Waring Pro Deep Fryer Review: Truly the Best Commercial Deep Fryer?

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If you are a foodie-goodie chum and love to eat French fries or fried items? And have a lot of children who love to eat fried items? Waring Pro Deep Fryer is the best among all the deep fryers you want to buy.

Having a big capacity to fry almost 10 pounds of French fries, the 120V unit heats up quickly and cools down quickly. Its stainless-steel tank can be removed for easy cleaning and features a hinged heating element.

The unit has a 30-minute timer, and variable temperature controls up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it can be used commercially and can handle big parties without much fuss. 

Waring Pro Deep Fryer Review: Truly the Best Commercial Deep Fryer?

Waring Pro Deep Fryer


Material Stainless steel 
Color  Silver 
Dimensions  17 x 13 x 12 inches
Weight  17.5 Pounds
Power  1800 watts
Voltage  120 volts 
NSF approved  Yes 
UL approved  Yes
Warranty  1 year


Equipment  Two steel wire half-size baskets and one full-size basket with removable handles 
Heating element  Hinged heating element 
Easy to clean  Removable stainless-steel tank for easy cleaning 
Temperature control  Variable temperature controls up to 390 Fahrenheit 
Timer  30 mins timer 
Indicator lights  Power and indicator lights 
Commercial use  Yes it can be used commercially 

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Overview Of Waring Pro Deep Fryer

Versatile Uses Of Waring Pro 

Waring pro deep pro can also be used as a commercial countertop, frying many items like French fries, mozzarella sticks, and other snacks, making your family members or customers happy with its everlasting and delicious fried foods.

For country clubs, bars, and cafes, this large capacity deep fryer is perfect. A timer alerts you when the food is done in 30 minutes and a removable stainless-steel tank that can be easily cleaned make this fryer an efficient addition to any kitchen. 


You can cook a maximum of 10 pounds of French fries per hour with this amazing deep fryer. With a 9″ x 12″ fry area, the deep fryer won’t take much space in your kitchen, café, or bar, giving you sufficient amounts of fried food.

With this amazing capacity, you can easily fill the bellies of all housemates, and with this beauty, you can handle an entire party without any hassle. If you feel thi size isn’t enough, grab Meril Lagasse air fryer 7 qt., or if you can afford, buy Paula Dean air fryer 9.5 qt model!

Dual Frying Basket 

You are hungry and want to cook two things at a time; your worries are over as this deep fryer comes up with two stainless steel fryer baskets; both of the baskets can fit easily in one time, making it easier for you to cook two different things at one time or you can cook with two batches at the same time. 

Single Large Frying Basket 

You have many members in your house, and you are fussing over cooking French fries and other fried items; you don’t need to worry as the fryer comes up with a single large frying basket with a night cover, keeping your oil safe when not in use.  

Hinged Heating Element 

The back of this device features a hinged heating element. This allows for easy cleaning and flexibility when you need it most. This heating element can reach temperatures as high as 390 degrees Fahrenheit. You get similar element in Emerald air fryer

Sufficient Power

This fryer requires a 120V electrical connection and 1800W of power to work. By having this amount of power, you can be sure your fryer is doing its job efficiently and safely to heat-up your oil and fry your food. It dominated over Ultrean air fryer in terms of power for money factors in our testing. 


The controls are easy. Pour the oil, set the temperature. After the temperature is reached, the power light turns green. Set the timer and put the items into the fryer.

You can monitor whether food is fried according to your preferences with a timer ring. The device is shielding from overheating by a thermostat. It automatically turns off if it reaches a certain temperature.

Parts And Accessories of Waring Pro Deep Fryer

  • Stainless steel body
  • Night cover
  • Basket handle
  • 2 small frying baskets of the same size
  • 1 large frying basket
  • Heating element -WDF1000 (with heat diffuser and heat stand)
  • Oil container with pouring spout
  • Body assembly
  • Safety switch actuator
  • Mechanical timer
  • Temperature control 
  • On/Off toggle switch
  • Power On indicator light
  • Oil Ready indicator light

Even very popular models like Philips HD9220/26-56 Viva airfryer and Aero fryer don’t come with such a range of accessories!

