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Prestige Air Fryer is an excellent air fryer that can be used for frying food items. You can relish chips, snacks, meat, etc., without the use of oil.

The flavor of the food is similar to the oil-fried food items. This Prestige air fryer can assist you in making grilled roast, fry, and bake without oil.

There are many features such as a digital display as well as a touch-control panel for a simple cleaning system as well as a cooking menu with presets, etc. The Prestige air fryer can be an excellent choice for your kitchen.

Prestige Airfryer 3.0 Unboxing

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Prestige Air Fryer Reviews

Prestige Air Fryer



It will automatically shut off the device. Thus, you can set the timer, and then when it cooks, it will automatically shut off.
This fryer’s capacities are 2 to 3 liters. It is, therefore, a great fryer for families with a small number of children.
It comes with an air filter that can remove smoke. This ensures that the kitchen is free of smoke. The smell is gone from the kitchen too.
It comes with a sound alarm to let you know that the food is expected to be prepared in just ten seconds.
The fryer is equipped with a handle that allows it to be carried effortlessly from one location to the next.



  • It is able to filter out odors coming from the grill in the back.
  • then restart at the same time you put the tray in the same way and also secure the device.
  • If you open the lid and it shuts off, the lid will be closed. It will restart after the cooking process and
  • It comes with a handle that allows you to carry it around easily.



  • Not at all

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How Do You Use a Prestige Air Fryer?

The fryer is equipped with an electronic dialer for setting the time to cook. It’s simple and straightforward. It is possible to set the temperature depending on the needs of your food.

When the timer has been completed, the machine will automatically stop. Once the time has been adjusted, you will hear audio.

If you want to monitor food items, the system will stop and restart at the time you have used it. It will start again at the same spot. This is an excellent benefit for users.

Benefits From Air-Fryers Air Fryer

The core benefit of an air fryer is the fact that it can be used for cooking. Within a short period of time, you can prepare your favorite food.

Do not stand up on the fryer and watch the cooking process. While the food is in hot oil, the gas burner inhales smoke from the oil and then burns the gasses.

Air Fryer

After putting food items in the fryer, you are able to take on other projects. It is also possible to relax on the couch.

The timer that is automatic and the automated temperature control will cook food at a set time. When the timer is set, the fryer will shut off immediately.

Although you can keep food inside the fryer for an extended period of time, it will not get burned. The reason for this is that the fryer is not able to cook food because the power source is turned off.

The air fryer that is electric doesn’t save energy since its body is very light. In the event that the heater coil has been turned not working on the outside inside the structure, there is no heat to burn the food within.

What Food Items Can You Prepare in an Air Fryer?

Prestige Air Fryer

Here are the main benefits of what you can expect from the Air Fryer. On the other hand, you will learn more about the advantages of an air fryer.

  • All components are safe and dishwasher safe, allowing you to clean them thoroughly.
  • You will receive an entire recipe book that has plenty of recipes.
  • Air fryers are great for tasty food without the oil of deep-frying.
  • Set the time/temperature to your desired settings. Will cook food in a controlled manner.
  • Air fryers are healthier because you are not breathing the smoke of burned oil.
  • You can get a grill as well as bakes, air fries, and many other meals using just a tiny amount of oil.
  • Once the timer has been set, the air fryer turns off automatically and then sounds an alarm that lets you know you have reached the end of your time.
  • An easy method of cooking food. There is no oil to be burned. Hot oil drips across the food if it is kept in hot oil.

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What Are Other People’s Opinions About the Prestige Air Fryer?

Prestige Air Fryer is a healthier

The high-end Air Fryer is a great flame that requires less oil than conventional fryers. The flame comes with a timer, temperature control system as well as a digital display that displays the menu for cooking.

It comes with a crumb tray and a pullout basket to accommodate security switches. The switch will ensure that the fryer will be shut off once you have removed the basket. If you go into the basket, the fryer will start at the same point from which it has stopped.

The power requirement for the food processor is around 1400 Watts. This makes the food crispy and brown on the outside and soft inside. It also spreads heat evenly across every part of the food.

User Reviews of the Prestige Air Fryer



Initially, I wasn’t impressed when I purchased the product. I’ve been using the product for about two months and am pleased with it. I have chosen Philips the most. However, it doesn’t have a digital interface. My sister owns a Philip air fryer, and I’m proud of having one of these fryers.

The top of the line

The fryer is more efficient than the Philips since it has a digital display that is far more efficient. The product’s quality is excellent, and the accessories are top quality.

Alongside the fryer, you’ll receive menus and a food preparation book. It is worth the money to spend more than on the other fryers.

Prestige Air Fryer

Prestige Air Fryer Recipes- Golden Fried Chicken

This is often referred to in the menu as Southern Fried Chicken. The dish is made up of chicken pieces that have been coated with flour and then cooked.



  • Vinegar – 20ml
  • Egg beat – 1 no.
  • Boneless chicken breasts – 250g
  • Salt/pepper – according to your taste
  • To coat breadcrumbs
  • Thyme – 5gm
  • Fine flour is ground to dust.

Step by Step Method

Step 1. Remove the fat from the edges of the breast of the chicken. Wash and dry.

Step 2. Cut the chicken breasts into two pieces of a smooth thickness. Squash the chicken with the hammer for steaks or the back blade.

Step 3. Marinate the chicken in vinegar, salt, pepper, and thyme for a minimum of 1 hour.

Step 4. Dust the chicken with flour, and dip it into the egg that has been beaten. Then, you can coat it with breadcrumbs.

Step 5. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C for four minutes. Lightly spray the basket of your fryer with oil.

Step 6. Place it in the basket and gently paint with oil. Make use of 180 degrees C between ten and twelve minutes or more to attain a golden brown hue.

Wrap Up


The most appealing aspect that a fryer has is the fact that you can cook your food with no oil. We’ve tested a few of them. We have observed that the bigger gadgets are louder and can cook food using air. The size of the pot can be a major factor.

The specifications and built-in technology can influence the purchase of the item. The fryer can be purchased to use in your kitchen.

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