Farberware 6 Qt Air Fryer Review: Best Alternatives

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Seek the best alternatives if you are peeking for the Farberware air fryer!

Do you love French fries but not their calories? Healthy fryers, so-called Air fryers, are turning the youth towards healthy eating without compromising the taste buds. If your search is on top rated Farberware Air fryer, it is currently unavailable.

You need not bother if you are unable to find a Farberware 6-Quart digital air fryer oven. Many other alternatives can satisfy access, style, quality, and trust, which you may not be aware of.

Farberware 6 Qt Air Fryer Review: Best Alternatives

Depending upon the performance, evenness, and ease of use, three top performers are chosen that you can choose to acquire right now.

1. KOOC XL 6.5 QT Large Air Fryer oven

KOOC XL Large Air Fryer, 6.5 QT

It is a newly launched large-sized electric Air fryer oven. This top-rated air fryer oven is designed in a minimalistic cube shape, making it easier to cook for about 5.5lb of chicken at a time. It defeated Ninja Max XL air fryer, and Chefman air fryer to make its way to this list during our testing sessions (12 tests in total).

Explore more about this by the following information and features.

Product Information

  • Product dimensions-15 X13.75 X 13.5 inches
  • Item weight- 10 pounds
  • Wattage-1700
  • Colour- White


Magnetic free cheat sheets: Two magnetic cheat sheets offer a quick reference for 8 types of everyday foods, including Vegetables, Desserts, Frozen foods, Chicken, etc.

Meets the taste of traditional deep fryers: Hot air is the oil for air fryers. These air fryers use a 360° hot air fry system, up to 90% less fat, delivering the taste of traditional deep frying.

Tap and Go system: Designed with 9 one-touch presets to cook just by tapping the screen.

Large but compact: This is compact enough to fit on your countertop and large enough to cook 5.5-pound chicken in the 6.5 QT basket.

Power cut memory: Power cut memory helps you to add ingredients or allows you to check the status in between the procedure. Every product will have some pros and cons. Inspecting the reviews, some of them are mentioned here for you.


  • No need for back-to-back cooking as you can cook whole food in a large enough compact basket.
  • Guaranteed taste with less fat.
  • Power cut memory helps to continue the cooking without starting it from first.


  • Touch buttons may not work sometimes.

2. Phillips Essential Air fryer 1.8lb/4.1L 

Phillips Essential Air fryer Compact 1.8lb

If you are here for air fryers with the impressive versatility of the kitchen, the Phillips Essential Air fryer is the best choice for you. This air fryer has been chosen as the healthy fryer of your choice. During testing, the Buffalo chicken nuggets we prepared with this model were awesome. 

Product information:

  • Product dimensions-13.31X13.31X13.98 inches
  • Item weight-9.9 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Phillips Kitchen Appliances
  • Country of origin-China
  • Item model number- HD9200/91


100% Guaranteed taste satisfaction: Phillips is recognized for its brand. It assures you 100% satisfaction of taste as that of deep-fried ones. The outcome is crispy outside and tenders inside, the perfect texture of deep-fried foods using little or no oil. 90% fat-free food for your healthy lifestyle!

Even cooking: The unique and patented starfish design results in cooking the food rapidly and even. It produces constant exposure to the hot air circulation cooking it well in the prescribed time.

Multitasking air fryer: Choose what to cook. Because you can fry, roast, grill, bake or reheat. Keeping warm function is the key feature of this air fryer. The digital screen comes with seven presets to make it determine which temperature is right for your cooking.

Large capacity and compact: This air fryer can prepare up to four portions at a time. Yet, it is compact and adds elegance to your kitchen.

Phillips kitchen+ App: Unleash your inner chef by discovering 100’s recipes available on Phillips Kitchen+ App for free. You can cook meals that are tastier and healthier with ease.

Easy to clean: The basket is coated with a non-stick coating and is dishwasher safe. Phillips Air Fryer oven also has some pros and cons.

Super sturdy: During testing, models like Tristar air fryer, and Meril Lagasse air fryer 4 qt. failed to withstand the 6 feet drop test, but this model actually passed it!


  • Assured quality as it has been a trustworthy brand for years.
  • Starfish designed plates help to cook the food evenly. This technology makes it unique from others.
  • Easy to clean, and the accessories are dishwasher safe.


  • It may not work at every voltage.

3. Crownful 7 Quart Air fryer

Crownful 7 Quart Air fryer

If you are probing for a perfect air fryer from design to delicious food, CROWNFUL 7QT Air Fryer is the elegant choice. This Air Fryer is crafted with the matte finished attractive body with 12 preset functions on the digital screen. Readout below for a detailed description of the product. We prepared awesome Costco chicken nuggets using this air fryer in our testing. 

Product information

  • Product Dimensions-14.56 X 12.99 X 11.02 inches
  • Item weight-15.12 pounds
  • Capacity -5.68litres
  • Voltage-AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Rated power-1700W


Stylish design with Matte finished exterior: Matte-finished exterior attracts any kitchen countertop. It is easy to clean and access as well.

Healthy cooking: You can cook healthier recipes up to 80% fat-free, from French fries to your favorite Brussels sprouts.

Efficient and convenient: The digital control panel is easy to operate. It is easy to cook anything by just clicking on the touch button. It makes the air fryer efficient and convenient.

Preset modes: This model is constructed with 12 preset cooking modes and 7 QT capacity making your life easier. It includes the keep warm function. This keeps your food ready when you are ok to eat.

Time and temperature control: You can cook the recipes in a range of 180°F to 400°F. You can adjust the temperature and time according to your requirement.

Quick and even cooking: The machine is formulated with 360° heat circulation technology to cook your favorite delightful recipes in minutes. It enhances quick and even cooking.

Worth buying: It is a value-for-money air fryer. You will get in love with its exterior as well as the interior portion.CROWN offers a 1-year Warranty and customer-friendly support for services.

Easy to clean: You can clean the basket and reassemble it easily. The non-stick coating makes it easy to clean, and it is dishwasher safe. Prevent using abrasive sponges as they can damage the non-stick coating.


  • Adds beauty to the kitchen with its matte look.
  • 12 presets help you cook the food fast.
  • User friendly without tricky operations.


  • You may have issues with touch buttons.

Now comes the time for honorable mentions – Cozyna air fryer, and Simpletaste 1400w multi-funtion electric air fryer. These also did great in our testing, but didn’t make the ways to this list. 



Using an air fryer that can roast, bake, grill and fry can save your time compared to an oven that occupies an ample space. The above-described alternatives are simple and easy to access when compared to Farberware Airfryer. And, every component of the above-listed air fryers can last and withstand regular use.

These sophisticated models with many in one feature can work as a kitchen gadget to the healthy flavourful. The tricky task of selecting the best air fryer is now easy for you! Think of your requirements and choose the right ones for you!

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