Prepare Totino’s Pizza Rolls – A Crispy Treat!

Totino’s Pizza Rolls are a renowned and delicious snack that should be served in a couple of minutes. After school, students feel hungry and need food in a short amount of time.

In your day-to-day life, it can be difficult to find time to cook yourself. After you finish work, you feel hungry and want something ready to eat.

These frozen pizza rolls from Totino provide the answer for you. It is necessary to open the package and place them in the microwave for no more than 60 seconds. Then, you’ll find that the food is ready to be eaten.

These small-sized snacks that are crispy are a great way to taste pizza too. To make the snack more enjoyable, you can add sauce, cheese, or spices over them.

Besides these snacks, you can also try out Chicken thigh marinade, Chinese chicken wings, or Bisquick chicken tenders.

Do Totinos Have the Best Pizza Rolls?

Who doesn’t want to eat some delicious and simple to prepare food! When you work, you get hungry, yet you don’t have the time to cook. In addition, you don’t like eating outside. What then should you do?

Pizza rolls from Totino are the ideal choice for those who want to eat pizza. Frozen food will reduce your hunger immediately. The food needs to be cooked for just 30 minutes in a microwave. Pizza rolls are an option for lunch as well.

The brand introduces 2 delightful flavors to markets, pepperoni and cheese. Both are great to take in. Each bite will delight you with a sweet and cheesy taste. We will discuss some of the nutritional benefits of Totino’s Pizza Rolls in every 8 pieces.

There in No doubt that Totinos is among the most well-known brands because of its delicious and high-quality taste. This also includes Totino’s pizza rolls.

We’ll introduce you to the top six brands that produce pizza rolls. These brands are readily accessible in your local shops. There are a variety of flavors and tastes.

1. Signature Select Pizza Snacks

The tomato sauce’s flavor and brown-colored texture make Signature Select Pizza Snacks tasty delicious. These snacks are made up of wheat, milk, and cheese which make these snacks very crispy.

You’ll love this snack that quickly pops up in your mouth. Every bite of these tasty pizza snacks gives you the flavor of delicious pizza. The price for 45 ounces of this package costs 7.49 US dollars.

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2. Kroger Pizza Snacks Roll

This Kroger Pizza Snacks Roll is amazing and delicious to enjoy. These pizza rolls are tasty in flavor, with salty and sweet flavors. It is impossible not to eat the Pizza Snacks Roll from Kroger.

The texture of the brown snack with some sauce flavor makes these snacks incredibly delicious. The variety of flavors will make your family time enjoyable and joyful. The price for 20 ounces of the pack is 2.99 USD.

3. Uncured Pepperoni Bites of Feel Good Foods

The Feel Good Foods are healthier rolls than other ones due to the inclusion of some veggies. They include cauliflower on the outside of the roll.

This is the reason why people who taste the rolls aren’t happy with this particular brand. They state that the registered products are a bit rough even though they’ve been cooked. They’re available for 4.99 Us dollars for 7 ounces.

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4. Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Snacks

The scent of Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Snacks is just like delicious frozen pizzas. The brand is called Aldi is the one that makes pizza-inspired snacks. There are wheaty notes in every bite. The filling ratio for the crust of this product is fantastic. The package comes in 45 ounces for 5.39 US dollars cost.

5. Annie’s Pizza Poppers

Annie’s products are excellent in flavor. However, the brand is struggling due to weak connections. The majority of the rolls break when they are placed on cooking in the oven.

Certain people do not prefer the pizza popper due to its oily exterior and texture. The price for a 5-ounce pack is 3.49 US dollars.

6. Totino’s Pizza Rolls

There are some who believe the Totino’s Pizza Rolls have some artificial scent after cooking. Totino was a popular brand among other pizza rolls. However, some have discovered these rolls to crack when cooking.

While following the recipe on the package, however, they could not discover the solution. The cost of the roll cost 5.79 US dollars for a 24.8-ounce package.

Totino’s Pizza Rolls Recipes

A couple called Jim Totino and Rose started their pizza business in 1951. After a few years, they launched their business by selling crispy and delicious frozen Pizza rolls .

After a few years, they became one of the top pizza roll producers in America. The brand now has the ability to sell snacks in bite-sized category in millions of boxes every single day. This recipe has been shared for making 6 rolls.

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Value of Nutrition:

  • Calories 220 gram
  • Saturated fat 2 grams
  • 8 grams of fat
  • Cholesterol 5 mg
  • Fiber 1 Gram
  • Sugar 2 gram
  • Carbohydrates 30 grams
  • Protein 6 gram
  • Potassium 250 mg
  • Iron 600 mg


  • Enriched flour
  • Pepperoni-seasoned pork
  • Tomato puree
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Beef and chicken for tipping
  • Vegetable oil


  1. Place the pizza roll in the baking pan.
  2. Keep the heat in the range of 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. The timer should be set for 10-12 minutes.
  4. You just need to wait until it is finished before serving them.

Note: It is necessary to alter the time for cooking in various kitchen appliances, such as a microwave or air fryer—a toaster oven.

How Long Can You Cook the Pizza Rolls of Totino?

Freeze your pizza rolls prior to cooking. To protect your health, the stability of your food, you must keep the rolls in the freezer. For pizza rolls to eat, take them out of the freezer prior to a couple of seconds of cooking.

Set the timer to 10-15 minutes this, will be enough for pizza roll cooking. It is possible to set the temperature to 430 ° Fahrenheit, too.

It could vary by a minute or two based on different oven or quantity of rolls kept. Pizza rolls have flour, cheese, and spices. Before eating, make sure to relax after you’ve cooked.

Totino’s Pizza Rolls FAQs

How do you prevent Totino's Pizza Rolls from exploding?

Generally speaking, you can adjust the temperature to 380 up to 430°F to prepare the pizza dough. For 20-30 rolls of air fryers, it takes between 10 and 15 minutes to finish cooking. However, you must be aware of the pizza's cooking process. This will prevent your pizzas from burning by setting the temperature and timing.

Where can I buy Totino's Pizza Rolls?

Its Totino's pizza Rolls are accessible in the nearest grocery stores of your residence. In certain locations, you can locate Totino's stores. They are sold in several well-known online stores too.

Are Totino's Pizza Rolls good?

Totino's Pizza Rolls are famous for their time-saving and freeze features. They're delicious in taste, with crunchy bits and different flavor options. The flavor of the rolls is similar to pizza.



In the end, we can say Totino’s Pizza Rolls are tasty foods that cook quickly. They’re available in frozen bags in the nearest grocery stores at your doorstep.

It is possible to store the food in your freezer. There are times when you don’t wish to cook, even when you’re hungry. For such times, put some pizza rolls frozen in the oven, and prepare to eat them immediately.


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