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Do you own the air-fryer? Are you looking for recipes for cooking, but you can’t locate any? You’re in luck! Gourmia Air Fryer recipes are here to help you. They will also become your most trusted friend.

One user shared his joy of gifting the gadget to her wife. After trying many recipes, it was their most-loved gadget. He also spoke about how pleased they were to eat healthy food and not sacrifice the flavor.

Deep-fried foods require a lot of oil, which can increase the risks to health. There are numerous mouth-watering recipes that are quick and easy.

We’re here to inform you more about the things you can cook with this product. There is a typical yet well-known recipe in this post. Let’s take an enjoyable adventure.

 Gourmia Digital Air Fryer Recipes 3-Ways


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What Foods One Can Cook in the Gourmia Air Fryer?

It’s better to be more specific about what you cannot. As it is said that all baked items can be prepared using it. There is a “The non-oil frying cookbook” accessible on the website of Gourmia.

Gourmia Air Fryer Recipes

A lot of people believe that food cooked with air isn’t any different from regular food items. However, this isn’t true. If you deep fry, it is more dangerous.

These recipes are a great alternative to avoid the use of oils. The greatest benefit is the time limitation. Additionally, the temperature is the same for all sides to ensure uniform cooking.

Appetizers such as “French fries” or “Cheese balls,” the main dish like “Fish and chips,” Coconut Shrimps,” as well as “Chicken wings” all of it is within the cookbook.

In addition, you can make desserts—for instance, Cheesecakes as well as Sweet Monkey Bread. By following the directions, any person will be able to cook.

15-Minute Gourmia Air Fryer Recipes French Fries

 Gourmia air fryer recipes

Fresh french fries with a crispy coating are simple to prepare. Everyone would love to have fries. After following the recipe, you’ll be awed by these Gourmia air fryer recipes without a doubt.

The Items You’ll Need Include:


  • A tablespoon or two of olive oil
  • Four medium size potatoes
  • Salt as per your preference

Cooking Process


Then cut the potatoes into shape. In cold water, soak them for 20 mins minimum. After that, strain them and dry them. Make use of paper towels.

Preheat the machine to 400°F to begin. Spray cooking oil into the basket and on the crisper. Place the potatoes in the basket that have been coated with salt and oil. Close the lid and allow them to boil for about 15 minutes.

Mix to ensure even cooking each 5 minutes. Once cooked, place them on a platter to eat. If you like, you can season the dish with spices or herbs. It can serve up to 4 to 6 people. Delicious fries are waiting to be eaten.

Air Fryer Recipes From Gourmia – Chicken Wings

Chicken is a great source of nutrition as well as a wide variety of recipes to prepare with. Check out the internet. Numerous YouTube channels, and websites are readily available. With this gadget, you can cook wings, too.

Gourmia - Chicken wings

The quantity will differ based upon the amount. If you’re making large quantities, it will require multiple batches. Chicken wings cooked in air fryers are the same as deep-frying chicken wings.

To get a juicy inside and crisp exterior, follow this recipe. The amount of chicken you cook will increase, and the quantity will vary in accordance with the amount.

The Ingredients Required for Making It Are


  • Chicken wings 2lbs
  • Chili flakes are an option.
  • Zinger powder, one teaspoon
  • Black pepper is a great flavor.
  • Garlic powder 1 teaspoon
  • Olive oil
  • Salt to taste

Cooking Process


Follow these steps to finish the preparation within 15 minutes.

  1. Use a bowl to mix wings. Add the other ingredients one at a time. Mix well.
  2. The marinade should be done for around 30 minutes. You may do this step in case you are short on time.
  3. Start the device, apply oil, then place the wings. Make sure that you do not stack the wings if you need to.
  4. Set the temperature at 380°F to cook them for about 15 mins. After that, move them to the oven. Then, increase the temperature to 400 degrees and bake for five minutes.
  5. Enjoy hot wings. The recommended serving size is six.
  6. Your meal is ready for you to enjoy.

Air Fryer Recipes for Gourmia Cheesecake

Did you know that making a cheesecake is feasible?

To Make a Cheesecake, You’ll Require:


  • Graham cracker Crushed crumbs 1 cup
  • Sugar 2/3 cup
  • Unsalted butter- 2 tablespoons
  • Cream cheese that is full fat 12 Ounces
  • Fruits to serve (Optional)
  • Vanilla extract – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Egg – 1pc
  • Whip cream

Cooking Process


Melt the butter. Then mix it in with the crumb mixture. Use four ramekins to measure 6 pounds. The mix should be pressed into the bottom of the ramekins to form the base. In a second bowl, beat the sugar and cream cheese for three minutes to smooth it.

Add eggs to the mix and beat for a further minute. Add vanilla extract. Pour equally sized portions of the batter into each ramekin and cover with foil. Don’t forget to poke holes in the batter for air to flow through.

Within the container, add two pieces. Adjust the temperature to 310 degrees and cook for about 25 minutes. Once cooked, you can use a spoon to transfer the food onto an uncooked plate. To finish the second and third, repeat the process.

Then, cool them down and chill overnight or for four hours. When serving, sprinkle the whipped cream and fruit according to your preference.

Gourmia Pressure Cooker Recipes

Pressure cookers are an excellent accessory to your kitchen. Foods don’t lose their nutrients and are delicious too. Here are some delicious recipes that you will love.

The pasta should take about ten minutes for four portions.

Gourmia Pressure Cooker Recipes

Gourmia Pressure Cooker Recipes – Chicken Alfredo Pasta

You’ll Need


  • Boneless chicken 1 lb
  • Butter 3-4 tablespoons
  • Oil 1 tablespoon
  • Pasta – 2 cups
  • Salt
  • Heavy cream half cup
  • Black Pepper
  • Parmesan cheese 1 cup (Grated)

Cooking Process


Inside the pressure cooker, place the pasta and the chicken. Cover with 3-4 cups of water. Set the pressure gauge to the Airtight setting, shut the lid, and lock it.

