Krups AJ1000US Air Fryer Review: The Feature-king

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KRUPS’ Air Fryer is unique in its design, with a square shape. It has a 2.5-liter capacity, making it perfect for couples and smaller families.

The temperature range is 390°F which allows for flexibility in cooking inside. A timer that runs for 30 minutes helps make it easy to cook the food inside and move to other tasks.

Every piece is dishwasher safe, which means easy cleanup. Krups is also an established brand in the kitchen appliances business, offering reassurance.

KRUPS Fry Delight Air Fryer


KRUPS Air Fryer Review


  • 1,450 Watts.
  • Flexible temperatures range from 300° up to 390°F.
  • A low-fat fryer that uses 3D air pulse technologies to ensure healthy and nutritious frying.
  • 30 minutes timer.
  • Dishwasher-safe dishes.



  • Quality and durability.
  • Excellent cooking output.
  • Simple to use.
  • Price is cheap and affordable.



  • It doesn’t toast evenly; one has a side burn while the opposite side toasts the slit in half, whereas the portion that is toastier is less smoky when compared to the opposite side.

About The Brand of KRUPS

Krups was first established in 1846 in the small village in Wald, located in North Rhine-Westphalia. Krups was a massive hit in the 1950s across Switzerland and Germany before being transferred to America.

In their first year of manufacturing, Krups sold 1 million of their coffee grinders by themselves. Krups believes its products to be a perfect match.

Reason To Like The KRUPS AJ1000US Air Fryer

The toaster appears fantastic in the kitchen, and it also functions very well, even if the toasting process is not perfect. It’s not a deal-breaker; however, we wish to see it do better.

Four buttons are located near the switch instead of just on the buttons, which is a bit ragged because we wore the ribbon of our previous toaster and couldn’t discern what button was doing what.

KRUPS Air Fryer FAQs

What do these security plans cover?

Suppose your product experiences an electrical or mechanical malfunction because of defects in the material or craftsmanship or due to ordinary wear and tear. In that case, the best course of action is to either cover the repair or replacement cost for parts and labor.

After I've acquired an approach, when will my coverage begin?

The coverage for mechanical or electrical malfunctions begins at the time the manufacturer's warranty ends. The only exception is the Power Surge policy, which starts the day that your product is received.

What shall not be covered under these programs?

These programs do not cover deliberate injuries or damages such as drops and spills or damaged merchandise caused due to natural disasters such as floods or fire or theft, or items used for industrial use.

Final Thoughts


Healthy cookware, due to its 3D air pulse technology, Fry delight can cook delicious and crispy fried food using minimum oil.

In addition, Fry delight is equipped with technology for heating air, including the 3D air heartbeat system that works by using an element of heating the top side with airflow optimized.

The 3D air pulse technologies ensure that the food is crisp and delicious outside while preserving the softness, using very little or no oil.

Beyond simple skillets: grill, fry or bake all of your favorite meals with a skillet. The fryer is a pleasure, and bake all your favorite dishes with perfect results.

Perfect for use in everyday life, fry delight is healthy, easy, and quick cooking. Quick fry delight hamburgers can cook two servings of fries or chips in 15 minutes, with fry delight.

It is a great way to make healthy, essential dishes for your family quickly.

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