1. Grill juicy fish and steaks
  2. Air Fry food without using deep fry
  3. Bake delicious desert or pizza
  4. Roast juicy entire chicken
  5. Saute peppers and onions
  6. Steam seafood or vegetables to perfection!

The quick recipe

  • Cooking time: Eighteen minutes
  • Total time: Eighteen minutes


  • 1 tablespoon
  • 2 Russet potatoes
  • olive oil
  • Sea Salt
  • 1 tablespoon
  • black pepper
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon



STEP 1 Blanch all the potatoes in water until it gets tender.
Let it get cool. Cut into long fries. Be careful of knife cut! STEP 2
STEP 3 Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Place all the potato fries inside the Fry Basket and then in the Power Air Fryer XL. Press the M key. STEP 4
STEP 5 Scroll to Icon of the French Fries.
Press the Power key & adjust your cooking time to eighteen minutes at 400 degrees. STEP 6
STEP7 Half way through the cooking, toss the fries and shake it periodically.


Super-heated cyclonic airflow needs no oil.
Rapid air tech that helps to air fries, steams, saut’s, bakes, grills, and roasts.
Four Digital easy-touch presets keys that you could easily utilize to make this Trsiter power air fryer works.
Auto shutdown function will make your busy life much easier.
Easy to grip the handle and Non-stick coated basket.
You could make your food with max 400 degrees.
Dishwasher safe.
Sixty days warranty.


Cleaning consumes just a little bit of time.


Tristar air fryer

Let’s Conclude Tristar Air Fryer Review

We definitely hope that the Tristar products air fryer article helped you to make an informed decision! You should always look for an appliance that has an auto-shut off function because it saves electricity.

Since this model has 7 preset cooking features, you really don’t have to do any kind of guesswork! An individual could cook a number of tasty dishes using this appliance. If you wish to opt for a perfect fit lifestyle and cook with no or less oil, then go for the Tristar air fryer xl.

Enjoy your special fried foods without any kind of added fat, providing you a max of 80% fewer calories than any traditional frying. Make your cooking an actual satisfaction and pleasure while saving effort and time. Mouthwatering, gourmet-style with the minimum effort – on your fingertips!

Nishant R.

Nishant recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after finishing his studies. He is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the public to invest money in the right air fryer. He hires a paid team of experts including chefs, restaurants, food geeks, etc. for narrating comprehensive reviews & guides by analyzing the latest information and checking the model themselves! Also, he’s a martial artist, guitarist, gym freak, and singer.

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