After 5 minutes, switch into Exhaust mode. Make sure the pasta is properly cooked. Separate the pasta from the chicken.

Then, switch to Saute mode. Add butter to the pot and allow the butter to begin melting. Add heavy cream and parmesan. Stir until you have an extremely creamy and thick texture.

Finally, then, add the chicken and pasta and mix it all together. It is possible to season the dish with black pepper and salt as per your liking and serve the food that is hot.

Gourmia Pressure Cooker Recipes – Barbecue Ribs

This recipe can be made for two servings of the main course. In total, 35 minutes should suffice.

The Key Ingredients Are


  • Spareribs 1/2lb
  • Salt is coarse. One tablespoon
  • Peppers that are black (freshly ground) 1 teaspoon
  • Barbecue sauce, one cup

Cooking Process


Remove the ribs and dry them. Add spices like salt and pepper for spiciness. After that, slice the ribs into pieces flat to ensure that they stay still firm in the pan.

Add four cups of water to cover the pot and begin cooking in airtight mode. Take 20 minutes to let the pressure ease gradually. If they are cooked, cut them into pieces and dry them.

Make a baking sheet and place foil on it. Then, place the ribs and slather with barbecue sauce. Grill until you notice the sauce becoming brown. Then, toss it once. The ribs are ready.

How Do You Use the Gourmia Air Fryer?

Gourmia has a range of different models and sizes. The website provides a listing of all models that includes specifications and costs.

They’re comfortable and enjoyable to use. Additionally, you will be able to have healthy, fried meals. Let’s suppose you’ve purchased the item. This means that you are now looking forward to starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Gourmia air fryer

Following the correct safety guidelines and procedures is essential. Making sure that accidents are avoided is the most important thing to do. You can always find a guide for users who are new to the sport.

It is best to keep a list of some things. Don’t put anything on top of the container, and don’t apply a lot of oil or fill it up with liquids.

To use it correctly, follow these steps to ensure that you are using it correctly.

It should be set on a smooth surface using the ability to withstand heat.

  1. Then fill the basket with the cooking ingredients and then slide the basket into it. Be careful not to overfill.
  2. Connect the electrical outlet to connect to the power.
  3. There is an option to play. Press it to turn it on. You will be able to see the light showing the temperature and time.
  4. Different icons are available to help cook your food. Select the cooking option you wish to cook.
  5. The timer will be ringing after cooking is completed. The option of adding additional time is readily available. To add time, simply move the basket backward and choose the desired time.
  6. If you need to throw dishes between them, it’s possible. Bring the basket and toss it. The timer will go into sleep mode. After returning to the timer, it will restart.
  7. Five times the timer’s ringing signifies that the given time has passed.
  8. Remove it and place it where it’s heat-resistant since it’s going to be hot. For the best food preparation using a tong, make sure you use one. Avoid using any metal or sharp tool for pulling food. Be aware of the crisper when doing this.

Gourmia Air Fryer – Costco

If you’re looking to buy this item at a fantastic price, then you should consider Costco. There are numerous positive reviews written by buyers.

In recent times, the most well-loved product is the six Quart Digital Air Fryer. Everyone believes it’s worth it at the bargain price. If you’re in search of deals, then this is the right spot.

Gourmia Air Fryer Recipes FAQs

What Type of Air Fryer Would You Suggest?

If you choose to purchase one, make sure you choose one that is convenient for you. There are two kinds of ovens and baskets. It is recommended to focus on your goal. A Gourmia provides both of these products.

If you’re cooking for just one person, the basket will be enough. A stove is suitable for large quantities. Be aware of your budget, space, and preferences.

The first was the model that was initially used. The idea was to replace deep fryers. The shape and design are identical. At present, the majority of customers prefer the second. This is a way to be simpler and let warm air flow from all sides.

Is Air-Frying Healthy?

If you look at the comparison with other fryers, they’re a better alternative. A traditional deep fryer will require more oil. However, this device can cut down on the amount of oil used.

It will only take about one-third of what you need. When cooking food, you can make use of them to reduce calories while still having delicious flavor.

Do Air Fryers Work?

It’s a yes. Since it is a trending product, there are many who are interested in the advantages. Don’t be deceived since one of the primary benefits is to reduce the consumption of oil. In addition, you require less cooking time.

The process of maintaining a healthy eating plan isn’t easy, particularly when food tastes bland. While everything cooked will not be palatable, but it’s worth a test.

A balanced food item can lead to living a healthier life. It is possible to use this to be an alternative to the traditional cooking method.

Are Gourmia Air Fryer Good?

For the answer to your question, check out the reviews of customers. Gourmia air-fryer can be a boon in your kitchen. Simple to use, top customer service, affordable cost– everything is good.

There are also cookbooks with recipes available both online and offline. Food also tastes great and has great health benefits. This brand also comes in different sizes.

You are able to pick the option that is most suitable for you and meets your needs.



A balanced lifestyle is essential for every person. The food you eat plays an important role. Cooking is more enjoyable with the air fryer in a proper way.

The recipes can help create a more efficient one. There’s an abundance of recipes on the internet waiting to be downloaded.

There are people who think that air fryers aren’t worth the money. However, once you know the benefits, it’s impossible not to own one.

The recipes for air fryers from Gourmia have ingredients that are easy and healthy for your health. Anyone can switch on the machine and cook delicious food items.

What do you have to be waiting for? Find a variety of meals to satisfy your desire for fried food. However, be sure to do so without being harmful to your health.


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