Important Instructions While Using Waring Pro Deep Fryer

  • Never leave the appliance unattended when it’s plugged on. 
  • Don’t use the appliance if its cord is damaged or it malfunctions; take it to the nearest customer service center. 
  • Don’t place it near a hot oven or electric burner. 
  • The appliance will automatically shut off if the operation exceeds 12 mins without oil. 
  • Don’t operate the unit while the night cover is on; only use it when the deep fryer is off, while the oil is cool. 
  •  You can raise/lower the basket by using the handle. To allow food to drain, raise the basket out of the hot oil and rest it on the basket hook for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Paper towels should be used to dry wet food first. Make sure frozen foods are ice-free. When putting food in the oil, be careful not to splatter it.
  • When operating the appliance, keep it at least 4 inches away from walls or other objects. Also, when using the appliance, do not place any objects on top of it.
  • Ensure the oil container is filled to a minimum level. Never exceed the maximum level. Avoid using the appliance without enough oil. Refill only after the container has cooled down. Do not pour heated oil into the container.
  • If the oil container is not completely dry, do not use this appliance. 
  • During use, keep this fryer away from children and away from countertop edges where it could be pulled off or knocked over.  

How To Use The Waring Pro Deep Fryer

  • Remove all the packaging material. Then, clean the appliance. 
  • Remove baskets from oil containers.
  • Pour approximately 5 liters (for 10-pound containers) of oil in the reservoir until it reaches between the maximum and minimum mark.
  • Turn on the appliance, and the light will blink, indicating the fryer is on. 
  • The temperature control knob should be set to the desired temperature. Once the oil attains the desired temperature, the oil Ready light will turn green.
  • Place baskets on a hook in an oil container. Fill basket(s) with food. Do not fill the baskets past their maximum capacity. Submerge baskets in oil.
  • Depending on what you are cooking, set a timer to the specified time (up to 30 minutes)
  • The timer will ring when the set time has elapsed. Raise the baskets to determine if the food has reached the golden color. If it has, carefully lift and hang the baskets on hooks inside the oil container. Let the oil drain for 10 to 20 seconds. Then remove cooked items from the baskets and place them on absorbent paper towels.    


Q: Does the timer turn off the appliance? 

A: No, the timer only gives an audible sound, indicating the cooking time has elapsed. 

Q: Does it run at 50 Hz or 60 Hz?

A: It runs at 60 Hz. 

Q: Does it have an automatic shutoff function?

A: Yes, the device is protected from overheating by a thermostat. It automatically turns off if it reaches a certain temperature.

Q: How many volts does it require, and can we use other than this voltage?

A: To safely run the appliance, it requires 120 volts; if it exceeds or gets below this voltage, then the appliance may malfunction while operating.  

Q: Is it NSF and UL approved?

A: Yes, the appliance is NSF and UL approved.  

Verdict on Waring Pro Deep Fryer


If you are still confused about which deep fryer to buy, that can be multi-operational and be used everywhere, safely at the house and even commercially, then WARING PRO DEEP FRYER  is the best deep fryer for you. 

Removing all your worries even if you throw a huge party, you can easily accommodate and fill the bellies of your guests, with its huge capacity to fry different items from fries to baked goods to a lot more than you can think.

Taking much less space in your kitchen, having three sets of frying baskets all according to your mood and desire to cook, you can fry two items at one time

With its time and temperature set controls, you don’t need to worry about your food burning or uneven cooking. It allows you to eat your fried foods with the best of taste, texture, and color.

And when it comes to price, the deep fryer has so many versatile functions with its ease of using it in commercial places too. It’s cheaper and economical as compared to other commercial deep fryers that consume a lot of space in your kitchen and yet are too expensive.


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